September 15th, 2013


Sale - Futari wa Pretty Cure Megahouse Cure Black Figure

I'm trying to cull down my collection of anime merchandise, in part to help support my fledgling anime cel collection, in part to give myself some much needed extra storage space.

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Figure is sealed, brand new, never removed from box. She was purchased from HLJ back when the series was still airing and has been sitting on a shelf, displayed in box, ever since. I'm currently taking offers; you may want to reference the ebay listings for this figure to have some idea of how much I'd like to sell it for. (I am willing to sell it for less than ebay prices, though!)

I also have a Pretty Cure Porum Commune (it's the full-size computer-like one) that I may consider selling as well. Please continue to check back for more potential sales later this week.

(Since it's tangentially related, I do also have a NA Sailor Moon Locket up for sale, too -- NRFB -- $150 OBO.)