hen_yo (hen_yo) wrote in precure,

PreCure and Tales of Series

if ever TOEI made an RPG out of the series i'd like it to be like based on the Tales series. the real time battles fits the Pretty Cures more than other games battle systems don't you think? that being said which Artes/ Hi Ougi would you give your favorite Cures?
the sole Character the fits the support is of course Shiny Luminous. at least she gets INDIGNATION!(Rainbow Indignation perhaps? XD)

One more thing, most of the Cures can use the Fighters Class Artes/Mystic Artes

if i had the time, i'd be drawing Cut-ins for Hi-Ougis/Mystic Artes now...:D

speaking of Mystic Artes. i already made one for Cure Black. inspired, of course by Kamen Rider BLACK and one scene in New Stage 2

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