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Suite Precure~Fari's Guru Guru Shuffle~ Review

This is SPC ep 41 review.

This ep is marvelous that the writer makes a main story line be filler story. The story is very simple-to stop Minor group to capture Fari. This ep also deserve as the funniest ep in this series. The involvement of town people is much better than FPC (if I am not wrong, there is town people involvement in ep 30...anyway, I can review from TV program, because FPC starts airing next week in HK). Hibiki is smart enough to use Movie as an excuse, asking the town people to help SPC protecting Fari. The fighting is excellent too (because it is "movie"?), but I am disappointed on no relationship on Fari to Rhythm. I expect to see "Come! Fari", and then how Fari struggles and goes to Fantastic Berither (we had a long time not seeing Berither...don't hide it, Toei!). Fari goes to Melody after rescue is kind of odd because Fari has more connection to Rhythm than Melody.

Despite of enjoyable story and fighting, I am concern on the sudden completion of searching notes. You know, it is only ep 41, and Minor group finish their job. Next ep is stealing Module...but we know SPC can take it back....and then Aphrodite was caught(to be confirmed)...after that Christmas, New Year...what else the enemies can do before the final battle? If Toei skips airing New Year day, SPC only have 48 eps. (It is on air on Christmas Day) For final battle, I can guess there is an ep for Baritone and Bassdra, one ep for Falsetto and last one should be Noise...The sorrowful song won't last long even Minor group sings since we have Otokichi's organ + Mephisto. Mephisto can change the note arrangement in the score. If Aphrodite is confirmed to be caught, it will be asking her to sing the score. After ep 36, the story is already distorted, and now Minor get their job done, the eps afterwards (before the final battle) is like Minor group is nothing to do.

Owing to the simple storyline, there is no Hibiki story today.

Picture Rhythm
All Pictures are from 2ch.

Photo 60

The coming movie...is not Kamen Rider, not Gokaiger, is...
Movie Suite Precure~ Fari's Guru Guru Shuffle~
Main Cast

Cutey Pretty Fairy Tone- Fari: Fari
Its happy companion: Dori, Reri, Miri, Sori, Lari, Tiri, Dodori

Pretty Cure
Cure Melody: Houjou Hibiki
Cure Rhythm: Minamino Kanade
Cure Beat: Kurokawa Ellen
Cure Muse: Shirabe Ako

Minor Trio
Evil Commander: Falsetto
Monsters x 2: Baritone & Bassdra

Shuffle helpers
Captain Waon: Nishijima Waon
Chocola's relative-Princess Sweets: Higashiyama Seika
Sun Man: Minamino Souta

Ouji Sentai Ikemanger
Ike-Prince: Ouji Masamune
Ike-Count: Hakushaku
Ike-Baron: Baron
Ike-Knight: Naito
Ike-Warrior: Kishi
Ikemanger's Commander: Houjou Dan

Special Thanks
Kanon town people

Photo 65

Synosis: The unfortunate melody is going to finish!

Photo 61

The only left note is inside Fari's body. The monster-like bad guys are chasing for Fari! We have to protect

Photo 62

Hibiki: Let's start!

Kanade: It is called "Fari is inside the shuffle of Fari" Operation, which is also called "Fari's Guru Guru Shuffle!". Before starting....

Photo 64

Kanade: Can I take a look on Ike-Prince?

Photo 66

Kanade's eye on Ouji-kun....

Photo 67

Kanade: Gya--! he is so handsome!
Hibiki: Hey~ the show is going to start....
I believe the staff had totally forgotten Ellen-Ouji line....

Photo 69Photo 70

Let's have Op first.
These pictures are the edited scene. Although I prefer Black Muse scene, this panning Beat/Muse scene can link to the last scene. Ako/Muse inserts naturally, it is good.

Photo 71

Bassdra: Ah....riding on this in winter is very cold....
I think you should put on a coat instead of blaming the tricycle.

Photo 73

Kid A: They are bad guys, aren't they?
Kid B: They must be the bad guy! They look like monsters!
Bassdra & Baritone: We look like monsters!? T^T

Photo 74

Fari: Yay~! I am the star today! I want to do "Guru Guru Shuffle" like My Melody~
Hibiki: I don't know how to do "Guru Guru Shuffle"....
Hummy: huh!
Fari: What is that face?

Photo 72

Hummy: Listen! This show is called Suite Precure. You can't perform any magic like other anime, because you are JUST Fairy tone.

Photo 76

Fari: What!? You underestimate me? I have to show you I also can do shuffle! I will ask my helpers to protect me!

Photo 75

Fari: Fairy Mark~ Guru Guru Shuffle~ Please help me, Mr. card fafa!

Photo 79

First helper: Sun Man!

Photo 77

Instant henshin!?
Souta: Henshin! Just Hero, Sun Man!

Photo 78

Bassdra: What? Sun Man?
Sun Man: I won't give this one to you!

Photo 80
Photo 84

but Sun Man is busy on protecting Ako!
Don't worry, that Fari is fake.

Photo 81

Fari's shuffle again!
Second helper: Fari
Hummy: What? yourself?
Why not? My Melo can call herself as well.

Photo 82

Fari: Fafa--Shining Circle!
Why Fari know this technique? because the other Fari(s) are other Fairy tones.

Photo 83

Fari: Come and catch me fafa!

Photo 85

Bassdra: What? wrong again?
There is a Fari's producer-Otokichi.
Otokichi: that's too bad.

Photo 86

Guru Guru Shuffle....
Third helper: Captain Waon!

Photo 90

this is the full picture.

Photo 87

Waon: Captain Waon is here!

Photo 94

Waon: Fire Strike!
Hibiki: Nice shoot! Waon!
By the way, why Waon aims Bassdra?

Photo 88

Fourth helper: Princess Sweets

Photo 89

Full picture. Are you taking this cream squeezer with you everywhere, senpai?

Photo 91

Princess Sweets: Judgement!
Bassdra & Baritone: What?
Ah....the cakes can be weapons....

Photo 92

Fifth helper: Ouji sentai Ikemanger

Photo 93

Elegant hunk, Ike-Prince!
Gorgeous hunk, Ike-Count!
Cool hunk, Ike-Baron!
Brave hunk, Ike-Knight!
Energetic hunk, Ike-Warrior!
We are Ouji Sentai! Ikemanger!

Ikemanger: Hissatsu! (必殺)Hunkalicious Rainbow Beam!

Bassdra and Baritone are striked!

Photo 96

Falsetto has to do something! He said he knows Fari's character, so he pretends to surrender.
What's Fari's character?
Fari is quite naive, and he likes to show his pride.  When he can't cross arms like others in an ep, he is very desperated....
If Falsetto surrenders, Fari usually will show up proudly.

Photo 97

See? Fari really thinks that Falsetto is regreting...

Photo 98

Falsetto just create the chance to catch Fari.

Photo 99

Hibiki: Everybody! The movie is going to be climax!

Photo 100


Photo 101

Everybody: Fari! Fari! Fari!
Fari: Fafa!

Photo 102

As Fari is thrown up, both Hibiki and Bassdra want to catch it!
Who will get Slam Dunk?
Hibiki Vs Bassdra is like Sakuragi Vs Akagi...

Photo 103


Photo 104Photo 105

You know...Sakuragi can't win Akagi...nonono...Hibiki can't win Bassdra....

Photo 106

Falsetto: You can't escape anymore.
Fari: Who say!?

Photo 107

Fari's shuffle!
Last helper: Ikemanger Commander!

Photo 108

Minor Trio: Ah~Stop!

Photo 109Photo 110

Ikemanger: Hunkalicious Orchestra!!
Fari: Fafa~

Photo 111

Kanon Town people are going too far (Falsetto's thought), so today's Negatone is also Fari.

Photo 112

You may ask why Dan get upset by this Negatone's melody, because he can stand for Negatone's music in ep 3...The reason is...this Negatone is more powerful than ep 3's. I won't be surprised he also takes the effect.

Photo 113

Dodori: This is the time for Precure!
Dodori, you purposely takes a shower after the shining circle?

Photo 114

Melody: Let's go for rescuing Fari!

Photo 115Photo 116

These are the only scenes for Precure, so they have to put more effect on the fighting! 

Photo 117

Fari: (Don't just act cool, please save me! I'm dying)

Photo 118Photo 119Photo 120Photo 121

Fari you have to wait...they have to clear fake Fari.....

Photo 122

The one who hugs Fari should be Rhythm, shouldn't she?

Photo 123

Please change the finisher....I somehow sick of this attack...(esp. this ep)

Photo 124

SPC thought they get the note back, but Noi-chan suddenly flies into the scene and steal the note!!

Melody, I support you to fry Noi-chan to fried Angry bird!

Photo 125Photo 126

Waon: Taking Movie is fun.
Seika: but when it will be aired?

It will be aired after Movie Suite Precure as a special short movie. (bullshit)

Next ep!

Photo 127

Noi-chan , you want to steal the spotlight in next ep?

Photo 128

We also know that Minor group are nothing to do that they need to do construction part-time.

Photo 129Photo 130

Finally, Seika and Waon take action to be Precure by stealing Module!!
(Please see their eyes...they are under control)

Photo 131

Title: Picon! Picon! They are aiming for Cure Module!

Photo 134

Will this situation appear next ep?

Photo 133

Minor duo: What!?

Photo 132

Seika is kidnapped!?

Falsetto: See you next week!!

############################Picture Rhythm fine#######################
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