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Power-up Items Revealed!

Source: Bandai Japan

I've just checked Bandai Japan website and found these...

ドリームトーチ (Dream Torch) - 3,150 Yen (5% VAT included)

You can play Dream Torch in 2 modes, Melody Mode and Hissatsu Waza (finishing move) Mode. You can hear the voice of Cure Dream using her finishing move, "Precure Crystal Shoot!"

You can combine Dream Torch with...

プリキュアシンフォニーセット (Precure Symphony Set) - 2,940 Yen (5% VAT included)

This set includes 4 items: Rouge Tact, Mint Leaf, Aqua Ribbon, and Lemonade Castanet. Each item comes with different gimmick. When you combine them with Dream Torch, you can hear the voice of Precure 5!

How can you store items showed above tidily? Here comes the...

ミルクキャリー (Milk Carry) - 3,675 Yen (5% VAT included)

It looks like the luggage Milk carries. :P

All goods showed will be released in 28 July.

Personal comment: My mind can thinks only "Magical Stage" (or "Perfect Harmony" in 4Kids version) after seeing these items. XD

PS. I also found 2 new Cure Doll (Kouji&Nuts), new plush doll (Milk), and new Charalead Kids (Cure Aqua).
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