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School Day Review

This is spc ep 28 review.

Firstly, I have to congrats to those guessing the mysterious voice is crescendo tone. I had underestimated this role...may be...but from the voice itself, she doesn't sound like a tone...you know, fairy tone has accent like dodo..rere...mimi etc. So this is adult tone!? And she only know to call Hibiki...calling precure is more appropiate,I would say..anyway, since she is the tone, her role is more than just powering Precure up...then Ako still can be the candidate of cure muse?

About the ep, I miss the first 6 minutes, but I think it won't affect the review. The main story is how Ellen intro herself in the school...quite exaggrate but thinking Ellen acting like this...Setsuna is too normalXD! Milk is too clever! XD However, I like the side story more than the main. The side story is where fairy tone trying to get back the notes. Bassdra become the leader again....so disappointed...

For the fight, muse is active again! She needs to come out and clarify she is not the voice xD due to the side story, fairy tones can't use, so it ends with passionato harmony (long time no see, this invincible GL attack!). What the minor group power up for? Even passionato harmony can defeat the power up negatone! Next ep, we have 3 cure ver. Of passionato harmony.

Hibiki story

1. Fairy tones- they are caught by Bassdra's trap. Their notes are stolen and they don't have the energy to help spc casting musical rondo.

2. Mysterious voice-it is crescendo tone, and she asks spc to go to major land for that healing box.

3. Ellen as a student- the day before her school day, spc told her the school culture and how to intro herself.
The school culture are:
Normally, the school schedule goes-assembly>lesson>recess>lesson>lunch>lesson>club/dismiss
Remember to bring lunch box for lunch.
Annually, school will have these events:
Sports fesitval
Cultural festival
School trip

For more details, Ellen, you should play tokimeki memorial girl side. It will tell you everything about jap school system.

How to intro yourself:
A. Say out your name loudly
B. Write your name on the blackboard which others can see.
C. Tell others more about yourself, like hobbies and interest.

4. Today's finisher-muse attack and passionato harmony.

###########hibiki story fine########

Photo 82

Today it begins with…catching Beetles!  For holiday homework…

Photo 84

Erika: this week is the end of summer vacation? It’s weird…
Be awake, Erika!

Photo 83

Our Fairy tones are also like Erika in vacation XDD
They are tired due to their activities in previous eps.

Photo 85

but they want to work hard to get back the notes.

Photo 86

Meanwhile, Hibiki thinks of asking her dad to let Ellen enroll...
Kanade: (but Houjou sensei is just a music teacher...)

Photo 87

Otokichi prepares the uniform and bag for Ellen,
so the house and garments are really sponsored by him?
How he know her size...?

Photo 88

Bassdra has to retrieve his leader position by the following strategy.
Falsetto & Baritone faces seem not to believe him thinking of good idea.

Photo 89
Photo 90

His strategy is very simple, using the notes to lure SPC.

Photo 91

Falsetto & Baritone: Good strategy~
Is it from your heart?

Photo 92

On the other hand, Ellen has to memo the routine of school days.
Ellen: Lesson...Lunch...lesson...club...

The following are the ideal school festival for Kanade:

Photo 93

Cultural fesival: Kanade is Princess and Ouji is Prince (not Mint?XDD)..
very cruel! asking her friend to be a tree!

Photo 94

School Trip: Kanade is in healthy mode, but Hibiki is going to be exhausted

Photo 95

Sports Fesitval: Kanade wins the first place!
Why Hibiki is not in the scene? because if she is there, Kanade's dream can't come true...

Photo 96

and Hammy demonstrate her introduction to Ellen.

Hammy: Nice to meet you. Hammy's name is Hammy nya.
Ellen: Hammy's name is Hammy nya...
don't need to take note word by word...

Photo 97

Then Hammy mentions Kanade's paw maniac.
Kanade: Hey!!!
Ellen: paw maniac....
Kanade: Ellen, don't need to take note!!

Photo 98
Photo 99

The trick looks stupid....

Photo 100

but Fairy tones fall into the traps. (I think the real notes bottle take effect)

Photo 101

Fairy tones are caught!?

Photo 102

Please use a better cage! This kind of cage can't catch Fairy tones!

Photo 103

Fairy tones try their best fighting against Minor Trios...
By the way, SPC never give a single kick or punch to them, whereas Fairy tones dare to fight against them..
It looks Fairy tones are more suitable to be cures?

Photo 104

Size SS to Size L, Fairy tones are lost, of course.

Photo 105

After learning from SPC and Hammy, it is what Ellen know about self introduction...
Ah! Paw maniac had been noted!!

Photo 106

This kind of note takes whole night to finish....is it too exaggrated?

Photo 107
Photo 108

Although I always write Eren's name as Ellen, Toei confirms her romaji name as Eren.
Anyway, receiving gift from SPC make her awake!

Photo 109

According to her note, firstly, she has to write her name big on the blackboard...but...

Photo 110

Hibiki: Acha~
Kanade: it is too big...

Photo 111

What is this roll!? is it...

The Legendary Love Letter!! written by Tenma

How long is this roll? You can see from Karasuma.

He can read from day to night...

Eh....Ellen's is not that long, but this is the reason she burns midnight oil.

Photo 112

Ellen:(loud voice) My name is Kurokawa Ellen! My favourite food...

You don't need to say so loud, Ellen....you are luring this guy to come...

Photo 143

Usamimi Kamen: I hear it... I hear it....your nervousness in your heart, your exhaustion in your heart...because the rabbit's ears are long.
you just want to introduce yourself, aren't you? Relax...

Photo 113

Ellen: (softly) My favourite color is Blue (just because she is Beat?), favourite animal is cat (because she originally is a cat)...

Photo 114

Don't praise her too early, Hibiki....

Photo 115

Ellen is going to open a small concert in the class...
SPC: Oh NO!!!

Photo 116

but the teacher just stops her naturally.

Photo 144

Keiichi: (same as Jun....stupid...)
*Jun plays guitar while introducing himself.
so the characters who play guitar are dumb?

Photo 117

"Former" Beat meets current Beat?
Waon: Hi. Ellen, current Beat, what do you feel of being Beat?
Ellen: What are you talking about?

Ellen can't cope with this situation (real situation: being asked from other classmates)....

Photo 118

so she is fainted! (just because she didn't sleep...cats can't stay awake overnight?)

Photo 119

Bassdra, do you like Hammy? even imitate her...
Hammy: AA! The note nya!
Bassdra: AA! Really nya!

Photo 120

Today's Negatone: Medical box from nowhere...

Photo 121

For power up Negatone, it is the first time attacking directly to the students!

Photo 122

It comes! Never forgive you!

Photo 123

funniest scene for the fight: rolling Melody and hanging Rhythm

Photo 124

Plus this heroic scene: Beat appears in front of the sun.
Hey! this is what Sunshine should do!
Minor Trio: What? is she Black RX?

Photo 125

I am waiting for Rhythm to fall....XDD

Photo 126

It should be finisher time!
Melody: Come! Miri!

Photo 127

Rhythm: Come! Fari!

Photo 128

Beat: Come! Sori!
Sori: so....soso...(going to die..)

Photo 129

SPC: What happen to them...?
Fairy tones: (We need to rest!! Always calling us for henshin and finisher!!)

Photo 130

Bassdra: Yes! It is a part of my strategy!
Baritone: it is?
Falsetto: e~!?
Anyway, they make Fairy tones become like this.

Photo 131

Muse: (Yes! finally! it's my turn)

Photo 132

Long time no see! her piano attack!

Photo 133

Plus Passionato Harmony! Why this attack can defeat power up Negatone? Simple reason, they can even defeat the Freezing bosses with this attack. So does Negatone!

Photo 134

What? just one note? where are the others? Probably stolen in the beginning fight with Minor Trio.

Photo 135

Hammy: Sorry, I don't know....
It is normal you don't know, Hammy, because the tones don't let you know.

Photo 136

Dodori tells Hibiki the voice source at the end.
Dodori: it should be Crescendo tone...
How do you know?
Muse: (Why you reveal so early? My existence becomes less...)

Next ep!

Photo 137

Same as FPC ep 32, they go to Major Land to take treasure box!
From Hibiki face, I know the air director in next ep is Kawano! Her face looks like Komachi!

Photo 138

What is this Golden Warrior?
This is the real one:

Photo 140

Photo 139

I thought the movie is in October...is it too fast for golden power up?

Photo 141

Don't tell me that the power up is just for passionato trio?

Photo 142

Title: Hara Hara! Treasure Hunt in Major Land!

###########Picture Rhythm fine########
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