December 13th, 2009

Arsène Lupin III

About the Very Special Episode of PCHM (and more)

It's going to be related to Kampfer and is going to be episode 33 of PCHM. I won't give away the episode name, but the special guest is going to be a teenage American boy named Alex Hollis, who transforms into a girl in Cure form (just like the main character of Kampfer, Natsuru Seno, who transforms into a girl in Kampfer form) and leads his own team of Cures, which he calls Pretty Cure Hollywood Stars (just like Chleo del Rosario/Cure Rhodonite called her own Pretty Cure team Pretty Cure Kitty Purr in PCPP episode 33). And just like Natsuru in Kampfer form, Alex in Cure form will wear grade A zettai ryouiki (Japanese for "Absolute territory"; if you don't know what it is, its formula is very simple: skirt, thighs, stockings; also, they, like racks, have their own grading system, with grade E being the lowest and grade A being the highest).

And it's not the only thing about PCHM that's going to be 3-D; the movie, when it does come out, is also going to be in 3-D, like with the Pretty Cure Flash Fire movie. That's all I'm going to reveal about the PCHM movie for now.

And now, a little bit about the rest of the Cures. Isuzu Watanabe is the coolest kid in music class. She plays the bass, and her experience with a Pretty Cure battle that got her transforming into Cure Burton, convinces her to join the Lovely and Wild Angels as its bassist. Taiko Sorano is the daughter of a music producer, who is set to produce the new Pistols N Flowers album, Venezuelan Democracy. When Zero attacks the Roxy Recording Studio with his Akumana again, Taiko transforms into Cure Roadie. Following that, she joins the Lovely and Wild Angels as its drummer.

I'm also going to reveal the names of the fathers of Sakura Cobain and Rizuka Kuno. Sakura's father is Tamaki Cobain, the new broadcast technician at Public TV For Isuten, and Rizuka's father is Robin Kuno, who at the start of the series is a touring member of Phony Nails Number 9 and later on joins Pistols N Flowers after Paul Rivers (a.k.a. Backslash) leaves on his own terms after a dispute with W. Benny Bara over the direction of Pistols N Flowers. Reportedly, Backslash wants to stick to the blues formula of old, while Bara wants to go industrial, though Bara's idea is later dropped after just two songs: "Ah! Kamisama", which will be recorded as the closing theme to the Jim Nameke movie The Young Witness during production on the film, and "Statler's Revenge", which will make it onto Venezuelan Democracy. After those two songs are recorded, Pistols N Flowers will start experimenting with other sounds, including doom metal, which will be found on another track, "Gomen Nasai". That's all I will reveal for now.

It's decided!

So I'm not moving to wordpress completely.

Kirai~te Precure Full Bloom is staying here! There are things about livejournal that I like--mainly you guys ^^
But the wordpress page will still be there for information, episode status, drawings, and other stuff.

I think I'm going to upgrade my livejournal to a paid account since it's not that expensive. Maybe.

Um yeah. Sorry for posting again.

~That's allll for now!

Pretty Cure English Dub! Where is it?

Forgive me if this was asked before. As you may or may not have heard me say, Futari wa Precure never really drew me in. So today I found episode 4 and 21 in english and I've found that I really really like the english dub. (which is pretty big for me because I'm usually critical of english dubs but they've done a great job on this one)

Except now all the english vids have been taken off of youtube too. Does anyone know where I can find the dubbed episodes? Please tell me!