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Clover Box Research Review (with ep 41 & 42 intro in comment post)

This is FPC ep 38 review.

As ichikyo said, this is the last main story ep in this month, as well as in 30s' episode slot. Moreover, I think this is the best ep among all 30s' ep in FPC. It is Miki main although the title didn't show. Miki eps, except ep 17, all stories regarding to Miki are very good so far, such as the born of Cure Berry, quitting Precure and ep 33 with Setsuna. There are 5 Miki eps throughout the series; the same as Inori, including ep 41, 5 eps throughout the series...which means among all 49 (assumption) eps, Miki and Inori eps are only about 1/5 of the series...their state...as for protagonists, are very pitiful...

Before discussing how good this ep is , let's see this section which I didn't write for a long time ago (since this series started)--What we can see in this ep:

1. Chiffon becomes Infinity more often: Why is it? Do you remember the Fuko meter is full? You may said--but Norza take some Fuko liquid away for making Sorewatase? Don't worry, she only take a bit each ep, and they can collect Fuko to full again (e.g. this ep)

2. Without Clover Box, Chiffon (Infinity) will fly to another parallel world: It had been shown in ep 35, which world she will fly, it is unknown

3. Clover Box can protect itself: It has a special barrier for protecting itself from any damage and Labyrinth. I am not keen on this setting. ["Important thing is very easy to lose", by Milky Rose] ["Don't let the important thing go easily", by Syrup] Yes, they are the usual phrases seen in YPC5GG. What I want to say is that these phrases had been proved clearly in previous series. For instance, the Rainbow stone, the jar (SS one, I had forgotton the name), Dream Collet, Rose Pad, they are so easy to lose that even enemy can touch it and use it. This box, it is so durable and untouchable (to Labyrinth), if it is not for Chiffon, FPC actually don't need to worry about this box. This ep I expect that Soular get the box and Berry get back the box from Soular (not in the way this ep shows). Now FPC have the new power, even without Chiffon, they are sure win since this box has this property.

4. Clover Box Lullaby: As we know, that lullaby can return Chiffon to normal. Without this box, FPC can sing to Chiffon to delay her disappearance. Another function for this lullaby is that it can make the Infinity detector disappear! I feel that this box is almost invincible, as long as FPC play this lullaby to Labyrinth, Labyrinth can't find Infinity.

5. Different interpretation of the element "Hope": We have two Precure of Hope (Cure White also has the element of hope, but she is Precure of Light mainly), Cure Dream and Cure Berry. What's the difference between them? Cure Dream introduces her as "Great power of Hope". She herself can "produce" hope, so what she do in the series is giving others hope, like giving Coco hope (in YPC5 ep 1) and other PCs hope (YPC5 ep 24 and All-star movie). In Cure Berry case, we can't see her hope element easily because she does not "produce" hope. Instead of "producing" hope, she "catches" hope. In FPC ep 2 and this ep, she had said this, "I won't give up hope"; Never give up=Hope, what Berry do is to get away from bad situation. Unlike Nozomi, she has to do something (not in words) to show her hope to others. (Hope you understand what I mean)

6. The fight: this will be explained in the following pictures.
7. Movie Op (Miki ver.): this will be explained in the following pictures.
8. Sorewatase form: If the Sorewatase doesn't touch any object, its form is tree-like, without the eye thing.

So why Miki is the one lost the box? Let's see the story:

Hey! Love you will get cold!
This one remind me of Nozomi in YPC5 ep 15 (the beginning), she sleeps with a thick blanket even in May... Here, the staff don't bother to cover the blanket for Love even it is in October...

Chiffon is so energetic that she becomes Infinity in midnight!

Love, Setsuna and Tart look after her in the whole night.
I am pleased to see this, at least it is not Love only to take care of Chiffon like last 3 eps.

The following are the OP with Movie spoilers, this is Miki ver.

Nice costume, Setsuna.
Toei biases to Setsuna again...

Love's is quite nice too.

This spacesuit...is so adorable that I even think if her Precure is like this may be better (esp the hair)

Why she has to drive this spaceship in Cure Berry form? (it would be more reasonable if she is in the spacesuit in the above picture)

We have Pinkrun, Blun, Kirun, Akarun, and now "Shirun" (I think of the name, not official). This thing is produced by Chiffon as usual.

This is the reason why this ep is Miki ep! Miki helps Tart to take care of the box. Tart is too tired because he looks after Chiffon without sleep. How Miki lose it?

The culprit is this girl. She is not only play the box, but also go away with the box (she just shows it to her friend though). Miki is not willing to let her play if this girl doesn't cry... she is really a troublemaker, but I feel fine as this is a normal children behaviour.

I had mentioned that she shows this to her friend, her friend is at the opposite of the road. Miki lost the box because of saving her. It is the good start, comparing to Kiddy Girl-And ep 2 I had watched last night. That ep is about Ascoeur can't eat the pudding because Q‐feuille hit something, then the thing bounce to other thing until the can reach Ascoeur's pudding. The pudding is dropped obivously in purpose! When I see this ep, it 'cures' me^0^...That Kiddy Girl-And ep 2 is so awful that I delete the series. (i.e. I give up Kiddy Girl-And)

This Clover box is supposedly broken (as it is a music box, fragile)if it drops like this. Hence, Toei create a cheat code for this box--barrier. My opinion of this box's property had been written in above section.

Miki becomes ash as the box is missing.

Miki has to apology because she lost the box, but why Tart has to squat and apology as well? He is the guardian of this box, even he is not the one who lost the box, he needs to take the responsibility. Oh yes, Miki doesn't explain why she lost. According to Setsuna, Miki want to be responsible and find the box by herself. (Actually, I think it is unreasonable that Setsuna is the one to say this to Inori as Inori knows Miki longer than Setsuna)

Today's Labyrinth house is quite boring, we can only see the animation bank of planting Sorewatase and this one. Why the camera shot is under the table? Is it Wester's view? (so he is peeking Soular and Norza?)

Come back to FPC, Chiffon becomes Infinity again!

Miki is so anxious that she can't just sit there and do nothing. From last ep, I feel that Miki is the most impatient out of 4.

She asks others and find nearby. From the left picture, the park FPC (Miki is waiting for other FPC in the beginning) meet is near Kaoru's cafe.

Love is assigned to look after Chiffon at home.

I thought this girl won't appear again. She feel guilty of losing the box. I like her more when I see this.

Inori and Setsuna won't let Miki to find alone, but how they find this child...um...may be this child want to find the box and return to Miki.

Miki is depressed but when she meets Kaoru, her depression will be gone. Kaoru is just answering Miki's question, but his answer is what Miki wants to hear.

Miki's question: Do you have a thought of giving up your business?
Kaoru's answer: Yes, especially when there is no customer. However, as I imagine the customer's smile after buying my Donut, I get the power to work hard again.

Miki finds the box again when she imagines Chiffon's smile.

Soular: It's near, it's near...
Infinity is in Love's house. Are you going to Love's house, Soular?

Suddenly, we see another girl playing the box, and she attract many people to hear the Clover box.

This girl is very powerful...besides attracting people, she can make this detector disappear as well!!

Shun: Can you let me see the box?

Girl: No, it is mine!
She tell the children audience that never give Clover box to stranger.

Soular: then I have to switch over in front of you! (there is no such phrase, he just switch over in front of her)
In this scene, I feel that Soular looks like hentai...(sorry, my devil mind switch on...)

Full Berry henshin! The BGM seems to be arranged.

This Sorewatase...seems to be similar to this:

Their design are different because of different ground, but both of them are tree-like.

One of the nice fighting scene! Berry escapes from Sorewatase's attack with the child.
I found that in FPC, only Berry can really fight, excluding those character main eps. Peach... when the series goes, her fight is lesser, same as Pine, and Pine's attack can even defeat Nakewameke...
Passion fight very well when she first appear, but later she is like Milky Rose (I think even worse than that), being weakened.

Soular: Barrier!?

Yes, this box's barrier is so strong that it produce "static electricity"!

Soular plans to order Sorewatase to destroy Clover box, but he is very clever--
Soular: As long as the box is with me, Precure won't attack us.
I really admire for his intelligence! I don't know if Soular had thought of this: Even he can't destroy the box, Sorewatase can't destroy the box as well...However, he thinks of exploiting Clover Box, how cunning he is!

Meanwhile, Love sings the CLover Box lullaby to Chiffon, it can delay Chiffon's disappearence.
This scene is good, at least Love doesn't just cry and do nothing.

Come back to the fight, as Soulart's thought, Berry can't attack Sorewatase.

Berry: Berry Sword!
So fast for special attack? as we know, Espoir Shower Fresh now can't defeat Sorewatase.

Then what does Berry do to Berry Sword? really become Sword like Aqua Ribbon?
She just throws up Berry Sword! Another clever fighting strategy! For this, I feel excited and disappointed at the same time. The disappointment is that I expect to see other use of Berry Sword, but she just throws it up to cheat Soular...

The excitement can be seen by Soular's face. This fighting strategy is unpredictable, we don't know what she will do next. Soular here supposes to hinder Espoir Shower Fresh.

She kicks Sorewatase and get back the box...

and Berry Sword at the same time. The Berry Sword in this picture looks distorted.

Just nice! Tart reaches the scene, Miki quickly give the box to him.

I wonder why Tart run this way? It is the opposite way (from the direction Soular walks) ! Where is Love's house actually?

Berry: I won't let you go!

I like this scene the best in this fight and this ep. Usually, with this development, Berry will kick it and save Tart. Soular grabs her hand and throw her is really excellent! Oops, it seems that I am cheering for Labyrinth more (!^-^). These scenes lead me to another imagination--Miki x Soular (my devil mind switch on again...)

Don't need to worry about Tart. Inori and Setsuna come!

XX henshin--Change! Precure! Beat up!

This is the first time seeing Passion and Pine punch Sorewatase with voicing "W Precure punch"

Unlike last ep, they smile one another. Passion and Pine appear just for W Precure punch (and the Grand Finale)

Tart quickly turns Clover box once he reaches home, and Chiffon returns to normal successfully.

Love: Oh no, the show is going to be end, I have to transform asap.
So this ep omits Love's henshin.

After W Precure Punch, 3 cures are caught! Berry is reasonable to be caught as she is tired, but why Pine and Passion also get caught? they only fight for 1 minute!

Soular: Don't appear in front of me like this! (no such dialogue in the show)
From Peach's position, I'm sure that Tart goes wrong way just now, and it is funny that he still can reach Love's home.

Peach: Precure Formation!
I forgot to pose this last week. Her hair becomes very awful here.

Lastly, we can hear "Clover box lullaby~Miki ver.~". Will it be in Vocal Album 2?

Hopefully this is not the last Miki ep in this series.

Next ep: (there is no Precure next Sunday, so there is no review next week as well)

From here, it seems Setsuna, Love, Daisuke and Kento are the main character for next ep.

Setsuna doesn't look happy for this trip...why there is such a big ribbon on Setsuna's bag.
Love + Setsuna again...

It seems Daisuke wants to act cool in front of Love.

Tart and Chiffon can go to Okinawa as well!?

Look like we can't see Miki and Inori in next ep....

This scene...I think of this:

How come Sorewatare becomes so cute?

Title: Quarrel is not allowed? Okinawa research trip!
I am concerned on Peach sit with Daisuke together on the beach.

Love, beware of your luggage.
It may not be the first time for Love travel by aeroplane, but it is the first time for Setsuna.

Next ep may be interesting, but I may miss Miki and Inori when I watch.

Quite special for this credit. The special thing is not the wallpaper. It is the question written here: Next, What will Wester say after eating Okinawa's Donut?

Quite a nice ending card...there are not many nice ending card recently.

A Extra here:

As promise, I had drawn Inori x Wester (should be Inori x Hayato), I hope you'll like it. Hayato is not easy to draw, sometimes I feel that what I draw here does not look like Hayato...

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