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30 minutes review

This is spc ep 27 review.

What is the special for this ep? Defeating the enemy within the baking time. (Mainly, although both SPC and Minor trio mention 30 minutes) It looks critical, but actually it is just a normal ep with timing. It may be good ep if you focus on Minor Trio. Due to Baritone's last success, Mephisto gives them Dorobo tricycle (Yattaman feel) as present(?)...Baritone's plan today is like Keroro (Keroro think of it before), but it is a good plan, if it is successful.

Today's fight is similar to last ep (only without module effect). SPC said minor group had been powered up, but they still can defeat Negatone with triple musical rondo...

As a Precure filler ep, it is average, but as a timing ep, it is not exciting enough...usually this kind of timing story is used for detective or any story with critical situation, such as solving problem within a timing, otherwise the world is ended. Also...defeating minor group within 30 minutes can sometimes be done in the series...therefore the timing is quite useless. (Souta assists in looking after the oven, so the so-called danger is completely diminished.)

The eps within or less than 30 minutes:

Ep 5-without the beginning part, from working as TV reporter to the end of the show, it is within 30 minutes.
Ep 11- again, without the beginning and the end of the show, the battle happens in the fake concert, it is also within 30 minutes.
Ep 13- because it is instant event, it is within 30 minutes.
Ep 21- instant event.
Ep 25- instant event

What I want to say is any instant/live event in the ep can become saving the world within 30 minutes, since they count the event (hiking preparation) as saving the world in 30 minutes.

About the mysterious voice, she is quite annoying in this ep.(keep calling Hibiki...Hibiki: What's up!?) Why she has to voice out in this ep? One of SPC members (Ellen) had discovered minor's plan already..

Hibiki story

1. SPC activity- Hiking. The members are spc group and their families + Ako.

2. Fairy tone-they regrets for their failure in last ep. However, they only can save Ellen in this ep.

3. Minor trio reward and plan- their reward, as I had said before, a tricycle (you can see it in picture rhythm). Baritone's plan is using satellite to broadcast their singing voice, so that the whole world can hear their voice.

4. Mysterious voice's duty in this ep-just to tell hibiki minor trio plan, and ask them to be hurry.

5. Ellen's house- it seems she live in the church,but why the window design is totally different from ep 9...? (From the church design itself...it doesn't look like a place for people to live in) Another doubt is why they don't reveal in ep 24....just get the idea in the last minute? But they didn't explain where her furniture and clothes from...where she get the money to buy food etc...

#############Hibiki Story Fine############

Since this ep is saving the world within 30 minutes, today’s Picture Rhythm will be reviewing within 30 pictures! (it is not very surprising because I had done before)

8:30 Hibiki goes to FPC world--Sweets Kingdom!

Real 8:30, because that is a dream....Dan calls Hibiki up (the first time)

From his body language, he looks like when Megumi calls Nozomi up, but

Dan is in happy face!! He enjoys seeing Hibiki's sleeping face, doesn't he?

Meanwhile, Kanade is making cupcake in full power!

set the baking time as 30 minutes...is it too long for making cupcakes? I had checked on the web that baking cupcake only need 20 minutes, and it needs to be checked after baking 15 minutes...

Kanade: ok! then I can watch Precure while waiting for them ^^

On the other hand, Ellen is going to North Pole! Are you going to climb Everest? What she imagine is almost like climbing Everest..

As shown, 8:37 Hibiki washes dishes with constant speed XDD

8:38-39 brushing teeth and combing together...Cool!

8:40 finish preparation
Hibiki: see, I can prepare within 10 minutes!
Dan: Well done.

At the same time, Minor trio is having a sky trip XDD with their new tricycle.

8:38 (as shown) Ellen sees something in the sky...

Ellen: Am I dreaming? seeing 3 disgusting guys riding in the sky...

8:40 Fairy tones are regretting their failure in last ep...

8:41-42 Ellen follow Minor trio to the radio station.

8:43 Ellen get caught red-handed!

8:44 Minor trio teases her with distorting faces....(except Baritone)

8:45 show Satellite Negatone!

8:46 Baritone explains his plan!
Model: Hibiki

When Negatone voices out, Hibiki can receive it by listening to radio. She will be upset after hearing our beautiful voices! After that, we can use Negatone to broadcast our voices to the whole world!

Ellen: oh, I see...
at the same time, fairy tones are saving her.

8:47 usual phrase-we won't forgive you!!

8:49 (approx) Beat Sonic!

8:52 Finale!!

Next ep!

Ellen want to read this long roll while introducing herself?

Is she Ellen? She looks like Kurumi in 5GG ep 12 (more silly?)

Title: DokiDoki! Ellen's first school life!

#############Picture Rhythm Fine############

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