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Aphrodite rescue review

This is SPC ep 43 review.

Due to last ep arrangement, I am hopeless to the storyline...Even the staffs now tell me that Minor Trio are actually the 3 Knights in Major Land, it can't convince me (I don't know if you can be convinced)because this info tells me that Mephisto can brainwash others, yet Mephisto himself was brainwashed. Then you will ask "Why not?"...If yes, Falsetto doesn't need to ask Noise to brainwash Waon and Seika last ep. Ok, even though it is true that Minor Trio are Knights, why Aphrodite, Ellen, Hummy and even our Princess Ako, grandpa Otokichi can't even recognize them? they are not Warrior in outer space like Sailor Moon!(but Queen Serenity (not Usagi) knows them)

However, the most ridiculous thing is that Mephisto ignores Falsetto! He is one of the Knights! Also, Mephisto has an intention of commit suicide like Sabaku...why the fathers nowadays like to commit suicide at the end of the series?

Well, my pray for Belither last ep comes true. Why they use Belither? because they forgot to take CT along. Melody vs Falsetto is a nice try, but why Mephisto's fight looks more interesting than SPC fight? XD Anyway, the only thing I appreciate is Belither.

There is no Hibiki Story today.

All pictures are from 2ch.

Photo 62

???: I, as the Knight of Major Land, had caught Minor duo!
From this angle, I thought Falsetto disguise as woman again..

Photo 64

Aphrodite: I don't remember I had such subordinate...

Photo 65

Falsetto: Of course, because I am Falsetto!

Photo 66

Aphrodite: Darling, save me! (with smile)

Photo 67

Mephisto: Aphrodite!
This ep starts with this ridiculous kidnap.

Photo 68

Meanwhile, SPC is repairing the secret organ!

Photo 69

then SPC receive this blackmail image.

Photo 70

Mephisto: Aphrodite!!
You had shouted twice, ok?

Photo 71

but he won't forget to hug Ako! Please see how happy he is!!

Photo 72

Suddenly, Falsetto becomes Noi-chan's translator....
Falsetto: you must give your Module to us, or

Photo 73

Minor duo: Yeah!
What is this Shocker's plan...? (Shocker loves kidnapping)

Photo 74

It is like SPC asking the Fairy tone to be their shield...(how cruel...)
Fairy tone just put the Module between Falsetto and SPC.

Photo 75

Of course, these Fairy tones can't be their shield...

Photo 76

I thought they had brainwashed by Falsetto again? why they hesitate again?

Photo 77
Photo 78

Mephisto: Aphrodite, I had asked them to kneel down in front of you!

Photo 80

Aphrodite: Oh! my darling! good job!
Congrats for getting two more subordinates?

Photo 79

We should praise for Hummy for doing a great job (throwing the Module back to SPC) in these 2 eps!

Photo 81

While Major couple vs Minor duo...

Melody: Miracle Belither!
Rhythm: Fantastic Belither!

Photo 83

Beat: Lovely Guitar Rod!

Photo 84

Muse:....Cure Module!

Finally, we can see..4 of them counting beats! 1,2,3..

Photo 85

Three circles + a big bubble...Falsetto can defend CT attack, so this attack is very easy to break.

Photo 87

but Melody never give up! Full throttle go go! Melody!

Photo 88

and she die?
I wonder why others just seeing her fighting against Falsetto....

Photo 89

On the other hand, as Minor duo's former boss, their attack won't take effect on Mephisto.

Photo 90
Photo 91
Photo 92
Suddenly, Mephisto gives them these images for brainwashing them....
and why these guys just stand there and let him brainwash....

Photo 93

it seems they have no idea of that memory...
Don't create memory out of the sudden, Mephisto!

Photo 94

then he sucks their power....why Aphrodite can't purify them instead...?

Photo 95

They change back again....
Minor duo: is the director playing us? (Yes!)

Photo 96

Mephisto want to become second Sabaku....but Falsetto is still under Noise control (so-called), you can't die so soon...

Photo 97

since Minor duo change back to choir clothes again, they have to do the same thing as last ep--protecting Major side.

Photo 98

Minor duo: (sobbing) please....please don't fool with us again....

Photo 99

SPC can't bear Minor duo being fooled by director, they decide to give out their Modules.

Photo 100

Falsetto: Finally, the score is complete!
The score had already completed in ep 41...or you just want SPC Module collection?

Next ep!

Photo 101

Hibiki and Rhythm are dating?

Photo 102

Is this the miracle happened in Christmas?

Photo 103

or this one?

Photo 104

Title: Dorelado! The Miracle happens in Holy Night!
but Minor group still need to call Negatone?
By the way, what happen to Minor duo and Mephisto next ep?

Photo 105

also don't forget this cheat code: CT!

Photo 106

End card is Fairy tone's Silent Night...Merry Christmas!

#############################Picture Rhythm Fine###########################

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