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Infinity Review

This is FPC ep 34 review. For the full translation of this ep, please see vicequaizer's post: http://community.livejournal.com/precure/651858.html
FYI, my Precure DX had finished and posted, pls have a look if you watch that movie.

As for an important ep, this ep is just okay, not too bad, but not exciting enough, esp the fight, what I see only Precure Quartet kick, fall down and finished attack...and the drawing, there are few scenes distorted, others look fine..for the storyline "tomorrow never comes"(I had joined a group Project, which the team name also tomorrow never comes|||), I had seen ichikyo's ep 34 post comments, someone compares it to Suzumiya Haruhi's Endless Eight...

I think Endless Eight is more fortunate than this story because in Endless Eight, only SOS team (except Haruhi) knows the loop, traps in the loop, other people still have tomorrow. Even the loop(2 weeks) had been repeated, they still have 13 tomorrow at least. Also, since others don't know they are looping, they won't be unfortunate. However, I don't like to watch this Endless Eight story, as it drags too many eps...this story can finish in 3 eps and the staff lengthen it to 8 eps....

How about this story? Soular locks tomorrow to make people feel unfortunate and despair, so that the FUKO gauge can rise to full. Um...when I watch this, I imagine, if Soular locked tomorrow while I was rushing assignment, actually it make me feel lucky instead, and I will thank him XD...About locking tomorrow, I think that Soular only lock the Earth's rotation and the clocks, but it won't affect the people's daily life much when they use to it. Why I say that? because when Love wakes up the 2nd time, Love's father and the news reporter can tell her that this is morning...how the news reporter know? I think from TV programs...they can know the time (roughly) from program schedule and program duration...However, without clock system and sunrise, majority feel anxious, and it does help to increase FUKO gauge rapidly, even faster than what Wester did previously.

About FUKO gauge, I feel that no matter what FPC do, they can't prevent the FUKO gauge to fall...also there is one thing I feel weird that why Setsuna doesn't tell other FPC once she joins the group, like what Tart did in the beginning of the series, he told FPC about what he knows about Infinity after they were gathered.Setsuna, formerly she is Eas, she should know many things about Labyrinth, even where Soular and Wester live...why she doesn't tell FPC about Labyrinth until this ep? Last series YPC5GG, Syrup can't tell PC5 about Eternal because he lost memory, and in PCSS, Michiru and Kaoru doesn't need to tell Saki and Mai about Dark Fall when they join PCSS Saki and Mai had gone to Dark Fall in ep 23-24...

About Chiffon's infinity mode, I think it would be better to talk about it with picture.
Let's review this ep with pictures:

Quite disappointed for the beginning, why Love + Setsuna again? I expect FPC gather and talk about Infinity once the show starts...
but here we know that Love dislikes carrot (it had told in earlier ep, ep 6 right?), and Setsuna dislikes green pepper (are you Shin-chan?)

Ok, title: Infinity appears! Get back our tomorrow!
This picture can't tell anything about this ep.

There is vegetable bargain in the supermarket, they suppose to choose various vegetable, because of the argument in the first picture (choosing the vegetable each other dislike), it ends up potatos.
Ayumi don't mind, and suggest croquette as tomorrow's dinner. She will teach Setsuna how to cook croquette.
Plus, the change become Love and Setsuna's bonus.

It seems Love saves money everyday, but from this picture, there is less than 1000 yens, the reason is that Love takes the money to buy Donuts sometimes (by Tart)

Yes! this is the scene I want to see! Discussing infinity and FUKO gauge! Main storyline comes!

On the other hand, Soular and Wester decide to make the gauge full together!
Futari wa Labyrinth! Soular is responsible for operation stategy.

This is the current FUKO gauge, nearly full...Wester, this is the result of your hard work!

These three pictures tells us how the Clover Town people look forward tomorrow (this part interpret very well, without this part, we don't know how much they want tomorrow to come)
In previous pictures, we know how Love and Setsuna look forwards tomorrow:
Love:she may have more money in her piggy bank tomorrow.
Setsuna: she will learn to cook croquette

In these picture:
(left) Granny: Her grandchild is married tomorrow.
(center1) Remi (Miki's mother): she will go to Hawaii to visit her friend, Maria
(center2) Inori's father: He goes to a farm for a cow's birth (Naoko, Inori's mother tells Inori about this)
(left) Love's father: he will participate a golf tournament
However, I can't see how Miki and Inori look forwards tomorrow..

This picture, a serious distortion of Inori...

Soular and Wester are having night meeting, for this operation...why they have to meet outside? we will know later.
Soular's operation is related to this ep's theme: lock tomorrow

In order to lock tomorrow, a calendar is needed..
Wester: (so I am here for holding calendar only....)

One of the Nakewameke is born! It locks the calendar, so the date: 27th Sept (which is aired day) can't tear away. It also means the world will stay in 27th Sept forever (suppose)

Why I write "suppose" in the last pic comment? These pictures are the reason.
The clocks stop at 12:00. What's wrong with that? The thing is that 12:00 is 28th Sept! That means Love and others still have tomorrow! If Soular locks tomorrow (28th Sept), the time should be 11:59:59 pm, not 12:00:00am.

About the time change, I think American and British experience this in the end of October and March. (I don't know America, I only know UK) At the end of March(last Sunday of March), when the clocks reach 1:00am, the clocks skips 1:00am and go to 2:00am; In last Sunday of October, when the clocks reach 1:00am, the clocks go back to 12:00am, that day will have two 12 am; Unlike this ep, it stop at 12am until FPC defeat the Nakewameke.

Keitarou and Ayumi watch news seriously, esp Ayumi. When I see her like that, I imagine that if Ayumi is Wedding Peach, she definitely dashes out the house and find Nakewameke immediatelyXD

Tart carries clover box here like he is moving house...Clover box in this ep is used to find Nakewameke..about this box, according to the toy intro seen in previous post comment (I forgot which one), it seems to use for powering up Precure power...but I can't get it why they need to have special training (if the power up thing is true)...anyway, ep 37 will know why.

Thanks for the torch, Police.
It seems that the police helps Wester to appear cooler...This ep is the first time Wester control other Labyrinth's member Nakewameke..

Shinsokowarete~ (PC5GG Ed1) (translation: laugh from the heart)
Both of them are serious this time!!

The FUKO gauge kept rising!!

That calendar Nakewameke only can lock tomorrow, it can fly, but it can't really fight.
Wester decide to call his Nakewameke. This is the first time for Wester to use 2 Nakewameke, and this is the first seeing 2 Nakewamekes in an ep.

Wow! this Nakewameke looks more powerful! Also, this Nakewameke fit Wester's style!

I don't know that the meter can be elevator...

The only thing I impress in this fight is this one: Wester kicks Pine! as if Wester is destined to vs Pine..

I feel pity to Berry and Pine, as they are hit most in the fight...

FPC is injured by the light strike. Why they can lie so near...of course, they only lie for a while.

They use combined attack to defeat two Nakewamekes...it shows that FPC become stronger now, or just Soular one is too weak? (since he collect FUKO lesser than Wester)

Even they defeat that 2 Nakewamekes, they can't prevent FUKO gauge to be full!!

Infinity is going to appear, so Moebius needs to appear, really long time no see! but where is Cline?
in addition, why Moebius becomes black shadow again? I remember in ep 23...

In ep 23, we can see part of Moebius face

Infinity finally appears...uh? Chiffon? She is Infinity?
Chiffon: I am Infinity...
Her eyes is quite scary that it looks like she has no eye...
She is Infinity? Does it explain why she has esper power? but it does explain that why she has to be protected from the beginning of the series. About her secret, it will be revealed in next ep:

Look like jitch is correct this time. Toei had drawn Tart's father (the king) design...how about the queen?

Comparing to Azukina, the king does not impress me.

Title: Chiffon hidden secret
BTW, where is it?

These three guys will appear in next ep! Surprise! I look forward to it!

This picture make me think of the first PC series, elder and Wisdom (same seiyuu as Tart..)

There are two extras here:

I forgot to show this photo in Dx Review:

This is from TVB Children Song Concert, in the cosplay contest section. When I see this, I think...HK just show YPC5, they had PC5GG product already, so fast...when the host introduce this cosplay, they said "Pretty cure"...then I wonder...as I know Milky Rose is not considered as Pretty Cure...

just post the URL of previous post by ichikyo, which has some info of the game..
I agree with ichikyo's last comment:"Don't except much about this game, it's for fan only" after seeing the official website: http://www.bandaigames.channel.or.jp/list/ds_fresh_precure/
One good news: there will be original (new-drawn) opening for FPC game

I briefly explain the routine from the official website:
There are 15 mini games in total, two games are hidden in the website.
1. Making Donut~ designing Donut (like designing accessories game in PC5GG DS)
2. Dance~ in 3d (but the 3d are awful), the control is just like Ouendan game
3. Changing clothes
4. Hair Salon~ designing new hair style, like Remi design Love's hair in an ep (I forgot which ep)
5. Sketch Puzzle~puzzle game
6. Colouring game
7. Making Bentou~ like a making cake game in PC5GG DS
8. Simple Jump ~ I think it is just jump and get items, is it appeared in PCSS mini game before?
9. Hiding game ~ like a PCSS mini game, hiding from a cat
10. Climbing game ~ like a PCSS mini game, Flappi catch the rope to get through the jungle, something like that...
11. Maze~ a 3D version of walking through a maze
12. Battle~ like PC5GG battle game
13. Cinema~ I don't know what it is about...don't tell me it is only for showing op clip...
the game routine is you play the games to collect the coin, and get new puzzle, colouring picture and clothes for FPC.

Um...I can see previous PC games from this game...really don't expect this game too much....but I will download this game once it is out...

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