December 14th, 2009


Don't let Norza cook...

Had to share these. They're so funny.

Norza...Sorewatase is not one of the five food groups, ya know.
I love these "house-wife" Norza pics. They are hilarious. Eas, West, Soul are like rebellious kids and then all of a sudden, mommy-Norza shows up and ruins their lives...hahaha.
from pixiv [source]

And a gender bender...
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Yeah...that's allll.

taka cafe? a tale of a toei mistake

I was watching pretty cure max heart episode 26 or 27 (it was the one with the pear harvest) when I noticed a little glitch. Toei had made a little mistake when animating akane's apron. The apron says taka cafe instead of tako cafe!
here is my evidence...

Taka cafe?

Tako cafe(later on it shows a picture with the correct apron)

I love spotting these things ^ ^ feel free to comment