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1. Play nice. Friendly debate is acceptable, but posts or comments attacking or slandering specific members, series, and the like are not allowed. Voice your opinions politely, and do not get upset and defensive at people whose opinions differ from your own. This goes beyond name calling. Don't be mean in general with your tone. But, also don't automatically assume that anything that sounds harsh is exactly how it sounds. Bashing is strictly frowned upon, and is considered against playing nice. Differing opinions should be respected, whether or not they are negative or positive. Let people enjoy what they enjoy.

2. Stay on topic. The community is meant to talk about Pretty Cure and all its spin-off series. Your post(s) must include the series in some form or fashion otherwise it will be considered spam and deleted.
- There is also the fandom works community for Pretty Cure. http://precurefanworks.livejournal.com/ While we don't require you to place all your fanfics and fanart there, it's another area you can discuss all your artistic creations.

3. Post spoilers under LJ cuts with a spoiler warning attached. Spoilers could be defined as any of the following:
- Major plot details (ex. new Cures, new villains, information about the plots of upcoming episodes) for whatever season is airing before those details actually occur in the show.
- Details about movie plots prior to them being released on DVD/Blu-ray.
- Details about the endings of seasons and movies that have already aired/been released.
- Anything that you think people would rather watch the show/movie to find out about instead of reading about it or seeing images. Use your best judgment. It's better to play it safe than to spoil an entire episode, season or movie for someone. It only takes the effort of a single click for someone to access the information if they want to see it.
- Do not use icons containing spoiler images within the community until those spoilers appear on the official websites or in the series/movies. This is extremely rude to people who are trying to avoid such spoilers and would rather see whatever those images reveal by watching the shows/movies. Example: Leaked magazine images released several months prior to the official introduction of New Cure #29 who is to be introduced halfway through the current season. Do not use icons of those images within the community until the character is officially introduced on the official Toei/Asahi websites or in the show (whichever comes first).
- It is okay to MAKE icons containing those spoiler images AND share them in the community (if all of the icons containing those images are under an LJ cut). But again, they cannot be used in public view of the community.

4. Posts containing large amounts of text or large polls need to go under LJ cuts. Putting only part of a post under an LJ cut is also acceptable. If you post it and it's taking up the entire length of your screen, edit it and add an LJ cut.
- For icon posts, please limit icon previews to 3-5 icons to go above an LJ cut as. All other icons must go below an LJ cut.

If you don't know how to do an lj-cut, we've supplied the coding on how to do so in the text area below that you can copy + paste

<lj-cut text="Read more">

5. Do not post images over 600 pixels in height x 400 pixels in width in size above LJ cuts. Please see the image below for a visual reference. This does not mean all images above cuts need to be exactly 600 x 400, they just cannot exceed that size in either direction. 550 x 350 is fine, but 650 x 450 would be breaking this rule.

Please see this post for an explanation on how to create LJ cuts: http://koneko-desu.livejournal.com/222017.html?format=light

6. Use the tags system. Please see this post for an explanation on how to use tags http://koneko-desu.livejournal.com/222017.html?format=light#cutid4

7. Complaints, suggestions, and kudos should be addressed directly to a MODERATOR. Do not make another entry for these things. The moderators are here to take care of the situation, so please do not hesitate in asking them to step in. Mod contact info is listed on the profile of the community.

8. Before posting something, check to make sure that your topic has not been discussed in the last week. If it has been, post your thoughts in a comment. This goes for ANY topic, from discussion to polls, images, youtube links etc. Also, please remember that not all sources are the real deal. If information you wish to share comes from a source from say, Anime News Network for example, then by all means. But, if information is from something akin to 2chan/4chan then take all of that in with a grain of salt. The awesome spoiler you may have found might be false.

9. This community is English language only. This rule refers to conversational language. Of course factual information about Precure that's in Japanese or some other language that needs to be translated is okay to post.

- We have a "three strikes" policy in place. That means that breaking any combination of these rules three times will lead to a two week ban. People placed on this ban will be asked to review the rules during their ban period.
- Any rule breaking after the member has returned following their initial two week ban will lead to a permanent ban.
- There are exceptions to this that could lead to a sooner ban. These include (but are not limited to) severe harassment, severe spamming, and severe and continuous disagreements between multiple members. These will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Comments have been disabled for this post. If you have any questions or concerns or if I've made a really huge typo, please PM me whenever you can.

For any further questions or concerns, feel free to PM one of the moderators to address anything; starsoldier2009, curekun, or cnove
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