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Angry bird review finale

This is SPC ep 40 review.

It is mainly about Ako's feeling to Otokichi, but the side story links to the main one tactfully. In last ep, I had worried about there is no goal for both SPC and minor group, then they break the situation this week by revealing Noi-chan=Noise. I thought Noi-chan will stay until ep 45.. I am quite impressed in how Hibiki discovers Noi-chan, because she shows us by actual proofs, unlike Otokichi and CT, just by feeling. The part where whether Ako believes in Noi-chan is awkward since she didn't develop the close relationship with Noi-chan. She just meet it two weeks ago. We haven't see how close they are, it had been revealed. This scene would be more convincing if Noi-chan stay longer.

Besides Noi-chan, Ako's description with Souta and reappearance of Ouji-kun are two of the highlight in this ep. However, the fight is too short and badly done.(just shining circle and CT attack) One of the mystery is Falsetto know Noi-chan hiding in spc place for a long time, but two eps ago he is urging to find Noise. Another mystery is the organ. Noi-chan makes the pipe fall, but Hibiki still can play it. (she should play piano instead)

Hibiki story

1. Ako's Melachogy-by seeing parent-children scene, she miss her parents. Otokichi is her guardian since she is in human world. Souta always take care of her, so she won't feel lonely.

2. Souta sense Otokichi's danger?-Souta knows that Otokichi fetches Ako in raining days. If he doesn't fetch her, he may meet accident or has something on.

3. Proofing Noi-chan- how we know Noi-chan is Noise?
a. witness: Otokichi
b. dropping nail
c. he suffers when hibiki play a song
d. CT can't read its heart

#####################hibiki story fine##############

Picture Rhythm

all pictures are from 2ch.

Photo 49
Photo 50

seeing fetching scene, Ako thinks of her parents again

Photo 51

Souta: here you are, Ako!
Souta, you make use of raining to date her?

Photo 52

but Ako chooses to run away.

Photo 53

Otokichi fetches her in the right time! She just run away from her boyfriend!

Photo 56

today is movie op as well. um....is the boss Salamander's relative?

Photo 59

and what is this yuri coupling movie? Hibiki/Melody completely like a prince! The continuation of DX3 coupling?

Photo 55

Noi-chan: (wake up!)

Photo 54

Ako: (what a nightmare! I don't have much staging in this op...)
Another nightmare is you are the first cure woken up by villain boss.

Photo 60

Moving to Minor group, there are many notes bottles! According to
Falsetto, Noise collects these notes. Wait! I thought there is a setting
that Noise can make the notes disappear or absorb the notes for his own
in ep 39...why it puts them into bottles and gives them to minor group?
Now minor group is completely in winning team!

Photo 61
Photo 62

Noi-chan: (shut up!)
you know those fairy tones are timid, even Noi-chan haven't use any power, they are already scared.

Photo 63
Photo 64

Meanwhile, Kanade is looking at the character we had not seen for a long time-Ouji-kun. He come out only for Ikemen beam.

Photo 65

I know Hibiki feel nothing for Ouji, but why Ellen stares at him like looking at an enemy?

Photo 66

Otokichi is always with her.Even in parents' day...

Photo 67
Photo 68

in sports day!

Photo 69
Photo 70

when Ako has homesick, Otokichi will be here at once

Photo 72

Otokichu is singing "Sercetive Ako-chan" now because he is going to fetch Ako-chan~

Old Magical girl Anime: Himitsu no Akko -chan

Photo 71

but Noi-chan dislikes this song, it even exposes its magic to stop him singing!

Luckily, spc is there at once, or else Ako has to visit Otokichi in hostipal!

Photo 74

Hibiki: hi, Noi-chan..
Noi-chan: (Stop calling me like that!)

Photo 75

Otokichi: he is Noise!
Hibiki: how do you know?
Otokichi: because Angry bird won't appear in Precure series.

Photo 76

Noi-chan: (I am not angry bird!)

Photo 77Photo 78

SPC can't just believe Otokichi's word, so they take Noi-chan for body check.
CT: I can't read its heart.
CT, you have the ability of reading others' heart?

Photo 79Photo 80

Noi-chan thinks that his identity hasn't reveal, but unfortunately, he is so careless that he drops a nail.
Noi-chan: (oh no!)

Photo 81
Photo 82

To prove that Noi-chan is Noise, Hibiki plays piano.
Noi-chan: (stop it! I don't want to hear)

Photo 83Photo 84

Ako: Noi-chan.
Noi-chan: ( they bully me! help me!)
Don't try to act cute, Noise!

Photo 85


Photo 86

Ako: I believe my grandpa!
of course! He is your relative!

Photo 87


Photo 88

Minor group fetch it at the right time,

Photo 89

and do their usual job-summoning Negatone.

Photo 90Photo 91Photo 92

Noi-chan makes noise to show the power of noise.(what is this pun?)

Photo 93

Noi-chan also doesn't forget to revenge spc.
Noi-chan: (let you suffer what you had done to me just now!)

Photo 95Photo 96

Spc don't have the time to play with Negatone, so they use shining circle and CT attack to finish it.

Photo 97

SPC: don't run away!

Photo 98

but Minor group already flee away.

Photo 99

have a two shot of grandparent-child to end this ep.

Next ep!

Photo 100

Kanade, are you looking at Hiiragi like this one?

a two shot with Hiiragi and Dream.

Photo 102

According to Kanade's melting face, we know that we will see Ouji-kun again.

Photo 103Photo 104

Fari spreads everywhere, even Negatone is Fari....

Photo 101Photo 105

Real Fari and Sun man have to do something about it.

Photo 106

Title: FaFa~I won't let you get the last note!

Photo 107

The end card is ...who is real Fari?
##################picture rhythm fine#################
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