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Japan's DDPC Movie livewatch interview! (SPOILERS)


Uh, so two days ago I wrote a journal entry about Ryota Yamaguchi's new Twitter account. Afraid that it's against the rules, I ended up deleting it. After gathered enough informations, I decided to repost the post.

The event:
On last Saturday, March 29th, the Japanese fandom on Twitter held a livewatch of DDPC Movie and an interview with Ryota Yamaguchi (DDPC's series writer). The livewatch was held at 10.00 AM GMT+9. The watchers must put the #マナ結婚 hashtag if they wanted to join the event. That new account Yamaguchi created was specifically used for this event.
Click this link to read the log.

The interview:
After the movie ended, Yamaguchi opened his new account and let the watchers ask him anything about the movie and stuffs not included in Official Complete Book. Because there are too much questions (read this link to see them all), I'll only post the important ones.
(Thanks to anons on /a/ for translations!)
・ The Selfish awakened when 10,000 year old ruins were dug up in the outskirts of the Trump Kingdom. Joe was sent to guard the investigation. (This explains where the black blob that made Ange sick in episode 46 came from)
・One of the excavated Lovies was brought into the Kingdom, and when Makoto happened to touch it, she awakened as Sword. (The whole event is shown in the movie)
・Joe took the remaining Lovies to the human world.
・ Selfish are immortal.
・Leva and Gula seemed to disappear, but if enough bad energy accumulates, they'll regain their human forms. Goma and Lust too, probably. (Just like what Bel suggested in the final episode, though for him he had to undergo several years as a mouse LOL)
・On that note, the worlds that Leva and Gula destroyed, as well as the Precure that were defeated by Goma and Lust, should also have been revived when Proto-Selfish was beaten.
・ The Princess is residual thoughts/living within those who love her. (In other words, Ange's love is eternal?)
・ In the last episode, Regina is in 1st year middle school and Aguri is in 5th year elementary. (This means Regina is 12-13 years old? It's not like she has a concrete age anyway)
・ In the movie, Regina and Joe were late for the wedding.
・ Regina and the King moved to Solitaire. The owner was gone, so they remodeled Solitaire and they live there now, it seems.
・The store originally belonged to Yotsuba Real Estate, but Alice gave it to Joe in exchange for Lovies. Talk about a straw millionaire.
・The other three classmates (aside from Juujou) weren't given first names in particular. After some considerations, Yamaguchi coined Yashima Chihiro (八嶋千洋) , Nikaidou Takuya (二階堂拓也) , and Momota Tsubasa (百田翼).
・ Had Nikaidou been jealous of Hiromichi, he (Nikaidou) would have been under a bit more pressure.
・ Yamaguchi still refused to tell the identity of Mana's groom. He said, "It's a secret." WHY YAMAGUCHI WHY. Did you see all those "NIKAMANA" tweets minutes into the movie!?

There are some fun stuffs like Yamaguchi not knowing about FPC 28 (that episode with Love's grandpa), Marsh's minions' introduction phrases, comparisons between Ace and Phoenix Ikki (I think? Haven't watched other Saint Seiya aside from the original), and why Davi knows how to fight.

As the introduction phrases of Marsh's minions have been translated, here they are:
Silver Clock - 「真夜中のベルは別れの調べ。シルバークロック!」 ("The midnight bell is the melody of farewells! Silver Clock!")
Mannequin Carmine - 「寂れたブティックに咲く一輪の花! マネキンカーマイン!」 ("A flower blooming in a deserted boutique! Mannequin Carmine!")
Purple Buggy - 「轢き立てクラッシュ! パープルバギー!」 ("Freshly crashed! Purple Buggy!")

Discuss! And no, it's real. Not an April Fools joke.
By the way, should we do the same when the subs are out? The livewatch, I mean.
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