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Epilogue Review

This is SPC ep 48 review.

Finally, it comes to the end...I had been waiting for so long...SPC fans, I think you will be happier for reading this review than last few eps because I am going to write positive comments for this ep.

As an epilogue, it is well done, as in conveying the music theme (yes, it is much better than the battles in last few eps.) and drawing the full stop with cinematic feel. The transformation in the last few minutes is not dragging time like last ep. It is common (esp Sentai)in anime, with multiple heroines. As it has a full ep to interpret epilogue, it (should be) is better than HCPC. In the beginning, they wake Hummy up by singing a song in Hummy's dream, and Ellen finally plays a role as singing princess (for a while). If they do such thing in last ep (singing a song to touch Noise), it would be more convincing than they just talk with the word music.

Due to the length of epilogue, it can provide us the reunion of Aphrodite/Mephisto to Ako + SPC, Minor trio to Ellen, Hibiki & Kanade to their parents. Noise's revival as P-chan (Hohoemina ver.) is a conflict, because in the beginning, he must disappear, otherwise Hummy and Minor trio (who are in his stomach) can't be saved. However, as they had said "they don't want him to disappear", Noise has to be revived. But why he still in Angry bird form? Otokichi's reaction is normal, but what SPC do is not normal (well, SPC is abnormal from last ep), esp the one who hug P-chan is Hibiki, not Ako.

About the future of SPC4, only Hibiki is portrayed well. (as we know, this series is very Hibiki-centered), Kanade looks no different from the beginning of the series (I thought she has won pâtissier contest?)...the other two "future" is weird. For Ako, even she has a reason (Souta) to stay in Kanon town, should she stay in Major Land for a while? and Ellen, I already don't care if they will change her to cat form again (because I expect they are not going to explain), but should they need to tell us whether she can be singing princess again or she can go back to her country? In the ending part, she need to play guitar for living...is like she is abandoned from Major Land.

Besides Ellen's issue, there are few points they never explain or just roughly explain:

1. What happen to Minor Land? There is no sign of its collapse or anything? It has the same problem as HCPC.

2. Falsetto become good guy without any persuade, it is the same as the other two in ep 41, they suddenly become good guys.

3. They just roughly move Otokichi and CT back to Major Land...very lazy...

4. In this ep, the way it portrays as if Hummy save the world. SPC has to wake her up in order to sing Major Melody. Even though Ellen refuses to sing, Hummy as a singing princess, should persuade her to sing with Hummy together. (In fact, SPC should sing too) In ep 46, Hummy suggests SPc to compose Major Melody, but at the end there is no process for composing Major Melody.

Also, the Major Melody is like what Noise said, if it is roughly rearranged, it will be Minor Melody. I feel that Ellen's original song looks more like Major Melody.

Next week is the debut of SmPC, I just hope that it doesn't "refer" too much to PC5....and more mascots! (In this series, the mascot is too few!!) Ep 1, by watching the preview, has many similarities to PC5 ep 1...

This is not the last SPC review, because there is a Suite Finale Review for the summary and comment of SPC. However, it will take some time to write...it may be posted after SmPc air..so next week, Be Ultra Happy!

Picture Rhythm

All pictures are from 2ch.

Photo 1

Let's celebrate for SPC's victory to begin! This is the last time we see this sponsor picture!

Photo 2

Major 3: Don't forget us! See you in the Movie! (*wink*)

Photo 3

Hibiki: Luckily, Otokichi keep the food for us~
You still can eat cupcake freely! Please save your food protector!

Photo 4

Kanade: (Aren't they expired? We seems to be in Major Land for a long time..)

Photo 5

E? Hummy is sleeping here? How come?

Photo 6

Please recall the disappearance of Noise in last ep. He is purified like Negatone!
Noise: (why I don't have *special treatment..T^T?)
*Like previous series, there is a special attack for the last boss..but SPC just shoot Suite Ensemble Crescendo to him...

Photo 7

Due to Noise's "death", the notes are spread in the air. Hummy is protected by legendary score.

Photo 8

I thought SPC is supposed to compose Major Melody? The notes just go in by themselves!! I wonder why Falsetto/Mephisto need to arrange the notes manually in earlier eps..

Photo 9
Photo 10
Photo 11

Oh yes, Minor trio are digested by Noise and become stone....I don't care how Noise digest these guys, but I care why Minor trio can change clothes in Noise's stomach.....so Noise's stomach is actually their backstage? XD

and their bodies look harder than the ground...the ground is cracked due to their fall, but they don't break into piece....

Photo 12

Ellen: Let's start our new song, 1,2,3!

This is a SPC MAD found in Youtube. It may be good memories for us. The song is One Piece OP- Future Stream

Photo 13

Hibiki: Hummy!
Hummy: Yeah! I'm on holiday!

Photo 14

Hummy: but I remember SPC is still collecting notes!
Hibiki: We had finished off Noise already!!

Photo 15

Hummy: Where are they now~? Don't leave a stray cat behind~
Hibiki: Hey! We are behind you!
Kanade: Let's sing the opening theme to call Hummy.
Ako: That's a good idea!
Ellen: Ok~1,2,3!

Hibiki: La~
Kanade: La~
Ellen: La~
Ako: La~
SPC: La~! Suite Suite Precure! Suite Precure! Suite Suite Precure!

Photo 17

Hummy: Ah~I am so fortunate that I can hear SPC OP in SPC ver.
If there is SPC Op in SPC ver., that would be good!

Photo 18

Hummy, why you sing behind the queen?
and SPC, you should help Hummy to hold the score, shouldn't you?

Photo 19

The person who move Minor trio is a mystery~

Photo 20

Hummy: Everybody, it's show time!!

Photo 21

We can't even see how it compose...it is already finished!

Photo 22

While Hummy is singing the Major Melody, we can see a touching reunion of Major family.

Photo 23

Bassdra: Oh~ We are saved!
Baritone: Unbelievable!!
Falsetto: I become small potato again!

Photo 24

Minor Trio: Siren-sama!!
Ellen: Wa!! You're heavy! Noisy!

Photo 25

Aphrodite: Thanks Hummy, but we need to go to backstage for a break.

Photo 26
Photo 27

Major Melody has an ability to move Otokichi and CT from Minor Land to Major Land.

Photo 28

In backstage...
Mephisto: I seems to have a nightmare...
Aphrodite: You had been slept for few eps, my dear...
Ako: Father, you should wake up!

Photo 29

I don't know Mephisto and Aphrodite has *Clamp's proportion! 
*If you had read Clamp's comic, you will notice some of Clamp's characters are very very tall!

Photo 30

Otokichi: You make me waste a lot of effort....how can I hand Aphrodite to you?
Mephisto: I'm really sorry, Father!
By the way, how you raise your daughter, Otokichi? (You are so short, but she is as tall as giant)

Photo 31

How SPC go back? by Macross Suite!

Photo 32

After FPC, we get to see "Thank you, Precure" again in SPC...

Photo 33

with Minor Trio's echo: Thank you~

Photo 34

Macross Suite land! We don't know when it is launched.

Photo 35
Photo 36

The first thing Hibiki and Kanade do after landing is seeing their families!

Photo 37

Seika: E? Today is the last ep? I remember I'm here in ep 44....

Photo 38

Waon: I seems to forget something...Ah! Next week is Smile Precure!

Photo 39

Ikemanger: It seems our duty is ended...

Photo 40

Dan: Others say that they don't know anything, but...
Maria: Um.

This phrase....Dan, you are really Ikemanger's commander!!

Photo 41

After all the reunion, the show should be ended....but SPC are waiting for "someone".

Photo 42

P-chan: Pi--(Hi! girls! I'm P-chan, P=Happy!)

Photo 43

SPC: P-chan!! Where have you been?
P-chan:P---(I need to colour my body before seeing you all!)

Photo 44

Otokichi: How come SPC are befriended with Noise!! Unbelievable!! (I understand how you feel, Otokichi)
CT: It seems SPC's speech had been powered up...to PC5 level...

Photo 45

P-chan: (hehe...I am going to pretend as SPC's pet...and waiting for the spotlight in SmPC)

Photo 46

CT: Don't worry, Otokichi. If this bird want to commit any crime, I will fry him immediately.

Photo 47

Otokichi: Oh no....Our future is still in the darkness....I can't retire yet?

Photo 48
Photo 49

This is the cinematic scene I praise in the comment section. They make use the transformation scene to change scene: to intro themselves, in future ver.

Photo 50

Kanade is still working hard in Dessert Club with Sweets Princess, in order to create a new attack for Precure NS.

Photo 51

Ellen needs to sing in the public for living...
Ellen: (When I can go back to Major Land with cat form?)

Photo 52

Ako goes to school happily with her boyfriend-Souta...together with 3 more friends.

Photo 53

Hibiki has a secret training with Dan.
By the way, why don't Dan teach her after school? there is a piano in the school as well.

Photo 54

On the concert day, all Precure candidates, together with Souta, Otokichi, those crawling Fairy tones (why only Dodori goes with Ako?) and pets are here to...
Hey! Kanade and Ako! No pets in the hall!

Photo 55

hear Hibiki's cantabile!

Photo 56

Lastly, Please listen to their last intro!
Playing the wild tone, Cure Melody!

Photo 57

Playing the graceful tone, Cure Rhythm!

Photo 58

Playing the spiritual tone, Cure Beat!

Photo 59

Playing the goddess tone, Cure Muse!

Photo 60

Suite Precure! Finale!

Next series!

Photo 61

Akane: Good News! Our show starts next week!

Photo 62

Yayoi: but we are not ready yet!

Reika: Oh! that series is finished? Finally...

Nao: Are you sure? One of us is still on her way...

Miyuki is still rushing to Toei studio!

Happy: Quick! have some make up!
SmPC: Yes!

SmPC: We are ready to go! See you next week!

Same as HCPC, we get a hand-drawn end card! I appreciate HCPC and SPC staff put effort for the last end card, they look more precious. I had seen the comparison of last end cards in all Precure series...the message usually goes with "Thank you", except YPC5. The end of YPC5 goes with "Please see us again" (because 5GG shows afterwards), and the end of 5GG is "See you again". I don't know why, but YPC5 message looks invincible...(and really, we can see them in Dx series and 3D theater...) However, I prefer original drawing (either hand-drawn or digital drawing) for last end card.

#########################################Picture Rhythm Fine###############################################

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