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Labyrinth Revolution Review

This is FPC ep 48 review.*(sorry for spoiler title just now..)

After that disappointed ep, Toei gives us a great ep this week. The story, fight and Precure are powered up. In addition, it is unexpected that Westar (about the name Westar,I found out that Toei gives him this official name on Fresh cards[I'll show them as Extra], so I use this one, it may be too late to correct his name...) and Soular are back.

In my last review, I said that the title is misleading. That misleading title "The world is changed! Donuts cause miracle!" can be seen in this ep. About this title "final battle", it is actually not the final battle, next ep should be the final battle. Why these titles seems to be the prediction of next ep? I think Toei didn't plan to make 50 eps in the first place, due to Cure Angels, they change to 50, do you agree?

Regarding to Cure Angels, previously someone (I forgot who the person is) has reveal the names of Cure Angels--Cure Angel (Peach), Angel Berry , Angel Pine and Angel Passion.What we can see in this ep is that Cure Angel is grouped. All of them are Cure Angel. What happen? Two reasons I can think of:
1. bad comments on the names--the name are resemble to Wedding Peach
2. limit air time--imagine that all cure angels said their individual phrases, Toei has to draw more for the phrases
The costume...I had commented them before, and I agree with those negative comments posted previously.

There are many things to see in this ep, and with the help of ichikyo, I manage to post over 100 pictures for this ep. (I really have to thank you, ichikyo, my computer is out of order this (Sunday) morning, the screenshots saves me...)

Recap the last scene of ep 47:

They are facing this Norza-Sore...

Do you remember this girl? she is from ep 46:

Love had approached her before. It is a nice linkage to ep 46. I think the object she is picking is from Norza-Sore.

Another lazy title picture...

Norza-Sore looks better here, at least it does not look so flat like the beginning scene.

Her attack is fast and strong that FPC only can dodge.

Let's see Chiffon's state. She is still in Infinity mode...but Precure notice her light, and know that she has reaction to the Clover box music.

The citizens are gradually changed from last ep, Cline tried to control them but in vain. Hence, he has to get out of his room to see what happen. (If I were him, I'll destroy that odd screen in priority.)

Back to the battle, they shoot out their first combined attack--Cure sticks+ Passion Harp

It is not a new attack pattern, Norza-Sore won't get much effect, but...

Peach leads others to change the attack pattern!It is a rare attack seen in the whole series.

This is the combined attack pattern...more beautiful than what
we had seen their combined attack pattern so far. Normally, we saw their combined attack is like this:

Usually, Cure sticks attacks go first, then Happiness Hurrficane finish up.

This surprise attack seems to take effect on Norza-Sore.

Someone is in front of Norza-Sore.. He is Cline.

What? He can transform to monster!? The monster design is better than Norza-Sore...but my question is...why he can transform without eating Sorewatase or doing something to make him change? I heard that the setting of Labyrinth people are JUST human. If Cline can change to monster, then why Norza has to eat Sorewatase to make her change? and why Westar & Soular change to monster (I don't want them to change though)?

The ability of Vice-master changing to powerful monster(s) is one of Precure rule. Let's review previous vice-masters--Belzei(PC), Baldes (MH), Gooyan (SS), Kawarino (PC5), Anacondy (5GG)

Original face (his human form is not counted)

Source: Toei animation webpage

Powered up

Source: Toei animation webpage
He absorbs Juna & Regina to power up

Original face

Source: Toei animation webpage
I heard that he is actually the boss--Dark King, but I am not sure as I haven't watch

Original face

Source: Toei animation webpage

Powered up

Source: Toei animation webpage
Saying he is vice-master, he is actually the boss.

Original face (his human form as well)

The right person. I just found out that I only have few photos of him...

Powered up(? it is his true form, I think)

As a powered up monster, he is handsome.

Original face (her human form as well)

Powered up/true form

What do you find? previous enemies are monsters, some of them disguise as human. In SS, the enemies need to "cosplay" to make them look like human; In PC5 onwards, the enemies remain their human form even their bases. Most of their true form/powered up form are muscular, so does Cline. However, there is an obvious difference between Cline to others--appearence. Others still human-like face, whereas Cline is Dragon face! and Blue dragon! Perhaps want to make different, but Cline does not have much relation to that dragon look (no reason makes me believe that he can change to that form)

This dragon look seems to alike the dragon in Dragonball...

This monster Cline looks ok to me at first, but the way he move and he treats Peach like this....making me dislike him

Actually, he may be able to defeat FPC in this dragon form, but Norza-Sore requests for combination. Norza, you can't stand this form, can you? or you just want to follow Precure rule?
They need some time to combine, so let's see the citizen side .

Tarte & Azukina are running towards Precure with the citizen. On the way, Tarte drops a donut...

Someone picks up the donut! He is...!! If this scene is happening last ep, it matches the title! Donut causes miracle!What kind of miracle we'll get?

Ok, their fusion is ended. Yes, comparing to the monsters above, this one looks better...but why the size is human size? (slightly bigger than human)
This NorCline has male face and female voice...so what is NorCline's sex? Another Duke Ashura (from Mazinger Z, half body male & another half is woman)

NorCline is destructive. Some buildings are collapsed.

I haven't see FPC save people for a long time...(since ep 42?)
Passion pose looks like "I am the strongest woman in the world!", and Berry even can hold the crack with a hand.

This is one of the great part in the battle. The scene shows Peach's strength(punch) very well!

Individual attacks in real time! These attacks we haven't see for a long time--Love Sunshine, Espoir Shower & Healing Prayer (without Fresh!)

and we can see Happiness Hurricane & Love Sunshine Fresh! 0 distance! These attacks are well animated.

Finally, LCGF...I agree with ichikyo that LCGF does not look so weak, but...

NorCline shows us that LCGF is a weak attack to him/her.

these montages apply well to here. It shows their depression after attacking NorCline several times.

These montages can combine into a dramatic scene.

This little girl is not a sub-character like ep 46 anymore, she takes care of Peach when she is down.
Little girl: Pain, Pain, fly away...

Citizen's awareness to Precure makes NorCline angry! I think this anger is 70% from Cline, 30% from Norza...
NorCline:You all should live for Moebius only!

When NorCline attacks Precure, someone protect them.
!! these legs!!
??: That is wrong!!

!! These familiar back view!!
??: We are gathered for Precure! They tells us the importance of considerating to others
???: and saving people will create more smile and happiness!

Yes! they are Westar and Soular! Welcome back!! Their close up make me think of:

From 5GG ep 24
Coco has bigger close up than them...

Passion: Westar! Soular!
Berry: Are you alright?

Passion is the one who is the happiest for their return, they are her partners after all.

Tart & Azukina: Don't forget us!
We won't forget you two, because you let us see Donut miracle in this ep.
So...Why Westar and Soular are back with white costume? That means the Delete hole is only acting like washing machine (with bleach) to them!? I don't think they have the time to change clothes (switch over in the hole?) May be Delete hole is only used to do the defragment instead of recycle bin ...
How they come back?
Westar: Precure, we come back because we believe you. They also have the same thought!
What's that? I can't accept this reason! Lengthening to 50 eps is wasted! If they come back this ep, there should be some scenes about how they escape.
Oh yes, in ep 46 review, I joke with the title picture:
Wester and Soular want to say to Norza "Don't be so happy! We will be back!"
I really don't expect that they will be back.

These guys are like Coco & Nuts here(I had mentioned about this in previous review too)...they seem to be the princes of Labyrinth...
The plot like this may go to: Westar and Soular become the presidents at the end. When Moebius is defeated, there is no leader in Labyrinth, they may be the suitable persons.

This Jeffrey-like girl inserts into the story well.
The situation of Labyrinth is like Hong Kong recent protest on China Rail Link (should be bigger than that, it is revolution already)

They have doubt to Moebius now.
Westar: Who is Moebius? Why he order us?..

While Westar is having his speech , I would like to talk about the position changes of some Precure male seiyuus. The seiyuu I am going to talk are:
Westar, Donut King voice--Yasunori Matsumoto
Coco seiyuu--Takeshi Kusao
Scorp seiyuu--Takehito Koyasu
Kiriman seiyuu--Nobuyuki Hiyama
Bunbee seiyuu--Wataru Takagi

I choose them as they are regular casts in some Precure series.
Matsumoto--he voices as Juna in the first series, who is a funny enemy. After that, he voices as Donut, saving Precure and CocoNuts few times. Now Westar, seems to be the combination of Juna & Donut (the scene now)
His trend is enemy>hero(kind of)>enemy>hero

Kusao--he voices as Freezen in Precure MH movie 2. After that, he voices as main character, Coco, but sometimes Coco becomes enemy (in YPC5, YPC5 movie and 5GG movie. Even he voices a good guy, he seems to be destined to voice as bad guy, esp in the movies.
His trend is enemy>hero+enemy

Koyasu--he only voices as good guy (Nagisa's father) in the first series and MH, after that the characters he voices are all villains.(Scorp, Fusion) Same as Kusao, the villains he voices are strong.
His trend is good guy>enemy

Hiyama--I had never heard him acting good guys in all Precure series. Furthermore, the villains he acts are cunning type ( he is good at acting this kind)
His trend is enemy all the way.

Takagi--he usually voices over funny enemies(MH Uraganos, 5/5GG Bunbee), and these two enemies are able to appear in recent Precure movies.
His trend is enemy>good guy(for Bunbee)

Westar: that's our heart! our will!
Do you agree that Westar now is alike Donut King?

This scene looks like Westar and Soular are the persons who gather the citizens.

NorCline won't accept these uncontrolled citizen!So she/he casts KameHame Buster!

Even how strong Westar and Soular are, they can't fight against Norza+Sorewatase+Cline.
If so, we can't see Cure Angels later.

Little girl: Precure----!
So this girl is the key to deliver Labyrinth people's hearts to Precure?
The collections of Labyrinth people's hearts makes Cure Angel's phrase more meaningful

I am not giving Passion scene more on purpose, it is because Passion seems to have more shots than others. I'm quite surprised that Pickrun talk so much here. Besides Akarun, we seems not to hear other Pickrun talk before. Another thing I didn't expect is that FPC have to say the henshin phrase once more for changing to Cure Angels. These henshin, to me, they looks like PC5GG henshin. For the pose, Cure Angel Peach really alike Gundam Wing; Berry is like Freedom...

FPC: White heart is Everyone's heart! It is flapping Fresh! Cure Angels!

Same poses with wings...
Passion & Pine: (Peach's wing is very disturbing me...)

What the people feel about these Angels?

Labyrinth people are shocked...
Westar: Cure Angels...(they looks like on stage in TV program I watched)
Soular:...(Is these any difference except the wings?)
Little girl:...(Precure is the creature who can fly?)

Sweets Kingdom fairies are happy!
Azukina: this is Precure Legend!
Tarte: No, this is Miracle Precure!
I see...this is Precure Legend... It had been long ago not hearing this phrase...Miracle Precure...err...I think Milky Rose is more miracle...

Since they get more beautiful clothes, they think they should have great poses to end this ep.
Berry: Everyone's thought...
Pine: Everyone's heart...
Passion: We receive it!
Peach: Precure won't lose! We will definitely win with these combined power!

Wait! I just found out that Westar and Soular hearts are not included!! FPC, you haven't receive Westar and Soular's yet...
and the phrases(except Peach)...it had been heard in YPC5GG ep 20 and last ep...

Next ep:

Peach is going to use Mint cannon?
What's Mint Cannon? here it is:

Sorry, I don't have the scene when she shoot out...from YPC5 ep 43

Eas comes out again?

Moebius can use AT field?

Next title: Shocking truth! Moebius' true form!
We will see what kind of true form Toei brings us...

The end card: It makes Peach looks more like Wing 0 custom, this pose is ...Twin Buster Rifle!

There are two Extras here. One of them is FPC cards that I screencap from nicovideo. I capture so many of them that I can't show all of
them in this post, so I show them by packs. This is part 1, part 2 or later will be shown in future reviews.
The second Extra is about Precure vs Gokujyou!(can it translate as Supreme?)Popular class monitor!

After capturing these cards, I know that why Westar and Soular can't die, because they help Toei to earn money! Most of the FPC card packs, we can see each of their portraits. As villains of Precure, Toei treats them better than those in previous series. (PC5 villains are badly treated, as they can't appear in the endings like 1st series & SS, cards like FPC...)
This card pack does not have Passion, so I assume that it released before Passion existed.

I had nicknamed Daisuke, Yuuki and Kento as MM3, but I haven't introduce what MM3 are in details. MM3 is from an anime shown last year called Gokujyou! MechaMotte Iinjyou!(Supreme! Popular class monitor!) The real MM3 members are:

Doujyou Ushio 東條潮

Nishizaki Ao 西崎青

Nagumo Namito 南雲波人

Plus the main heroine

Kitagami Mimi 北神未海

I think it is just coincident because the comic is started before PC5 & FPC starts.
One of the similarities (to FPC) is the name. They are resemble to FPC, using East, West, South and North, and their forenames have the same related word. In Labyrinth team, except Norza, others' forenames have the same related word--Hayato, Shun & Setsuna, all means fast. In MM, all their forenames are related to ocean feature.

Another similarity (to PC5) is the hair colors of MM3...the colors look like Coco, Nuts, Syrup...somehow Ao's personality is similar to Nuts--like to read books(esp a scene in ED3, where Ao reads book, I really want to replace him to Nuts)...Ushio and Ao are mature type like Coco & Nuts (regardless their age). How about Namito to Syrup? they are totally different. This Namito like to act cute..Syrup is far better than him.
The name MM3 does not appear in the comic version (they are just described as 3 problematic students), the anime begins last year, just 2 months after 5GG finished, I wonder if the anime staff names them MM3 for reflecting Coco, Nuts, Syrup...

One more similarity (to FPC) is that East, West, South persons are in group whereas North persons "seperate" from them.

About MM anime, the animation is not good (due to using 3D models) but the story is ok. If you are interested in cosmetic or being pretty, this anime is a nice choice.
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