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Precure Vs Labyrinth Review

This is FPC ep 43 review.

As an important ep, it is neither good nor bad...The good things are the parts where Precure vs one another, Chiffon and Tart vs Labyrinth and putting Sorewatase to FUKO gauge....On the contrary, the bad things are the last part and the reused op scene. Reusing op scene is not the first time in Precure series. PCMH, PC5, 5GG also reuse op scenes, but they are usually used for fighting scene, and they uses properly in the fight...but this one...is too obvious that they are from op, it will be explained in the picture review. In this ep, the only person does well is Norza. She controls the whole ep, from illusion to putting Sorewatase to FUKO gauge...Wester...playing with Tart...Soura...does nothing. This is the important ep, but only Norza plans the attack *o*! FPC..can I say they are dumb? They are smart only in the first part...in the second part, Norza already told them if they destroy Sorewatase, the gauge will be destroyed, and they still attack it without any plan...You may say they don't believe what Norza says...ok, after that, why Chiffon is the one who teaches FPC how to do!? Previous mascots only give power or help cures physically, they didn't teach cures how to do...I am shocked that Chiffon teaches FPC how to purify the FUKO juice!!

Ok, let's see the picture review:

fpc43_0083_Layer 1

Continue from the last ep, FPC are standing outside/inside the Labyrinth fortune telling house...Are they standing inside or outside? we will know it later.

fpc43_0082_Layer 2

In the house, Wester has a suggestion.
Wester: In this case, we beat them up before they invade into the house!!
I think Wester just don't want FPC to fight in the house...

fpc43_0081_Layer 3

Norza: This is so-called shallow, Wester.
Wester: What!? (So you want them to destroy the house!? in this case, we don't have the place to live!)

fpc43_0080_Layer 4

Norza makes a pirated Kokoro Perfume to wait for FPC...

fpc43_0079_Layer 5

Norza: If it is worked to FPC, I can turn this pirated Kokoro Perfume into a business in Labyrinth...

fpc43_0077_Layer 7
fpc43_0078_Layer 6

What are these? the right one is one of the OP scene (the last part), the left one...yes, it is the title picture...
The only comment I can give is...Toei, you are so lazy...

fpc43_0076_Layer 8

Are they standing inside or outside? The answer is in the house.

fpc43_0075_Layer 9fpc43_0074_Layer 10

In previous series, Precure needs the enemy leading them to the base (the core part). This time, with the help of Akarun and Passion, they can just teleport to there. Actually, I would prefer FPC walk around the house and find the gauge themselves (since Passion knows the place well) like Coco walk around Eternal museum in 5GG ep 24 (My eyes are still shining when I think of that ep~)

fpc43_0073_Layer 11

Norza: hehehe...let you try my new invention-pirated Kokoro Perfume...

fpc43_0072_Layer 12

Passion: How she make the Perfume!? This Perfume should be appeared after we wins Labyrinth...
(Don't take these two dialogues seriously)

fpc43_0071_Layer 13

Since the perfume is pirated, the scent is polluted (the air is polluted too)...and FPC's heart is polluted.

Now we are going to the illusion part 1, before that, let me show some pictures you are familiar:

They are from YPC5 ep 23. The following pictures has the similar idea--the cures are in the place they are familiar. In PC5, Komachi is in her pictorial story, Karen is in student union room, Rin is in the place where Nozomi fall down, Urara is in make up room.

fpc43_0070_Layer 14fpc43_0064_Layer 20fpc43_0063_Layer 21fpc43_0062_Layer 22

In this ep, Love is on the street (of the Clover Town). She meet Kaoru and neighbours, they give up running their shop...

fpc43_0069_Layer 15fpc43_0068_Layer 16

Miki is in the restaurant which she meets Kazuki regularly. She can meet Kazuki, but this Kazuki is very desperate, he give up his dream (to be a doctor)

fpc43_0067_Layer 17fpc43_0066_Layer 18

Inori is in the zoo. The animals is hostile to her...I think this part is not a good arrangement to Inori...Love, Miki and Setsuna are in the place with the people they know... why Inori is only with animals? She can be with her parent & animals...(may be her parents are not confident to cure the animals..) This scene is a bit out of topic...

fpc43_0065_Layer 19

Setsuna is in Love's house. She can't see anybody.

So...what's the difference between PC5 and this one? In PC5 illusion, all of them are facing themselves, they are trapped in the illusion because of their own weaknesses. in this ep, FPC are facing at other peoples (except Inori) who lost hope, or the important people disappear...will they be trapped?

fpc43_0059_Layer 25

Labyrinth is so high-tech that they have CCTV to see the illusions

fpc43_0061_Layer 23

Will they be trapped? No, because they know these people very well....for Inori, the illusion is too unconvincing that she won't be trapped. Setsuna's illusion...she breaks the trick by her logical thinking--they should not be here (esp Love)

fpc43_0060_Layer 24

Norza: This is just part 1. I have part 2 for you...hehehe...

fpc43_0058_Layer 26

Wester & Soular : (Scary Woman...)

fpc43_0057_Layer 27fpc43_0056_Layer 28fpc43_0055_Layer 29fpc43_0054_Layer 30

In part 2 of the illusion, they are meeting certain giant monsters...

fpc43_0053_Layer 31fpc43_0052_Layer 32

but actually they are fighting among themselves!! It is a very cunning plan! That means:
The desert monster Peach meets is actually Berry.
The aquatic monster Berry meets is actually Peach.
The tree monster Pine meets is actually Passion.
The mountain monster Passion meets is actually Pine. (Just nice, her surname is Yamabuki...)

This illusion is not easily broken...

fpc43_0051_Layer 33

Hence, our big cheat code--Chiffon has to go in and call FPC back...

fpc43_0050_Layer 35

Infinity and Sweet Kingdom's prince go into the house...Labyrinth members won't sit there and do nothing..
To welcome such great guests, Labyrinth members should 'serve' them personally.

Norza deals with Chiffon...Unexpectedly, Chiffon fights better than FPC!

fpc43_0049_Layer 34

Wester...playing with Tart...

fpc43_0048_Layer 36fpc43_0047_Layer 37

These are dangerous act! Don't learn else you will get hurt like the next picture:

fpc43_0046_Layer 38

Wester: how you jump over to the other side?
Tart is light enough to jump to the other side....Wester, you should be lucky you didn't jump to the other side, otherwise you will be seriously injured, not just fall down the stairs...this animation I feel that Toei is lazy again, because in this scene, Wester is supposed to roll down the stair, but now I only see Wester fall like falling objects...

fpc43_0045_Layer 39

Shame on you, Wester! You can't even win Tart!

fpc43_0044_Layer 40fpc43_0043_Layer 41

Meanwhile, FPC are still fighting among themselves...

fpc43_0042_Layer 43

!! Soular is just sitting there and watch CCTV!? This is an important ep, how can you be so lazy!?

fpc43_0041_Layer 42

Chiffon and Tart reach the gauge successfully! Let flashback what Chiffon did to Norza...

fpc43_0040_Layer 44

Norza: how dare you break my Perfume!?

fpc43_0039_Layer 45

As Chiffon reaches the gauge, FPC stops their fight immediately.

fpc43_0038_Layer 46

Norza predicted that FPC can get out of the illusion, so she quickly execute her 2nd horrible plan--putting Sorewatase fruit to the gauge!!

fpc43_0037_Layer 47

FPC get out of the house at once, with the help of Akarun..

fpc43_0036_Layer 48fpc43_0035_Layer 49

Please say farewell to the fortune telling house...this is the reason FPC escaping from the house

fpc43_0034_Layer 50

This is the biggest Sorewatase in the series. How big is it? See below.

fpc43_0033_Layer 51fpc43_0032_Layer 52

How small FPC is in the Grand Finale! In the left picture, the clover is not very fit to Sorewatase...Berry is too close to Sorewatase...

fpc43_0031_Layer 53

Norza is happy of course! FPC do according to her plan.

fpc43_0030_Layer 54

but why FPC are happy!? Don't they hear that when Sorewatase is defeated, the gauge will be broken? Even Peach, Berry and Pine can't think of the consequence, Passion should know that since she knows the FUKO gauge well...they should plan in this fight...

fpc43_0029_Layer 55

Expectedly, the FUKO juice begins to pour out...will we see the world (Clover Town mainly) become unfortunate?
(I would like to see that, then FPC persuades, gives hope to the people, and finally purify the unfortunate...)

fpc43_0027_Layer 57

Peach: Let's use Lucky Clover Grand Finale once more!
Pine: but how we lock the liquid motion? (the original phrase is just but...)
I also wonder why Peach only think of using LCGF...it is obvious that LGCF can't work with liquid.

fpc43_0028_Layer 56

Peach: but we can't just stand there and do nothing!
but you can think of other attack...
Her expression here looks like Sailor Moon...

fpc43_0026_Layer 58

Chiffon: Please take out your sticks and harp! Hurry! (by Kirun translation)
This is the plot I dislike most in this ep! FPC is so useless that they need a baby fairy to tel them what to do...
Chiffon is not just for giving power, I think she becomes FPC leader...

fpc43_0025_Layer 59fpc43_0024_Layer 60fpc43_0023_Layer 61fpc43_0022_Layer 62fpc43_0021_Layer 63

So FPC follow Chiffon's instruction to shoot Fresh attacks

fpc43_0020_Layer 64

and then Chiffon releases her power and dash to the juice...
Babies, this is the dangerous act. Don't learn.

fpc43_0019_Layer 65

The title "Save the world" is actually about how Chiffon save the day, isn't it?

fpc43_0018_Layer 66

What's this? look like the pure heart crystal in Sailor Moon S...

fpc43_0017_Layer 67

Norza catches it easily.
Wester: (how she make the thing go to her..)

After that, we can see a couple of OP scenes again:
fpc43_0016_Layer 68fpc43_0010_Layer 74

fpc43_0015_Layer 69fpc43_0009_Layer 75

fpc43_0014_Layer 70fpc43_0008_Layer 76

Left: this ep, Right: OP scene
The only difference is the sky...

fpc43_0013_Layer 71

Only this one is original...

fpc43_0012_Layer 72fpc43

This is from 1st OP, isn't it nostalgic?

fpc43_0011_Layer 73

Setsuna: We are saved by Chiffon at the end...
Inori: We should pluck up...
I quickly nod when hearing these! they are so right! At least FPC know how weak they are...They are still weak after getting LCGF in ep 37..

Next ep:
fpc43_0007_Layer 77

About that pure heart crystal, it is a key to next ep. I have no comment about this. This idea seems not to plan in the beginning of the series...

fpc43_0006_Layer 78

It forms a leaf flute.

fpc43_0005_Layer 79

Finally, Clover MM3 forms a dance group for training Clover team.

fpc43_0004_Layer 80fpc43_0003_Layer 81

This leaf flute can directly change Chiffon to Infinity

fpc43_0002_Layer 82

We had not seen Nakewameke for a long time...well, the juice had been purified, they can't produce a lot of Sorewatase....

fpc43_0001_Layer 83

Sorewatase has to use properly--to kidnap Chiffon

There are two extras in this review:
extra 1: fanart of HCPC
extra 2: Lyrics for FPC Vocal Album 2 (the songs I didn't translate)
extra 3: A small Christmas gift

In the reveal post of HCPC, cure2silver show me a picture which matching HCPC characters to DX2 poster. This is the picture:

I had commented that their faces did not match other cures...so I draw HCPC for trying to fit them to DX2 poster, like this:


Yes, their faces is still not match to other cures, but their costumes (because it is alike PC5) somehow make them belong to the group...


These are my first attempt of HCPC, I think these are my first color fanart post.

You make me happy is English ver, I don't need to translate, so I proceed to track 2 and Dreaming Flowers.
Again, if there is anything wrong with the lyrics, please tell me.
いつもココロにほほえみを M*cube
OP-OP singer (I forgot the name)
ED-Hayashi Momoko
KM-Kudo Mayu

Let’s Fresh
Let’s Fresh
Op:さあ 一緒の一歩を揺る出す
Come, step out together *carefully
*揺る=shake, shiver, but I translate as carefully to portray the action
君の勇気あれば  It’s all right
as long as you have courage, It's all right
ED:光へ導く見れない 翼を広げで飛び立と
the leading light is invisible, I flap the wings and fly
to the blue sky
KM: かわした勇気に あの人と同じ
By Exchanging the courage, I am the same as that person
  行く乗りをくれる You can fly
I can ride, You can fly

*Let’s Fresh!
In the pocket

It's full of hope

ED:本日回旋させろ High Jump High Jump
I return today

Let’s Fresh!
to the sun of dream

From the wish of dream

My heart will smile always

Let’s Fresh!
Let’s Fresh!

Looking around the huge sky,

みんなひとりじゃない Yes, I’ll be
Everyone is not alone. Yes, I'll be

The linked pairs are working hard, their shiny eyes can directly

see the tomorrow

OP:ずっと変わらない 友たちの笑顔
Our friends' smile are unchanged

大事にしまって I can try
I should treasure it, I can try

Let’s Fresh!

The morning when I am born


I am very happy

OP:天真爛漫超元気  High Jump High Jump
Naive and very healthy, High Jump High Jump

Let’s Fresh!

In your world,


I am waiting for the future.

The flying hearts are smiling with twinkle

Dreaming Flower Miyuki and FPC


Dreaming...Dreaming...Dreaming Girls
Dreaming...Dreaming...Dreaming Girls

It is grown slowly in my heart

the small dream in the bud is

bathed in the sunshine

waving with smile

Even in the place where no one knows

or being wet by the cold rain

Never face down and look forward

Stretch to tomorrow

Applying my ear to hear

the rhythm leading to the heartbeat

the opponent receive on the other side

Glitteringly bloom

The flower bloom one by one with the shape of happiness

L:風に舞い踊りだすみんなの夢(pure pure)
They dance in the wind, containing everyone dream

I:願いことかなう旅色着くのハートで (happy together)
Their wish are filled with colours in their heart in the journey

and delivered among the world with blooming smile

Dreaming...Dreaming...Dreaming Girls
Dreaming...Dreaming...Dreaming Girls

Alive is the important thing to be treasured

I:すべてを包み込んでも (I don't know how to explain)
All are held inside but

All the junction are endless

The shine is asleep.

Nothing can be done if you feel shy

Step out together

I enjoy working hard

Dance is also original

I had renewed

All the birds know it

Loving journey is

very happy indeed

The life is awaken one by one

S:壁を越え道で行くみんなの夢(cure cure)
Going through the wall to find everyone's dream road

M:約束は信号下まっすぐ見つめて(happy together)
The promise is directly seen under the signal

I want to express this thought with pray to the future

I don't know if any of you have it, I found it in you tube. This is a BGM from YPC5GG Movie:
Song name: Sparkling hope, Shining Dream
I can't find YPC5 Movie BGM download, does anyone find it?
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