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Infinity Hunt Review

This is FPC ep 35 review. The full translation of this ep can be seen in this post by vicequaizer:

This ep is quite interesting, but only for Soular and Wester pair, the elder and the fight. How about the main theme--Chiffon's secret? er...not really interesting to me...The encounter remind me of Gaogaigar, the main character, Mamoru also appears the similar way as Chiffon..My first thought of Chiffon is that she is originally a citizen in Sweets Kingdom, she might meet something which make her become Infinity (the plot may be something like putting the stones into Porun's body...)...this encounter looks like Chiffon is alien...The whole ep's plot is fine overall except the part where Peach's tear make the Clover Box move...very "Sailor Moon" like that I don't like...
In addition, this ep is also a ep for Nichiasa special and Movie promotion (pls see the pictures shown below).

There are a lot of information provided in this ep, I had captured over 70+ pictures for writing this review.

As mentioned before, this ep is Nichiasa Combined special. There are two Nichiasa Combined special in a year. This event starts from last year (I'm not very sure about this, but I can't see such event in 2007) Last year's Nichiasa Combined special is wonderful, I'm not talking about the prize...the wonderful thing is animation! This is last year April:

I remember Coco, Nuts, Milk and Syrup are running about when Kiva and Dream did the promotion.
October one I had introduced in ep 31+32 review before(http://community.livejournal.com/precure/640359.html#cutid4). The you tube clip had been removed (it's a pity...I should save it if I know that), just show a "Smile Blooming" picture for memory:

In 2007, Asahi had a similar event as Nichiasa Combined special. Even there is no animation for YPC5, the seiyuus (all Precure 5 members) did the promotion.

Toei really bias in favour of PC5 even in Nichiasa special...

recall from last scene in the last ep: Chiffon becomes Infinity

The title is Chiffon's hidden secret, but the picture is like "Chiffon wo Sagase!" (Let's find Chiffon!)...here we can see new mascot-Precure pair: Setsuna + Tiramisu
Love + Chiffon, Inori + Tart, Setsuna + Tiramisu...how about Miki?? don't tell me that she will be end up like Rin (no main mascot pair...)

This cake like castle is Sweets Kingdom castle....It doesn't look like a castle and it is unstable (esp the top)

I am surprised that Waffle (the king's name) appears in this ep! It's because he didn't appear in ep 32, which I think he supposes to appear...Since the king is not passed away (like last Palmier king[not CocoNuts]), he should appear...then when the queen appears?

Ok, so why does he appear? besides the elder Tiramisu, he also know Chiffon's Identity...

This balcony is so unstable...I'm quite afraid of Waffle falling from this balcony...as for a castle...I think Palmier castle's "balcony" is more durable (human size + Coco and Nozomi help to build):

but is it a "balcony"? It seems too tall for a balcony...anyway, PC5 can live in the castle when they visit Palmier

Love is very worried about Chiffon that she can't concentrate on the lesson...
I feel that when Chiffon is lost, Love is the most desperate among all. Her despair is like she is going to collapse soon. I remember in DX Movie, she is sucked into Fusion's body due to her desperation of Chiffon's loss...Because of this, I think she is the weakest "leader" among all series...

Maths lesson again? This teacher intends to ask Love to answer (she is obviously absent-minded)....

Setsuna volunteers to answer!! I prefer this change for Setsuna, rather than imitating Love's action in ep 30

This is Miki's school, if there is no gate and the school name...it looks like greenhouse...I like the gate design, very suitable for the school name. Is the "hole" besides the school name the entrance? It looks awkward.

Miki also worries for Chiffon, but she is not as despair as Love...(because she is Precure represents hope?)

While Love and Miki are upset during lesson, Inori does something--pray, she prays for meeting Chiffon again, as well as Chiffon's safety

They quickly find Chiffon after school, but in vain...

This is the first time seeing Tart cry like this...he is upset, but he doesn't want to give up searching Chiffon. I think he is more tough than Love here.

Is this Moebius' base? no, it is just a building in Labyrinth...but I feel that this building is important, perhaps it is for Infinity..

Oh yes! we can see Moebius face again!!

and long time no see Cline! Is it only me feel that Cline's face is distorting?

Come back to FPC, why they go to Love's home secretly?

Owing to this Tiramisu! He appears on a post box! Is that ok he appears on the street?

Ayumi: Welcome home.

FPC are shocked!! They think Ayumi can see Tiramisu.

FPC think that it's weird that Ayumi acts normal when she sees Tiramisu...Tiramisu explains that she can't see him...but I don't think so. The way she put down the bowl...as if she knows Tiramisu's existence...may be she is like Honoka's grandmother, who can sense something?
***this is my own imagination***of course she is not surprised of Tiramisu, as she is former Wedding PeachXD

Tiramisu: I should start to talk about Chiffon's secret...

Tiramisu: One day when I was bathing...
What a funny beginning! It happens during his bath..and in Japanese Onsen style!!
About mascot bathing, I only know that PCMH and PCSS mascots bathe in their "space" (need to ask Precure to insert cards...Tart can bathe like a pet, Chiffon is similar to PCMH and PCSS mascot, need Precure to input "commands", for eating and bathing (I think so)...However, we never know how PC5 and PC5GG mascots bathe...the four kings/queens, when they are in Rose Pad, they are probably bathe in there(using Palmin)...but how about Coco, Nuts, Milk and Syrup? esp Syrup, before he lives in Nuts House, where he bathe? they bathe in human form or mascot form? Their daily life is a mystery that can be a topic for PC5 doujin (pls don't think in 18+ way). Moreover, if Toei really shows Coco, Nuts or Syrup bathing scene....it would be more shocking than Miki's bathing scene in ep 2

Come back to Tiramisu's story...
Tiramisu: I saw a shooting star falling towards the forest...
Shooting Star? and in pink?it is...

Dream: Precure Shooting Star!!
It's just nice that I had captured a Precure shooting star scene in a forest.
I can't figure out why it has to be in pink... (pls don't tell me that it is really a parody for Precure Shooting star, although I joke it here)

There is something on the ground, after that "Precure shooting star"...

A star? This remind of a scene in Wataru 2 (Mashin Eiyuuden)...

Tiramisu:...and I found a baby with Clover box...
This scene is very similar to Gaogaigar, the secret of Mamoru; and also similar to a scene in GodMars (it is very old anime, you may not know unless you had played Super Robot War D). Yes, Chiffon's secret is a typical appearance in some robot/SF anime. The two examples, Gaogaigar and GodMars, both main characters are alien. Chiffon is not from Sweets Kingdom as well. Where is she from? Even Tiramisu doesn't know...this is Chiffon's secret? I think it is more like the origin of Clover box...

The reason why the king knows about this is...

this book, which recorded the legend of Sweets kingdom.
This book is so valuable that they have to place it in a big room.

this legend said that when Chiffon appears, the evil thing will appear as well...
That means Chiffon is the main 'culprit' of this series *O*!!Suddenly I feel pity to Chiffon...

Due to this ridiculous Legend...Tiramisu calls the guardians--Precure

Protecting Clover box

raising Chiffon...
up to here, I had seen the plot that looks familiar:
Tiramisu calls the guardians--Precure: like four guardians soldier in Sailor Moon
Chiffon's power: like Silver Crystal
Protecting Clover box: Wedding Peach plot, the important thing(something four with the jewel box) keep in the elegant place (a palace in Angel World), here is a place near the monster in ep 32....
raising Chiffon: similar to the two examples mentioned before

Actually, I don't mind they use old plot if it is appropriate...but this Chiffon secret breaks my expection of Precure Legend...I remember when I first heard Peach introduce herself as Precure Legend, it is so powerful and mysterious...

After this, we come to the most interesting part of this ep--Soular and Wester adventure to Toy Kingdom. Moebius knows that Infinity is in Toy Kingdom, he asks Soular and Wester to go to Toy Kingdom to get Chiffon.

This is Toy Kingdom entrance. I can see Toei use this ep to promote the movie, which will be shown on 31st Oct. By the way, in PC5GG, there is no ep for promoting the movie, is it cos of the radio?

This is the first time they are together with casual clothes!!

There is a little soldier hindering them to go in. He asks them to show passport.
That means when FPC go to this kingdom in the movie, they also need passport? (but they have Usapyon, that Usapyon can be the "passport")

Soular: Hayato, I thought you keep the passport
Wester: E? Oh...ya! Shun...where did I put them...?

It is rare to hear Soular and Wester call each other "Shun" and "Hayato". They always appear alone that I almost forget their Jap name...
To recap:
Soular--Minami Shun
Wester--Nishi Hayato
Eas (Setsuna now)--Higashi Setsuna
Norza--?? According to the name formation, Norza's name may be "Kita XXX", the XXX will be a name relate to the meaning fast, as Shun, Setsuna, Hayato means fast

Wester: AAAAA!
That toy is beaten up! Wester, you should be happy, because there is someone more dumb than youXDD

Soular: Well done.
So the passport is Wester's muscle power!

Unlike PC5, Toei use Labyrinth duo to promote the Movie. Since they won't appear in the movie, this is the only "service" scene for them.
If this background is really for the movie...it is really a great disappointment. The colouring and the appearance is quite unpleasant...

There is a movie coming up in Toy kingdom.
The female doll(who is the protagonist): I like to wear dress...

Wester: I like to do muscle exercise!!
Wester, this is your way to communicate with others...okay...


Soular...this is your way to communicate with others? XD
It's really rare to see Soular acts cool

Soular's Ikemen (handsome guy) beam seems work well...
He is nominated for the protagonist in the next movie (by that monkey director)
Soular, Wester, this is not the time to do such thing...
but this part is the most funny part in the whole ep...

Meanwhile, Chiffon is promoting she is Infinity, asking Soular and Wester to catch her

Suddenly, a great flash surround with them!!

Love: Please come back, Chiffon.
Oh yes, we can't see FPC in Toy Kingdom...they are the main characters in the coming up movie right?
why they are not in Toy Kingdom like YPC5 ep 38...? because it is a important ep? YPC5 ep 38 is a filler ep, so Toei can use the whole ep to promote the movie...with the help of YPC5 and Bunbee (and he can appear in 5GG movie)...this ep I think FPC can go to Toy Kingdom to get Chiffon. Do you remember Setsuna's Linkrun ability? They can teleport to there, ep 32 they can go to Sweets Kingdom, why can't they go to Toy Kingdom?
In addition, this picture interpret another function of Clover box---calling Chiffon

Wester: I catch you! Infinity!
Soular: I am not Infinity...
By the way Wester, where you get the net?

Ah...new BL pair is born--Soular x Wester...this is my first thought when I see this...they can switch over like this...when they get along so well...? also I found a lot of Soular + Wester scene in this ep...Instead of important ep for the main plot, it is more like 'service' ep.

Another good scenes in this ep are these battle scenes: Wester Vs Passion, Soular Vs Berry and Pine

The busiest Precure in this fight is Berry, she helps Pine fighting against Soular and later protect Passion from Wester's attack. Berry is very outstanding here that I like her in this ep.

However, Pine is beaten without Berry's help...Pine is not very useful but she is better than Peach...

Now Soular Vs Peach...Peach is very useless in the fight, even Vs Soular, because she only cares of Chiffon

The process of the change from Infinity to Chiffon...I don't understand why the Clover box has to use Peach's tear to switch on ....I think Toei want to make a touching scene here, but it is not touching and logical at all. Love knows to use Clover box to call Chiffon back, she can use the same method for changing back to Chiffon. May be she doesn't know? but Tiramisu had told her about how to use the Clover box. May be she forgot? so fast!? but Tiramisu is in the scene, he can tell her. Additionally, I had never seen FPC ask Tart or other mascot to protect Chiffon like PC5...like they do not trust Tart can protect Chiffon...

Another reason I dislike this scene is that this is very resemble to Sailor Moon (first series) ep 34, where Sailor Moon uses her tear to form Silver crystal

After the fight, FPC have Croquette party. There are special guests in this party:
1. Inori's parent

2. Clover MM3 (this MM3 comes from Mecha motte Injyou): 知念 大輔(Daisuke), 沢 裕喜(Yuuki), 御子柴 健人(Kento)...Honestly, I already forget the other two guys name besides Daisuke, as they didn't come out for a long time.

These are the party food? I only see the repeat of the same croquette and salad dishes

One more special guest, we had not seen him after ep 9 (I think), he is Miki's brother, Kazuki.
Ep 2 Miki can be Cure Berry because of him (partially)

Is it ok for Chiffon to appear like this? her eating face is well drawn.

While FPC have party, Moebius intends to assign Norza to seize Chiffon...

Next ep:

Norza, the senior supervisor finally appears!

FPC has Clover box, Labyrinth also has new item to Wester, this item seems to use for detecting Infinity (Chiffon)

This is "Sorewatase"? then how about Nakisakebe? they don't use it anymore?

About FPC 25-28, I will write in a review post soon, before that, I need to watch them again to recap.
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