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DokiDoki - What could have been

With the DokiDoki Precure Official Complete Book now on sale, we get a look at plans the producers had for the series! There's been a few images floating around of Heart, Sword, and Ira's preliminary designs, but I haven't seen anyone translate the content yet, so take a look under the cuts:

(Note: I'm doing this in a bit of a rush, so will likely update to reflect thread)

Name origins
Rikka = snow crystals = diamond dust
Oogai Middle (大貝) = Oogai (頁) = Page 1 (頁1) = Page 1 (card game)
Nanatsuhashi Academy = literally Seven Bridge
Pig's Tail Pavilion = Pig's Tail (card game)
Roost (ルスト) = lust
Gorma (ゴーマ) = pride = from the Japanese "gouman"
The 2 generals Roost and Gorma died in conquering Trump Kingdom when fighting against older Precure. Makoto was only a Precure for a month before the invasion and had little connection with her senpai. Sword's real name is not stated.
Cure Magician was the owner of the Miracle Dragon Glaive, and Cure Priestess had the Eternal Golden Crown.

The Yotsuba heir
Alice's older brother: Hiromichi Yotsuba
Former Student Council President of Oogai Middle
Prodigy who travels around the world all the time
(get the feeling he doesn't want to succeed the family and is journeying without help)
Faces off against Mana, who helps people excessively
Gives Mana advice and the impetus to become president: "To help people a lot, a position is needed."
Her reason for becoming a Precure is an extension of this idea.
Idea that Mana likes Alice's brother, but interferes with her character idea of "charity", so such an episode was cut
Alice's mother: Shouko Yotsuba

Possibility of a spin-off?
Interview with the series director:
  >This year, the story was stressed, so we ended up with a single episode conclusion.
  >So I wanted to make a spin-off if possible of the girls' daily lives without fighting
  (omitted by poster)
  >I'd like to make this spin-off work based on the characters, like "Day in the Life of Alice" or "Regina's School Days"
Character designer:
  >Mana's winter coat had a military feel that I liked, but since it hardly appeared, I'd like to use it if there was a spin-off.

Romance forbidden!
Mana - wanted to make an episode of her loving a single person, but cut because it interfered with Mana's "charity" character
Alice - partner would have to be the on the level of a prince of some country
Makoto - not in a situation to love from the start (lol)
Rikka - for reasons above, settled on her
There were 4 eps of Ira and Maamo arguing about the relation between him and Rikka: "She was really light and sparkly" "Oh, do you have a crush?"
On romantic feelings: I don't feel that Rikka has romantic feelings toward Ira, though there were plans to develop it. But that would be overdoing it for Precure.

Koga's comments:

  • Alice going to a different school was to set the atmosphere. We thought of an episode with just Mana and Alice without any of the other leads, but this was discarded because if Cure Sword didn't show up for many episodes, we'd betray the hopes of the kids who liked her.

  • We also thought of having Mana notice Rikka's jealousy of MakoP at episode 10, but it was scrapped because it wasn't that good.

  • We thought of having Cure Sword become part of the team at halfway through the series, but was rejected because of her appearance in NS2.

  • The plan was to have a development where MakoP would hold a farewell concert and return to the Trump Kingdom with the fairies. Unable to return to the human world, MakoP would tearfully say "Goodbye" and disappear into the light.

  • Considered having Jun Saotome fall in love with Mana, but didn't really feel it.

Yamaguchi's comments:

  • We thought of a development where Ira dies protecting Rikka. It would be an instant dramatizer and would be a powerful scene, but it was scrapped because we felt we'd be doing an injustice to those that loved the character.

  • Having more people being surprised at Davi's identity rather than Cure Sword's in episode 6 was a mistake.

  • We thought of having a relationship between Mana and Joe, but this was nixed by the female producers. [[THANK YOU FEMALE PRODUCERS]]

  • Leva and Gula were thought up in a rush as power-ups for the enemy when Cure Ace appeared.

Preliminary Designs
Cure Heart - Cure Diamond - Cure Rosetta - Cure Sword - Cure Ace

Other Things

  • Q. What significance did Rikka's love of frogs have?
    A. Her room was blue, so green was used for balance. Once we came to, it was full of frogs.

  • The studio says that the "I love you" that Mana and Rikka say to each other carry different weight and significance. Nabatame says she can't say exactly the weight that "I love you" carries, but Mana's lines are "full of love! Because Rikka is a very important person to Mana!"

And not in the book, but there's a Precure radio show starting April 5! Every Saturday at 25:00 JST (1am Sunday, pretty much), hosted by Yoshida Hitomi with seiyuu and singer guests scheduled! It's called "Cure Cure Pretty!"
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