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This is a fan-based community dedicated to the anime and manga series Pretty Cure, a magical girl series whose heroines vary with each season.

❶ Play nice. Friendly debate is acceptable, but posts or comments attacking specific members is not allowed.
❷ Stay on topic.
❸ If you are going to post fanfiction, large images, polls, or spoilers, post it under a lj-cut.
❹ Complaints, suggestions, and kudos should be addressed directly to the person concerned, either in their original post, or via message. Do not make another entry for these things.
❺ Check to make sure that your topic has not been discussed in the last two weeks. If it has been, post your thoughts in a comment.

A more detailed explanation of the rules is in THIS post here.

This community is moderated by selphish, leochan, hyperxbeam, starsoldier2009 and curekun. Please contact them if you have any questions or concerns.

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