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Smile Precure first impression

Smile Precure first impression

FYI - Smile Precure news & spoilers

Smile first impression

Smile logo

The Smile logo is very cute and pretty, although not perfect.
See my analysis and some predictions posted right before the official news -

Smile character setting

So far I'm happy with the revealed Smile character design, art style and coloring.
Smile resembles Precure 5 in all aspects, with new hair design, HeartCatch type of dresses and a revised version of the Precure 5 (first season) skirts.
I'm happier than ever that the art style and coloring are closer to PC5 than HCPC. PC5 has my #2 art style (next to Suite) and #1 dress design (1st place tie with SS).
All 5 Smile Cures look like elves to me, especially the skirts and hair accessories (they look even more like elves than HCPC). I like elf girls although only one of them is green (the natural elf color) lol~~~
I like their colorful dresses, although not as much as Suite, SS, and PC5, and arguably more preferred than FPC. The simplistic design and bright coloring look aesthetically pleasing. hopefully Smile would have less distortion than its predecessors.
Their hair weird :O well I guess it's a matter of personal taste.
They have a pretty leader who looks like Nozomi, although not as pretty as Nozomi, and her hair is really...well never mind. I actually prefer pretty leaders by the way. Given that her face is going to occupy more stage time than the rest I'd rather see a pretty face if possible ^^
Their names and incantation speeches are unconfirmed yet, but if the spoilers shall turn out to be real (see the above links) then...speechless.
The Cures look so cute although so childish. I'd call this design acceptable although not awesome (still too deep into Suite), and feel that their faces look more consistent with their bodies and dresses than the HCPC Cures, although not consistent with their supposedly-14 age.

Smile story setting

Nothing is confirmed yet, but judging from this post -
Smile story is like Splash Star cross Suite, and with some Max Heart and Fresh elements in it.
I really hope Smile comes out like Suite, with the tight development and neat organization of SS, but on the other hand having some exciting parts from FPC and HCPC.
Marchenland really sounds like a German fairy world, and Pierrot Empire really sounds like the Pierrot comedians of Paris, so I shall expect something familiar ^^
To me, this really sounds like the Palmier Kingdom versus the Nightmare, and still similar to the Cure Rose Garden versus the evil Eternal Museum.

Prediction vs. Reality

Just some of my prediction and reality ^^

(Prediction) #1: Smile Precure sounds like 100% Precure 5
Result: 100% accurate
Expectedly, Smile is a sentai closely resembling Precure 5 in all regards.
I serious felt that "Smile Precure" sounds 100% like Precure 5, and gladly see that the title is consistent with the theme.
My first Smile conjecture -

(Inference) #2: Smile has HeartCatch elements in it, according to the logo design and staff
Result: sounds accurate
The Smile logo design and staff list very much reveal its sibling relationship to HeartCatch, so I'd expect Smile to have quite some HCPC in it.

(Inference) #3: Smile has Splash Star in it, according to the logo design
Result: sort of confirmed by the latest spoiler, but not officially confirmed yet
The Smile logo design has some very close resemblance to the Splash Star logo (see
The unconfirmed story synopsis tells a similar story as Splash Star and Suite, which is also somewhat follows FPC and HCPC (see
My previous comment on the Smile logo: "'Smile' really sounds so much like Precure 5 to begin with, yet its logo hints on sparkling nature."

A bit unexpected: Smile naming is Fresh Precure style
According to a spoiler (, the Cure titles and speeches are really...not-so-impressive, and the lone mascot also has a food name (this one is even more obvious than Chiffon).


The previous draft scan turned out to be real. My first impression of this pic was that Smile was completely PC5 cross HCPC, and the art style and coloring really hurt my eyes.
I initially hoped the leaked pic wasn't real, but at least this one is acceptable (don't mention Star Age & punk SS).
The second scan has completely changed my view. It looks so much better and gives hope that the drawing style will be closer to PC5 than HCPC. I wish Smile would follow PC5 art style, but without the terrible distortion.

Very predictably, Smile is Precure 5.
After the logo and staff were confirmed, we pretty much expect HeartCatch from it.
Since the characters are already revealed, I don't have much to expect other than that they would come out great in the TV anime like the second scan but not broke like the first scan.
I very much feel that PC5 art style is the way to go, and hope they would stick with it.
I actually still hope they adjust the coloring style and make it more PC5 than HCPC (HC coloring is a bit hurting to the eye).
All of Splash Star, HeartCatch and Suite have great music, and Precure 5 is also good, so I'd expect another seaon of musical sensation ♥
Production wise, given the simplistic design, I'd hope they bring back the fiery fights of Futari wa Precure, Max Heart and HeartCatch, but without the distortion of FwPC/MH and the tough-for-the-eye art style of HCPC.
Story wise, I'd hope Smile comes out like Suite, with the tight development and neat organization of SS, but having some exciting parts from FPC and HCPC.
I seriously feel like the excellent PC5 character design got wasted in a relatively poor story so hopefully this time they bring in a great story like Suite.
Since it's a larger team, and it probably follows PC5 and HCPC pattern, I'd expect the story to be crowded and expressive, so some of the HCPC excitement shall be there, and with all the deficiencies in HCPC fixed in Smile.
With such a large team, I don't expect much one-to-one close friendship between two girls, or at least not going to see it frequently.
I still love duos and appreciate the depth and development of FwPC and SS, but I guess kids probably prefer a larger crowd and colorful team.
I love stars and sparkles and I can see them in the Smile logo, so hopefully Smile would show more of these, and, if possible, bring back my beloved dancing aura battlers and Super Saiyan Cures!!! LOL~
Cure Decor really feels so much like HCPC Precure Seeds so maybe they really use HCPC-alike moves, but I'd still prefer Suite type of specials (especially Cure Muse ♥).
The leader looks pretty and cheerful (although with sort-of-bad hair). I'd hope she's always smiling and in top form! I hope that her civilian form is also cute and pretty.
Marchenland versus Pierrot Empire is Palmier versus Nightmare, and I like the familar theme, although the Greco-Roman theme of Suite is still my favorite (the storyline of Suite is actually more Roman than Greek and more incidental than fatalistic), and the seemingly Nordic and Chinese theme of Splash Star has an equal share of my favor.

Taking its predecessors as role models, I hope Smile would have the neat and pleasant art style and coloring like Suite and PC5, pretty dresses like 5Gogo and Fresh, a great story like Suite and SS, nice actions and pretty fights, fantastic special attacks like Precure 5 and Suite, sparkling animation like SS/HCPC/SPC, etc. etc. (this list never ends)

So this is my first impresson for Smile Precure.
Mind sharing yours here? ^^

Please share your thoughts even if you didn't read the long review. thanks!

ps. I changed it back to public.

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