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Fresh Review

Finally Fresh Precure showed! This is Fresh Precure ep 1 review. My impression has changed for this series after watching ep 1, "not too bad"...because I think that some plots in this series develop better than previous series, and these are the things that I think is good:

1. Love's character~despite her stupid moves, she is very caring (even cry for the person), more emotional than Nozomi (why compare to Nozomi, because they are similar in some ways.). Also, she is quite brave when Nameke (I forgot the full name, I shorten it) attacks, she attacks Nameke with the long mic...that's I am unexpected (I think she just run away with Miyuki)

2. The interaction of the enemies' head and Precure~the interaction between Eas and Cure Peach is good...I think this interaction will last until the end of the series (from how the op interpret)

3. The appearance of Cure Peach~ I am not saying the transformation, is the way she appears and defeat Nameke. It is like Milky Rose first appear in ep 10 (which is cool), so that's why she has Milky Rose like hair? (it is out of the topic)She attacks Nameke without any hesitation! The fight is great in this ep, and luckily she still use punch and kick like previous Precure.

4. The item appears more reasonable~ comparing to previous Precure, the Linkrun (henshin item) appears because the Pinkrun (the name is correct right?) goes into Love's phone, unlike the first few Precures, the mascots appears, change to henshin item (I still don't understand why the mascots have to change to communication items(I know in the story, they said that they cannot be in the true form all the time), just for Bandai?

5. The appearance of the mascot~ he (I mean Tart)does not appear to meet Love in the first ep, unlike previous series, and he comes to Love's world to find Precure, unlike Coco asking Nozomi to find other Precure (at this point I feel that Coco is quite irresponsible....)

6. The reason of enemies' attack Precure world~ in previous Precure, the enemies are like purposely finding Precure to fight...but this one the enemy (Eas) attacking people to get unfortunate energy (for summon Infinity), so Precure have to protect, this make sense and I have a long time didn't see this kind of invasion XD make me think back of Sailor Moon and Wedding Peach^^

7. Love and Peach phrase~ for Love's Phrase "Get the happiness" is calling to the theme. Oh yes, I still didn't mention about the theme of this series, it is Happiness. Eas takes unfortunate energy and Love keeps saying to get happiness, the theme is very clear (clearer than Gogo). For Peach phrase, it is very long, but the way she poses when saying this phrase is good, I am impressed of her clap more than doing heart shape hands..

8. The monster this time is robots~It is interesting that Precure fighting with robots (I like to see hot-blooded robot anime, that's why I like this concept), although the first Nameke is not a good design..I like the Op one:

9. Tart~ it is an interesting character, though he does not look as cute as Coco.

10. Eas, Wester and Soura~ Eas is very cool, and she even introduces herself before the heroineXD. This enemy formation make me think of the 2nd half of the 1st Precure series...FYI, Wester voice is Donut (oh, Donut become our enemy), and Soura is

Now come to the bad points...before the show starts, I had been affected heavily by some of these bad point...

1. The drawing~ not saying that the character is distorted in this ep, what I refer to is the drawing style...comparing to the last ep of Gogo, it looks "flat" as there is not much shading to the characters(comparing to previous series)...the background especially is quite disappointed.

2 & 3. The transformation sequence and the attack~ let's recap the henshin and attack sequence:

I don't like this transformation, firstly because after Love roll the Linkrun, it doesn't really tell where is Linkrun before she is doing the dance turn...secondly I am thinking of the following clip more than Sailor Moon (this does not remind me of Sailor Moon) when seeing her moves when saying beat up:

What is this? these are the henshins of 3 old Tokusatsu called Space Police Gavan, Shariba and Shader. The later two you all probably don't know (I don't know them well either), but the first one you all should know if you had watched 556 in Keroro, this is the original source of 556 parody. Ok, I should come back...because Love does such body moves, make me think of this, the only 3 differences from these Police are the dance turn, she runs to some where (another dimension?)and she can't transform within 0.05 sec XD...and after that she doesn't really move until she finishes "dressing". The 3D rolling Linkrun and the hitting ground does remind me of Max Heart and SS, which are the only nice things I can find. The BG of this transformation is not well-drawn, esp the checkboard stage. Also, the phrase Let's Precure looks redundant...she pose quite good when saying her catch phrase, but when saying Let's Precure, the pose is very weak...

The fighting is animated well, but when coming to her final attack, I am so disappointed. The Phrase "bad things, bad things, fly away" is not good for using attack. I know it comes from "Pain, pain, fly away", which is the phrase when the nurse heal children's hurt...the pose of Love Sunshine...an imitation of "Open Heart" in Shugo Chara (for this one, I only watch until ep 13, then jump to 44-45)...

In my opinion, for the transformation, it only look good after the henshin (when she hits the ground)

4. The subtitle~ first I have to post this pic:

What is this subtitle? Ah...I am going to miss those animated subtitles in previous Precure...
but I think the subtitle will be changed...so hopefully I can get a well-animated subtitle...

5. The Trinity group~ also, post the pic first:

I am disappointed not only this group is not mixed of boys and girls (actually I expected 2 guys and a girl, oh it become the Labyrinth group), but also they are not outstanding enough (and Miyuki is too outstanding)

6. OP and Ed~ why they are in bad points (I know many of you like the op and ed, but again this is from my point of view). I am not complaining the opening animation (the op animation is nice actually), what I complain is the song itself. I only like to hear the chorus honestly (after the fresh fresh fresh)...the fresh fresh fresh is quite annoying...the melody sometimes like out of tune in the middle...so it become my least favourite Precure op among all...what's my ranking of Precure op? they are as follow:
1. Gogo
2. 1st/2nd season (they are same song with little alteration) and YPC5 (why same rank, as I can't judge which one to be 3rd)
3. SS
4. FPC
For ed, the animation and CG are very nice (I am curious on how they build the models and using which software...XSI?), but I don't like the ed song...and this ed does not make me as excited as previous Precure ending...it remind me of Kirarin stage 3 op and Keroro ed 1 (which I don't like, esp stage 3 op, it is boring, and the animation of stage 3 is full cel shading CG, the drawing is totally distorted, very horrible)
and this is my favourite rank of ed:
1. MH ed 1 and 2
2. 1st ed (esp piano ver)
3. Gogo ed 1
4. SS ed 2 and Gogo ed 2
5. YPC5 ed 1
6. YPC5 ed 2
7. SS ed 1
8. FPC ed 1
Despite of this, I still collect the full size of op (but I won't collect ed)

7. About the plot at the beginning in ep 1~ the part where Love's friend is being rejectd by her senior and they come together in the later scene..Her friend explains that the senior rejects her at first because he is shy....Arienai! He is so firm when rejecting her...and saying that he has love interest...I am thinking if Love doesn't shake him, he won't have relationship with Love's friend...this remind me of Fushigi Yuugi, where Tamahome rejects Miaka at first...but he doesn't say he has any love interest...
8. The eyecatch~ very limited animation|||oh yes, post the pic:

this one can be a nice wallpaper actually...

I am going to miss the eyecatch of YPC5 series....The animation for these eyecatches is too simple (path animation only, as what I can see), I can't see they take much effort on these.

Overall, the good pts more than bad pts^^so FPC review...I will continue writing per ep (that is not the main reason...the main reason are Fuuki, the enemies, Nameke (XD), Kaoru (it remind me of Harima, that's why I like him?XD) and Love's and Fuuki's mother (Fuuki's mother is pretty, and Love's mother voice, it's Wedding Peach^0^), of course it is nice to watch before they transform^^)

On the other hand, I can see the staff are saving a lot of animation (ending they use 3D...that's shocking...in environment wise, they save paper...), hopefully they animate more action when come to the climax ep

and before posting my fresh picture album, I would like to post this picture and the info of PC all star movie:

bigger pic
look like the girls behind are more outstanding than FPC

and this is the intro of the movie;
The stage is Yokohama. Love's and others (FPC) go there because of dance contest, but they are lost on the way to the concert hall. Suddenly the bad monsters appear, and other Precure besides FPC appear as well...

forgot to post this nice pic:

look like Dream become the leader of all Precure..but perhaps this is one of the scene in the Movie

To end this review, I post some interesting pics, so-called Fresh Picture Album:

Today's Nameke~Char's custom Robot, I don't like this Nameke...

I like this pose (after henshin)

this one can be wallpaper as well, I like Fuuki here.

Yes! Yes! Eas! I like her switch over pose.

Mugadia II (or Shin Asuka reborn?) and Donut reborn XD

I prefer this guy is her brother more than lover...oh yes this pic is from ep 2 actually

These are FPC comic version:

FPC in comic, hey this is better than the TV one! Why...why I can't see something like this in TV...
If I see this kind of poses in TV, I will like FPC more...

Eas in comic..look like the ep 1 in comic is similar to ep 1 in TV...

Love in comic...the eyes are horrible here..

The colored poster, I like this better than the anime

The following pic are from Op and ED:

The guy on the left...Coco? (of course I know he is not actually)So he come to FPC world on his journey? possible...

One of the pic I impress in the op

Fuuki in op, it's nice

I think this op is the only series which should their normal form at the end. I have a feeling that the one who in charge of op like their normal form more than Precure form (because I didn't see much scene or animation for their Precure form, comparing to previous series)

Seeing this, I am impressed that 3D can build such model...really know how to model and texture this...

**because I am busy recently, I don't have time to capture, so all the pictures are taken from Precure Love board

P.S. Do you notice the stick that the Elder holding in the beginning? The stick is heart-shaped with ice-cream in the centre...funny but I think this does not suitable for an old man to hold it
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