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Angry bird review part 2

This is SPC ep 39 review.

To be honest, what I expect for these recent eps are fighting scene and Ako-chan only…so does this ep wants to tell us is why the notes disappear. This setting (disappearing notes) has a great conflict to the series. It is because both SPC and minor group are collecting notes, and this Noi-chan comes and takes the notes away! Then why the Minor group need to collect notes? Since the last boss himself can collect by his own easily! Those guys are done for your own sake!
Noi-chan: I never ask them to do that for me….
Can you hear it? Minor group! You can take a break now!
The problem here is there is no goal for both SPC and Minor group (once they collect, Noi-chan will eat them) Minor group still have two pages of score, but SPC didn't have any music piece! FPC don’t have anything to collect; their aim is to stop Labyrinth to collect juice, so we don’t feel they are in the losing position.
However, SPC never successfully get any short music piece, they are in the losing position! In FwPc to Pc5 series, PC are in winning position, but we don’t feel that the villain are losing. They keep waiting for the chance to win. In SS, the villain are in winning position, they change to losing position because of SS. In both FwPc and Pc5, the villain get the chance to win near to the end, then PC have to think of solutions for changing the situation. Although Minor group members are decreasing, they get something. SPC side is powerful (Mephisto also at their side), but they get nothing. I mean those Fairy tone’s work are in vain.
According to this situation, Minor group can’t complete the score, SPC never get any notes, and Noise becomes the third side. SPC is supposed to fight against Noise, not Minor group. Fighting against Minor group becomes meaningless.
The story is simple but boring (except Muse’s (black) body reveal). The fighting scene is gradually intense due to Minor duo involvement, yet it is not as exciting as last ep. The pairing cooperation (Beat and Muse are playing hide-and–seek with Minor duo, Melody and Rhythm are playing soccer game with Negatone.)
Recently, we always see CT attack. I somehow miss Berither attacks…
The storyline had been told above, so there is no Hibiki Story today.

Picture Rhythm

All pictures are from 2ch.

Photo 70

Today it begins with..Noi-chan's shout!
Noi-chan: (I will get all the notes!!!)

Photo 71

Hummy: ......The notes are lost!!!
She is so shocked that her face is distorted..

Photo 73

Still Movie op for today. We have Mephisto's punch (Mephisto also wants to be Precure?) and Aphrodite's blush (Ano...can you do it offscreen XD?)
Photo 75

Back to the ep, Minor duo are still worried about their appearance (esp Baritone...)

Photo 74

I don't know Minor duo are so huge....(I thought they are at the same size as Falsetto...)
Minor duo: What's up, Falsetto?
Falsetto: Please see here.

Photo 76

Falsetto: Where is my Suite Precure Op score!? We only have Bi Guilty which we had collected last time!!

Photo 78

Bassdra: What?
Baritone: How come? Downloading SPC Op is so difficult...
Don't worry, you can buy it here if you want:
It costs 315 yen. (Don't let Noi-chan know)

Photo 82

In order to collect more notes, they ask Otokichi to play organ like ep 18.
Otokichi: but it will be multi-bladed sword.

Photo 80

Hibiki: multi-bladed sword?
Ellen: Let's see...multi-bladed sword...multi-bladed sword...

What is multi-bladed sword? Since it is Chinese word, I can understand the meaning on the surface.
Sword is a weapon, it can hurt others, but it also can hurt ourselves. In this situation, SPC can get many notes from Otokichi's organ. At the same time, Minor group can collect many notes using the same way. SPC may lose due to this method. The degree of losing is the same as getting injury by many knives (multiple blades)

Photo 81

SPC: but please....
Otokichi: um....

Muse: Ojii-chan, O.ne.ga.i?

Photo 83

Otokichi: Ha....

Photo 84

Your action is so fast!!
Anyway, he promises to play organ.

Photo 85

SPC catch notes like catching insects...

Photo 86

On the other hand, Falsetto collects notes like vacuum cleaner.

Photo 87

Ako: um....
She is too short to catch the notes...

Photo 93

Ellen:  Leave it to me for higher place.

Photo 88

Ako: Huh! (So What? I have a secret weapon!)

Photo 94

This secret weapon can increase her height! What is this?

Photo 89

Ako: I am Ok for higher place as well!
Ellen: is it the boot you wear when your are Black Muse?
Even she wear high heel boots during Black Muse period, it is not these boots. Also, it is weird for Ako taking out the boots from Doraemon's pocket.
Actually, this boots can't make her be the same height as Ellen.

Photo 90

Hibiki: She really hates to lose.
but I am more concern on how she moves with this boots. It seems she can't move properly with the boots, how can she fight with high heel shoes? Even Toei reveals Black Muse body secret, it still can't fill the setting hole. Additionally, how she get the money to buy this kind of shoes? (it is expensive, isn't it?) I don't believe parents let their child wear this kind of boots...(except a mother in Crayon Shin-chan, who wears high heel shoes)

Photo 92

Noi-chan: P--(Come here, notes....)
Purple note: (No!)

Photo 95

What is this frog? Negatone? Hoshiina? Desertrian? Nakewameke?
Bassdra: I am not a monster!!
but you looks like the monster...

Photo 96

The real Negatone is here! Rouge should be here!

Photo 97

Hearing other Precure will involve...
SPC: We won't give away! (our heroine positions)

Photo 98
Photo 99

However, in the fight, SPC is not fighting against Negatone.
Melody & Beat Vs Bassdra
Rhythm & Muse (so-called sister team) Vs Baritone

Photo 100

Falsetto: Haha!! you are like losing dogs!! Uh? Hey! Don't ignore me!
SPC is discussing their counterattacks..who cares of your tease?

Photo 101

SPC: Oh!!
You guys are not playing baseball...

Photo 102

What is SPC's counterattack?
A. Playing hide-and-seek
Muse: Come and Catch me~!
Baritone: I won't let you go~!
Luckily, Souta is not there.

Photo 103

Muse: Don't make this misunderstanding!
Ok. Beat and Muse make Baritone and Bassdra hit each other. (What a childish strategy..but it works)

Photo 104Photo 105

On the other hand, Melody and Rhythm are performing their soccer skill.
Rhythm should join soccer team as well XD
Their strategy level is way higher than another PC pair.

Photo 106

No matter how exciting the counterattack is, they still have to end it with CT attack, for the sake of the Healing box.

Photo 107Photo 108

Muse takes back the notes, Fairy tones collect them with joy. SPC has a big victory!

Photo 109

To prevent losing notes, all tones have to wear this fireman hood.

Photo 110

but they don't know Noi-chan use clock up to steal notes!

Photo 111

Dori: Oh No! The notes disappear again!!

Photo 112

Noi-chan: (Hehe...The plan goes well...)

Next ep!

Photo 113

Ako in PE costumes! but this is not the main point...

Photo 114

The main point is she has homesick, while she didn't notice that she is more fortunate than Karen. (She can go back to Major land anytime...+

Photo 115

Otokichi is living with her)

Photo 116

Title: Rururu~ Raining sound is playing for Muse!

Photo 117

End card is family photo....with a big Ako.

#################################Picture Rhythm fine############################

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