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Daisuke's Tokimeki Okinawa Plan review

This is FPC ep 39 review.

I managed to watch this ep on tudou.com. Those screencaps comes from there, so there is a play icon on every picture, please bear with it. As I'm currently in HK, I cannot watch FPC on megavideo (megavideo could not be loaded in HK). The picture sources for the future eps will be taken from this website.

This filler ep I enjoy watching it very much, although there are some unreasonable scenes (it will be explained in the pictures below). It is an ep for Daisuke x Love, but you should not expect them like CocoNozo in YPC5 ep 39 due to their personalities. Their relationship here is just like Kenta & Saki, one is "Boke" (Love) and the other is "Tsukkomi" (Daisuke). Daisuke and Wester are in the spotlight, whereas Setsuna, Inori, Miki , Tart become "passerby". The girls (except Love) just appear and do their jobs, but they also have a funny scene with Wester (and Wester plays very well). For the drawing, I think that Okinawa scene is nicely drawn, yet the characters are distorted sometimes (but they are not too bad. The fight...err....not much I think, Peach has the spare time to chat with Daisuke, and Chiffon (Infinity) open the barrier to wait for Peach coming to persuade her. I would say: Don't try to find any excitement in this fight. In my opinion, this ep is 80% for the storyline and 20% for the fight. However, it interprets the trip very well. This ep give this message to us: just watch it and have fun.

Let's see what happen in this ep:

**We are watching FPC**
It starts in the airport, as Love's class just reach Okinawa.

Love imagines of Okinawa's specials--Coconut tree, pineapple, hibiscus and "Shiza". It is a funny and good introduction of Okinawa.

OP time! This time is Buuki's version

From this op, we know that FPC will have a pajama party in the beginning, as well as Inori will be in Jurassic Park in the middle part the movie. The movie story starts like this:
Love(probably) invites Miki and Inori to her house for pajama party, then Usapyon appears and asks FPC to go to Toy Kingdom with her. Honestly, I don't really like her armour design...

Daisuke is quite good-looking in this ep.

On the contrary, other MM3 members become "passerby" here, because Miki and Inori are not in the scene. Daisuke shows his rich Okinawa knowledge when they arrive. According to MM3, Daisuke's surname is common in Okinawa, i.e. his surname proves that he is from Okinawa.
Oh yes, in this picture, Yuuki seems to have airsick.

I think Daisuke is very happy when Love actively approaches him and she is happy that Daisuke is her tour guide

Now come to Daisuke's imagination! This comical "running after" picture is the key for this ep, because this picture can stops him from quarrelling with Love.
I feel that he has the same "imagination level" as Wester, do you remember this?

Daisuke is more fortunate than Wester that he can imagine with Love as his girlfriendXD

Since Daisuke takes Wester's "copyright", Wester has to be in the title picture for agreement XD (that's a joke)
Title: Quarrelling is not allowed!? Okinawa research trip!
This picture also tells us that Wester will be in Okinawa in this ep. How he earns the budget for the trip? Perhaps he earns money using his cosplay technique in ep 14XD


Daisuke: Love get daze~! (Get Love!)

No...the troublemaker (Chiffon) comes with Hawaiian ferret(Tart)! They comes here just because they are nothing to do.

In Okinawa, we can see a nice sea scenery, (I don't know what the 2nd picture is, they may be two cups of ice drinks), ancient spots, temple, the tree with hibisus (I think), the guardian of Okinawa--Shiza and...

W Kowaina~! About the above Okinawa pictures, Setsuna can be Okinawa tour girl here as she appears in most of the Okinawa scenes! Also, that Shiza reminds me of Tamuken's lion dance, are they related?

Why Daisuke has this kind of expression?
Actually, he is angry with Love that she goes away with Setsuna when Daisuke is introducing Shiza. If I were Daisuke, I would be angry with her as well because it is rude to Daisuke.
Not paying attention to others is a bad manner.

However, Daisuke cannot get angry due to this picture. If so, the result is this:
Love: Daisuke, I hate you!
It happens quite a few times in this series, so he knows very well.

Is she happy? I think she seems to be happy(as she can accompany with Setsuna), but she feels that Daisuke is weird.

On the other hand, we have another three "passerby"--Miki, Inori and Kaoru. They can't go to Okinawa like Tart and Chiffon, so they only daydream they are in Okinawa.

Oh, the real tourist--Wester finally arrives Okinawa and eat Okinawa's famous food (I don't know what it is). His "Guha!" matches Kaoru's last sentence very well^^(and very funny)
He also confesses that he likes Kaoru's Donut and the food he is holding very much.

By the way, why Wester is in Okinawa? This time he really just go there for fun. He doesn't even bring any Sorewatase fruit. This scene makes me laughXD he is caught by Norza on spot! Let's review their dialogue (it may not be exactly the same as the original dialogue, but the meaning is close to that):
Norza: Where are you going, Wester?
Wester:...go to defeat...Precure...
Norza: Can you go without this one (Sorewatase)?
Wester: ......

Tour girl Setsuna is working again. Pineapple Hoshina appears here!

It comes to lunch time (I think). MM3 are in charge of the stoke, Love and Setsuna are responsible for the vegetable. Yuuki and Kento are not only "normal passerby".

This is one of the unreasonable scene. This scene is about Love being hit by someone who are dancing on the way. The unresonable thing is that I can't even see her being hit and getting injured afterwards. These pictures (including the dancers picture which does not show here)are the only scenes I can see.

Daisuke:(Don't mind, Don't mind...)
He tries to endure in order to get his plan works. See, this funny "running after" picture appears again!

Tart and Chiffon enjoys their Okinawa trip very much. They seems to be free...

but Infinity won't let them off.

Love has to find Chiffon in this dangerous forest (by Daisuke)

Daisuke is right. This forest is dangerous, but I think it is not the danger he mentions.
Anyway, since Infinity appears, Wester has to get his job done.
That Shiza which introduced by Daisuke become Sorewatase in this ep. It becomes a cute monster.
Wester, you wanna be Hadenya? but we don't have Aqua like Precure to be your opponent.

Take a look on his back! He still takes the tour guide book along in the fight.

It is so-called "Wester in the full moon". He is very energetic now!

Among MM3, Daisuke often in the fighting scene. The reasons he is there are almost the same--finding Love

Black Hole Cluster!
Wester, when you meet Shuu Shirakawa?
Oh yes, I am playing SRW OG 2 Gaidan, there is a character who is dubbed by Wester's voice actor. His name is Folka. The following clip is all his attacks (when he is our enemy)

As it is a pirate version of Black Hole Cluster, Peach can save Daisuke easily.

and get the happy end~
Hey, Peach, you still have to find Chiffon!
This is the 2nd unreasonable scene.

I think of Nozomi/Dream when seeing this expression.

Meanwhile, Miki is talking to Setsuna on the phone and suddenly....

Distorted Setsuna appears! She is so distorted that Miki and Inori get shocked!

The 3rd unreasonable scene: Wester fights against Infinity's barrier! The most ridiculous thing is that why Chiffon (Infinity) can summon barrier suddenly! In ep 38, she is just going to disappear when she is in Infinity mode too long. In ep 36, she just flies to another world. Does Toei forget this setting? The barrier is so awkward that it is appeared for waiting for Peach to come. (as Wester can't break it!)

Setsuna: Love, are you all right!?

Wester: I'm not all right, am I?
Poor Wester, you are the first enemy who is being stepped by Precure. It is a shame as Precure enemy! Before this happens, I feel that Scorp is the most pitiful Precure enemy...
Three Precure is so heavy that Wester is going to die...can you see? he had prepared his dead message! Does he want to write his full human form name? (he writes "Nishi" in this picture) In addition, he writes this dead message so fast, as if he had prepared to die at any time.

Inori: Why Labyrinth is here?
Wester: You get off my back first!
I like this Inori-Wester interaction.

Setsuna: Everybody, let's transform!
When Love is not in the scene, Setsuna is the sub-leader. I wonder why it is like this for a long time and finally I find out the reasons. One of the reason is Toei bias in the favour of Setsuna. Another reason is related to magical battle girl rule. From Sailor Moon, WP, MMPPPP up to YPC5 (I don't know how Tokyo Mew Mew assign the memebers), they have the same rule--The last/oldest soldier is the sub-leader.

Sailor Moon:
Leader--Sailor Moon (of course, she is Princess)
Sub-Leader (actually she is the real leader in the sailor soldier group): Sailor Venus

Wedding Peach:
Leader--Wedding Peach (her mother is angel, of course she is leader)
Sub-leader (if WP is not in the scene)--Salvia, but sometimes others do not obey her (Lily and Daisy obey Limone more)

Mermaid Melody PPP
Leader--Lucia (I don't know why)
Sub-Leader-- Karen (in the group with Noel and Coco, in the 1st series, she is considered as the last appeared mermaid), Sara (leading other mermaids in last ep of the 1st series)

Leader--Nozomi/Dream (official)
Sub-Leader (she is sometimes the leader in the fight)--Karen/Aqua

Setsuna is the last Precure appear in this series, she meet the requirement to be the sub-leader.

Wester: What!?
He is also the first enemy that Precure transforms on top of him.
Also, this scene is the first henshin on enemy's back in Precure history.

Toei didn't animate the transformation on Wester's back in real time, so I interpret it with dialogue:

All: Change! Precure! Beat Up!
They stand on Wester's back with YXX, after their sliding, falling and sinking...
TaTa! (the sound when their boots hits the ground)
Wester: Argggh--!
Wester: Ouch-!
Wester: U~~~!
Berry: Blue Heart is the symbol of Hope! It is accumulated Fresh! Cure Berry!
She has to do catwalk to get her pose.
Wester: Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh!
Pine: Yellow Heart is the symbol of Prayer! It is released Fresh! Cure Pine!
Wester: Arggghh!
Passion: Bright red Heart is the proof of happiness! It is matured Fresh! Cure Passion!
Wester: .......

Wester: Why they don't get off my back....?
This is Toei's order. You have to bear with it, Wester...
Also, they pose "Let's Precure" on his back.

Wester: Why I have to take this shame! T^T Sorewatase!!

Sailor...no,no,no...Peach in the full moon! She appears to represent the moon to punish Wester (& Sorewatase)!

Oops! I forget about Chiffon...Peach finally comes to persuade her....but Sorewatase wants to eat Peach! Don't worry, Berry and Pine appears for kicking Sorewatase! How about Passion?

"Playing" with Wester! They enjoy fighting with each other XD

Tart: Now is the time!
I wonder why he doesn't play the clover box once he finds Chiffon? Is the barrier sound-proof? If so, how Tart knows?

Peach expectedly rescues Chiffon. She (Chiffon) turn back to normal.

This is a weakness for Grand Finale animation. If the Sorewatase is too big, the big clover cannot fit in.

Wester loses again, but he doesn't feel unhappy, because fighting with Precure is not in his schedule today.

We can't get much sweet scene in this ep, but this Daisuke x Love over shoulder shot can fulfil
Daisuke x Love fans.

Are they still in Okinawa? I don't think so...It may be Clover school art room.

We get two "trophies"--Daisuke & Love artworks and their W Kowaina photos.

Next ep:

Wedding Peach Vs Norza!?

What happens to Ayumi? She forces Love and Setsuna to eat carrots and green peppers.

We will get Devil Peach in next ep!
Title: Setsuna & Love, Mother is in danger!

Before ending this review, just let you know 2 things (if you already knew it, just skip this):
1. The movie profit comparsion in all series (in yen):
MH1: 85 million (8億5000万)
MH2: 57 million (5億7000万)
SS: <30 million (<3億)
YPC5: 80 million (8億)
5GG: I don't know..
Fresh: 10 million for first two days

Data Source: Wikipedia Japan

2. HeartCatch Precure fake OP
Someone compose a fake op and upload to nicovideo (suppose, but I get it from tudou.com)
A nice op song I think, it will be good if this kind of melody is the real HeartCatch Precure op...v

About the logo HeartCatch Precure, that exclamation mark I think they just follow previous series (FPC exclamation mark may be just follow 5GG, because 5GG is the first logo has exclamation mark)
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