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Pretty Cure All-Stars... Heroine Getter?

Does anyone remember the Suite/Gokaiger OP MAD I did? Here's an accompainment for it, more or less:


Yes, for the first time ever you get to hear my voice!

In celebration of Pretty Cure All Stars DX3's recent DVD release, I decided to sing a Pretty Cure version of Gokaiger's ending theme, "Super Sentai Hero Getter". Because Pretty Cure obviously has less seasons than its older brother franchise Super Sentai, I made the song shorter and listed all the Cures individually rather than as teams. I didn't put the Dark Cures from Yes! 5 and Heartcatch because there wasn't enough space for them and they didn't have introduction phrases. Oh, and the entire Suite team is already covered by the last two verses of the rap part, so no worries about not including Cures Beat or Muse; they are technically already there. Oh, and sorry for flubbing on certain parts. I'm still working on my dubbing skills.


Pretty Cure All-Stars
Tobidase! Eien ni toki wo koe
Saikyou senshi ON PARADE!

Black Thunder Cure Black
White Thunder Cure White
Kagakayu Shiny Luminous
Kin no hana Cure Bloom
Gin tsubasa Cure Egret
Michiru tsuki Cure Bright
Kaoru kaze Cure Windy
Kibou no chikara Cure Dream
Jounetsu honoo Cure Rouge
Hajikeru Cure Lemonade
Yasuragi na Cure Mint
Chisei izumi Cure Aqua

(Utaitai zettai oboete mitai)
Pretty Cure Let's Go

Ichiban kagayaku
Otakara sagase Let's Go Precure
Motto madamada!
Mite mitain da ippo mae e
U~ Wakuwaku
All-Stars Deluxe
(Go Let's Go) Pretty Cure!

Zenbu ietara bokutachi mo
Henshin shichau CHANCE!?

Aoi no bara Milky Rose
Mogitate Fresh Cure Peach
Tsumitate Fresh Cure Berry
Toretate Fresh Cure Pine
Uretate Fresh Cure Passion
Daichi no hana Cure Blossom
Umikaze no Cure Marine
Hi no hikari Cure Sunshine
Gekkou ni saeru Cure Moonlight
Seinaru hikari Cure Flower
Shiawase no kubikyoku
Ongaku no Suite Precure

(Asobitai zettai oboete mitai)
Pretty Cure Let's Go

Minna akogareru
Everyday goukai Let's Go Precure
Itsumo bokura no
Number One de saikou Yes
U~ Shibireru
All-Stars Deluxe
(Go Let's Go) Pretty Cure!

And the original song for comparision:

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