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Final FPC Review

It is FPC ep 50 (final ep) review.
Beware: it is a very long review. I had been written it for 2 days.
Another note: I may not write very well for this review, because I didn't write accordingly (I write ep 50 review & HCPC first, then go back to the beginning and write the overall review...some phrases may be repeated/ there may be misspelled, please bear with it). If there is anything missing, please tell me so.

FPC is ended today/this week...Before commenting this ep, let's review FPC overall.
Pls look back my 1st FPC review before reading the following:
This overall review is divided into few categories:
1. Character
What is this category about? This is about all characters' development and characters' weight in the whole series. The characters I will talk about are: Love, Miki, Inori, Setsuna, Westar, Soular, Tarte, Chiffon, Clover MM3, Miyuki, Kaoru, FPC Families.

a. Love
In the first review, I said that despite her stupid moves, she is very caring (even cry for the person), more emotional than Nozomi...After viewing the whole series, I feel that her caring character is very obvious to Chiffon and Setsuna, sometimes I think that she bias to them...(i.e. she cares about them more than Miki and Inori)She is brave in ep 1, but as the series goes, she becomes weak, easy to cry/depress (esp for Chiffon). In Precure group, she seems to be the leader(why seems? because Love is not told to be the leader like Nozomi), but after Setsuna joins, her leader position changes sometimes. As a leader, I don't feel that she has a strong leadership as Nozomi. About her dream, hers is fulfilled in this ep. After that?
What is she going to do? no mention...Comparing to Miki, Inori and Setsuna, her dream is short-term. She doesn't have long-term dream.
On the other hand, she has a good interaction with Setsuna and her mother, Ayumi. How about Miki and Inori, they are good before Setsuna comes...About interaction with Daisuke, um...I don't have any feeling for this pair, unlike PC5 pairs.
To conclude, as the leader type character, she is weaker than previous cures. For Love herself, she is very normal, other characters like Miki and Inori are more outstanding than her.

b. Miki
I think she is a nice character. Her family setting and her dream is excellent. She is in divorced family, I think this plot can be developed more, like meeting her father...I am quite surprised that her father never appears even her daughter is going to Labyrinth...Except Love, Inori and her are feared of an animal and they are able to overcome. Her dream, we can see hers is in process, because she works as part-time model. In the Precure group, she is not the leader though, she looks strong generally.(esp ep 38)Sometimes I think that she can take over Love's position as she has a strong leadership.
To conclude, she is a nice character actually. However, due to her Berry appearance, she is my 3rd favourite.

c. Inori
She is original, comparing to others (they have some shadows of previous cures). She does not have enough confident, but she is very productive and considerate. Her care is different from Love, she expresses herself by making something, such as clothes for dance group and dog's note for Setsuna. She is the same as Miki, she also fears of an animal--ferret. Due to that, she does not get along well with Tarte at the beginning, but she can overcome it. I feel that Miki and her gradually grow up when the series goes. I like her personality among all. She is more useful in normal self than Cure Pine form. In Precure group, because of two cures with strong leadership (Berry and Passion) + an actual leader type cure, Peach, she looks weak. She always appear to be complementary of other cures.
To conclude, it is pity that she can't stand out in the group. Her cure stick attack make her look weaker...but among all cures, she looks alright in both forms.

d. Setsuna
I quite like her, esp when she is Eas. How about when she is Passion? not bad overall, but Toei focus on her too much, make me a bit annoyed...About her personality, she is very loyal to Moebius, even knowing that he is a computer (she still calls him Moebius-sama in the last ep, and she tries to convince him in ep 49). Her view of happiness changes because of Love. When she is Eas, she is very cruel. After her view of happiness changes, she is kind...and she feels guilty on her past...other than that...she is silent (that's why Miki doesn't know how to communicate with her in the beginning of ep 33)...Her personality generally is like that...When the series goes, I feel that her character suddenly change, and this sudden change is usually related to Love....In this series, I like her interaction with Ayumi more than Love. In Precure group, her appearance is already different from other cures, even her attack! Hence, she always stands out in the group, sometimes she steal Peach's spotlight...

To conclude, Her normal self is ok, but her cure form is too outstanding. However, she is my 2nd favourite due to her experience.

e. Westar
I like him very much, because he always make the ep more interesting, just like Bunbee..Nevertheless, as an enemy, he is not very scary/cruel at all. He is muscularly strong, but he is quite dumb ( this is his cute pointXD). When he experiences more in Clover town street, he know more about how people happiness forms. He knows, but owing to his position, he still have to create FUKO on the street. That's why he is easily persuaded after realizing Moebius abandons him. After that, he won't calls Moebius-sama like Setsuna (and scold Moebius..)
On the other hand, he is very considerate to his partners. After Eas become Passion, he still want her to go back to Labyrinth with him, and he plans to ask Moebius to forgive her. Nevertheless, we don't know if Westar like Passion (in romance side), because in this ep, Westar suddenly notice of Pine (otherwise how he saves her...oh no, just realise that no Labyrinth member help Peach in this ep), and Pine follows him well (for a phrase)...
To conclude, he is strong physically, yet his character make him become funny enemy.

f. Soular
I think he is Labyrinth ver. of Nuts, getting knowledge from books..he is clever and cunning, but he is very "lazy"...how many Soular eps in the series? ep 6, 10, 14, 23-26, 28, 35-38, 43, 44, 46, 48-50...excluding 48-50 (he is not enemy anymore) 15 eps...poor Soular..eps with him are meaningful in genernal, but Toei like Westar more than him...it's too bad...Unlike Westar, he is not easily persuaded when Moebius abandons him...He is as loyal to Moebius as Eas when he is in enemy position. However,when he become white prince, he scolds Moebius with Westar...After the battle, he seems to be more emotional...and he get along well with Berry as expected.
To conclude, he is mentally strong, but he is a pitiful enemy that he only appear about 1/4 of the series.

g. Tarte
In general, I like him, he is the best mascot in the series (well, there is not many mascots in the series). He is not annoying like Mepple, quite considerate and comical. However, I still don't believe he is the prince...( this is related to Storyline, I will talk later)and he is quite useless in the fight...the only useful moves...turning Clover box and giving Donut to Labyrinth child(orz)...? But! he is the first mascot that he doesn't need to hide from anyone (no need to disguise to be doll or anything, he just doesn't speak, that's all)
To conclude, he is a special mascot in this series. I enjoy the series partially because of him.

h. Chiffon
I gradually dislike her when the series goes. It is not because of her character. The reason is her power. She is too powerful in the series, even overwhelm Precure! Throughout the series, she is treated as mysterious creature...(mysterious cheat code) Her appearance, yes, gives Love-tachi power (except Setsuna) to be Precure, but her power hinder FPC's development. What I can see in the series is that FPC become weaker, esp when Chiffon can change to Infinity. Later , she can purify FUKO juice and saves FPC frequently. She takes over FPC job already!
To conclude, I think her powerful setting becomes a bad effect in the series.

i. Clover MM3
These three guys--Daisuke, Yuuki and Kento, I think only Daisuke is treated as regular sub-character. The other two usually appear with him. (for Kento, he is the main character only ep 43). Among three of them, I think Kento is more useful in the series because he provide a place for FPC to train (he is rich..), and he can get an ep for himself and Inori..Daisuke..he is a troublemaker in FPC battle, as he usually in the scene during the battle. The reason of that is finding Love. He is quite brave in ep 5, but after that he is always saved by Peach...Kento is the opposite, he is weak in ep 5, but he does well when the series goes (he does help FPC, even though he looks weak among three). These three guys appear is for FPC romance/school eps mainly. Out of three, only Daisuke's romance is successful..(because his opponent is Love?)but I don't really like this pair...sometimes feeling pity to him...This pair always quarrel, and the core reason of quarrel always Love, and Love always make the situation become worse. When Love is with Daisuke, it shows Love is quite unreasonable and selfish. I mean, it is not good for a pair that it shows the only negative character of heroine when she is with her partner, as if this guy has bad influence to her. (I can't see Daisuke gives her any good influence in the series, if you see it, pls tell me so.) Kento & Inori, I don't think Inori likes him, but if they are together, they may be a nice pair. Actually, Kento is the most active among three, at least he invites her to boat party...he has a proper "date" with his favourite girl. Yuuki....he is a poor guy...After the amusement park date with Miki, his appearance become very weak to the end of the series. He is obviously being rejected by Miki..then he had nothing to do in the series...
To conclude, among these guys, only Kento actually helps FPC, Daisuke stands out in the group but not in the series (Kento stands out more)...Yuuki...he is too poor thing that I had nothing to say..

j. Miyuki
Come to Miyuki, I'm quite surprised that she is Daisuke's sister (they don't look like siblings to me...). She is good dance teacher and Precure supporter.However, when FPC have problem, I think she is not a good person to talk with...I barely see her talk to any of FPC members privately..Anyway, because of her, Love's dream is fulfilled. She had been suspected as 4th cure before. Actually, I would like her to be Precure more than Setsuna, but she is too old for being Precure XD
To conclude, she is not bad character, but I don't have any feeling of her, i.e. if she appear less in the series, it doesn't matter to me.

k. Kaoru
Kaoru! We don't even know his true name! Kaoru is his code name...Besides selling Donuts, his private life is a sercet. He is a good listener to FPC...and he is very strong!(please review ep 29) I think he can join FPC in the battle! Comparing to Akane (they have similar position), I like him more than Akane, as he is more interesting. This guy accept Tarte easily, I think he is the first normal guy who get along with Precure mascot well. Oh yes, why his Donut has to be heart shape in the middle?
To conclude, he stands out a lot in the series, as if he is one of the main character.

l. FPC families
Among all FPC families, I like Ayumi. I think she plays very important part in the series, esp she comforts Setsuna. She let Setsuna know what is family happiness. She has a part-time in supermarket, but I barely see her doing part-time (only ep 6 in my memory). Love's father, he is a funny guy, esp ep 12 XD...Inori's father also play important part in ther series, such as telling us why Inori is afraid of ferret & knowledge on animals and "playing" wig with Love's father XD. He is a very reliable person among all, esp in ep 45, we can see how he tries to understand FPC. Inori mother doesn't do much thing in the series...Miki's mother...I only remember her in 4 eps: ep 17(about Miki's lost), ep 30 (protecting Miki), an ep where she goes to Hawaii trip (I forgot which ep) and ep 45.
To conclude, their appearance provide some touching scenes in FPC series.

Ah~ finally ends this part..it's long...

2. Precure
What am I going to talk about this part? It is about their henshin, attack and strength.

For henshin, I had written a transformation review before:
so I don't need to talk much on that.

The only attack I impressed is Precure Triple Fresh in DX1, this is the only Precure-ish attack I had seen. For Love Sunshine, Espoir Shower, Healing Prayer...the names are nice, but the effect are very similar, even the action...not very creative...the only good use of these attack is ep 48. Love Sunshine, Espoir Shower, Healing Prayer ver. Fresh...the visual effect is not bad, but the weapon...cure stick...I don't like it at all.The weapon names--Peach rod, Berry sword and Pine flute...I don't know what this setting for, except the action during the attack...I am hoping Berry sword will become a sword like weapon and Pine flute become a flute like weapon in the series, but Toei doesn't do that...so disappointed...The strength of Fresh attack goes chaos when the series goes! Sometimes they can defeat Nakewameke/Nakisakebe/Sorewatase, sometimes they can't...Pine's attack become very weak when the series goes, but suddenly she can defeat Sorewatase in ep 43 (0o0)..Berry's attack...I seldom see her using it individually...a wasted attack! Peach's attack use most...but I don't feel that hers is strongest...esp after Passion joins, hers looks even weaker. Passion's attack...very gorgeous! and looks strong overall! It can even create a space for her to convince Moebius! Her weapon looks even nicer than other three! Later, they have Lucky Clover Grand Finale...I don't like this attack, mainly because it is very time consuming and the effect is not beautiful! I thought this attack is very useful in the final battle, yet it can't even defeat Norzein...and sometimes they can defeat Sorewatase using Fresh attack, this group attack become useless. After that...Cure Angels' attack...the level only up to Norzein...(they only can defeat Norzein) the LTH Fresh...only purify Infinity, and they need other people (many people) to use this attack, kind of weak. (it is elaborated in picture review) Comparing to previous cures, their attack is purification mainly, all look quite weak, I don't know how they stand out in the group of 17 (and HCPC seems to be stronger than them..)

Their fight...in the series...honestly, two words--one pattern. Usually, their fight goes like this: double/triple/quaduple Precure kick, final attack...some eps has interesting fight, such as ep 31, 38, 39, 48...Enemy attack is more interesting than them.

Group Union
Before Passion joins in , they look united in appearance and attack. After that, this group look awkward. The difference of Passion costume and attack make her not fit into the group. Give an example, HCPC, we have Cure Moonlight, her costume is different from Blossom and Marine, but I feel that she is in Precure group unlike this fresh group. When Passion in DX2 picture...she can't fit into the main group (more obvious than the other three)

Peach usually fight with Berry and Passion. Berry and Passion combination works well. However, I found that in the series, there is not much combination with Pine...the Pine combination impressed me is Pine and Passion. Pine is like Lemonade in the group most of the time..

Cure Angels
I can't feel the powerfulness of Cure Angels (unlike Shining Dream). Cure Angels appear in TV series is not a good sign for me because they can't defeat the boss with their only form in TV series..(and the boss is not defeated by LTH Fresh..)Their design....Peach and Pine is fine, but Berry and Passion er...and from the design, they are biased to Peach, others just dress at the last minute.

In conclusion, I feel that they are the weakest cures among all series.

3. Enemy
As in the organisation... the boss class are 6 in main...doesn't look like a huge organisation invading the world. Among all enemies, Westar appears about 80% in the series! For Eas, she just appear when main storyline eps come...Soular is poor thing as I said above...Only Norza looks more like villain in the series.../Klein...just like Soular, less appearance...and he usually appear for notifying the members more than planning to attack Precure.

This series has the most Monsters among all Precure series. We have Nakewameke, Nakisakebe, Sorewatase, Hohoemina (but Hohoemina is not villain)...I think Nakewameke is the most powerful in the series because of the chaotic strength setting, Nakewameke can use until ep 44! The setting of Nakisakebe is wasted. It only uses for Eas, I thought this thing will be used to Westar and Soular as well, but it does not appear anymore after Eas used up (so it is limited edition?). The existence of Nakisakebe is like only for sentencing Eas to death...In the series, it mentions the source of Nakisakebe (Moebius) & Sorewatase (Norza), then where is
Nakewameke comes from? Hohoemina is born from Nakewameke...Nakewameke is equipped for Westar, Soular and Eas with color distinction, but there is no mention why only equipped for these three person. If each Labyrinth should have equipped Nakewameke, all people has the power to use Nakewameke (then they don't need FPC to use LTH Fresh at the end XD)

To conclude, generally, their performance is better than FPC, in terms of the variety of monsters, their strategy (mostly from Westar) and physical fight.

4. Storyline
When the series goes, I found that the storyline is going worse...esp. after Chiffon become Infinity...I have many doubts after viewing the whole series:

a. The identity of Tarte
When I heard that Tarte is the prince, I don't believe...what he had done so far doesn't look like a prince. Also, he seems not to have any important role (I don't treat turning Clover box is important because the box can move by itself ...). How about finding precure? I think Chiffon is the one who finds them more than him...and he didn't continue finding the 4th cure right after Pine appears...At the end, he doesn't do anything important in this ep.

b. Chiffon and Clover Box
We were told that Chiffon and Clover Box suddenly appear from the sky, but where is their origin? Why their power is overwhelming FPC? never tell. I only know that they appear according to Precure Legend. Then? Who are Chiffon's parent? Also, the setting of Clover Box, I can't figure out why it can control Infinity...is this box from Labyrinth? this is the only reason I can think of.

c. The relation of Labyrinth & Sweets Kingdom
Until now, I can't figure out how Labyrinth trios(Eas) know Sweets Kingdom people. There is an ep where Eas/Setsuna know Tarte is from Sweets Kingdom by a glance. However, there is no mention saying when they know each other or Labyrinth do anything to Sweets Kingdom, Sweets Kingdom is fine until ep 45...

d. FUKO juice
I don't know why Labyrinth trios only invade Clover Town Street for collecting FUKO juice. TO collect FUKO more quickly, they can invade other parallel worlds (their aim is to control all parallel world anyway)

e. the setting of Nakisakebe
I had been mentioned in Enemy section.

f. the aim of putting FPC trios into different school
They want to be creative, and I thought that there may have different school events in the series, but what I can see is only Love's school events...and later Setsuna transfers to her school, creating the ignorance of Miki and Inori (that is the main thing I dissatisify)

Another main problem in the storyline had been mentioned before (the writer is not me), is the bias of Setsuna x Love...
There are other problems regarding to storyline, I had been mentioned in my previous reviews, please refer to that (sorry, I'm lazy to write...)
To conclude, the storyline in FPC is very unstable.

5. Animation & drawing
Unlike PC5, the drawing is quite consisent, but the animation overall is worse than all previous cures (esp. ep 43). I had seen a lot saving-animation scene, including the dance in this ep! For Precure transformation and attack, Toei only put more effort to Passion.
On the other hand, the mocap animation in ED1 & 2 are excellent (I don't like animation using mocap [it looks like cheating to me], but FPC model is very well done that I want to learn how to model and rig them.

6. Song
For Op and ED, I only like Op2 & Ed2...BGM generally is not bad. I like the op remix in this ep and Passion attack BGM the most. I thought OP song in battle ver. does not exist...but this ep proves that I'm wrong. Luckily, one of the Precure traditional is kept.

Final Conclusion:
For storyline wise, I don't enjoy it much. What I enjoy is Westar, Tarte, Inori and Kaoru...There are quite good ideas hidden in the series, yet Toei choose to abandon them, What a waste! This series is my least favourite Precure series.

Now go on to this ep review...I had read ichikyo's post and comments, it seems that this ep is good ending. Is that so? Let's see...
I am quite mind to one of rakuem's comment:
"Fresh! Precure was at the end so much better than precure 5 and GoGo."
YPC5, maybe yes, but Gogo...definitely not. This ending has the similar formula as YPC5--persuading the boss, The reason of persuading the boss in this ep is more reasonable than YPC5, because Moebius is made by Labyrinth, Labyrinth people treats him as an important member (that's why Setsuna, Westar and Soular convince Moebius)The fight is fine, but the final attack is weak. Yes, ichikyo, we get Loving True Heart Fresh, to use this FPC needs the power of all Labyrinth people! and what they purify is Infinity, NOT Moebius. After the tower explodes, Chiffon is the one who save FPC!!This ending is not so rush as YPC5, but their fight is kind of weak, can't compare to Gogo. Setsuna goes back to Labyrinth, I am expected as Labyrinth is her homeland afterall, and she can't always stay under other people's roof.Miki and Inori's ending is good but Love's is disappointed. Setsuna, Westar and Soular...just show them seeing the contest and go back to Labyrinth...I think it is not enough...since FPC is extended to 50 eps, they can show some scenes, where how they help other Labyrinth people managing the country, or how they are elected to be the representatives of the country...also there is not much Sweets kingdom scene, such as wedding ceremony for Tarte and Azukina...However, Toei let us see the final of dance contest and Love's reply to Daisuke, and the beginning of the ep (before using LTH Fresh) interprets quite well. In my opinion, with the connection from ep 46 - 49, the ending is so so.

Let's go on to the picture review (ichikyo, thanks for the batch of pictures):

Please...this is last ep, and the title picture is so lazy...using op scene!

Continuing from last ep, all FPC+ Labyrinth Duo are down!

Moebius begins to control them by data invasion. I think this idea is creative.

Computer: Momozono Love, 14 ,Blood Type A, Height 159cm (oh, I'm taller than her a bit)...

Computer: Aono Miki, 14, Blood Type A, Height 162cm..
Yamabuki Inori, 14, Blood Type B, Height...
Higashi Setsuna, 14, ....
Westar, Nishi Hayato...
Soular, Minami Shun...

Yes, we can know FPC and others data from here...but why Setsuna does not registered as Eas? She is Labyrinth people afterall... and I want to know Westar and Soular's ages!!

by controlling FPC data, Moebius announces his victory to the people.

The people are back to his control.
Moebius convinces to the people that if they are under Moebius, they won't feel sad, misfortune and pain anymore.

Peach: but on the other hand, the world you rule does not have any thoughts and happiness! Self-Determination is meaningful!

Berry: we will go to the wrong way sometimes..
Pine: we will be sad...
Passion: and misfortune...
Peach: but when we overcome it, we will get happiness...

This is very clear, FPC tells Moebius what happiness means and how happiness is born--Failure is the mother of success, getting wrong, being unfortunate & upset is a step to get happiness.

The speech is not end yet--
Soular: If it is wrong, then we correct it...until we get the happiness...
Westar: Hence, we should not be defeated here.
Pine: Yes, I believe it is not the end!

I am surprised that Pine is the one who reply Wester! They are suddenly so matched!
The application of FPC usual phrase is excellent here.

Berry: because I'm prefect..
...what kind of reason is this?

Passion: we will try our best till the end.
Peach: and we will get our happiness!

They loosen the wires, so Moebius can't control their data anymore.

Moebius doesn't surrender yet. He creates some shadow data (just like Despairah orders Kowaina) to attack FPC-tachi.

I think this part is the best animation in this ep.

We saw this scene in the preview, actually nothing happen. Berry and Soular are accidentally stand together.

However, there is a surprising scene:

Westar saves Pine! (Westar x Pine switch on!) He use Hohoemi-na saves her, cool~

He is not very free, but..

He still remember to take a look on Passion.
BTW, Westar, who is your Miss Right? Pine or Passion?

They are very cool at this moment.
(but Pine is only avoiding Moebius attack...Pine, you drop so many feathers for Westar to summon more Hohoemi-na?)

People: Precure~!
In another view, Precure "brainstorm" Labyrinth people...

As Precure steal the spotlight from Moebius, he becomes furious.

What he can do? He is not like monster-like boss in previous cure, keep on attacking without giving up. Hence, he choose the way that Heero (from Gundam W)often do: self-destruction.
With self-destruction, he can destroy himself and Precure simultaneously.

Passion: Stop it! Moebius-sama! It is not good for any of us!
Although he is computer, Passion respect him as her parent.

There is only 60 seconds left before explosion.

Soular: Run! Precure!

Westar: there is not much time left!
They don't persuade Moebius like Passion, perhaps they know it is useless. (well, they are not as emotional as Passion)

Peach: How can we leave Chiffon alone!

Er....I don't think there is necessary to worry about Chiffon...she is invincible in the series...but we can't neglect Infinity..

This is what they do within 30 seconds, gathering everyone's heart, and...

FPC: Delivering our thoughts! Precure Loving True Heart FRESH!
Yes, only FPC shout the attack name..others just want to get into the camera XD
Why I said it is a weak attack for Precure?
Let's review the number of people for Precure final attack (although I had written before)

PC: Precure + Porun , total: 3 (excluding Mepple, Mipple)
PCMH: Precure + Luminous + Rurun, total: 4 (excluding Mepple, Mipple , Porun)
PCSS: Precure + Michiru + Kaoru, total: 4 (excluding 4 mascots)
PC5: Precure + Milk, total: 6, just like normal final attack
PC5GG: Precure + Milky Rose + Coco + Nuts + Donut + Babaroa + Crepe + Monblanc(hopefully I didn't misspell), total: 8
FPC: FPC + Westar + Soular + Tarte + Azukina + Hohoemi-na + Labyrinth people, total: undefined..(if you have time, please count the Labyrinth population)

In previous cure, the final attack for boss are their upgraded final attack, such as Extreme Luminario Max, Precure Spiral Heart Splash Star, Precure Milky Rose Floral Explosion. This is the first time in Precure series that they use Movie final attack for the TV series boss.
Yes, for the number of people, FPC attack has the most. However, in this attack, count in percentage, Labyrinth people + Tarte & Azukina are in 80%, FPC are only in 20%. Is it too low for FPC? Ok, let me compare to PCMH & PC5GG: PCMH, because Luminous is the Queen, assuming that she contributes the most power in the attack: Luminous is 50%, PC is 45% and Rurun is 5%; and PC5GG, Precure + Milky Rose are 60%, mascots are 40%, let say Coco and Nuts are 10% each, the kings are 5% each. That 60% has to divided into two, so Milky Rose herself is 30% as blue rose, another 30% goes to Precure, so each cure only 6%. Now FPC, each of them only 5%. (Why I give FPC lower than PC5? I depend on how the cures "push" the attack. PC5 + Milky Rose need to force the attack to Kanchou, but FPC one don't need to do anything.)
Oh no~ from the numbers, it can be seen that Precure become weaker and weaker...

Another reason of the weakness of this attack I will tell you later.
**about the numbers, they are only my assumption, may not be true.

Chiffon is the most pitiful in this ep...she has to eat this attack...

This is another weakness: this attack cannot prevent Moebius from self-detruction...
To be honest, FPC does not defeat Moebius. Moebius commit suicide only.
This is the first Precure that they get happiness without defeating the boss.

and Chiffon does not get any hurt from this FPC attack, she is too invincible. She still have the energy to save FPC, Westar, Soular + Hohoemi-na...

To celebrate their victory, they patrol other parallel world, including Sweets kingdom.

The back of Hohoemina looks like Milk in this scene.

Last station: Clover Town street. Please take your belongings.
but Hohoemi-na is very scary here...squeezing itself into the stage..

I think this is the only advantage for letting others know Precure: getting the first touching end scene among all Precure series.

Meanwhile, another family (?) is born.

What happen here? FPC vs Labyrinth trio?

No, Setsuna has to go back to Labyrinth.
I saw some comments saying that it is sad that Setsuna goes back/Setsuna should stay...
It had seen the prediction as well. About Setsuna's whereabout, actually I'm not really care.
That is, even she doesn't go back to Labyrinth, I accept. (I only care how they manage Labyrinth)
From here, we know Setsuna's dream: make Labyrinth people smile

MM3: Sorry, Daisuke is avoiding Love recently...Come, Daisuke!
You are really disturbing them, MM3!

Daisuke: Hey! .....
It become Daisuke x Love time...

Have a cute Inori CU...

FPC exchange their usual phrase here:
Inori: Love is prefect!
Miki: It will go smoothly, I believe!
Setsuna: Get your happiness.
Love: um! I will try my best!
It is a good exchange!

Westar & Soular: So Sweet~! (I think Amatsubbe means that)
Westar is so happy~He witnesses their development in ep 16 XD
Soular's expression is interesting...

Daisuke: then....what's your answer...?

Love: I don't want to tell you!
You may think she didn't reply Daisuke, but she had replied as yes already.
Her answer is tricky, Daisuke may not get it, but I get it. Do you get it?

Now come to the contest final: 2D ver. of Happy Together. The animation is bad...Without mocap, they can't animate good Happy Together...
I found the comparsion of this to ED in Youtube:

What I can see is that those difficult move they skip with extreme close up...it's wasted. The beginning part of the dance is even worse, I thought they are not united....

All characters related FPC are there, including Kazuki.
Poor Kazuki, he can't even have the chance to say anything in this ending.
Westar and Soular don't need to stand and watch FPC dance this time. (pls see ep 44)

Soular's expression is a great surprise. Not only Westar, I'm also surprised.
I think if Nuts do this, it is more surprised...

Last scene of MM3.Can we see another MM3 in HCPC?

The 2nd part of the dance. Setsuna is sexy, Miki and Inori is cute^^
Love is the same as normal to me.

???Who are you? I had not seen you in semi-final...Aurora wave?
I had never seen another groups of three with red blouse as well.

Expectedly, FPC win the contest!

Other Precures congrats you as well! (the picture is from DX1)

Kaoru's last joke (?): Get your Happiness! Guha!

They have the trophy. Is there printed their name like this:

Besides TV quiz in PC5GG, I think this dance contest should have this arrangement as well.

Tarte's family end...just one scene like this...
Farewell, Tarte, Chiffon, Azukina~

Setsuna's end...probably the best among 4 of them. This end is like she is the main heroine in this series. The way she walk away with Soular and Westar as if she is the big sister in the gang XD
This scene is like a warrior starts a new journey..

Miki's end...nice end, her catwalk is perfect.

Inori's end...herdream is in process, which is good.

Love's end...I don't like this end...it is lazy, using op scene (without any meaning), and comparing to others, hers is too normal, as a heroine, her end is not stand out.

What do you this end? It is not a happy end for FPC as Setsuna separates from them...I also feel a bit sad when seeing Setsuna's end.

Unlike SS, they still have end card in the last ep. (SS is very poor thing.

Next--HCPC ep 1:

Tsubomi is very cute, even with glasses^^
She looks mature here

Erika...looks like Hanon (MMPPP) here...

From these shots, I feel that HCPC's character expression are rich. It will be elaborated in the Extra.
I am very looking forward to ep 1!

As ichikyo's request XD, I write those concept art in details.
The pictures are from this post:

According to that post:
1~3 Tsubomi and Erika's expression
Honestly, I seldom see Precure model sheet(I only saw YPC5 and a little Fresh)...Comparing to PC5 model sheet, their expression is richer, as each of them has two types of expressions: comical and normal.
Tsubomi, when she is in normal, she looks a polite girl. When she is comical, she is more emotional, usually in clumsy mode.
Erika, when she is in normal, she is cute and confident. When she is comical, she looks like Kurumi...
In the ep 1 preview, it seems to be like what I describe above...let's see next week how ep 1 introduces these character.

4 Henshin bodies

I had said: Their henshin style is quite new in Precure series. (this style I seem to see it before, but I forgot where I had seen...however, this style does not appear much in battle magical girl series.)
How they change with these white dress? I think they may turn themselves upwards for the skirts...I don't think they have long henshin like Fresh...(but I may be wrong..)

5~7 Precure

When I see the shorts, I am very glad ! Yes! Shorts are back! I had been thinking what is under Precure's skirt...there are 2 possibilities: shorts or puffy underwear like Fresh. I pray for shorts but I don't give a great expectation to shorts...(because of Fresh) With shorts, they may have better physical fight than Fresh.

For Precure, their expression are cool! Blossom looks strong, which is very different from her normal self. For Marine, her side view makes her look more elegant. The model sheet fits the transformation phrase: Open my Heart!

8~9 Chypre and Coffret
From the pose, I am not sure about Chypre, but I am quite sure that Coffret is resemble to dolphin.(because of Cure Marine) From their expression, their character look like their partners

10 Koppe-sama...?
Saying sama, Koppe may be god of something...anyway, he(?) should be a respectful creature.

11 Cobroger
He looks like Saionji to me. I am quite looking forward he use Mukadia's strategy to Precures ( like how Mukadia did to Rin and Karen)XD

12 Sasorina
Her Indian appearance fits the organisation --Desert Apostles...From her expression, she may be a very cunning character.

13 Storyboard
With the reveal of Cure Moonlight, I know that this storyboard is related to Cure Moonlight as there is a dialogue of Moonlight...I still think that the storyboard is drawing Pretty Cure attack...maybe Moonlight help them in the attack...it said Moonlight is appeared behind...

14 Background
I just hope that it is not the final...the tree is not realistic...

15 props design
Flower tact I can't see, I can't comment anything...the pouch for perfume is nice...the seed, I had no comment.

About Cure Moonlight design, it seems to refer Milky Rose, but her design is more daring--the gloves! Yes! the gloves come back! It is the special design for her, a long gloves and a short gloves. The long glove design is simple, but it does not look awkward as its color matches her skirt. This kind of long glove usually appear in grand party, those elegant ladies wear this kind of glove in the party. I.E. this long glove make Moonlight look more elegant.

Regarding to the theory rakuem given...sorry , I can't get it...I think one of the relation of Marine and Moonlight is--both represent calm, shadow...Another relation probably is this picture:

Since this cure appears in Tsubomi and Erika's dream...I think she may not be active (may be she is in danger...)

but I agree with rakuem that 4th cure may be related to sun.

From those picture composition (not good example though), I understand why Precure phrase is "the flower blooming on the earth/swaying near ocean sea.." Do you understand?

Finally, my expectation of HCPC:
1. More creative physical fight (Fresh physical fight often disappointed me..)
2. more school eps (YPC5 and Fresh does not have much school eps)
3. Cure Moonlight doesn't steal the spotlight from Blossom and Marine, and Blossom and Marine treat equally
4. Mascots are more useful (not just for transform), and be clear of their identity at the beginning (don't like Tarte...knowing that he is prince in ep 32...)
5. Better description of mascot world
6. Enemies should be more cunning (Fresh enemies, except Norza..others are too kind...)
7. Hopefully we don't have a short-life enemy (such as Scorp)
8. the final attack is not so "Doremi"/like Cure stick attack (as they hold flower tact, I'm quite worry)
9. both heroines experience romance...
10.what else...just hope that it is better than Fresh.
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