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How important are fight scenes to the younger viewers of Pretty Cure in Japan?

I've noticed that on this discussion board, the physical, hand-to-hand fight scenes are an important part of Pretty Cure's appeal to many of the fans here. I don't know the exact demographics of the users here, but I'm guessing that the majority of fans here are teens/adults and possibly a majority of American fans (although I could be completely off on that latter one). Reading some recent complaints about the lack of exciting fight scenes in Maho Girls made me wonder, how important are the fight scenes to the target audience of girls in Japan? Is it something that attracts them to the series in the way that it appeals to many in the older periphery demographic? What about the older viewers in Japan? Does anyone here have any knowledge about that? It's just something I was curious about.

About my opinion on the subject, I personally don't place as much importance on the quality/intensity of the battle scenes (the characters tend to be more important to me, with that often being a deciding factor in which Pretty Cure series are my favorites), and it wasn't a "selling point" for me when I first got into the Pretty Cure series (my first series was YPC5 and I was curious about it as a Sailor Moon and general fan of magical girl team stories). However, the greater emphasis on physical combat does make many of the Pretty Cure stories stand out compared to other magical girl anime (such as Sailor Moon, where they usually just use their magic attacks against enemies), so I can understand how losing that aspect would be a disappointment to many in the Pretty Cure fandom.
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