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Wester and Soular Memorial Review

This is FPC ep 46 review.

This week we have to say farewell to Wester and Soular...Sayonara...
The first ep in 2010, Toei gives us a good ep! The director and art director are Narita and Kawamura (the main director and character design for PC5 series), so the story and drawing are guaranteed. Let's review the story:

fpc47_0088_Layer 1
According to last ep, they go to Labyrinth by Akarun...but why it take such a long time to go there?

fpc47_0087_Layer 2

Ok, they reach Labyrinth at last.

fpc47_0086_Layer 4

This composition... as if Passion is the main character...

fpc47_0085_Layer 3

Labyrinth is Setsuna's homeland...Setsuna's feeling is complicated now...

fpc47_0084_Layer 5

Peach comforts her by holding her hand.

fpc47_0083_Layer 6

In the main base, Cline is managing the world they dominate...
Cline: We had dominated 73% of the whole parallel world...We can dominate all of them after 3 hours 27 minutes and 51 seconds
Moebius: The world will be in my hand soon...

fpc47_0082_Layer 7

All the citizen are heading to the base...to Moebius...

fpc47_0081_Layer 8
fpc47_0080_Layer 9

FPC want to go to the base, but the citizens are going to there too...
Pine: Let's release our transformation!

fpc47_0079_Layer 10

In 2ch (the forum that post the ep once it is aired), someone asks why FPC didn't use Blrun...
I agree with that at first. Why they didn't think of using Blrun? They are too obvious in this picture (except Miki, her clothes is partially matched other citizens' clothes)...However, these people don't really care of them.

According to Setsuna, Labyrinth people are indifferent. They won't care of anything and help others.
There is only a thought in their mind--to be the servant of Moebius

fpc47_0078_Layer 11

Hence, when FPC talk to this Labyrinth girl,

fpc47_0077_Layer 12

She is shocked...at least she has some expression.

fpc47_0076_Layer 13

Now come to our MAIN characters--Soular and Wester!
As it is the last ep for them, they will try our best to be very cool guys!
They request Moebius to let them defeat FPC...

fpc47_0075_Layer 14

Moebius: you two lose to them so many times...
Soular & Wester: Please give us one more chance!

Soular & Wester lose sometimes is not because of FPC, Chiffon and the director lead to their failure too.

Moebius: Ok, this is your last chance.

fpc47_0074_Layer 15

Norza is sneering1? it seems she know that this is their last day...

fpc47_0073_Layer 16

Wester and Soular want to say to Norza "Don't be so happy! We will be back!"
and their cool face become the title picture.

fpc47_0072_Layer 17

Meanwhile, FPC reach the entrance of the base successfully.

fpc47_0071_Layer 18

Sorewatase is waiting for them!!
This part looks like those RPG game..

fpc47_0070_Layer 19

Let's Precure!
It may be the last time we see this henshin, it shows partially full henshin of all cures.

fpc47_0069_Layer 20fpc47_0068_Layer 21fpc47_0067_Layer 22

Is it because the director and art director are related to PC5? FPC suddenly has this new attack--
*Peach: Quadruple Precure Shooting Star!
*she doesn't say that in the show

The master of Precure Shooting StarXD

fpc47_0066_Layer 23

Due to Shooting Star, they get into the building. (but Sorewatase hasn't die yet).
They keep walking around...

fpc47_0065_Layer 24

Pine: We are walking in the same place aren't we?
Why Pine is the one who notice?
It seems that she is in Aqua's position (intelligent)
I feel that FPC members don't have a fixed 'position'...such as:
-Black manage the punch attack; White is kicking and throwing... Black is leader type, White is intelligent type; Luminous is support type
-Bloom/Bright deals with light(earth) attack; Egret/Windy deals with speed (heaven/sky) attack...
Bloom does not like Black who has strong leadership in the series..(I think)
- Dream: leader type
Rouge: attack type
Lemonade: support type
Mint: Protect/defense type
Aqua: intelligent type
Milky Rose: Power type

but FPC...sometimes Peach is leader, Berry is intelligence, Pine is attack type; another time Berry become attack type, Passion is leader, Pine is support type etc...
I don't know if this kind of arrangement for FPC..

fpc47_0064_Layer 25

They still can't find the exit...

fpc47_0063_Layer 26

That Sorewatase comes!!

fpc47_0062_Layer 27

Berry and Passion are trapped!!

fpc47_0061_Layer 28

Following by Peach and Pine !!
I like this arrangement, so that the pairing doesn't like on purpose.

fpc47_0060_Layer 29

Tart and Azukina...actually they do nothing in this ep...what we can see are the screens which show their close relationship.

The following part is the main part+climax of this ep:

fpc47_0059_Layer 30

Expectedly, both of them land successfully.

fpc47_0058_Layer 31

So where are they? It looks like rubbish area...

fpc47_0057_Layer 32

Berry and Passion:!!

fpc47_0056_Layer 33fpc47_0055_Layer 34

Passion: Wester!
Berry: Soular!
Wester and Soular are very serious now!
Soular: This is the place for waste treatment, it is so-called garbage dump!
...it is actually garbage dump, isn't it?
Wester: We should settle our matter by a duel!

fpc47_0054_Layer 35fpc47_0053_Layer 36

Firstly, *Wester vs Passion (*as they are going to die soon, I put Wester/Soular first)
I like this fight! These two are Power type, so they won't fight like Soular vs Berry.
This fight can commpare to Eas vs Peach (I think this is better than that)

fpc47_0051_Layer 38fpc47_0052_Layer 37

Wester: Eas! This is your last chance!
Wester still want Setsuna to return Labyrinth as his partner...What a nice guy!
Passion, of course, her answer is the same: I am not Eas anymore!

Then they change topic:
Passion: You have eaten Donut when you're in Clover Town Street, haven't you?
Wester: Yes! that's delicious!
Passion: If the world is being controlled by Moebius, you can't eat what you like! You can't eat Donut anymore!
Wester: You don't need to worry about that! I remember how to make Donut, so I can eat whenever I like!

....Passion...are you trying to use Donut to persuade Wester betraying Labyrinth? Really want to make miracle using Donut? er...this is not the moment yet. Also, Wester is childish sometimes, but he is not dumb...he won't get convinced easily by Donut...BTW, when he know how to make Donut? (I want to see him making Donut) Honestly, this conversation make me laugh..

fpc47_0050_Layer 39fpc47_0049_Layer 40

Berry: For the sake of Moebius...everyone in Labyrinth said this...
Soular: that's right...We live for Moebius, as a citizen of Labyrinth..
Berry: Everyone's happiness should be different...The world which people are saying the same thing..is weird! What is your happiness!?
Soular: of course..My happiness is serving Moebius...

fpc47_0048_Layer 41

Have a nice Soular close up.
Soular:We belong to Moebius..The one who don't understand happiness is you, Precure. What are you fighting for?
Berry: Smile!
Soular: Oh yes, the people in the street always laugh..
(I think I should stop translating..)
Berry and Soular conversation is more meaningful than Wester & Passion. Their conversation is very close to the theme of this series--happiness.
Labyrinth's happiness is different from what we know about happiness.
Labyrinth people is happy when they serve Moebius...their happiness is the same.
Berry point out that people should not have the same happiness. That is the message Toei want to deliver in this series.

fpc47_0047_Layer 42

Moebius: Execution starts!

fpc47_0046_Layer 43

Suddenly, a black hole appears!!

fpc47_0045_Layer 44fpc47_0044_Layer 45

All Labyrinth people know what it is. This is Delete Hole...

fpc47_0043_Layer 46

Soular recalls the order Moebius gave them, and he realise..
Soular: Moebius want to abandon us in the beginning...with Precure..

fpc47_0042_Layer 47

but Soular doesn't believe Moebius does that to him...

fpc47_0041_Layer 48

Passion: Berry, run!!
Delete hole is like black hole, it absorbs everything.

fpc47_0040_Layer 49fpc47_0039_Layer 50

Passion is hindered by the old wires.

fpc47_0038_Layer 51

Oh no! a fan is coming towards her!!

fpc47_0037_Layer 52

Passion: AAAAAAA------!

fpc47_0036_Layer 53


fpc47_0035_Layer 54

*V*Oh~superman Wester!
Gentle reminder: there will be many Wester shots (only 4 actually)in the following.

fpc47_0034_Layer 55

I think of Coco when I see this..the expression like Coco (well, the art director is PC5 designer...)
Wester suddenly become so handsome...
Wester: Eas...I am clear now...

fpc47_0033_Layer 56

Wester: I look like rubbish to Moebius...hahaha
Passion: No, you're not, Wester!
Yes, you're not rubbish, Wester! You give us a lot of fun throughout the series! Without you, the series may be boring...
Passion: You are considerate to your partners...
I agree totally! Wester always want Eas back to be his partner instead of exploit her like Norza.

fpc47_0032_Layer 57

Wester: I am not so good...
Passion: You still call me Eas even I betray Labyrinth, you still think that I am your partner! I'm sorry, but thank you.

You are as nice as Bunbee~Wester~

fpc47_0031_Layer 59

Wester: When I eat Donut alone, I have a thought--I may be happier if I eat Donut with you all...
Great! you understand that! otherwise you will be like Mushiban...
and...Wester x Passion is born! (so my Wester x Inori~...)
Oh yes, I also have a thought--if Wester is the human version of Donut King, that will be great! Do you agree? (esp their voice actor is the same)

fpc47_0030_Layer 58

However, another waste breaks them apart!

fpc47_0028_Layer 61

Wester, together with that waste, are absorbed into that hole!

fpc47_0029_Layer 60

Passion (and us): Wester-----!

fpc47_0027_Layer 62

Let's say farewell to Wester....Wester, we will remember you always!


fpc47_0026_Layer 63

On the other hand, Soular still think of begging Moebius for saving his life.
Soular: Moebius-sama, I'm here!
Soular doesn't think that Moebius will treat him like this.

fpc47_0025_Layer 64

Soular: Moebius-sama, why---!?
His expression is like Shin Asuka in GSD ep 1...
According to Labyrinth rule, Moebius won't save/help anyone.
Before continuing Soular & Berry, let me synchronize this situation with Wedding Peach ep 16:

Picture 1Picture 2Picture 3

Pluie...the enemy who has the longest life in the series, he is being abandoned by Devila in this ep. Devila asks him to take Wedding Peach into the darkness whirl together, and Pluie does what she said in order to show his loyalty.

Why I compare Soular to Pluie? they have the similar personalities--high pride, very loyal to their boss...
If Moebius asks him to do this to Berry, he will do it too.

Of course WPeach (we have Cure Peach here, so I call her WPeach) doesn't want to go to that hole with Pluie...she manage to escape from him and....

Now I continue Soular & Berry scene with WP ep 16:
fpc47_0024_Layer 65Picture 4

Fifteen years ago, Wedding Peach saved Pluie like this; 15 years after, Berry does the similar thing...

fpc47_0022_Layer 67Picture 5

Both Pluie and Soular ask the same question: Why you save me? I'm your enemy!
Berry: Smiling is better than fighting, isn't it?
WPeach: I don't know, but it is tragical that you are absorbed into that whirl.

fpc47_0023_Layer 66Picture 6

Berry: I said that my happiness is seeing everyone's smile. You are included in the group "Everyone"!
Touching indeed! It means "I want to see you smile, Soular."

WPeach: I can't stand how Devila abandons you. I can't!

fpc47_0021_Layer 68Picture 7

How Soular and Pluie react when they hear this?
Soular: I always think my life style is right...so I deserve this result...
Soular seems to regret what he had done so far...
but Pluie..
Pluie: Because of such feeling, Angel and Devil have to fight against each other...
Pluie has no regret...

Picture 9
He still want to pull WPeach into the whirl!

Picture 10

Until WPeach's tear come across him...he feel her "Love wave".
It seems that Pluie is touched for WPEach crying for him.

Picture 11

Although his feeling is like Soular, he said WPeach is too silly...

fpc47_0020_Layer 69fpc47_0019_Layer 70

Soular: Everyone smile when they are saved, doesn't it?
To save Berry, he punches the waste where Berry is standing, in order to..

fpc47_0018_Layer 71Picture 8

Get the same result as Pluie--release Berry's/WPeach's hand
For Pluie, he released her hand by force.

fpc47_0017_Layer 72

The last close up of Soular....

fpc47_0016_Layer 73Picture 13

Both of them are "absorbed" into the dying holes.
Esp. this pose, they are really similar...

fpc47_0015_Layer 74Picture 12

Berry: Soular!!
WPeach: Pluie!!
For WPeach case, Pluie returns the ring to her.

Farewell, Soular, you only appear few eps in the series, but we remember your intelligence (and cunning?)
Oh yes, when I read the intro of Wester and Soular, I feel that Wester and Soular are enemy side of Coco and Nuts. Wester always go out for journey like Coco; Soular get information from books like Nuts...but Wester is more dumb than Coco.

fpc47_0014_Layer 75fpc47_0013_Layer 76fpc47_0012_Layer 77

Due to Soular, Berry and Passion can escape from that rubbish dump....
Passion: Wester!!
Berry: Soular!!
Wester and Soular will always be in their hearts (in our hearts as well)
BTW, Wester and Soular are the first (becoming good)enemies that they could not alive till the end of the series.
Recall our betrayed enemies in Precure series":
PC-Kiriya: reborn
PCMH- Hikaru (?can he be said as betray?): be Hikari's brother
PCSS- Michiru & Kaoru: being normal human
PC5/GG-Bunbee: alive and open Bunbee's company...
but now
FPC-Eas: being Cure Passion
-Wester & Soular: died

fpc47_0011_Layer 78

I had not talked about Peach and Pine...um...where are they now...?

fpc47_0010_Layer 79fpc47_0009_Layer 80

Anyway, we know that they are going to meet one of the strongest boss--Norza!

fpc47_0008_Layer 81

On Tart's side...
Azukina: Look!

fpc47_0007_Layer 82

Tart and Azukina reach the Infinity control.

fpc47_0006_Layer 83

and they find Chiffon!!
--To be continued--

Next ep:
fpc47_0005_Layer 84fpc47_0004_Layer 85

Jeffrey look child is watching Peach and Pine suffering, together with Tart and Azukina.
Why this child looks like Jeffrey?

fpc47_0003_Layer 86

Labyrinth people are going to celebrate "*National Doughnut Day"?
It is a special day in USA, details is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Doughnut_Day
I think Donut miracle is related to National Doughnut Day, don't you agree?

Title: The world is changed! Donut causes miracle!

This ep we are able to see HCPC:
fpc47_0002_Layer 87

Close up of Blossom and Marine...Marine looks distorted...Blossom is cute...
oh no..another pink character I like...
I have the tendency liking pink coloured hair characters-- e.g. Shiratori Nagisa, WPeach, Milfeulle, Lacus, Nozomi...and this one (but Blossom is not in pink hair when she is not Precure)
Exception of pink coloured hair characters are: Chibiusa, Hinagiku, Doremi (does she consider as pink character?)..

fpc47_0001_Layer 88

Their pose...compare to FPC, is better...
Some info about the staff:
The series director is 長峰達也, the person who is in charge of all Precure movies
The character designer...I think some of us realise this: the enemy design looks like Casshern SIN, because HCPC character designer is Casshern SIN character designer. He had drawn rough animation for PCSS and PC5 series before.. oh yes, his name is 馬越嘉彦. I think we will see better animations in this new series.

fpc47_0000_Layer 89

The end card...Tart and Azukina is so small, and Peach & Pine are not there...

There is a Extra--

I bought Cure Dream on Christmas Eve, the price is HKD$188, the cheapest price I get.


The cover-- two faces, 5 hands and a fleur attached


The back

The following pictures are taken by mobile phone camera, so the picture quality may not be nice. (in addition, the background I had been blurred)


Dream can't really sit because of her skirt.


The great power of hope! Cure Dream!


Precure Dream Attack!


Same pose with Magenta BG(from the case)


Crystal Fleur! The light of Hope!

The day before I manage to find a machine for Precure toy. (PC5 weapon) It seems that PC5 is not very hit in HK, so far I only see Pinky catcher, Dream Collet, SHF FigureArt (Dream, Aqua & Lemonade), DreamLive (only one machine in Toy's R us) and the machine for PC5 weapon. I am lucky that I get Dream Torch.(a good start of the year?) There is a very small photo of Dream in the center. The photo can change to Nozomi when it turns. I will show it next time once I take the photo on it.

About this action figure, I am satified everything except the gloves and faces. I want to have a closed mouth Dream....for the gloves, the modeler draw it wrongly...

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