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Norza Review

This is FPC ep 36 review.

This ep I didn't watch online because I can't find any. I just got the clip from BT yesterday...I don't know if any of you can find the online source now. Anyway, I still can watch and write this review after I watch it in the afternoon.
This ep is more important than last ep. Its atmosphere become more dense due to Norza's appearance. I get excited when Norza appears. If you read all my reviews so far, you will find that I talk about Labyrinth more than FPC, one of the reason is Wester. He is very outstanding in this ep too. When Norza first appear, I think of Anacondy because of her voice (but the seiyuu is different from Anacondy). However, I think Anacondy is more scary than her...Norza is creepy, but she is witch like...(I will talk about it later) This is an important ep, yet the fight is not very exciting...for FPC, I only can see "double Precure punch" and "double Precure kick"...not much actions...I watched PC5GG ep 23 and ep 24 for animation comparison, the fighting animation is more---than this ep. I think even the beginning of this series has more fighting action than this ep...I hope that next ep will have more action...

Oh yes, the full translation of this ep can be seen here (by vicequaizer): http://community.livejournal.com/precure/663402.html
I have a question to vicequaizer, how can you translate the whole ep so fast...?

Let's see what happen in this ep:

Cline: since FPC have Clover Box, I should give you Infinity detector, so that you can find infinity easiiy

Wester: Yes! We also have new item! It helps!

On the other hand, congrats Chiffon! you can walk! (but you still need to practice)

This ep is about acorn. Love takes others to "Acorn Kingdom"

Why is it called Acorn Kingdom? as Love, Miki and Inori always collect many acorns when they were young. I think acorn can been seen more in small town, in the condition that there are many tree planted in the town. It is not easily found in the city...for example in UK, I can't see this in London, but I can see a lot of this in Bournemouth

Esp this thing Chiffon is holding, I don't know what it is called...even the acorn, I only know the name through vicequaizer's translation, but I had seen a lot during autumn in Bournemouth. Does USA or any countries have this kind of scene?
The following pictures (including this one) are the scene FPC playing in the Kingdom. (I think these can be wallpapers)

Chiffon catches earthworm and show to Miki...look like Miki is not only afraid of octopus, but also earthworm...

Inori teaches Chiffon to walk, it's cute^^

Tart is crazy of acornsXD

Hey! it's unfair, why only Setsuna has such a big close up!? (Miki and Inori only have side face and Inori doesn't even have close upT^T)

Chiffon: I am Infinity...
Again? change without notice!?

Soular: It finally appears...Infinity...
Soular, are you cosplaying Ikari Gendou(from EVA)?

Love: Chiffon---!!
Don't just cry, pls do something!

See Tart, at least he remember Clover Box can wake Chiffon up.

Chiffon finally return to normal, thanks to Tart!

but FPC have to face Labyrinth duo!!

Soular and Wester cooperates again!! Today's Nakewameke--Acorn Bros.!

Peach & Passion: We had told you that we won't let you take Chiffon away!!
this scene...it looks familiar...I think of this :

Rose: We won't allow you to hurt her (Rurun)...
Rouge & Aqua: It had been told!!

Peach & Passion: Double Precure punch!!

This is rare to see Soular has the same expression as Wester^0^

Berry & Pine: Double Precure kick!!
I think Toei has the same feeling as me...this kick is much better animated than the punch, as it had been shown three times in different angles.

Wester: why they always fly towards me!?
The only reason...may be it is your unlucky day, Wester.

FPC is going to save someone who is supposed to be their enemy.

This camera angle is very nice..by the way, who is this person?

???: FPC , you're too weak, I don't need you to save me.
She can even control Nakewameke!!

Even Soular is shocked of her power!

Wester also get shocked....but in comical way!

This woman...is actually Norza casual form...but I think her casual form is already not casual...

Norza: switch over!!
her switch over pose is different from Wester and Soular...Highest supervisor is different...
The left picture make me think of Kamen Rider Super one henshin pose.

Norza appears!! Her first appearence is impressive, esp the camera angles before she change back to her true self.

What is it? Sorewatase mark? The design is fresh though, I don't like it...I think even Nakisakebe is better than this...

I prefer this design for Sorewatase...

Oh no... this is Sorewatase!?

Why it have to catch that two Nakewameke...

FPC, Soular and Wester: What!?
I feel that Wester can feel how scary Norza is among all.

Nakewameke, Nakisakebe....these monster's name I still can accept...because they are new "element" (cry) from previous monster, also they sound ok. Nevertheless, this one...Sorewatase...I can't feel that it is monster name...just to review Precure monster names:
Zakenna~(PC, PCMH)
Usaina~ (PCSS)
Kowaina~ (PC5)
Hoshina~ (PC5GG)
Nakisakebe~(FPC ep 19-22)
Can you find the similarity? They are adjective and the phrases that can shout, but this one Sorewatase, is not a phrase can shout..watase is not adjective...I think it is the reason I find this name is odd. That eye thing...um...the design is for Norza's ability. It will talk later.

Such strong enemy, FPC have to use combined attack!!

but it seems not effective to Sorewatase..

This scene is an important key to Chiffon to release power.
Love tells Chiffon that these acorn is too young to pick up, she describes it like Chiffon's sleep.
Love: you don't want to be disturbed when you are asleep, do you?
Chiffon remember this. She treats acorns as her treasure. When she sees Sorewatase forcing the baby acorn falling down...

She cries and release her power to Clover box...this one is more acceptable than last ep, Peach's tear make the box move.
Oh yes, the golden heart remind me of Shugo Chara...the attack...um..it is called open heart fortune, is it?

About Shugo Chara, I realise that the spade chara also call Miki, is it just a coincidence?
Just hope that FPC new combined attack is not similar to this open heart...

the explosion of Sorewatase...like dummy in Gundam 0093..

Next, Norza will teach us how to plant Sorewatase..

Norza: to plant Sorewatase, we need to water it with FUKO juice.

Wester: Norza! How dare you steal our FUKO juice! We make a lot of effort to collect them!!
Norza: Norza..? Norza...san, isn't it?

Wester: Norza...san! (damn it! if she is not our supervisor...I'll beat her up)<--I help Wester to say thisXD

As she is supervisor, there is a special room (and tunnel) for her.

Norza: See...Sorewatase is ripen..hehehe...
ok, let's talk about what I had mention before--witch like and her ability...
According to Sorewatase production, she is the inventor of Sorewatase. From the "tunnel" design, Sorewatase fruit/plant and Sorewatase mark, she has the ability to control plant...I think each Labyrinth member has different ability:
Wester--power (usually muscular power), his Nakewamekes are usually powerful
Soular--Intelligence, his Nakewamekes are tricky
Eas--um...nimble...may be skillful...not sure
About witch like, I think her image...comparing to Anacondy, she give me a wicked witch image, such as doing secret invention in the dark room and her crazy expression in the first appearance.

Next ep:

What kind of trainings are these? These looks like training for military or police...
I am more concerned on the most left picture...why Kento is there? so the Clover MM3 will know Precure identity in next ep!?

Wester also needs to train!!

Finally it's out! Berry and Passion's quarrel!

Wester begins to use Sorewatase?

Next ep's Sorewatase seems to be more powerful than this ep...

These are power up scene? is it ok to show now? In previous season, we are unable to see any power up scene in the preview...but the 2nd right picture...why it remind me of Charles Angels... these scene like telling me that don't expect the new attack too much...

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