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Yes Pretty Cure 5 GoGo Movie Impression / Direct Dowload Movie

Well let's create a new entry because we can't talk about the movie in a mess entry
I also give the Direct Download of the Movie via Megaupload.
Thanks to rakuem for the RAR link from KMC, stupendous for the BDBZM freeware, clow_kun for confirm the password from KMC,  [info]precurejunkie for noticing the QTS Raw 16:9 after i upload the movie 4:3,  ryuguu_rena for uploading the dvd iso and the whole movie link in order to download all movie than using MU links and kiriosparaguay for the MU link of the QTS RAW 16:9 :)
Without them, the movie may won't be here too.
I've only upload the MU Link of the 4:3, upload the 2 specials on Youtube and upload them in my FTP.

Part of the Complete Movie 1h17 (4:3 size)
Part 1 :
Part 2 :
Part 3 :
Part 4 :

Entire DDL :!!_Pretty_Cure_5_GoGo!_Okashi_no_Kuni_no_Happy_Birthday.avi

Special 5 min MH-SS and PC5GG meeting : or

Futari Wa CocoNatts : or


Complete Movie 1h17 (16:9 size)
Torrent :

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6


DVD iso (good luck with that one, it's heavy, 2Gb per file)

Part 1 of the .rar file:!!_Pretty_Cure_5_GoGo_Okashi_no_Kuni_no_Happy_Birthday.part1.rar
Part 2 of the .rar file:!!_Pretty_Cure_5_GoGo_Okashi_no_Kuni_no_Happy_Birthday.part2.rar


Short summay, i won't spoil the full thing until everyone will see the film^^
The first part of the movie is the Precure 5th Anniversary special event. All pictures we thought that came to the DX movie is actually a short part of the PCMH, PCSS and PC55GG gather to a giant stadium (Nagisa's lacross Stadium), everyone transform and fight a giant Zakenna which tend to ressemble to a Jacku King. All Battle Material was just a bunch of reuse the last attack/sequence from last each episode of each series... some DEJA VU event just for the fun and finally the last moment when we see all family gather to the scene is a reuse in order to play all 3 Series Main Opening.

Second part is the most awaited Cure Coco and Cure Natts :D

Third part is the movie.

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