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Earl and Fairy Fresh Review

This is FPC ep 41 review.

This ep is not as interesting as I expected...The theme "Boat (ship) Party" is good, but this ep does not portray the theme very well. For instance, Kento and Inori, their interaction are not enough. What is the purpose Kento invites Inori? I thought He is going to confess his feeling to Inori, but after I had seen the whole ep, I feel that the beginning is quite misleading...Their relationship remains the same. There is no further development. Also, not only this one, but also the eps after ep 37, there are some unreasonable scenes which affect the fighting animation. Since it is the last filler ep, let's review with the other three filler eps:

Ep 38 Find the Clover Box!! (Miki)
Ep 39 Quarrelling is not allowed? Okinawa Research trip? (Love /w Daisuke)
Ep 40 Setsuna & Love, Mother is in danger!! (Setsuna /w Love & Ayumi)
Ep 41 Inori & Kento's Boat Party (Inori /w Kento)

Among these eps, ep 38 is the best...you may ask "Why ep 38 is considered as filler ep in this review?" I had said ep 38 is the last main story ep in October before...but after this ep, I realise that ep 38 is actually a filler ep. There are some "rules" for proving that ep 38 is filler:

1. The main characters' order-I had listed the main characters in each ep above. If ep 38 is not a filler, that means Toei neglect Miki.

2. The enemy appearing order- After ep 33, Soular appears more, at least not so lazy like before. If ep 38 is filler, the order will be Soular-Wester-Norza-Wester. In addition, Soular usually appears in Love or Miki ep. Since Love goes with Wester in ep 39, Soular appears in ep 38.

3. Related with other people in the town- there is a girl in the ep who cause the box lost.

As ep 38 is so close to the main story, when we watch this ep, we don't feel that it is a filler ep. The story is well-written, the animation is well-drawn and the fighting scene is exciting. However, I don't know what happens to the staff, after this ep, the stories are still all right, animation is fine but the fighting scene become worse that they add some unreasonable scene to make 1. Precure wins; 2. the main character to use her individual attack.

In all filler eps here, you will find that Miki does not have a main/sub character with her. Why Yuuki does not appear with Miki in that ep? In my view, among MM3, Yuuki does not have much character development, only know that he is baseball catcher, like Miki/Berry...that's all...they can't develop a long story with this pair. (there is a "quite" long story for this pair in ep 5)Also, Yuuki knows Miki has "boyfriend" (that bf is Kazuki).

Now it comes to the picture review for this ep:

Where is it? Look like somewhere near Inori's school

**Inori and Kento's Invitation card starts**

He is not so daring like Coco, who can wait for Nozomi near her house and give her a love letter without content (well, Nozomi asks Coco to give her)... He needs other MM3 members to
support him, giving him some courage to give Inori this Boat party invitation card.
Seeing this beginning, I thought he is going to confess his feeling to Inori.

Daisuke: Mission Complete! Let's go!
Daisuke & Yuuki, even you follow Kento to here, you don't need to run away so obivously
like this...

Inori: (What is it? so shiny...)
What kind of card is it? The back is so shiny like a mirror.

"御子柴健人からの招待状がとどく~" (The invitation card from Mikoshiba Kento is delivered)
lyrics from "The invitation card from Precure", sung by Kudou Mayu

Movie OP again, I think it is the last movie op.

FPC helps Ayumi preparing dinner...Miki chops Onion with tears; Inori assists Setsuna cooking. Where is Love?

The toys in toy shop are disappeared!? Don't tell me that the citizen in Toy Kingdom come from this toy shop...


Is Love's belt colour wrong? She should be in white belt. (I remember that white belt is for beginner)

Love's opponent is ....Bruce Lee!?

Her opponent is Bruce Lee....so she has to change to Cure Peach in order to fight against him...
This scene looks like a scene in a very old Sega game called Black Belt (Have you played before?)...the black belt Love wears may be a parody.

Back to the story, Inori receive a dress...who gives her? *Touya? (his voice actor is Scorp) *Saionji? (his voice actor is Coco) No, it is from Kento. He is so considerate that he choose a dress with clover logo on it.

*They are from Utena

This title picture, looks like Titanic...

I think this is the most gorgeous party in the PC series (PC5 Movie one is Amusement park)

Why Inori accompany Kento for greeting? as if she is Kento's wife... Earl No.1 & Fairy now...

Except ep 38, in filler ep, other FPC become "passer-by"...These "passer-by" are dreaming of boat party...BTW, why Kento doesn't invite Daisuke and Yuuki + FPC? Since he is the one in charge of the party.

Tart and Chiffon build a ship to show their dream of boat party.

Inori does not really like the party...(so do I)

Mukadia reborns? (I think of 5GG ep 36-37)

Inori enjoys the circus show.

Later, this Mukadia like host asks Inori to be his assisant for next performance.

Host: You can be happy at this moment...because a fierce tiger will be coming to you.
Hey, your phrase seems to be the phrase for villain like Mukadia.

This white Tiger...Tama-chan? (from Hayate) or Ryou's pet (from Samurai Trooper)?

Inori is not a normal girl. She is a "Fairy" (with the help of Kirun)

Inori take over the host position...
She said this tiger is a gentlemen...I think this tiger likes Inori very much...

Kento, don't enjoy watching it too much, otherwise someone take over your ship!

Tiger: you are beautiful, miss.
Mr. Tiger, you want to be another Coco/Nuts?

See? Wester becomes Earl No.2!

This scene...I thought Kento is going to confess his feeling to Inori...but he just tells Inori about his problem of managing the party....It becomes "Inori's consulting room"?
At the same time, Inori thanks him for the dress.

Surrounded by the woman...Wester, you are as popular as Edgar!
Beside this, I would like to see Wester dances with Inori...

Wester: Switch Over!
This is not cosplay party, Wester. Anyway, Wester is going to take over the ship.

This is an unreasonable scene to me. Wester throws to the picture, why the whole ship is affected? To affect the whole ship, he can just throw onto the carpet.

Also, this ship does not even enlarge!!

I don't know why I think of Tuxedo Mask when I see Wester stands on the pulley...
This scene also make me think of Sailor moon ep 33 (the ep which Venus first appear[so-called]), there is a scene that a fake Sailormoon hanging on the pulley, waiting for Tuxedo Mask to save her...

Too bad Wester only can act cool for a while...he is kicked by Peach and Berry, falling into the sea.

On the other hand, Passion rescue the passengers using her invincible tool--Akarun

Wester, it is hard on you.

Someone had asked how Inori saves the animal...as I expected, just open the cage. Don't need to worry about these animals, they are trained, so they are obedient.
Oh yes, Kento is caught by Sorewatase!

Don't worry, Tama No.2 saves him. Inori, you want to transform in front of Kento!?
She had decided to do this.

Another unreasonable scene. Comparing to *how he manages to participate in the party, this is more unreasonable. How he get the life boat? Sorewatase gives him? so faraway, and also Sorewatase is not so considerate...This is one of the question in this ep.

*About this, Wester can just beat someone up and take all his belongings.

This is the most unreasonable scene in this ep! I can't imagine how FPC change the ship's
route! They can use attacks to prevent the ship crash to the land.

Meanwhile, Pine has face Sorewatase (control room) with Kento and animals.

Don't underestimate these Pooky twins! They can fetch Pine and fight against Sorewatase!

This Tama No.2 (real name is White Tiger-san, by Inori)becomes Kento's pet...
White-Tiger:(Don't be misunderstand, I just want to help Inori)
Anyway, he is very useful in the fight.

This bird (I don't know what this bird is actually called) also help to fight against Sorewatase!

We should be happy that today Pine can defeat Sorewatase alone. I'm also happy, but I wonder how Toei define the power of the attack and Sorewatase. In ep 36 and 37, Sorewatase need to be defeated by Lucky Clover GF. ep 39 is still reasonable that Sorewatase is combined with something. I mean...Sorewatase seems to be stronger with that eye open. This ep, since Pine can defeat it alone...why Passion and Berry can't defeat Sorewatase (they are not even in eye open mode) alone? Pine's Prayer Fresh become very weak that it can't even beat Nakewameke since ep 26...and now it can defeat Sorewatase?...

Wester's expression said: Why Sorewatase can be defeated easily?
I had the same feeling as you...Wester...

I forgot to introduce this ship, this ship is called Princess.

Seeing FPC expression, with Kento's decision of inviting both Inori and Pine, we know that Kento still don't know Inori=Pine.

Next ep:

Can Happiness Hurricane destroy FUKO gauge?

Main story ep, so Soular and Wester have to cooperate again.

Norza is waiting for Setsuna to go back to Labyrinth?

The most unpleasant Sorewatase I had ever seen.

After "御子柴健人からの招待状がとどく~", we have "ラビリンスからの招待状がとどく~" for next ep.

An exciting ending card...I'm looking forward to it.

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