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Halloween review

This is SPC ep 37 review.

Firstly, Happy Halloween!

This picture has more Halloween feel than this ep.

The main thing we should focus on this ep is not Halloween, it is Muse attacks and group transformation. The animation is good as usual. Since they can make Beat transform with Melody and Rhythm together, so does Muse. For the group pose, as Muse is short enough, so she bends into the group well by putting her in front of Melody.

About the attack, my first thought is ...they are quite lazy for her weapon. What we see her piano attack previously is family attack (i.e. any of major family members can use, like Otokichi.). However, from her attack,it can be confirmed that she is defensive Precure. Oh yes, what she use for her attack? it is Cure Module. You may ask why Melody, Rhythm and Beat have their weapons, whereas she doesn't have... In commercial wise, starting from 5GG, they usually promote two weapons only, such as Cure Fleur & Milky Palette, Cure Stick & Passion Harp, Flower Tact & Shiny Tambourine, and now Berither and Lovely Guitar. Hence, Muse use Cure Module, the only item can put Tiri in.
If she has a weapon, hers may be a small organ/piano. Perhaps they think that Module can represent as a small organ. However, there will cause a problem for Cure Module. Melody, Rhythm and Beat's Module only can use as if Heart Purfume(their original setting is like this), suddenly Muse can use it as attack...since she can use as attack, the other three should have the same function, shouldn't they?

I am quite appreciated on her shadow star attack(although it looks like LCGF), but the finisher...is Lemonade Flash/Shining in music version. We had seen Lemonade Flash in sunflower version, now it is music ver., so next series...smiling face ver.(I had heard next series is called Smile Precure...about the short form of that series, that's easy- =)PC)

The story is divided into three parts- Otokichi history with Noise, Mephisto's love of Ako, Ako's experience in Halloween. Ako is another Tsuntere(well, four of them are tsuntere). We know her from the beginning, this ep is just a recap. That Otokichi history...looks like an additional setting for Noise. I find it is not logical for sucking peoples' sadness power because this series is unlike Fresh, telling us that they make people unfortunate for Fuko juice in the beginning. Their initial setting is making the people in the world sad only. Moreover, Noise has an ability to make the notes disappear (from what I heard,Noise can suck all the notes in different world), then why Minor Trio collect the notes for, from ep 1 until now? Also, Falsetto now doesn't require Baritone and Bassdra to collect notes for him. For the purpose of building that big organ, I expected he uses for defeating Noise since I knew he belonged to Major family last ep. Mephisto's love of Ako...well, in the beginning, I found him comical like Bunbee, but I couldn't see he is so crazy of daughter (Loli)...anyway, after this ep, there is none of his business until the end of the series.

Regarding to the fight, apart from Muse's performance, I can't see Minor Trio really power up. Baritone and Bassdra has nothing to do after being monsters. Falsetto can defend from CT attack, but he can't defend from PH? It looks weird! Previously, Golem was defeated by PH (because they don't have fairy tones, they have to use this attack.). Few eps ago, Mephisto can defend from PH, but he can't defend from CT. I remembered I had commented that he is too weak as a king. Now Falsetto can't even defend from PH...it means PH>CT!? then why SPC need the Healing Box? I know this ep is for Muse attack, but they should not show CT attack before Muse attack. (or CT attack should not appear in this ep)

Story wise...because their setting now is almost different from the beginning...I just want to know how they end the series with Minor Trio + Noise...and Ouji-kun...it had been a long time not seeing him. The fight today is worse than Beat's introduction.

There is an issue I would like to discuss is the storyline after adding new members.

In FwPC series and PC5, there is no such problem because the member are fixed to the end of the series. Luminous is added in MH, but they introduce her in the beginning of the series. They provide enough space for her development.

In 5GG, Milky Rose is added in ep 10, but Milky Rose=Milk, so after her identity is revealed, the story won't be affected. The story still goes with
Pc5 find 4 kings>go to Cure Rose Garden>accept Flora's offer.
The enemy always want to have Rose Pad and Cure Rose Garden.
The only setting change is Monblanc's rank, from Prince to King.

Starting from FPC, the new members usually appears in ep 23-24.
In FPC, after Passion joins in, they spend many eps to describe her...which doesn't affect the main storyline. Labyrinth still collect Fuko juice, however, since FPC never make the juice drip away, Labyrinth can finish the task earlier than expected.

At first, the storyline goes...FPC prevent the FUKO gauge full>The enemy make the gauge full at the end of the series>Get the infinity>the world is in danger
In ep 35, the enemy complete the task too early. Hence, the storyline becomes.... FPC and Labyrinth strive for Chiffon>Get the infinity>the world is in danger
They put one more step here, so that the series can stretch to ep 40+

In HCPC, because Moonlight is leading the whole story, as long as Moonlight is there, the storyline won't out of the topic.
It goes..Moonlight was defeated by DA>Moonlight can't be Precure> other Precure appears to encourage her fighting against DA> Moonlight & others duet with DA
Moonlight line is fixed, but Coupe and Dune line are lost. Coupe, so-called Zetsubou II, after ep 13, he never appears until ep 32. Ep 27 is a clue for Zetsubou II's identity. Some of you may disagree, but I can feel that Zetsubou II=Coupe is the setting they add after the series starts. If this setting is already there in the beginning, they can still make him appears between ep 14-31. Dune...his setting is quite rush, esp the last ep...we can only know what he hate in the comic version...Sabaku=Yuri's father I believe it is set in the beginning, but his past seems to be an additional setting due to the appearance of movie characters.

and SPC now, in the beginning, the story goes...SPC and Minor group strive for notes> complete the score>sing the song>the world is in danger. However, after Muse joins in, the story becomes...SPC prevent Minor group collecting the sadness power>wake Noise up> the world is in danger>Otokichi's organ vs Noise

What I want to say is that after 5GG, they tend to create additional settings when the new members join in. Among three recent series, only HCPC keeps the main storyline (without additional settings, those additional settings like Coupe, Precure Palace, Dune won't affect the main line) from the beginning to the end.

Next series, =)PC, I really hope that they plan the whole story wisely.

Hibiki story

1. Otokichi history-It is about Otokichi's brave warrior legend. XD What he does is the same as Cure Flower. The difference is Otokichi successfully seal Noise into a stone. (but how Minor group find that stone?*A*) He also can use the attack, which is the same as Muse. Both Ako and Otokichi can use piano attack, i.e. Aphrodite also can use. (but I don't know if Mephisto can)

2. Mephisto's apology and his love of Ako- Knowing his crime in the past, he feel guilty (Be Guilty?). He apologize to all family members (but mainly to Otokichi). On the other hand, he wants Ako to be back to Major Land, Ako intends to stay. SPC volunteer themselves to be Ako's guardian (Otokichi is already her guardian...), so Mephisto let Ako stay in the human world without worries. According to last ep, we know that he is so-called silly father. He loves his daughter very much. Ako knows about this, but sometimes he goes too far (like the echoic phrase"very very cute Ako"), making her embarrass.

3. Minor Trio power up- Falsetto had been "powered up" (his case can be called Chara Nari)in last ep; Baritone and Bassdra also can power up...but they have to sacrifice their beautiful faces..(Bassdra's can't say beautiful, but he has a viewable look)However, we can't see their new power in this ep. Falsetto's new ability is using his voice to disturb SPC CT attack.

4. Souta x Ako- Finally, this pair is proved. Please see Picture Rhythm for details.

5. Muse attacks- Her weapon is Cure Module. The attack name are Precure Shining Circle and Sparkling Shower. She also can do CT attack with others.

#############################Hibiki Story fine################################

Picture Rhythm

Most of the pictures are from 2ch.

Photo 54

The first shocking scene should be this one- meeting parent! Souta (Ako's boyfriend) meet Mephisto (Ako's father)! When you meet Sousuke (Souta's Dad), Ako? XD

Photo 55

This kind of Yuri play can't be omitted in the movie.

Photo 56

Beat Vs Nuts II?

Photo 57

This scene...is almost the same as the Dessert Queen in 5GG movie.

Photo 58

Let us review Minor Trio in the past...

Photo 59
Photo 60

and now they still argue for leader position...by the way, when they collect notes again?

Photo 61
Photo 62

Falsetto: the leader is me.
His power can press them down, they can't argue for leader anymore.

Photo 63

Falsetto is also aesthetic, he doesn't allow his subordinate more beautiful than him.

Photo 64

Baritone:....my beautiful face.....

Although they always quarrel for leader, when Bassdra is in danger, Baritone will save him. What an Ikemen!

Photo 65

Falsetto, beware of that stone =p

Photo 66

Meanwhile, SPC has a discussion on the current situation...(we also want to know)

Photo 75

Hummy and fairy tone prepares (and eats) snacks while listening..we should do the same thing.
(When I watch this ep, I am eating my breakfast)

Photo 68

This is old man story time.
Otokichi: Once upon a time (when?), when Major land is invaded...

Photo 69

What? this Godzilla shadow is Noise...? Please have a better look at the end of the series.

Photo 70

I thought I am watching SPC movie ad...

Photo 71
Photo 72

Ako can use, so does Otokichi! This series is the first series having
human warrior! FwPC also has a warrior, but he is a mascot.

Photo 73

Otokichi: I manage to seal Noise.

My concern is how you deal with this huge stone in the past. How can you let other discover this stone?

Photo 74

According to Otokichi, Negatone makes the people in order to produce the sad energy to Noise.
What is this FPC+Wedding Peach setting?
If so, please tell us in the first place!

Photo 76

This is the organ (secret weapon) Otokichi build over 30 eps....it is ready to play.

Photo 77

Actually, Major couple are listening to this old man story as well.
To be responsible as a Major king, firstly he has to apologize...

Photo 78

and then he promise to protect Major Land from Noise....

Photo 79

However, when Ako appears on the mirror, Mephisto become silly father...

Photo 80

Mephisto is worried about Ako staying in the human world.
Don't worry! SPC Trio already treat her as little sister.

Photo 81

Mephisto: Please take care my very cute Ako, very cute Ako, very cute Ako...(infinite)
SPC: Roger!

Photo 82

To adapt into human world, the first festival she should know today is Halloween!

In this ep, Ako can act as princess without telling others her identity.
Mephisto will be crazy when he see Ako like this.

Photo 83

Souta is stunned for her appearance...(blush as well)

Photo 84

Kanade: Um~Souta, you like Ako?
Souta Who say!?
Ellen: You are blushed!

Photo 85

Ako is also blushed. Souta x Ako is proved!

Photo 86

On another moment, Souta's rival XD appears! He cosplays Ako's prince!

Photo 87

Westar: This is called romance....
Nameke: (node) (node)

Photo 88

Being comment on Minor Duo's appearance as disguise...
Minor Duo: This is not DISGUISE!!T^T (We also hope our face now is only a disguise...)

Photo 89

Pumpkin Negatone! Expected...

Photo 90

A line up of their cosplay....

Hibiki-Gokai-red (human form)
Ako-Sister Princess
Kanade- Ojamajo Urara, this one:

Nostaglic, right?

Photo 91

Expectedly, we can see 4 cure transformation today. Ako has to stand more to center because she is too short. There is one thing I have to point out, she doesn't wear glasses before henshin.

Photo 92

This earing scene must be included.

Photo 93

This group pose looks better than individual for Muse...but she give me Chibimoon feel.

Photo 94

Don't misunderstand this scene, she is not promoting Cure Module...

Photo 95
Photo 96
Photo 97

This attack is called Shining circle. Why it is called circle, not star?Creating 4 more shadows and form a star platform to freeze the enemy, is a nice magical attack, but it is nothing to do with music (unlike Beat sonic)

Photo 98

What is Muse eating?

Photo 99

Melody: Yes, it is Melody Candy. (The candy is given by Melody, so it is called Melody Candy)
Melody Candy?

This one?

If human who is not summoned by My Melo and eat this candy, they will faint. (because it is too sweet)

Photo 100

but it won't be affected to Major Princess.
See, she can even use CT attack with SPC.

Photo 101

Falsetto: Listen to my song!!
His singing voice had been powered up that..

Photo 102

It cause uncomfort to SPC...
Rhythm: This is Unfortunate Melody?
No, it is just his singing voice.

Photo 103

What? the first CT attack 4 cure ver. is failed?

Photo 104

SPC: Don't worry! Passionato Harmony!!
but I am worried...
Can't you use weapon attack?
and Falsetto can't defend....

Another Open heart? Muse, you really watch anime too much....

I don't know what she form the circle for, since this circle is not musical rondo..

She is blowing something...before next picture, I notice of her inner hair. It seems a long wig cover her short hair...(so Muse herself is also a cosplay?)

Blowing Bubbles?

Look carefully, they are notes!
So-called Sparkling Shower is just another Lemonade Flash in music ver.

Her attack is not musical rondo, but she throws out notes, she need to count beat as well.

10! 10! 10!
nice turn!

Yet it is a bad example for children- you should not stand in front of the explosion (Rhythm's walk away is a better option for kid Precure)

If we want to know more about Muse, ask Dodori.
Muse: Don't voice out my feeling without my permission!!

Next ep!

Falsetto also has this funny face?

What is this Syrup+Angry Bird creature?

Title: PachiPachiPachi! Mysterious encounter is a new start!

6th Nov...what a important day... it is Otokichi's birthday, as well as a voting day for Hong Kong District Council...

#################################Picture Rhythm fine##################################

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