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i haven't been on for a while and this has been bugging me for a while and i thought i would put it out there and see if i got an answer.

on youtube i am known as yukinagatofan256 and i was casted in th youtube user frogstreet13's precure 5 fandub (i was casted as Rin Natsuki/Cure Rouge) i happened to be searching for it because i had been wondering what was happening with it because i like to keep up to date on the progress of things i am a part of. when i found out that the youtube user frogstreet13 who was doing the fandub was removed by the youtube staff. i was wondering if there is a way to continue the fandub some how, if i could find the person who owned that youtube username. Does anyone know how to contact the person, i would be very thankful if someone find her or him and we could work out something even if the audience was very small i would really love to do it anyway!
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