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Precure Logos

All Precure logos so far

As the Smile logo has been officially revealed, at the end of this post is the Precure logo bouquet.

A Little Analysis

Most have a heart as the small circle on the プ(pu) sound.
Precure 5 (both seasons) uses a pink butterfly.
Suite Precure uses a solid circle, possibly to symbolize a whole note.

The true duos have 'Futari wa' ('we two are') in front of 'Precure', and no extra marks or symbols in their titles.
The rest don't bear the 'Futari wa' phrase any more, but they all have an exclamation mark (!) in their titles, except for Suite, which has a musical (half) note symbol in its title.
Precure 5 seems to have replaced 'Futari wa' with 'Yes!', so it's the only series with Yes! at the front.

Staring with Fresh Precure!, the title starts to spell as 'XXX Precure' instead of 'Precure XXX'.
The official romanization of 'Precure' was 'Pretty Cure' until HeartCatch, which officially spells 'Precure' and thereafter.

5, Fresh, Suite and Smile are one-word additions to 'Precure'.
Max Heart, Splash Star, and HeartCatch contain two words.
'5 GoGo' could be read as '5 GoGo' or '5 Go Go', so it's ambiguous.

Both Max Heart and Splash Star have a large background graphic on the signature word. MH has a large golden heart behind 'Max Heart'. SS has a large golden bluish star behind 'Splash Star'.
The 'Futari wa' word ends with two kissing hearts to symbolize harmony of two hearts, which implies that the Cures are duos who love each other.
Max Heart uses golden color for 'Precure' and pink for 'Max Heart'; 'Splash Star' is the exact opposite.
The white heart is always on top of the black heart for MH, while the golden color is always on top of the blue color for SS.

The golden and bluish colors on the Splash Star logo are the image (and aura) colors of Cure Bloom and Cure Egret. I suspect they would use yellow-green and pink if SS shall have a sequel to symbolize Cure Bright and Cure Windy (and that leaves Bright the only leader with no pink at all).
Applying the same concept to Smile, if Smile shall be a sentai, then the leader would dominate half of the show given that the whole word 'Precure' is pink while the 'Smile' word is in rainbow colors.

All more or less has the seasonal themes directly embedded in the logo graphics, but Precure 5 might be the most obvious one while the logos of Futari wa Precure and HeartCatch don't seem to have direct relation to their respective themes.
I'd expect the same situation as Precure for Smile.

Staring with Fresh, the logo contains the image colors of the four Cures in the exclamation mark, except for Suite, which directly relates only to the pink and white of the two human Cures.
If this applies to Smile, then Smile is definitely a sentai.

Both HeartCatch and Suite have whole-width background graphics, while Smile has an overhead rainbow arch.
Both HeartCatch and Smile have a heart as the exclamation mark.
The Smile exclamation mark contains a bow and wing, so we might really see the these on the girls (doesn't matter it's on the hair accessories or dresses).

Both Splash Star and Smile use very soft font faces, both have a significant amoung of pink and golden colors, and both look sparkling and have glassy and metallic texture.
The font faces for the romanization 'Smile Precure' is actually closer to the Futari wa 'Pretty Cure' than the rest. I'd hope they return me a true duo though.

In the Smile Precure logo,

the 'Smile' word uses the same gradient style as the HeartCatch logo.
the 'Precure' word uses almost exactly the same coloring scheme and texture pattern as the Splash Star logo, except that SS uses horizontal fringes while Smile uses slanted fringes.
the 'Smile Precure' romanization looks larger than most, although not as large as Max Heart and Splash Star (which did not carry 'Precure' in English).
Smile is the first true rainbow logo featuring all of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and pink.

The Conclusion

My first impression tells me that the Smile logo looks like a recolored HeartCatch logo with Splash Star fonts, patterns and sparkles.
Judging from the logo design, Smile is truly very much Splash Star and HeartCatch.

Purely Personal

How I feel about the Smile logo

So far the Smile logo looks very pretty and colorful, and the coloring style is magificent.
As per the overall design and coloring scheme, I'd prefer Precure 5 Gogo and HeartCatch.
For the coloring style and sparkling effects, I'd prefer Splash Star and Smile.
I like the Smile font faces, decorative design and the glassy coloring, but feeling the rainbow colors are a bit too much to the eye (and to me they do clash). I especially like the pink bow although the flat angel wing is a bit off from the rest of the word, which is pink and mirror-ish.
The left word has a rainbow gradient that looks flat and painty while the right word has a mirror-ish pattern all in pink. To me this is a bit inconsistent and clashing, although not as obvious as the MH and SS logos.

What I wish from Smile (short version)

Neat and pleasant art style and coloring like Suite, pretty dresses like 5Gogo and Fresh, pretty colors like 5 Gogo, a great story like Suite and SS, nice actions and pretty fights, fantastic special attacks like Precure 5 and Suite, sparkling animation like SS/HCPC/SPC, etc. etc. (this list never ends)
'Smile' really sounds so much like Precure 5 to begin with, yet its logo hints on sparkling nature. I wish a true duo would return so I could see them dating again (...).
And, finally,
A pretty and cheerful leader who's always smiling and beloved (Hibiki, Saki and Mai combined?) and she must remain cute and pretty before and after she transforms.
This has been a long-awaited one, since Precure doesn't tend to have pretty leaders and they can look good only in one form but not the other.

So what's your thoughts on the logo designs?

What are your wishes for Smile?

Poll: Which is your favorite logo so far?

Poll #1799607 Which is your favorite logo so far?

Which is your favorite logo so far?

Futari wa Precure
Futari wa Precure Max Heart
Futari wa Precure Splash Star
Yes! Precure 5
Yes! Precure 5 Gogo
Fresh Precure!
HeartCatch Precure!
Suite Precure
Smile Precure!

All Precure Logos

All Precure logos

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