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Futari wa Pretty Cure Blue Moon 01

I've noticed that a lot of people have made posts or comments about their original Precure verses. I've also noticed that very few of us actually post their fic to the community. Well, I'm going to change that! Introducing Futari wa Pretty Cure Blue Moon!

Kawada Asa is the new girl at Clair Academy, an emotional tokusatsu fangirl living in a low-income apartment with her mom. Nakayama Yoko is a slightly cynical girl in an upper-middle-class family who has no idea that her cool demeanor scares off other students. With their colour-coded cell phones, cards and shared mascot, they're searching for the Moon Pieces before the denizens of the Etherium get them first.

The hoaxed character designs of Cure Night and Cure Sunday were too good to waste, so I picked them up and wrote their own story. Apologies to the fanartist, but it's your fault for passing them off as real. ♥ Their personalities, civilian names and storyline are all mine.

Information: Fanseries wiki and fanseries ad comm
Episodes: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Bonus 16 17 18 19 20 Bonus 21 22 23 24 Ending & Epilogue


The clock in the middle of town used to chime every hour, with a different tone for each hour of the day. Nowadays, it only chimed during the hours when most people were up and off to work and school, after the neighbourhoods had complained to city council that the clock at night sounded less like a chime than a "BONG" that jolted them and their families awake. Tonight, five hours after the clock had stopped sounding for the day, a girl with blue hair in a quickly gathered side ponytail was poring over her notebooks as she kicked up her heels on the bed.

"Asa!" Her mother's voice came through the door, careful not to be too loud and bother the next-door neighbours. "It's eleven o'clock! Go to sleep already!"

She sighed and rolled over on the thin, brightly coloured blanket. "All right..." Asa's deep blue eyes turned to the side at her wall. Magazine clippings and printouts from the school computer were taped on messily, some overlapping each other, and all depicting TV characters in helmets, masks, shoulder pads and spandex uniforms. She smiled and pulled out the bow tying her ponytail before getting up to brush her hair, brush her teeth and get into her pajamas. She'd definitely go to sleep before one this time.

Out of the paint-chipped apartment building, down the streets through the still-busy downtown to the tree-filled square and the clock tower, and still further northeast to a calm suburb with nothing but big houses and a temple, another girl lay on her bed. She pressed buttons on her flat black cell phone with the speed of a texting champion.

'Yukari, remember the diorama for our history project. I'm bringing the posters and the script. -Yoko.'

With that done, the ash-haired girl snapped her phone shut and put it back in the pouch on her school bag. Everything was ready. Everything was done.

Eleven-fifty-nine. Asa was wrapped up in her itchy, worn blanket, moving her notebook into the crack of moonlight that flashed between the window and the broken blinds. Yoko was snuggling into her fluffy black and white comforter, trying to hide her face from the light. The clock tower shone the moon's glow right back at it with its just-cleaned glass face.



"Huh?" Asa's eyes snapped open. She had just enough time to stash her notebook under the blanket when her mother rushed into the room. "What's going on?"

"The clock must be broken!" Asa's mother whispered. "It's not supposed to ring at night anymore. The neighbours will be grumpy enough without you making noise. Go back to sleep!"


"Ehn...?" Yoko rubbed her eyes and clamped her hands over her ears with handfuls of comforter. "Wha's this noise... I wanna sleep."


A tiny sparkle grew above the tip of the clock tower, separated into two, and then flew away.


Futari wa Pretty Cure Blue Moon
Episode 1: Legendary Warriors? Sounds Like Fun, But...

"This concludes our report on the Gessou Village Rebellion." Yoko flipped her long hair and clapped her script on the desk so the pages were even. Her partner, a girl with a crown braid and shiny black glasses, bowed and lifted up their diorama as the class applauded. The teacher stepped up to the podium.

"Yes, yes. Nakayama, Okamoto, you may be seated." The two did as they were told and put their supplies away under their desks. "Next, Kawada Asa and Kondou Hoshi."

A girl's hand grabbed Asa's shoulder and shook her. "Asa, wake up! It's our turn!"


Hoshi sighed and ruffled her own messy hair. "Asa, did you stay up late again?"

"Only a li'l...", she mumbled, shifting over onto her friend.

"Hey! Off!"

"Kondou! Kawada!" The teacher spun over to face them. "Is there a problem, girls?"

"N-no! We're fine!" Hoshi hoisted her partner up by the arms and shook her violently until she awoke. "See? Fine! Asa, let's go present now!"

"Nn..." Asa blinked the dizziness away and yawned. "Hoshi, you're mean."

Her friend just smiled. "And what would you do without me?"

In her desk at the other end of the classroom, Yoko stifled a small laugh. Okamoto Yukari turned around in her seat.

"Yoko, you shouldn't laugh at the unfortunate," she joked, adjusting her glasses.

Yoko shook her head, expression unchanging. "It's not unfortunate, it's just funny." She pointed up at the beginning of Asa and Hoshi's presentation. "See, they've gotten over it just fine."

Yukari put her hand up to her forehead and did an exaggerated dip back. "You're so cold, Yoko~ No wonder people at school are afraid of you."

The grey-haired one tilted her head. "They're afraid of me?"

Her friend sat back up and pouted. "Geez, Yoko, for the 'cool and unapproachable' girl, you really don't get it, do you? Your position is intimidating! You cast a shadow on everyone around you!"

Yoko blinked. "What position? I'm what now?"

"Do not interrupt the lesson!" The history teacher's grip on his red pen was enough to snap it in two.



It was a white room, that was for certain. There weren't any windows to look out to see what time of day it was, nor to watch anyone outside. There wouldn't be anyone outside. Besides the strange designs carved into the walls, the only thing to see in the room was one's own shadow. A ripple occasionally appeared in the air, leaving one questioning whether it had really happened. This was the Etherium. There was nothing else. If there was, it did not matter.

A flicker in the air, and a figure teleported into the room.

"Have you located the Moon Pieces?" came a voice in front of him.

"None of them have left the town. We would have sensed them otherwise."

"That is not the answer to the question." The air rippled and the man in front of it shivered. "What was asked was if you had found them and brought them here."

The man grumbled something and looked up. "I'll be right on that." He teleported out.

"Good," said the voice in the empty room.


"We barely saved ourselves." Hoshi shook her head and walked out of the school with her friend right beside her. "What were you thinking, Asa?"

"I'm sorry..." Asa's head and shoulders slumped. "I haven't been getting much sleep lately."

Hoshi shook her head, hair flying everywhere. "You were probably reading over your kids' show stories, right?"

Asa made a face. "There is nothing wrong with writing yourself as a great hero as long as you don't post it anywhere for people to mock."

Hoshi waved a hand. "Sure, sure." She sprung forward and waved back. "I'm going home. The train won't wait for me, you know. See you later, okay?"

Asa waved back and fidgeted with the ribbon on the left side of her head as her friend ran down the street. She pulled up her uniform's sleeve and checked her watch, and then walked towards the clock tower. She had recently transferred to Clair Academy, which was on the other side of town, but she knew how to get home from the tower. After all, it was right in the centre of Kazahana City.

She walked through the streets, flitting over to buy a sweet potato from a street vendor, and kept her eyes on the clock tower until she reached it. She plunked herself down onto a bench and began to munch on her sweet potato. People walked by, sitting down, getting up, chatting with each other and walking through the square to get to where they needed to go. Asa was already finishing off the fire-cooked snack when she spotted a twinkle by the bench.

"Huh? What's this?" She peered over the side and blinked. Whatever it was, it was bright pink and twinkled. It looked like a toy, but it felt like something else.

"N-no way... Really!?" Asa's eyes opened wide. In less than a second, she was flailing the arm that was holding the last bite of her sweet potato while scrambling in the bush with the other arm. "Ow! Ow! Thorns! Ow! Come on, let me grab it, let me grab it!" Her hand closed around the pink thing, and she yanked it out.



Asa squeaked and turned around slowly, clutching the pink whatever-it-was to her chest. "Wh-what is it?"

Behind her, standing by the bench, with the last bite of Asa's sweet potato in her hair, was Nakayama Yoko. Asa's eyes darted to the stick in her hand. No potato. She must have flung it off in her flailing fit.


Yoko sighed, picked off the piece of sweet potato with two fingernails, and flung it into the garbage can. She looked back at Asa, who was quivering and clinging to what must have been her cell phone. Yukari couldn't have been right. Did she really scare people?

"Next time, be more careful." The most refined girl in class picking pieces of sweet potato out of her hair must have looked strange, but Yoko kept a straight face while doing so. "You dropped your phone in there, huh?"

Asa blinked and looked down at what she had dug out of the bush. It did look like the case for a flip cell phone, but it was puffy and rounded, much bigger than her classmates' pancake-flat phones. The front flap over the phone compartment was white, and the rest was a bright pinkish-orange. Another, smaller compartment with a zipper was stationed on the back, which might have accounted for some of the bulk. "O-oh, yeah!" She sweatdropped and put her hand behind her head. "I'm really sorry, uh... Yamanaka-san, right?"

Yoko blinked and shook her head. "Nakayama Yoko. You've got it backwards." She stepped forward and peered closer to the blue-haired girl, who shivered a little.

Was this introduction time? Asa stashed the phone into her tattered school bag and took a deep breath. "I'm Asa! Kawada Asa! I transferred to your school this year!"

Yoko sighed -- ah, yes, the girl who slept through her presentation. Asa blinked.

"Um, Nakayama-san, what is it?"

"Nothing," she said, and stood up. Her head tilted a little at the other girl. "But the bow on your uniform is crooked."

"Gah!" Asa tossed the stick for her sweet potato into the garbage can and scrambled to fix the bow. Yoko pushed a piece of her hair behind her shoulder and walked off towards her house. She was just about to leave the square when she noticed a sparkle up in a tree.

"Hm?" Yoko looked up, moving her head around to try and get a better view of what it was. It was out of her reach, anyway, so she couldn't grab it to find out. Maybe if she -

"Yoko!" She turned her head to see Yukari carefully walking up to her, her face obscured by a mountain of shopping bags. "There you are. Want to come down to the shopping district with me?"

A gust of wind blew through the trees. Yoko turned the rest of her body to face her friend, covered her mouth and laughed quietly. "It looks like you've already been."

Yukari peeked over her pile of bags. "But I'm not done. Come on, I just got paid for helping out at my mom's store!"

Even if she had been paid, Yoko doubted that it was that much. "Our school has a uniform, Yukari-chan. What do you need all those clothes for?"

"Weekends." The bags shrugged. "And holidays."

Yoko shook her head. "Sorry, I can't come with you today. I'm already going to work on something. I'll see you tomorrow, though." She waved, hoping that Yukari could see behind her visual block. The girls parted ways, and Yoko walked along with her open school bag. A fat purple cell phone pouch sat next to her small, modern black phone.


The Etherium was pretty with its carvings in the walls, but the blankness of it all gave him the shivers, and the boss -- what was left of him -- did the same twice over. His cloak billowed out in the wind, and he scanned around the city, standing on top of a building.

He was going to gather the Moon Pieces. There was someone who'd know where they were. Now all he had to do was find them both.


Asa sat on her bed and looked at the phone.

And stared.

And stared.

"YES!" She squealed as loudly as she could without getting a complaint from the neighbours. Asa knew what was going on. Of course she knew! She'd seen this a hundred thousand times. She had it taped all over her walls. It even looked like a plastic toy - they always did, and as a bonus, it felt weird. Asa ran her fingers over the embroidery on the white top flap of the case, a little orange sunburst symbol - it must be the team logo. She'd keep an eye out for anyone with something like it on.

"Hm, but it's really girly..." She poked the sunset-coloured fabric. "Am I the pink one or something?" Turning the phone case around, she noticed the zipper on the back. "And what's this?"

"Let me out ~susu!" The phone started moving around.

"H-hey!" Asa almost dropped the case. She turned it around and fumbled with the clip before opening it. An orange, pink and yellow phone, again with the sunburst insignia but this time in blue with a red heart inside it, dropped out and flipped open. Where the screen would be on a normal phone, a little orange creature's head poked out.

"There we go ~susu! Thank you very much ~susu!" It smiled and blinked its huge eyes.

This wasn't supposed to happen. Asa trembled and poked the phone. She took a deep breath again. "Are you some kind of talking computer or something?"

The orange thing's head tilted a little, and Asa noticed that the orange sunburst was on its forehead too. "My name is Starry ~susu! I came from the Garden of Days, and I need your help ~susu!"

Magical world. Cry for help. Now they were talking. Asa grinned and gave the thumbs up. "I'm Kawada Asa, and I'm just the person you need! Just tell me where to go!"

Starry nodded. "Take me outside to where you found me ~susu! The other one might still be there, and then we can look for them ~susu!"

Asa didn't bother to ask what 'the other one' or 'they' were. "Let's go!" She grabbed the phone, its pouch and her light fall jacket, scribbled a note for when her mother came home, and ran out of the apartment.

Across town, Yoko walked into her house, having tied up her hair and changed into some casual clothes. "I think I'm done for the night..." She lay her school bag on the hall table and was about to take off her shoes when something caught her eye. "Hm?"

"What is it, Yoko?" A boy her age, with the same dark grey hair and grey eyes, popped into view. "What's in your bag? Did you go out shopping with your friend again?"

Yoko crossed her arms. "I don't think that's any of your business, Takashi. Besides, you already knew I was working on the car again today."

"Yeah, yeah." He stretched out his arms. "Your friends don't even know you do that stuff, do you? I have such a liar for a twin, and all I'm trying to do is - ooh." He snatched up the purple case from Yoko's bag. "You got another cell phone? You already have one. What are you going to do with two?"

What? Where had that come from? "Hey, get out of my stuff!"

"Whatever." Takashi tossed the phone case into the air, and Yoko snatched it and glared at him. He shrugged and walked off. "You can waste your money on whatever you want. Hey, Mom, Dad, what's for supper?"

Yoko sighed and turned the phone case over in her hand. She already had a cell phone, and this wasn't hers. What kind of phone was it, anyway? It was huge, like from 2004 or something. She opened the back zipper, but there were nothing but trading cards in there. And what was this purple pouch with the white flap over the phone? Yoko hadn't seen anything like it, except...


"What are you talking about now?" Takashi called from the kitchen.

Yoko glared in his general direction. "I'm going out again!" She rushed to her room to get changed - her parents would never let her go out of the house in her sweats even if they weren't stained with car oil - and ran out with the cell phone and some essentials in her purse. It wasn't much of a lead, but it was the only one she had.

Asa, at the moment, was running as fast as she could, with Starry's phone in her hand and the pouch attached to her worn, faded jeans. "To the clock tower, right?"

"Yeah ~susu!" The little guy's big orange ears flapped. Asa wondered why they had big orange squares on the ends, but she'd never known much about biology. Besides, Starry was from another world and he lived in a cell phone. Excuses could be made at will.

"There it is!" She pointed and ran through the trees up to the town square. "The clock tower!"

"Oh, you're looking for that?"

"Huh!?" Asa stumbled and gaped up at the top of the tower. A man with a white cloak, hat and fancy suit stood at the top, twirling a simple magic wand. He wore a flashy white eye mask with little blue jewels studding the corner of each side, which twinkled whenever he turned his head. The man smirked.

"I am called Mekuramast." He tapped his hand with his wand and a rose appeared between his fingers. "I should be the one saying 'there it is', given that I've finally found you."

Asa glared up at him. "What do you want?"

He smirked and tossed the rose at her. She ducked and scrambled to the side of the tower, only barely managing to halt herself when Mekuramast teleported right in front of her.

"What!? You can do that?" She stepped back. "Get out of the way, I'm warning you!"

He shook his head and pointed his wand at Asa, then at Starry in her hand. "You, from the Garden of Days. Where are the Moon Pieces?"

"If we knew, we'd already have them ~susu!" Starry quivered in his phone. "And we're not going to let you get them first ~susu!"

"Yeah!" Asa could follow this well enough. This weird magician guy was an enemy, and these Moon Pieces could only be the things they had to collect. She wondered how many there were.

"Well, that didn't work." Mekuramast twirled his wand in his hand. "Too bad, because if you're not helping me, you're not going to oppose me, either!"

Asa's grip on her phone tightened. "You're not touching Starry or these Moon Pieces! I'm going to transform and kick your butt to Mars!"

Starry looked up at her with his beady little eyes. "You know already?"

She gave the thumbs up. "Of course I know! I--"

A light sparkled above them, and all three looked up. There was a strangely-shaped jewel above them, shiny and black, and jagged on all sides but one. The polished side bore a Roman numeral XIII. Asa stared up at its floating, sparkling glory.

"This must be..."

"A Moon Piece ~susu!"

"It's mine!" Mekuramast jumped into the air. Asa tried to jump as well, but his range far outreached hers, and he quickly retrieved it. He flipped forward in the air and landed on top of a garbage can. "Now that I've got that, I'm getting you two out of the way!"

Asa turned down to Starry in the phone. "How am I supposed to transform?"

"You can't yet ~susu!" he cried.

"What do you mean, I - whoa!" Asa jumped out of the way of a whip of scarves extending from Mekuramast's sleeve. It whistled by her ear and gashed the pavement before returning to his coat. "This is unreal!"

The magician laughed. "As I thought, you're just pathetic. You couldn't even reach the Moon Piece." He pointed his wand at her. "Now get out of my way!"

Asa frantically searched for a weapon, something to take him on with. A broken branch lay by one of the nearby trees, with one cleanly snapped piece as long and wide as a fencing foil. Not the best, but it would do. She ran towards the branch and picked it up, trying not to trip over her feet or get hit by the scarf whip's attack. Mekuramast retracted it again and twirled his wand.

"I should do this quicker," he muttered, and tapped the wand against his hand. Asa shut Starry's phone and clipped it back into the pouch on her waist. Mekuramast drew from nowhere a flying set of playing cards and directed them into the air above him with his wand. He then pointed at Asa, holding her stick out like a sword.

"Get them!"

"Iyaaa!" She screamed and ran forward, shutting her eyes as she did so. This would be fine. It didn't matter if this guy could cut asphalt with a whip made of handkerchiefs tied together. He was her first enemy, and he looked stupid, and the guys who looked stupid were always pathetically easy to take down anyway and- "Kyaa!" Her eyes snapped open. Apparently, the cards exploded on contact. That had been a close one. "Gah!" And now her stick was half its original size.

The remaining cards circled around her, and she stood still, gripping the stick in her hands. "What am I supposed to do, Starry?"

"We can't do anything right now ~susu!" he squeaked. "Not when it's just us ~susu!"

"Well, I'm gonna do something!" Asa charged forward at Mekuramast, as he brought down his wand to send the cards at her. She jumped into the air and lunged at him with the stick.

It snapped.

She fell to the ground amidst the exploding cards. "Augh..."

"No!" Mekuramast said.

Asa looked up. "What? That you didn't kill me?"

The pouch on her waist flailed around. "The Moon Piece ~susu!"

Asa looked up. It wasn't in his hand anymore. Mekuramast swished around, his cape billowing and smacking Asa in the face. "Where...!"


Standing at the edge of the town square, the Moon Piece caught in one hand and a deep purple version of Asa's orange-pink phone in the other, was Nakayama Yoko. Asa pulled herself up and ran past the magician over to the other girl.

"Nakayama-san! Thank goodness!" She caught her breath and swallowed. "You have one too?"

"Kawada-san." Yoko nodded. "I came to ask you what this is about."

"Hmm." Mekuramast rubbed his chin. "Wasn't there only one escapee from the Garden of Days?" He glared and pointed his wand at them. "Either way, I'll crush all of you!"

Starry shook around in his pouch. Asa quickly pulled him out, and he flipped open and spoke. "Now's your chance to transform ~susu!"

Yoko's expression was peerless. "Transform!?"

Asa gave the grey-haired girl the thumbs up. "Now we're talking!" She held Starry up to her face. "What do we do?"

Yoko's grey eyes got even bigger. "We!?"

Starry shook around, about the only thing he really could do in the phone. "Use the Moon Card in your pouch ~susu!"

Both girls' hands went to their pouches. Yoko secured the Moon Piece where the cell phone was supposed to lay, and the two of them opened up the back compartments with the zippers and drew out their sets of cards.

"This one?" Yoko bit her lip, showed a card and flipped open her phone. Unlike Asa's, hers was empty of any creature.

"Yeah ~susu!" With Starry's approval, Asa drew the same card. He continued. "Now slash them in the slot ~susu!"

Both did.

A magic circle appeared above them. The symbols on the outside were circles, crescents and slivers -- all the phases of the moon. In the middle was the sunburst symbol on Starry's forehead and on their pouches and phones.

"What!?" Mekuramast took a step back.

"Oh, yeah!" Asa burst into a giggly smile.

Everything from then on was automatic. Asa and Yoko touched their phones together at the bottom, put their outside hands out to the sides, and grabbed each other's inside hands.

"Dual Infinite Phase!"

What followed was still blurry, and would be every time it happened afterward. They would remember spinning and rainbows and lights flashing, suns and moons and the hands of a clock, and emerging in dresses with bows, short leggings, arm warmers and boots with strange covers. Asa had her hair down and a yellow butterfly-shaped bow replaced her red ribbon; her outfit was made of layers upon layers of orange, blue and pink, with a yellow bow at her chest and another one at her tailbone, and the front one was decorated with a pink heart-shaped jewel. Her phone, with Starry inside, was back in its case at her waist. Yoko's hair now had two short pieces sticking out at each side, gathered by black heart-shaped hair ties. Her dress had much more blue in a darker shade, with a short black jacket, some sort of black asymmetrical apron or skirt attachment under her phone pouch, and white frilly trim on everything. Her bows were red with a green heart-shaped jewel at the chest bow, and the other bow was at her side above the phone pouch. When they landed back on the ground, they glared at their enemy.

"On behalf of the light..." Asa put one hand on her hip. "I am Cure Sunday!"

"In the name of the shadows..." Yoko did the same. "I am Cure Night!"

They put their other hands up in the air. "We are Pretty Cure!"

"We'll defend at all hours..." Sunday pointed forward.

"To ensure a peaceful era!" Night followed her.

Once Cure Night regained control of her senses, she shook herself. "Is... is this really happening?"

Starry shook from Cure Sunday's pouch. "You guys are Pretty Cure ~susu! You need to help me get the Moon Pieces back to the Garden of Days ~susu!"


Night looked up from the mascot to its apparent owner, who was staring at her cutesy costume. "Kawada - uh - Cure Sunday?"

"This is wrong..." Sunday trembled and stared at her hands. She clenched her fists
and yelled up at the heavens. "After all this, I'm a magical girl!?"

Starry bounced at her side. "I thought you said you knew all this ~susu!"

"No..." Sunday dropped to the ground and clung to her partner's waist. "Why do you do this to meee..."

"Enough!" Mekuramast twirled his wand and pointed it at them. "Give me that Moon Piece!" More cards appeared in the air and rained down upon them. Cure Night grabbed the still-shocked Sunday and leapt through the torrent of cards over the magician's head, landing on a park bench.

"W-whoa!" She blinked and looked at herself. "We can do that?"

"We didn't even get scratched..." Sunday blinked and detached herself from Night, standing up. "All right, maybe we can beat this guy!"

"Hmph." Mekuramast swept his wand arm to the side, pushing back his cape. "Then what about this?" He drew something from his sleeve.

"The whip!" Sunday jumped up to avoid the strike, and Night dashed to the side. The magician in white brought down the handkerchief string, crushing the park bench in two. Night's eyes narrowed, and she clenched her fists.

"Why did you do that!?" She ran at him. "What is your problem?" Before Mekuramast could bring up his whip again, Cure Night shoved him down onto the pavement.

"Ungh! You have no idea what my problem is!" He kicked up and knocked her back, but she managed to guard her face and only skidded back a little. Mekuramast dragged himself up and cracked the whip onto the ground.

"Wow, you're really strong, Night!" Sunday twirled and kicked him from behind, knocking off his hat, and ran up to her friend before he could get up. "We don't just do magic, we can fight! Maybe this'll be okay after all!"

"Oh, no, it won't." The magician picked up his hat and glared at them behind the glint of his gaudy face mask. "I won't even need to face you myself. I'll just get something to do it for me!"

"Something?" Sunday stepped in front of Night.

"What?" Night moved back behind her.

Mekuramast twirled his wand and swung it down. A circular area of the ground in front of him began to ripple as if it were water, and a black, diamond-shaped object floated into his hand. He tossed it past the two girls at the broken branch that Asa had taken her makeshift weapon from, and it began to float into the air. As the two girls watched, the branch shifted and mutated in a dark sort of anti-light. It grew, twisted out legs and arms and a face, and the light flashed off. "Hiiiiiiidoiiiiiinaaaaaaa!"

"What?" Night, now the one in front as far as the branch monster was concerned, spun over to face it.

"Hidoinaa?" Sunday, now in back, followed suit.

"Hidoinaaa!" A leafy arm slammed between them, and would have crushed them had they not leapt to either side of the monster. The branch-Hidoinaa brought its arm back up and roared at Pretty Cure.

"What is this supposed to be?" Night gaped at the monster before them.

"Have you ever watched TV in your life?" Sunday pointed at it. "That's a monster! The magician guy made it, and we have to beat it up!"

As if reacting to the threat, the Hidoinaa swung its arm at them. "Hidoinaa!"

Sunday leapt up onto the arm and ran up it, propelling herself with a jump to punch the Hidoinaa in the face. It wobbled backwards. Night's eyes opened wide, and she quickly dodged behind the Hidoinaa and bodychecked its leg to send it crashing down onto the pavement.

"That was great!" Sunday landed on her feet by her partner.

Night didn't look quite so happy, though. "Now it dented the walkway!"

The monster twitched. It grabbed the trees by its side and hefted itself back up, roaring down at the two girls. "Hidoinaaaaaaaaaaa!"

"Uh-oh!" Sunday stepped in front of Night again.

"Will this thing ever die?" Night stood ready to attack it.

Sunday's phone pouch bounced around again. "Hold hands and defeat it ~susu!"

"Hands?" Night blinked.

"Okay!" Sunday grabbed her partner's hand and let her power take over. Night hesitated and did the same, just like when they had transformed. Behind them, the magic circle wrote itself again.

"Sun Limit!"

"Night Limit!"

A dark blue aura formed around them, and they aimed themselves straight at the Hidoinaa.

"You've used up your days..." Cure Sunday called.

"...and you're out of time!" Cure Night finished. The aura grew larger.

"Pretty Cure Second Spin!"

They launched into the air, propelled by nothing but the blue light around them and the power within them. Holding onto one another's hands, they spun around the Hidoinaa like a blue comet, singing its wooden body with their energy. Finally, they paused for a split second in front of the Hidoinaa and slammed right into it. Darkness-covered splinters flew everywhere, burning up in the aura around Pretty Cure, and they burst through to the centre of the monster before it broke apart completely. The dark energy vaporized, and the wood reshaped itself into a harmless broken branch as it had been before. The blue light around the two girls flashed away, and they landed safely on the ground.

Mekuramast frowned. "This won't do. I'll have to disappear for now!" He swished his cape and teleported back to where he had come from.

Sunday looked at Night.

Night looked at Sunday.

"Yes!" The brightly-coloured bluehead let go of her partner's hand and spun in a circle. "That was awesome!" She looked up at the sky and cupped her hands around her mouth. "I forgive you!"

"What's she talking about?" Night scratched her head and frowned.

Starry moved around in Cure Sunday's pouch again. "Let me out ~susu!"

"Okay!" Sunday opened the pouch, and the cell phone popped out and open. A puff of smoke appeared, and the phone dropped back into the pouch. Starry, however, was standing out of it. He was now the size of a big plushie, and his whole body was visible, rather than just his face. He had dark orange triangular markings around his neck, stubby little arms and legs, and a thin tail with a puff at the end. The fluffy creature leapt up and hugged Cure Sunday first, then hopped over to cling onto Cure Night.

"I haven't been like this for so long ~susu!" he proclaimed.

"What just happened?" Night blinked.

Starry looked up at her cutely. "I can go into either one of your transformation phones ~susu. You need both of them to transform together, so I can also easily find which way the other phone went ~susu."

Sunday smiled and hit her open palm with her fist. "So the reason you told me to come here is because she would be here!"

"Well, I hoped so ~susu," Starry said. "She was in that direction, and I would have said to keep going if we hadn't been caught by that magician ~susu."

Night shook her head at the little creature. "Nothing's perfect, I guess."

Sunday shivered, remembering their conversation that afternoon. Cure Night was her partner, but Nakayama Yoko was still kind of intimidating, especially if you'd thrown food into her hair earlier that day. "So what do we do now?"

"I'd assume detransform." A light flashed and Night was Yoko again, brushing off invisible lint on her skirt.

Sunday immediately followed suit, and Asa tugged at her own skirt and looked around to distract herself. "Hey, everything's fixed!"

"Huh?" Yoko looked up and scanned the area. The dented blacktop, the crushed pavement and the bench that Mekuramast had cut in half had all inexplicably gone back to normal. It must have been another one of these magic things. Yoko startled herself with how much she was accepting this already. The girl next to her was one thing, but Yoko had had no interest in anything about magic or fighting or monsters before. Now that she had to deal with them, though, it was no use staying away.

"So we're called Pretty Cure, right, Starry?" Asa beamed at the cute little thing. "And we get to beat up monsters when we see them, right?"

Starry nodded. "You also have to help me collect the Moon Pieces ~susu!" He climbed down Yoko's arm, despite her uncomfortable staring, and pulled the one she'd caught out of her pouch. "We need to return them to their place ~susu!"

"Awesome! Let's do it!" Asa smiled, but switched back to her more nervous stance when she realized that Yoko was staring at them. (It wasn't hard; she was just as involved as Asa was, and Starry was clinging onto her arm and waving around that jewel she'd caught.) "Uh, do you want to, Nakayama-san?"

Yoko looked between Asa and Starry and shrugged. "Do I have a choice?"

"Yeah! All right!" Asa caught Starry as he leapt into her arms, and they spun around together, dancing like children on sugar. Yoko shook her head. And just after the history project was over with, too.


Yoko: All right, welcome to...

Everyone: Asa and Yoko's Comment Corner! (Starry: ~susu!)

Asa: Hey, this episode never used to have one.

Yoko: The fanwriter thought the episodes should have some continuity.

Hoshi: If you're rereading, you might notice that this episode's gone through a lot of changes since it was first posted. The writer had no idea what she was doing when she started it.

Starry: Most of the story was solidified in early- to mid-2009 ~susu.

Asa: Yeah, and this episode was written in 2008. Whoa, 5GoGo was running back then -- that's forever ago!

Yukari: *glasses gleam* We're going to have to wind this up before the author gets started talking about all the comparisons to Bouken! Precure Days. It's not her fault someone else had the same idea to write about the characters from that concept sheet.

Starry: See you all next time ~susu!


Next episode: "Mysterious Moon Piece? Watch Out for Stalkers!"
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