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June Suite Episodes

Suite Episodes 17-19 have appeared~

17話 ウルルン!ママはいつでも子供の味方なのニャ♪(6/5)
・まりあがフランスから帰国→母親らしいことがしたいと張り切るが、それが裏目に出て響が不機嫌に。 ・響も甘えようと考えているが・・・。
Ururun! Mamas are always their children's allies nya
Maria is back from France. She is eager to do motherly things, but it backfires and Hibiki becomes upset. Hibiki wants to be a spoiled child too... 

18話 フワワ~ン!音符集めも楽じゃないニャ!(6/12)
Fuwawa~n! Collecting notes isn't easy nya!
Hibiki and Kanade look for notes together with Hummy. People misunderstand them as they look for notes with butterfly nets?!

No episode 6/19   :(

19話 グニャグニャ~!プリキュアに変身できないニャ!(6/26)
GenyaGenya~! Precure can't transform nya!
Siren transforms into Hummy. Hibiki and Kanade are locked in another dimension by Siren

Thanks Kizokunbo for translation
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