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Fourth Thoughts on Maho Tsukai Precure (Inc. Final Predictions)

[Click To Read]Due to my busy working life, I will quickly summarize my own fourth thoughts on Maho Tsukai Precure (which will be short as usual) along with some of my final predictions before the series ends on January 29, 2017.

I may delay for writing my final thoughts on the series after its ends for many months due to the same reason that I’ve said above, but I will be writing as soon as possible.

For Kirakira Precure a la mode which will be started broadcasting on February 5, I’m deciding whether I will write or not as the series goes on, but I hope I may write.

As usual, please notice that this is only just a personal opinion and predictions toward the series.
Some points that I wrote might not happen (or could happen).
Do not consider this as a spoiler, and do not take this seriously.

Feel free to give any comments or add any ideas.

This journal was written as of January 7, 2017

Overall thoughtsof the series as of episode 46:
After watching the series, I’ve felt that Maho Tsukai is quite a little bit different from previous series, especially the second half of the series which seem to focus a little more on filler-episode stories than the main story. However, I’m quite OK that the story of Mother Ra pa pa (which is Ha-Chan), the villain group, and more details of the relationship between Kocho and Kushi are revealed (I think they started to know each other from Magic School).

Furthermore, I must say that the story between Kocho and Kushi in episode 45 is quite touching due to the scenes of Kocho and Kushi’s past lives that were shown, and it was shown that Kushi really loved and cared for Kocho, despite of knowing that he will be controlled by dark magic.

From now on, what I would expect to see:

- The performance of the battle between the Precures and Deuasmast
- The real reason of how Mofurun came alive
- Mirai’s grandmother reunites with Kocho
- The true identities of Mirai, Riko and Ha-Chan is revealed to everyone

Deusmast’s appearances:
At this time, it is still difficult for me to describe how he looks like, but here are my possible points:
- similar to Akudaikan from Splash star
- In a form of an evil spirit or an evil demon
- born from dark magic powers

Possible endings of the series:
- people between magic world and no magic world can easily travel between worlds.
- the people from no magic world will know the existence of magic world.
- Mirai and Riko along with Ha-Chan have to be departed back to their own worlds.

Other things in the series:
- I think the power to defeat Deuasmast comes from the people from both magic and no magic worlds combine their powers to help the Precures along with the Linkle stones to defeat him according to the theory that Lian discovered.

- Honestly, I didn’t expect that Batty, Spadra and Gamets were revived, but it seems that both Spadra and Gamets still don’t forget their aims for fighting the Precures. However, the best moment that I love so much is when Batty summons his own Yokubaru by fusing Spadra, Gamets, Yamoh and a Dokuroxy replica to fight with Oruba’s Yokubaru.

- Just like I predicted, Chikurun is actually a kind-hearted fairy after it showed that he was controlled by Oruba. I’m quite sure that he will appear again.
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