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Shocking Review

This is FPC ep 49 review.

Coming to the second last ep of FPC, what do you feel this ep? These're what I feel:
1. Passion looks like the protagonist
2. Norzein (According to some comemnts in ichikyo post, using this name is better)seems not to do much thing...
3. Finally We know that how Westar and Soular are saved...Expectedly, the savior is Chiffon...
4. Precure Loving True Heart...for group attack it looks like WP DX group attack (pls see the picture below), and I have the same comment as ichikyo: Lack of imagination
5. Two funny scenes in this ep: Donut brothers & Hohoemi-na
6. Norza and Klein true form are more shocking than Moebius.
7. Moebius's true form is not very shocking, but it features our daily life now. We are more dependent on computer. Moebius is angry on people are too lazy, feeling that they are stupid. Nevertheless, I am not very surprised on this topic, as it had been discussed in past anime and Tokusatsu. I wonder if the robot in the op will appear in next ep? If so, Moebius may be another GOD (from Rider X)
8. The fighting is ok, but the drawing is bad.
9. too many flashback, wasting time..
10. Some PC5/GG ending resemble scenes are seen =(

Let's go on to the pictures!

The beginning is just the Cure Angels appear review. Pls see the last few pictures in my last review.
The picture above is the title picture...another lazy one...

Another Cure Angel full view. I feel that Pine looks sexy among all (because of her legs)

Norzein is powerful at first, she casts scattered balls to FPC.

FPC is not weak now (already changed to Cure angel...they can't be weak).
Peach-Punch! (good at punch)
Berry-Kick! (good at kick)
Pine-Chop! (good at chop?)
Passion-continuous punch! (good at speed)
Why Passion has more fighting scene? I also want to ask Toei about this...

After several punches, Passion use elbow attack! Elbow attacks starts from gogo (I had not seen elbow attack before that, if anyone know any scenes before gogo using elbow attack,pls tell me).
Past elbow attackers:

Milky Rose is the first one. Do you remember how she use this attack to Scorp?

Another one is Dream. She use this to Kanchou.

Elbow attack is the strong and effective attack to boss/superior class enemy. Those who use this attack are in protagonist position. Milky rose in ep 11, Dream, and now Passion! Peach, please quickly use this attack or your position is dangerous!

Well, Norzein is not Scorp, he/she won't be defeated easily. He/she still have the energy to cast canon!

!! Peach is really using Mint attack! In last review, I joke that she may use Mint canon, but actually she is using Emerald Saucer another edition: Pink Heart saucer!

Not only Peach, Berry als know how to use: Blue Heart saucer!

She can't take it anymore....so...

Clover saucer! Is this scene familiar?
Yes, it had been used in 5GG last ep:

I think 5GG use this shield attack is more reasonable, because PC5 + Milky Rose just power up Emerald Saucer.
For this one, I don't know if Cure Angel Peach use this shield before. If so, it is reasonable, otherwise, this scene just a duplicate of this 5GG scene...

Norzein position is like Shadow Moon in Dai Shocker Movie....but he/she is more fortunate that he/she won't be suffered 26 Rider kicksXD

Westar: they (Cure Angels) are beautiful...
I don't feel that you say this honestly, Westar..
Soular: they are fighting for our happiness..

Tarte: That's right!
....you all are like watching movie...

Norzein: Why you have such power?
Passion: It is not only our power, but also Labyrinth people...
To me, about 60% from Labyrinth people, 40% from themselves, and they have helpers--Westar and Soular...

Norzein's final attack comes!

And FPC are also ready to use final attack. Before showing their attack, let's see this:

The video is: Saint Grenade Crystal (not critical)! Heart Impact!
This is Wedding Peach Dx group attack!

How is this video related to FPC final attack?

Peach forms a heart...

Then Berry....
synchronize: Lily..

synchronize: Daisy..

and both Passion...


Peach: Twin Buster Rifle!
Non, it is Precure True Heart!

Another Peach: Heart Impact!

What do you think? Are they alike? I think they are similar, the action...I had seen some comments in 2ch that this attack looks like Aurora Execution/Hell and Heaven...but I don't think so...the only similarity is these 3 attacks use the closed hand (cross fingers)... Aurora Execution is posed from upright to horizonal; H&H is crashing to enemy with this pose. Heart impact is from horizonal to upright...Peach one..is Gundam wing 0 custom pose. The difference between WP and this Peach is that WP has a gun, the heart is target eye (is it called like that? I think there should be a proper name)

Norza & Klein: The Honour of Moebius---!!
...... why they are like Showa Riders monster dying message? This is one of the dying message they always said...

Shocking truth! Norza and Klein's true forms!
Klein is reptile and Norza is....onion? So FPC is fighting against an onion for 10+ eps?
but only Westar and Soular know...pls keep secret to FPC...

Labyrinth people & Tarte couple applause to FPC.
Hey, it looks fine when Berry hides her wings.

Westar & Soular: Excuse me....you all are blocking us..

Passion: How you escape from that Delete hole?
I had been waiting for a long time! Finally asked!

Westar: actually, we don't know how to explain...
Don't worry, Westar, I help you.

They are being thrown(?) to Delete hole like *Minami Kotaro
I think I don't need to explain who Minami Kotaro is, as he appears recently in Decade and its Movie 1. What I show below is Black RX ep 1.

He is thrown even further--to the sun...

They saw a very bright light, and saying: cure, cure puripu!

For Kotaro case, he is saved by King stone and change to RX...
um... Kotaro changes from white to black, whereas Westar & Soular change from black to white...
an image song for Westar & Soular change (adapted from RX op tune)
Westar~ Soular~ Shiroi body (white body)
Westar~ Soular~ Aoi Hitomi (Blue-ish eye, but Soular's eye is green...)
Labyrinth White RX!XD
To be short, I call them Labyrinth W.. XD

Westar:....something like that....

Peach: cure, cure puripu!
Passion: It must be Chiffon! Chiffon saves you two.

On the other hand, Soular thanks Berry for trying to save him,

and Berry's answer is:
because I'm prefect!
...I have nothing to say...

Tarte: Let's have a Donut!
Westar: Speaking ferret...
This is what Westar calls Tarte...
Tarte: I'm a cute fairy...

Tarte: Brother! I have a better idea!

Westar: Brother!? TVT

Tarte: I also have a brother in Clover Town Street! (that's Kaoru!)
Westar: Oh~

Tarte: Sweet Heart is---

Westar: symbol of attractive!

Westar & Tarte: It is looking forward FRESH!

Westar & Tarte: We are---

Westar & Tarte: Donut Brothers!!
haha~ Soular is so silly here....

So from the position...

I don't know if I had talked about this: This is the first series that the henshin phrase is being played by other characters (mostly Tarte & Kaoru). Is Toei not serious about this series? Previous cures henshin phrases doesn't being fooled...No, I don't think so. I think even Toei doesn't treat this series the same as PC5 & 1st/MH, they like the henshin phrase very much. Other henshin phrases are short and simple that they can't play with. Each cure has their unique phrase (except Black & White, they share the same phrase), such as Shining Golden flower, Great power of hope etc. This Fresh henshin phrase is based on Milky Rose's phrase. FPC also have their own phrase, but basically it goes with the same pattern:

____heart is the symbol (for Passion is prove) of _____. It is _____ Fresh!____(name)

Previous cure phrase goes like this:

We can see Fresh one has more catchphrase to play.

Tarte: How is it?
Westar: of course this one is better...I like it...

Soular: I won't join in.....
haha~poor thing, Soular...you are forced into their Donut Brothers plan....
Westar & Tarte: Oh No~~~~!

After the joke performed by Tarte & Westar, FPC & others have to go back to their reality.

Berry: how to take all of you to Moebius place?
Soular: You don't need to worry about this.

I would like to say Bingo! to stupendous! You're right, it is Westar's hand!

As they are like RX, their monster is a new one. (RX case is his bike changes to a new one)

Soular: To make a new monster, we need a feather (you can pick up from anywhere) and this white rhombus mark...
Passion: Nakewameke!?
Soular: you're outdated, Eas...

Soular: Come out! Hohoemi-na!
I laugh at this name....Hohoemi-na....It's the same as the name, make us laugh (smile ,supposingly)

This creepy thing appears!
it is not Chiffon.....
Hohoemi-na: nico, nico
Nicovideo, you should consider using this as your mascot (but you have to ask Toei for copyright)XD

Peach: only Moebius left!

Peach: Let's go!

People: ByeBye, Precure!

Why Westar can pick up a feather so easily? See, when they fly, they fall some feathers to the ground.
FPC, please clear your feathers after the battle!XD

The real Chiffon is here. She is still in infinity mode.
Moebius uses Chiffon to lure FPC

Moebius is waiting for FPC with confidence.

Passion: Moebius-sama..

Moebius: I'm your parent, how dare you betray me!?

Passion: ......
Westar & Soular: ......
Moebius, you're scolding Westar and Soular as well..

Nice rescue! Berry and Pine!

However, all of them eat Moebius attack!

FPC is down!!

Moebius: it is not enough...(It's not enough power to defeat me)
his phrase is similar to Despairah in YPC5 ep 39, well, it is enemy-only phrase.

Passion: Please stop it! Moebius-sama!
This looks like Coco's position, like this:

From YPC5GG ep 23

Peach: Let's combine our power!
Passion: Wait!

Passion: I would like to handle it by myself!

Other FPC agree though, Pine shows a worry face, like:
Pine: (Peach, your position is going to be stolen, don't you worry?)

Passion, I don't think Happiness hurricane can defeat Moebius...

!! Another function of Happiness hurricane is to build a consulting room for Moebius!
Also, this convincing scene, like YPC5 last ep! I just saw TVB ver. last week! (but TVB haven't show 5GG yet, perhaps they use from Summer holiday special anime....)

This is the true form? No, just a dummy.

Peach: Where are you!? Moebius!

Moebius: I'm in front of you!
Moebius' true form is a computer. It is not very surprised as we had been talking so much about the structure of Moebius.
Moebius: Come here if you dare!

FPC have to fly into....but...

Westar: this is...
Passion: This is gravity system!
I think the most creative attack in this ep is this gravity...

Dark Miki!
Is it a service for us?

Hey, this formation....4 Angels + 2 male helpers! Really looks like WP..
Also, this stairs, I had seen this scene before....(5GG ep 46/47, The stairs to Cure Rose Garden)

To be more creative, Moebius takes FPC to other world...

FPC is fine, but Westar, I scare your trousers will be torn......
Soular is in high tension!

Passion: Why you said that we wish to be ruled by you? What does it means?
I also have a question: Why Passion is always the one who asks question? What does it means?

Moebius: Ok, I explain to you.
Then he change to Dark Inori....
Does he like to change to girls?

Moebius is a main computer made by Labyrinth people. They want to be more convenient, so they think of using computer for managing a country. As Moebius is too excellent (program itself), he realise how foolish human is, they can't think by themselves, so he decides to rule Labyrinth.

Moebius: To rule a country, I need a face.
Ok, Moebius, I understand that you are very care of your appearance...

Moebius: Then, I need subordinates...Klein is formed by Reptile DNA...

Moebius: and Norza is formed by Vegetable DNA...
Reptile DNA I understand, but why using Vegetable DNA?

After he explains, he changes to Dark Love.
Hey, Moebius, you play too much!

FPC+Labyrinth W are facing another world.

Pine has the same pose as Soular....

Because of Azukina, Westar is falling down with Tarte!
Westar: I won't let you die, brother!
Tarte: brother..

Hohoemi-na, nice catch! but...

Its power used up...

Moebius change to Dark Setsuna...er... it should be Setsuna before ep 24...

Hohoemi-na mark can use like this! Hohoemi-na cutter!

That attack can open a route for FPC, but it can't protect himself! Moebius ties him up, and give him electric shock!

Soular: go! Precure!

Berry: Soular!
Don't worry, he won't die this time.

Labyrinth W are down!

Finally, he change to Eas...
What is the purpose of changing so many girls? I don't understand..

Infinity Shock!
Moebius use Chiffon to attack FPC!

FPC: AA-----------!

Little girl: Precure---!
Your key is useless now...

All down!!

Next ep:

Berry x Soular again....It seems to be official pair...

Another Hohoemina helps to fight against Moebius?

Westar and Soular power up as well!?

1,2,3,4,5,6...the team number is not only like WP, but also PC5GG!!

Final ep: Many Smile! Everyone get happiness!

Continue to Extra 1 in last review:

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