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HCPC Final Review

This is HCPC Final Review. Please watch the whole series before reading this review.
There is a written HCPC Final review by ichikyo at here:
I may discuss with his reference.

This review will divide into five sections:
a. Story- About main storyline, with small comment on side stories
b. Character- including HCPC4, DA trios, DPC, Sabaku, Dune, Cure Flower, Zetsubou II, 5 mascots, Kanae, Ban-kun, Tsurusaki-sensei, other Fashion club members and HCPC family.
c. Animation –About scene continuity and fighting animation
d. Power
e. Other aspects- BGM, intention etc..
These 5 sections will help us to look into HCPC, whether it is an excellent piece, or just a normal magical girl show with the name of Precure.

Unlike other Precure series, this series has four different storylines happening at the same time. They are Moonlight, HCPC, DA and Dune line.
A. Moonlight line
The core storyline is this Moonlight line. The story starts and ends (ep 48) in this line. Moonlight line takes almost half of the series to portray. The steps in this line is like this:

Yuri becomes Precure at 14, her partner is Cologne>fight against DA> her father is missing> Sabaku creates DPC and invade the heart tree> Cologne’s death>Moonlight is defeated and ask Chypre and Coffret to pass the perfume to the next Precure> Yuri reappear and guide current HCPC at 17> She gets the HC Mirage with HCPC>she meets Cologne and becomes Precure again> fight against DA with HCPC> go to Axis and defeat DPC> Sabaku reveals his identity as Yuri's father>Sabaku dies>defeat Dune with HCPC
Except Sabaku's death and the conflict between Cologne's death and the prologue, Moonlight story is perfect. Sabaku's death had been discussed in ep 48 review. Please refer to that. About the conflict mentioned above, it is not easily discovered until ep 48, when it shows her reaction after Sabaku's death. I am not saying there is something wrong for that reaction. What I mean is we should see similar reaction in ep 33. Also, due to her sorrow to Cologne's death, I don't think she can argue back to DPC and Sabaku, plus asking mascots to find Precure with clear mind. I don't know how you feel about this, but what I see in ep 1, she is not fighting with sorrow.
B. HCPC line

In this line, they also split into two small lines-precure line and Fashion Club line. According to the series, their Precure line is covered for the whole series, whereas Fashion Club is supplementary line. Both start from ep 1. Fashion Club ends earlier, in ep 36. Fashion Club line does very well, they portray the development of Fashion Club, from nothing to grand fashion show with K-on club. Erika, Itsuki and Tsubomi, plus Nanami and Naomi, gets benefits in this club.

Erika gets the most, with Fashion Club, one of her dream is fulfilled (having a club for studying fashion is one of her dream). Since she is the founder of the club, she takes a lot of resposibility for maintaining the club, including leading the members, interaction with other clubs and creating some activities for the club. In fashion club line, she is the most independant, even Tsubomi joins the club, she didn't help Erika much for advertising the club. (she only hold the flag) Other members just come in and do design work. Erika copes with all the admin work! Hard on you, Erika...

Itsuki...before joining this club, she forces herself not to do girly things. After she joins in fashion club, she get a space for dressing and acting like girl. Partially, she also can help in club's admin work because she is student president.(don't get me wrong, I mean Erika can get activity approved easier). Another benefit is getting more female friends.Due to student president work and her family business, she barely contacts to girls. This club can give her what she really wants.

Nanami and Naomi, their main benefit is friends. Naomi can get along better with Itsuki...Nanami, owing to her family background, she can't make many friends. This club helps her to make friends.

Tsubomi...what she get from this club...? She can make her own dress by herself...the only benefit I can think of. This girl is not very loyal to fashion club, as she secretly join gardening club! I don't know how she cope with two clubs at the same time, because the series mostly shows her in fashion club.

Next, precure line...as the main line of the series, I don't think they do well. Firstly, why they become Precure? Because they dreamt of Moonlight, so called Moonlight's thought (by mascots). Blossom and Marine's born are reasonable as their mascots really see what happen to Moonlight, Moonlight can deliver her thought via Chypre and Coffret. Sunshine's born is quite...redundant, even thought she said she also dreamt of Moonlight. Anyway, they are just Moonlight's helpers. For their interaction to DA, they should thank to DA trios. Without them, when DPC or stronger bosses vs them, they can't do anything. Except that ridiculous ep 24, when they fight against DPC, they either are beaten to pajama or just stand there until other enemy comes. DA actually only interact to Moonlight and Cure Flower.
Dune-Cure Flower
Sabaku-Moonlight and Cure Flower
Sasorina-Moonlight and a bit for Sunshine
Cobrajar-Sunshine and a bit for Moonlight
Kumojacky-Marine and a bit for Moonlight
Wait! No one interact with Blossom? Yes, from what I see, except Dune (she change to Giant Blossom, he can't ignore her XD). Kumojacky just sometimes argue with her and exploit her for testing his typhoon punch; Cobrajar...he only remember her when she hurt his face...later he cares of Sunshine more. Sasorina...she is like playing fool with her, and in ep 33 Blossom still can't win her.
Previous cures, most likely, interact with enemies in group. There are some special cases such as White to Kiriya, Luminous to Hikaru, Bloom and Egret to Michiru and Kaoru, Kirima to Coco (kind of), Depairah to Nozomi, Bunbee to Nozomi (5gg), Mucardia to Rin and Karen, Anacondy to Milky Rose, Eas to Peach and Westar to Passion. However, most of the time, the enemies treat precure equally (esp ypc5), they won't like how DA treat Blossom. It only can blame the staff, treating Blossom as the weakest throughout the whole series. Even she becomes giant cure, it doesn't mean that she is strong.
Since the story is set that DA has some relation to old cures before the current cures join, it weaken current cures's involvement. When you look into the series, you will find that hcpc trio look like outsider.

In addition, the DA members are not very united. It is not referring to their teamwork. It refers to their will to fulfil Dune's plan. Sabaku is forced to work for him; Three of the cadres shows/says that they are not interested in Dune's plan.

1. DPC-she is only interested in Moonlight

2. Kumojacky-he is only interested in getting stronger...(not being precure?)
3. Salamander-he is simply not interested in Dune's plan

For Cobrajar, if he doesn't think Dune's plan is beautiful, I think he doesn't really care as well. The only loyal cadre should be Sasorina and Snackies. They receive the order and just follow. In YPC5 series, some staff also may not be interested in their boss plan, but their boss give them what they want -wages and a place they belong. In this series, what Sabaku/Dune provide for their staffs? I don't know, because they are originally humans (including Snackies, by Tsubomi). Hence, the precure line goes like this- old cures to DA (up to DPC) one story, current cures to DA trios is another story.

C. DA line

In this line, it also split into 4 main lines-
1. Dune line
Dune line is the battle between Dune and Cure Flower. Cure Flower seal his power into her pendant. He reaches the Earth to get back his power. His main plan is to make Earth into desert.
In the last ep, he said he hates something, then Blossom combines with other cures, becoming Mugen Silhouette, and defeat him by inserting love into his heart.
2. Sabaku and DPC
Actually, they don't have much story. Dpc just said she wants to be moonlight...until ep 48, Sabaku reveals she is Moonlight's clone. Sabaku also reveal his identity-Yuri's father. He was cheated by Dune, wearing the mask and become Dr. Sabaku.

3. Kumojacky line
He goes for many training (with snackies) in order to get stronger. In ep 46, when Marine asks him what he want to do after you get stronger, he can't answer. He finally understand there are different kind of strength. He ends up to be disciple of Meidouin doujo.

4. Cobrajar line

D. Cobrajar line is not much in this series. He usually take pictures of himself in different background. (and distribute to precure...) only in ep 40+,he confess that he thinks human heart is ugly. Sunshine shows him the beauty in ep 46. He is actually a tailor.

Where is Sasorina and Snackies line? They don't have line...just come out as the enemy, nothing else.

In my opinion, only Moonlight, fashion club, kumojacky line are well done. Others are problematic, here are the doubts and problems I found:

1. Where is the heart tree destination? Why Dune can find her easily at the end of the series?

I ask for its destination because it is designed as a piece of land which is separated from the mainland...ss's world tree also need a piece for stable and big land to plant. Also, this kind of floating lands usually designed for fitting to a mainland, unless it can't move, just stay in that space permanently. This type of land is kind of ambigous design, you will imagine there should be a place for this land to put in.
For the 2nd question, I know that they just follow Precure traditional. Precure enemies most likely fulfil their wish in ep45+, but it has to be make sense. Previously, there are some particular items for enemy to steal, such as rainbow stone, the pot for reviving the fountain (I forgot the name...), Dream Collet, rose pad, infinity...what is the item for the enemy in this series? I think it is supposed to be that heart pot, but the enemy is not interested...heart perfume had been requested in ep 1, yet DA members seem forgetting about this...later heart pot become Moonlight's henshin tool, so it can't steal...what can Dune steal? Only aiming for Kaoruko's invaluable pendant! At first, he did say he wants Heartcatch mirage...however, you know, if he takes it, our heroine can't use cheat code to defeat Dune (don't even say Mugen silhouette). Hence, toei has to force the tree appear in order to fulfil his plan. Nevertheless, the heart tree had been set that it move randomly, and...it can talk! In ep 32 and 33, it talks to Precure, but when Dune obtains it, it keeps silent! When he gets the tree? Just a fade in ep 46! Only a second! Unbelievable! In this case, what sunshine has done in ep 24 is wasted..(it is already wasted, the tree suddenly like to go to precure palace in ep 32...)

2. What are the heart seeds for? Precure? Heart tree? Or Moonlight?

I don't know if you notice...the heart seeds keep changing in the series. Originally, they are for heart tree (but I don't know how the seeds deliver directly to the tree, the mascot just shit it, and said the tree is healthier...). Later (not very late actually), owing to the heart seed toy sale, HCPC (just blossom and marine) demonstrate us how to use the seeds. I don't mind they have additional items if the setting is proper and they use it wisely. According to the series, the mascots shit the seed AFTER the Desertrian is purified! What does it mean? It means HCPC also like DA, taking something from the victims for their own use! Enemy has no problem to do that, as they already told us they are bad guys~ but HCPC do this is a problem... They are no difference from DA, or even worse than them! DA just make the victim stronger by using the dried heart flower, although they make the victims suffer (they have to, as villain role), they didn't absorb or take power from the victim. However, in HCPC side, after the mascot shit it, it uses for curing the heart tree, HCPC attack, heart tree's pager and Moonlight's seed recovery! I know there are similar collective systems such as Heartiels, the balls for recovering the fountain, pinkies and Palmins. For Palmin, they have a very cruel setting-the kings/queens can eat Palmins!(of course, the Palmins have to change to food first...maybe Toei wants to set those Palmin like Keroro become a piece of rice...they are lived for being eaten XD). For pinky, as Nuts takes very good care of them, I think the pinkies are willing to lend their power to CocoNuts if Dream Collet is not stolen. Heartiels are for the Queen, part of queen's life. The origin of heart seeds, I believe they are from victim's flower, due to a firm theory-flower can produce seed, whether they can be fruit or not.) It won't be heart tree, as it is weak in the beginning. I think the production is like this:
After the Desertrian is purified, a new flower is born, and the seed deliver to mascots' pouch. I would accept the use for heart tree, but for HCPC use...I don't think it is not a heroine would do...Luckily, besides Moonlight henshin, they didn't use much...

3. The purpose of mascots and Sunshine

These are unexplained in the series. Does Chypre and Coffret are just mascots for transformation, the cape and shitting seeds? If so, they are just living tool. How many eps for precure interaction to them? There are at least two whole ep for Marine and Coffret(28&39), but there is not much for Blossom and Chypre...besides delivering moonlight message, I can't help thinking that they are only living tool. Potpourri is slightly better than Chypre and Coffret, but I don't know why a baby mascot, just born from the tree, can keep the palace key. Potpourri appears for 3rd precure Sunshine, it is very clear. Nevertheless, do they need Sunshine? My answer is no, owing to Zetsubou II. When HCPC are in danger, he surely come out and help them, doesn't he? In this case, sunshine is an extra. Usually, the new soldier appear (applies to all super hero series) when the main heroes/heroines are nearly defeated, and the enemies become stronger than beginning. In hcpc, DA power is unchanged, desertrian hasn't power up yet...and sunshine is not like passion, who is already set up as fourth precure (in Fpc, toei already told us there are 4 cures in the 1st ep of the series). Without those criteria, Sunshine really just come out for lengthen the storyline before moonlight revival. You may said she did protect the tree...but I tell you this tree is useless to protect, ep 32 and ep 46 are evidences.

4. Coupe/Zetsubou II-the cheat code of this series

I will talk more about in character section, so here I just talk how he harms the series. Actually, his appearance is already hindering precure's development, but the other hand, he helps to lengthen or shorten the story. Why I say that? Imagine that zetsubou II doesn't even exist in this series...in ep 2, blossom can win just 12 min. approx. In ep 6, Kanae may find the mascots, but I think once they get into coupe, she can't find them, the problem is solved. In ep 10, precure may need to find a way to save the mascots etc. Owing to him, precure don't have the chance to solve the problem themselves. Also, the way he appear is resemble to Tuxedo mask, he is already breaking precure rule-not needing male helper in the fight. Besides his human form, his original form is powerful too. In the beginning he can't move much, but suddenly toei tells us he can defeat snackies very fiercely later...and then he can form barrier...I think he is a more powerful cheat code than Chiffon..

5. What is the purpose for Dune? Why Sabaku make DPC?

The reason I put dune question, together with sabaku and dpc is that Dune exploit Sabaku's study for his plan. If Dune only want Sabaku's brain, DA doesn't even need dpc. In addition, sabaku said that he made dpc before he is brainwashed...what he meant is like he personally want to make dpc for hurting his daughter! If dpc is made by dune, the conflict would be lesser since dune is an alien. Dune's plan is making the earth into desert. According to ep 49, he seems to hate something...I am not sure if he hate earth, but it is necessary to explain before our giant Blossom uses love punch. Moreover, I would like to ask like Marine,"what are you going to do after you change thd earth to desert?"

6. The last question, what happen to the base on the earth?
After ep 45, our villains suddenly move to Axis (the base linked to Axis suddenly) without any notice. Since Dune is on the earth, even he kidnaps Kaoruko, shouldn't he stay on the earth base? I don't understand the purpose of kidnapping kaoruko and take her out of the earth. In the last ep, they don't even want to show us the end of both DA base...

Sorry, I had been writing too long for this part...here is the small comment of the side stories:

Some of the side stories like Ban kun, ramen boy and some of the schoolmates are well written. However, when hcpc encounter those incidents that are not related to them, they can't put their shoes into the scene, and they can't argue to enemies (esp. Kumojacky). Besides, due to desertrian system, some victims don't fit into the story.


1. Hanasaki Tsubomi/Cure Blossom

Her appearance is good, but due to her weakness and character, I change my interest to Erika. Let's talk about her weakness. I don't mind she is weak in the beginning, but she should show that she is stronger than before, at least DA cadres admit her. I had mentioned how DA members treat her. That is a proof showing she didn't improve much. She uses the heart seed most (only twice though).what wrong she use additional item? If the show is not precure, it is not a problem. However, you are watching precure, then it is a problem! As we know, precure's feature is fighting using fist and kick, plus weapons for final attack. Actually she is very clever(good in studies), yet she can't defeat Marine's creativity! In PC5, there are similar members-Dream and Aqua. Dream is the leader, but sometimes Aqua takes over the leadership, why? It is not only because she has leadership, but also she is intelligent. Dream is a creative leader, whereas Aqua is intelligent leader. They can share the strength for the leadership, why hcpc can't? Even Blossom is not as clever as Karen. Since Toei set her as pink cure, and mugen silhouette shows her face, she should be the assigned leader. Nevertheless, she need to fight leadership against:
Marine, who like to do things unexpectedly.
Sunshine, who already have leadership...
Moonlight, who is senior cure...
Therefore, she is very difficult to stand out from others. On the other hand, she is very fortunate there are so many saviors and items for her in the fight, such as cure flower, yuri(before she revive as moonlight, but in moonlight case, she just want to save both cures), zetsubou II, heart catch mirage, heart seed, chypre (although she doesn't help much). She likes nature and flower, it is a good interest, but I am not very appeciated that she get angry for the flower more than her friends' injury. The only good point for her is as Erika had said-care of people.

About the so-called theme--change, it is mainly for Tsubomi herself, others don't emphasise that. Besides changing the size and accepting her past, I don't think she herself changes much, even the staff said that. (the info is not from me, it is from the earlier post, but I don't know where)

2. Kurumi Erika/Cure Marine

She is the most comical character in the series. In the beginning, I am not like her very much, because I have the same comment as Kumojacky (and ichikyo)-an annoying girl. Also, she is not very caring of other people's feeling, but she is not on purpose. She is a straightforward person, so she doesn't think so much of the consequences for her actions. Although she is carefree, she is very serious to her fashion design work, like a professional. Since she keens on design, she is more creative in both design and battle when the series goes.
She can think of the solution quickly in the battle, therefore she sometimes can lead the fight. As a cure, she is very tactful. She learn how to use the attack wisely, esp. Marine tact (but not for tidy the room and massage). Among all cures, she should be the 2nd strongest as she can defeat Kumojacky, even Kumojacky admit her strength.
In the series, I believe she is the only one who had called all DA cadres (Blossom also has called, but she is less than Marine). Moreover, she really has a strong impression to Kumojacky...in ep 41, she can imitate his talking style, and draw him in SD form!
I like her more than Blossom as the series goes...it is not only her comical face, but also her dimenional character. She is playful, carefree, straightward, positive, brave and creative. Even though her image colour is watery blue, she is brighter than cure sunshine. Besides Moonlight, I like her the mostin the series.

3. Meidouin Itsuki/Cure Sunshine

I think she is the first cure I don't have much feeling on her, neither like nor dislike. Firstly, her setting is resemble to Ijuuin Rei in Tokimeki, who also need to disguise as a guy for the family. For charming, she is not as charming as rei. In other words, she is not pretty enough. (in this series, it is set two cute, two pretty,I hope you understand what I said.) Secondly, she is the combination of Pc5:
Dream - the costume
Rouge- boyish
Lemonade- twin tail, yellow image (although her image colour is gold)
Mint-shield defense
Aqua-student president, rich family

I don't mind she has one or two similiarities to a cure, but not five of them! If saki is the clone of nagisa, then she is the clone of pc5. For the appearance, if she keeps long hair throughout the series, it would be better, but we may not see her change like last ep. Her pamper to potpourri is too much. She only so-called scold potpourri once(and that kid run away...)...
Thirdly, as I had said before, there is no purpose for her to appear. I only can treat her, as some of you had said, an extra soldier.

As a cure, when she first appears, she is ridiculously strong, but she get back her role(supporting cure) later on. Nevertheless, being a supporting cure is not just "sunflower aegis"...Lemonade is also not just catching enemy, is she? I think sunshine's martial art setting had been wasted in the later part of the story. Otherwise, when moonlight revives, she won't just stand aside.

4. Tsukikage Yuri/Cure Moonlight

The actual main heroine in this series. She is the first and last precure to appear, so she is already special in this way. Owing to her tradegy,strength and senior position, even Tsubomi and others appear most eps in the series, once she appear, she can take the spotlight from them easily (even easier than milky rose and passion at that time). I would say she is the perfect image of precure. I think she has no problem of standing out in dx3.
Her reunion with Cologne is the best part of her story. Dark precure...after viewing all eps, I only think that Toei just want to make a rival for Moonlight... A pity for her story is her private life was not portrayed much.

B. Desert Apostles

1. Kumojacky/Kumamoto

In this series, he is the best villain, I would say. He is not cunning, wanting to get stronger in fair and square condition. He is not meant to be comical character actually, but what he did make us laugh, such as his training with snackies (I admit part of the fun is from snackies), T-front...

As in the precure history, he is the strongest "debater". Usually, what the villain had said is false statements. When precure argue, we usually thinks precures are right (their statements are usually true). Nevertheless, in this series, when hcpc argue with him, I sometimes think that he is right, he only look at the issue in different aspects. Like ep 26, what he said about the method of making friend, hcpc can't really argue back. (and later our heroine really defeat Dune using Kumojacky method...they should thank Kumojacky, aren't they?)

His encounter with Marine had been reviewed in ep 46 review, so I won't repeat here. His duel with Marine is the most fantastic part in his line. Both of them approve each other's strength. Although Marine doesn't forgive him using other people's heart to achieve his goal, she still admit his strength. To me, I go with Marine, not only his physical strength, but also his determination.

Besides, I also appreciate his care to other colleague(Sasorina) and his leadership as the chief cadre.
His ending really catches my heart, not only being Itsuki's disciple, but also his greeting to Erika and Tsubomi (but I think he looks at Erika more xD)

2. Cobrajar

Comparing to Kumojacky, he seems to be a "mood maker" villain. He usually appear with snackies and asks them to be his camera man and lighter. Since he thinks that desert world is beautiful, he would be more interested in Dune's plan than Kumojacky. Kumojacky commit the plan for loyalty, whereas Cobrajar commit for his own interest. As a comical villain, I enjoy watching him, taking scenes with snackies. On the other hand, he is the most cunning villain among DA trios.
However, there is only a thing I disagree with is his interest in Sunshine. Perhaps in my point of view, I don't think Sunshine is beautiful...it is the disagreement of the aspect of beauty, nothing to do with the story. To the story, he is the one to help Sunshine go into the story.

About his ending, tailor really suits him, may be Erika should find him one day for discussing garment design =)

3. Sasorina

In the beginning of the series, I feel that she is interesting, but later I have a doubt for her -what is the purpose for her in the series? While Kumojacky and Cobrajar has their own topics, she is still "playing around"...Honestly, I don't know what her topic is. According to colour, she seems to be for sunshine, but Cobrajar tells us that sunshine is for him. In ep 1,2 and 34, sasorina vs blossom, does it mean that she is for blossom? No, she is not defeated by blossom individually. Also, Blossom herself can't even defeat Sasorina after ep 30+...

On the other hand, she is the most loyal among DA trio...she didn't have any doubt or interest for Dune's plan, she just follow what Sabaku and Dune request. I think Kumojacky (+ Cobrajar) can see her effort for DA.

Among three of DA cadres, she is the weakest one, as she was nearly defeated by Sunshine and Moonlight respectively. Oh yes, she had never fought against Marine, whilst Kumojacky and Cobrajar had been fought against all hcpc (including cure flower)! Perhaps it is because Sasorina doesn't have any feeling for her... You see, for blossom, she teased blossom as weakest cure; for sunshine, she just hate sunshine's shiny appearance; moonlight...she teased her as "losing dog". Nevertheless, she can't find anything from Marine that make her annoyed. Marine is not shiny cure...as a young cure, she is stronger than blossom. Also, Marine is not so strong like Moonlight...so there is nothing stimulating Sasorina to fight with Marine. It can be said that Sasorina fight according to her mood most of the time.

Regarding to her ending, her occupation does reflect what she said about "black heart flower " in the beginning, which is pretty well done.

4. Snackies
I like them very much! They are villain's soldier though, they are cute and loyal. They are even more hardworking than those cadres. They serves their bosses (kumojacky and cobrajar), at the same time they also train themselves (if some of them serves Kumojacky, they will get training from him.…) The only problem I get from them is whether they are originally human or just a sandman...What Tsubomi said about snackies is an assumption only, hcpc didn't see the ending of snackies. The creation of snackies also show that the organisation is very huge (but it is hard on Sabaku)

5. Dark Precure and Sabaku

As I don't have much feeling about both of them, I write them together. Throughout the series, I just feel that dpc and sabaku are boss-subordinate relationship, I can't see any conversation besides official work...Dpc only cares of Moonlight because she want to be Moonlight, there is nothing wrong if Moonlight's trial is not existed. The reason is that both dpc and the past moonlight are considered as moonlight's shadow, only they are in different type. Actually, I don't really know why Dr. Tsukikage make her before being Sabaku... However, owing to her, we can see many exciting fight in Moonlight ep.
Sabaku...it should be Dr. Tsukikage...I feel that he is very poor thing...in the sense that nobody had gone and found him thoughout three years, not even report to the police or asking his whereabout from his friends...(may be he make dpc for accompanion...lolicon?)

He confesses that he went to France to study heart tree...I can't believe this because there is a professor(Kaoruko) who also study heart tree, why don't study together with her? Also, I don't even know how he obtains the information of heart tree. Kaoruko studies heart tree is reasonable because she had been precure before...but for Dr. Tsukikage....unless the heart tree is publiclised, I don't really buy his study of heart tree.

Honestly, his background is messy, the above description is one of the examples, others include his unbelievable physical fighting skill after releasing from Dune's curse, his dangerous act of protecting moonlight and his willingness of putting on the mask. The only thing I believe is he is being cheated by Dune.

As a villain boss...he is a good boss I think...he listen the cadre's request (the example is ep 40), feeding a lot of snackies XD...he treasures every subordinate, from what I see so far...too bad Bunbee can't meet such boss XD
6. Dune
So-called Desert king, but he comes from space....i.e. He is an alien. In my opinion, I think it is not necessary to set him as alien, just a king in desert kingdom, whatever, would be better, and it can explain why he wants to make the Earth become desert. Due to the lack of handsome man and the seiyuu, he has to be Ikemen. I can't find any purpose for him to have such handsome face (as a villain). As a last boss, he is not frightening at all (it seems that Kaoruko exaggrated the issue only.), even Moebius looks more like last boss (although his self destruction is not what a last boss should do...). Actually, I looked forward his final form, and think that Midorikawa finally voice over a big monster after PPGZ(he rarely voice over ugly characters...).However, the staff can't bear to tear his handsome face off. Hence, his final form is just an enlarged Ultraman. I don't know if he is weaken after being Ultraman, as he is defeated so easily by giant Blossom...I mean I can't see his determination of being a last boss...I only feel that he is last noss when he becomes adult Dune. Cure flower only can seal him instead of defeating him I think it is just because his giant size and there is not enough precure to put the heart into his body.(operation, isn't it?)
C. Cure Flower group

Cure flower group includes Cure flower and Coupe.

1. Cure flower/Hanasaki Kaoruko
So-called a holy and miracle cure in the christmas ep. She is the oldest cure in the precure history. How cruel the staff...asking an old lady to transform into precure and fight against three young men...her design is referenced to current cures + shining dream...I believe...even she can't cast FW, but she can match with Kumojacky and Cobrajar already. (but she is defeated by Dune later, of course) . In that ep, her reappearance + Zetsubou II is like portraying the future of Dream and Coco (please read ep 45 for details). Although her appearence is miracle, I prefer her not to appear because it had been told in ep 32 that she can't transform....and if they plan her to reappear in the first place, they should give her a transformation(a split second transformation is ok).

When Kaoruko is not cure flower, she is just a gentle and kind old lady. Besides being Tsubomi's grandma, she is also the manager of precure, by providing info of fighting against DA, the criteria of being precure and trainer for getting heart catch mirror. She is different from Miyuki that she is not a outsider watching precure, she is actually involved.
To me, this kind of character is creative, but don't just reappear for fan service.

2. Coupe/Hanasaki Sora/Zetsubou II
I still can't believe Zetsubou II=Coupe, but it become official setting...I had been reviewed him in ep 32 review, also I had mentioned how he harms the series, so I just talk about why I still think these two characters are not linked besides what I had written before. Setting his human form as Tsubomi's grandfather seems to be unintended, because if he is really Tsubomi's grandfather, why her grandmother won't tell her in the first place? He is one of Hanasaki family member, there is nothing for Kaoruko to keep as a secret until ep 27...! Toei makes Coupe able to change to human, I assume they want to make Coco the 2nd (don't forget many of hcpc staff are ypc5 staff before...)or like Hidarin and Mikin.(these mascot can disguise into Coco and Nuts before.) Nevertheless, I don't think he is as topical as, don't even say Coco, he can't even match Kumojacky...
Even though Zetsubou II sometimes save precure in the series, his principal of recsue is not to fight against any villain, in order not to break precure rules (but his appearance in the battle scene and saving precure is already broken the rule). He only use his heart chip and some physical ability to save precure....until he become the examiner. He looks strong in ep 32, but in actual, precure is too weak...
As for Sora =Zetsubou II....it can't see....um...because his son, Tsubomi's father doesn't look like him (and he doesn't look like Kaoruko...)…and his photo with Kaoruko earlier (middle-aged, perhaps)...I only see Kaoruko slightly getting old, but he is unchanged...I don't know how to explain...as a couple, they are not really matched, perhaps Sora is out of my expectation of grandfather. He is handsome or not, to Tsubomi, Kaoruko and Sasorina, he is; but to me, he is not. He is just a fantastic but unrealistic man.

And then Coupe...I thought he will be like a statue until the end of the series. I prefer him to be like what he does in the beginning-"coupe-sama!" and then have a hug...both Tsubomi and Yuri had done that in the series, Erika even crawl on him. I think he is cute to be like that, rather than casting barrier or beating the snackies violently. He is not the main (consider as secondary character) character, yet Toei asks him to do many things...I had no idea about this. (Toei treat the old creatures badly...)

D. Mascots

1. Chypre and Coffret

I write them together as they appear together in the beginning of the series. My impression to Coffret would be more than Chypre, since Erika is naughty enough for him to stand out. For Coffret, he acts like Erika's subordinate ( it is not a negative comment). Erika has strong determination and charming point that he is willing to follow her up, although they occasionally quarrel. The best ep of their description is ep 39.

Chypre...besides helping Blossom to defend from DA, I can't see much interaction with Tsubomi, perhaps Tsubomi is too obedient...My impression of her is her detection of heart flower, but it is a pity that we can't see in later eps.

2. Potpourri

An extra fairy in this series...the whole story has nothing to do with Potpourri, to be honest. Hence, Toei gives a lot of authority to him in order to go into the story, such as shielding power, keeping palace key and a communicator to the heart tree. Otherwise, I have no idea why such a baby mascot can be more powerful than Chypre and Coffret. For his character...he is more annoying than Porun. I am quite surprised that Itsuki can endure his tantrum…(just because he is cute?) Since Itsuki is like a holy mother...Potpourri loves her very much.

3. Cologne

Moonlight's mascot in the past, and because of the storyline, he can escape from being toy promoter in this series. He appears the least in the whole story, but I like him the most. He is the best mascot in HCPC to me. He is like a big brother of those current mascots. If moonlight is the model of Precure, then he is the model of mascot, even though he can't change to human (if so, he can fight against coconuts). Actually, I would prefer him to revive...his death is a great tragedy for Yuri...

E. Classmates and Teacher

1. Ban Kenji/Cure Fire

A back up Precure XD Toei had designed the clothes and phrase for him...I think they really want him to be precure in the future...These are just a joke. About him, he is another Hayama (Banchou cartoonist), but he is not a banchou actually, only his eye beam is too terrifying that others misunderstand him as banchou. In his ep, he cares for his mother's feeling very much, is a very good boy. His mother is young and kind, she supports his dream and help him in the culture festival. He is my most favourite sub character. The only doubt I have for him is his relationship with Nanami.

2. Nanami and Naomi

Both are victims and members of fashion club. Nanami become victim first, then she joins fashion club (Itsuki also join in the same way.). She and Itsuki are similar, due to family problem; they can't do anything they want. Fashion club is the place for them to do what they want. Her story is touching...she need to take the mother role in the age of 14, it is not a easy task for a teenage girl. I am quite appreciated her responsibility and positive mind.
Naomi become victim after Itsuki joins the club. Her story looks yuri...my feeling of her...neither like nor dislike, not a special character besides that ep.

3. Tada Kanae
She is another Masuko Mika, I would say. I can't see other photography club member besides her... She is also a victim in ep 6, due to her neglect of others' feeling. After that, she takes more good photos, and she asks Tsubomi for comments of her photo, showing on the culture festival. She is the only photographer who can take Precure photo in Precure history. Usually, esp. Pc5 don't allow others to take their photo.

4. Other Fashion Club members and classmates
For Fashion Club members…at first they are lured to join the club, but they really enjoy making clothes (due to Erika’s good management) and they did put effort on Fashion show. They are not very outstanding, but they are very hard working.
Other classmates… As long as I know, all of them are victims. Otherwise, I don’t know them. However, the classmates’ type in HCPC are the richest in the Precure history. We have a Rin type (female football player), Bruce Lee like, baseball player, Drama club leader, Gardening Club leader, Movie Club leader, K-on members, student vice president and Yuri’s study rival etc. They contribute good side stories in the series.

5. Tsurusaki Sensei
A Japanese language teacher; She is as normal as Futari series’ teacher, just a caring teacher. However, she becomes victim due to her fear of ghost…from how she is so reluctant for student to see her weakness, I think she is very reliable. According to the character description, she has problem of having boyfriend…but I can’t really see in the series.
F. HCPC family

1. Tsubomi family
Her family is the happiest in the series. Her parents open the flower shop because of her (also they like flowers). The flower shop runs well throughout the series, later Mizuki is pregnant and Tsubomi has a young sister Futaba at the end of the series.
There are not many Tsubomi family eps…only ep 9, 12, 43. Ep 14 Mizuki appears for Mother’s day…but still more than Nozomi’s parent… except ep 9, I didn’t see any big problem in Tsubomi family. The story is fine, but my impression of this family is not as strong as other HCPC family.

2. Erika family
The most special family member is Momoka, being Erika’s sister and Yuri’s friend. Momoka’s conflict with Erika becomes the main Erika storyline in the beginning of the series. After their conflict is solved, Toei didn’t put her aside. She also plays the role for introducing Yuri, and helps to perform in the Fashion show. Despite of her resemblance of Miki, she is one of the good sub characters in the series.
Erika’s parent-Ryuunosuke and Sakura also help to make the story going. The examples are ep 6, 8, 12, 19, 25. For ep 12 and 19, the stories start because of them. Besides, they also appear in culture festival, together with Tsubomi's parent, but they are more outstanding than Tsubomi's parent, just like Erika to Tsubomi...Among 4 families, Erika family has the most family problem, but they are not a very big problem. They are the problems normally family would face:sibling conflict and occasional apart from other members...
In addition, Erika parent encounter is more special than Tsubomi's. Tsubomi's parent are attracted each other by their interest, whereas Erika's parent are attracted by understanding each other's interests.
Overall, Erika family looks more realistic.

3. Itsuki family
Itsuki has a big family, besides having a grandparent like Tsubomi, but also having a sibling like Erika, only all change to male...(grandmother>grandfather, sister>brother).Her family is the richest since they can run school and dojo business at the same time...Among all members (exclude Itsuki), Satsuki impresses me, esp.he always touch Erika's head (hey, is Erika so attractive for older guys, at least there are two guys in this series-Satsuki and Kumojacky)From his desertian form, we know that he actually know martial art...if he is not sick, he can succeed the family business...so just hope him recover soon. The only thing I disagree is his girly design...he is totally like a woman except the voice...If he really want to succeed the family, he should cut his hair first...

4. Yuri family
Her family is not a happy family, father is missing, mother needs to work at supermarket as part-time... and they just live in a small apartment...Since their family is so poor, I can’t believe her father can afford to go to France for studying heart tree…Also, none of the member think of finding him…He had been missing for 3 years! Not 3 days! Yuri should already report to the police in reality. The feature of this family is…superb power…I think… as Yuri and Sabaku are abnormal humans.
This family is very sad till the end…in the last ep, we can’t even see the future of this family…very hopeless..

A. Scene presentation
Let’s see ep by ep
Ep 1-2 Blossom introduction, Ep 23-24 Sunshine introduction, Ep 33-34 Moonlight revival
The part where the ep ends with Blossom henshin, and others go to next ep is YPC5GG ep 1-2 trends. I think this kind of scenes should not show too much unless the story is in high tension. It uses very well in moonlight ep, but I don't think it is necessary for Blossom and Sunshine. For Blossom intro, actually hers is similar to PC5 ep 1..Nozomi can intro herself only 1 ep, without zetsubou II, she also can intro herself within a ep. Sunshine introduction also doesn't need 2 eps, you can see she can end the battle in the beginning of ep 24. Marine intro is just nice.

Ep 6- Precure exposure?
This ep is resemble to pc5 ep 9, you can read my hcpc ep 6 review for details. Zetsubou II is Nuts, whereas Kanae is Masuko Mika...if the story didn't focus on Kanae's mistake of being photographer, we may think it is simply the 2nd pc5 ep 9.

Ep 7, 15 – Itsuki section
Toei plans to treat Itsuki like Passion. Ep 7 and 15, if you watched FPC, you will find that they are actually Setsuna eps. Although Itsuki first appear in ep 3, her official intro is ep 7. Her cure appearance also in ep 23. The route is the same as Setsuna

Ep 10 - fighting against two bosses

Although hcpc ep 10 story is different from 5GG ep 10, some elements are the same-two bosses and the appearance of the purple cure (even though yuri can't transform and explained as silver cure later, but her image looks purple). DPC appears for Yuri, but why Sasorina appears? If the two bosses element is not the reason, I have no idea the purpose she has in this ep.

Ep 13 - Yuri's identity reveal
Milky Rose reveal her identity in ep 14, but hers is ep 13. Anyway the only similarities is they reveal in the similar period. Milky Rose was revealed by action, whereas Yuri is revealed by the word of mouth.

Ep 27- Sora appears as grandfather
Typically, there may have a grandparent ep in ep 25-30 period. The examples are 1st,MH and FPC. This grandparent ep is the most unrealistic ep I have ever seen. Yes, the place Kamakura is drawn realistically, but the encounter of Tsubomi's grandparent is unbelievable in reality, although it looks romantic...In addition, Sora doesn't look like grandfather. I can't any change for him, whereas Kaoruko changes a lot in the photo (that photo is supposed to be in middle age). He is not idol, even how well he keep, he won't be unchanged, esp. We are talking about 50 years ago. (for middle age would be 20 years ago)
The following is just my assumption, but from how they set Zetsubou II, I think it is reasonable:
The setting of Zetsubou II=Sora, is a plot for getting this result-Coupe=Sora.
Why they have to do that? He is not like Coco, changing human and mascot to or fro in the beginning of the series. They can't suddenly say the Coupe= Zetsubou II since the mascots in this season are unable to change to human. They need to put some reasons to both Coupe and Zetsubou II, in order to end his appearance, and make us think that he is one of the important character (in fact he just appears as cheat code).
Therefore, when Zetsubou II changes back to Coupe, what Yuri said about the reason of using Sora appearance, I feel that it is an excuse for Zetsubou II, more than for the story itself.
Ep 30- Potpourri’s lost
A similar ep to Porun disappearance. The only difference is that they use the similar plot to describe Yuri.
Ep 32- HC Mirage
A similar ep to FPC Clover Box, in more unrealistic way. FPC is more believable because the clover box is placed in sweets kingdom deep forest. Nevertheless, this Precure Palace...is not the place we had seen or any character had been mentioned before this ep. It suddenly comes out, and tell us HCPC are going there and take the mirage from there....
Ep 37-38 Final trial
It is also a similar ep to FPC ep 37-training ep, or another power up ep. Since that grand palace had been appeared in ep 32, they don't need to think of a training way like FPC. However, why it doesn't make the trial together in ep 32? I think they either just want to go with FPC pattern or they want to promote their products.

Ep 46- Two cadres die
Another similar ep to FPC, which is ep 46 as well. HCPC does better than FPC that HCPC really defeat Kumojacky and Cobrajar.
Those ep 23-24, 25-29, 44/45 are typical eps for almost all Precure series, they are not counted.
So....why I have to list like this? I would like to tell you that HCPC doesn't have their own style of scene presentation. There is too heavy shadow on PC5 and FPC.
B. Fighting animation

In the beginning of the series, I really feel that their fighting animation can match MH and PC5. However, when the series goes, esp. In ep 32, the staff point it out-they are only good for individual fight! This bad point doesn't really improve even they get the mirage. I think it is even worse...hc mirage just need them to stand together and cast the goddess out.. Although FPC group attack is not nice to see, their training ep does tell us how they should improve their group fight through Miyuki.(and FPC has slightly improved) After HCPC get the mirage, their punch and kick, plus small attack are less, and the fight ends quickly..In 5GG, they also use more rainbow rose explosion after ep 24, but they still have a lot of physical attack before RRE.
The new feature they add to precure fight in this series are small attack and heart seed. I don't really appreciate on heart seed as it looks like cheat code, esp.how Blossom use. For small attack, it has both good and bad point, depending on how precure use it. If they use properly, like Marine and Moonlight, it can be a good supplemental attack. If they use like Blossom and Sunshine, it will lessen their physical fight.
Marine and Moonlight also show us the good use of tact in the middle, or later of the series, the tact is not just for forte wave, it also can throw small energy ball (Marine) and use for defense (moonlight). However, Marine also show the alternative use of tact in ep 39, which are discouraged to use in that way.
Regarding to Individual fight, Marine and Moonlight do very well. Moonlight is experienced, but Marine also can follow up even she doesn't have any precure or martial art background. Sunshine is good in her first appearance, but later she is meant to cast sunflower aegis...Blossom, what I see so far, even in the movie...I can't really see her improvement. Since Blossom has so much power difference from others, when she is not in the fight scene, they even can cooperate better than when she is there. The example is ep 38.

Owing to their weakness of group fight, I think their fight overall is only better than FPC. (I can't compare to SPC, as SPC is only 5 eps available.)

About the villains, only Kumojacky, DPC, Sabaku and Dune can fight. Cobrajar slightly can fight, but Sasorina only use her hair to attack. Whether hcpc have exciting, it really depends on who is the enemy they meet.

For hcpc, it goes like this:
How I get this ranking?
It is judged by the opponent they face and defeat
Cure Flower- Kumojacky + Cobrajar Desertrian and Dune, both defeated (Dune had been sealed 50 years ago)
Moonlight- Kumojacky /w Desertrian (defeated), DPC (defeated), DA trio (defeated in ep 33, Sasorina is nearly purified)
Sunshine- Kumojacky (nearly defeated) , Cobrajar (defeated), Sasorina is nearly purified, but she can’t match with DPC
Marine- Kumojacky (defeated), Sasorina (draw)
Blossom- all DA bosses (none of them is defeated)
Cure Flower defeats Kumojacky + Cobrajar Desertrian without using Forte Wave. For Dune, she manages to seal him using Mirage by herself. Therefore, she is the strongest in HCPC5.
Following by Moonlight, is also an experienced precure. She is defeated by DPC in ep 1 due to Cologne’s death, but when she recovers, she can fight against DA trios, Sasorina is nearly purified. In ep 48, she finally defeat DPC, even DPC has golden eyes.
Sunshine can fight against Kumojacky, even in Itsuki form. She can’t match Cobrajar in the middle of the series, but later in ep 46, she manages to defeat him. She is also able to nearly purify Sasorina. On the other hand, she can lock DPC and protect the tree in ep 24. She still cannot defeat DPC, but at least she isn’t untransformed before.

I have never seen Marine fighting against Cobrajar…she often fights against Kumojacky, usually draw until ep 46. Sasorina…she also didn’t fight much, at least she can save Blossom from her in ep 3…She still can’t match DPC in ep 33.

Blossom….I think her level only for fighting against snackies and Desertrian…Excluding that giant Blossom, I can’t see she can manage to cope with any cadre…for Cobrajar, she can match him only when she use hearts seed…in TV, even in movie, she is being beaten more, and then other cures or Zetsubou II come and save her…so I think her performance throughout the series answers ep 2 title-Yes, she is the weakest.

B. Desert Apostles

For DA, it goes like this:
Dune> Sabaku=DPC>Cobrajar>Kumojacky>Sasorina

Dune I don’t need to say…he is the last boss. For Sabaku, judging from his fight with Dune, he should have the similar power as DPC, the details can see in ep 48. Why Cobrajar is stronger than Kumojacky? The main reason is Sunshine. The above section had been explained. Sasorina had been nearly purified twice…the weakest DA cadres?

1. About Precure Pia book
Firstly, I want to thank ichikyo for letting me read this book. This book can prove that what I think of the production team is true. According to how they break rules, which can already set in the beginning. In their interview, they confess that the staff in each ep always suddenly think of ideas and propose to the director, and the director allows…the example is Coupe. He is not planned to appear in the series, Umakoshi just draw his design without permission…and Coupe is not supposed to move in the series, and other staffs want him to move… It also can prove that Coupe=Zetsubou II is the sudden idea. HCPC staff are like Erika, just do what they want, that’s why the main storyline is like a mess.. Another example is DPC, she appears in the series because of Takayama Minami (they didn’t expect her taking part in the audition at that time)
2. BGM and Commercial promotion
If they didn’t use the image song for promotion, it is generally good in normal ep. However, they arrange badly in some eps-ep 4, 8, 24, 46. Esp, ep 24, the image song (BGM) doesn’t match the scene! Ep 4 as well, they put the Tsubomi image song in the non-Tsubomi scene…ep 8 is fair only…because that ep is related to Erika…ep 46...they start playing Sunshine image song when Marine purify Kumojacky, not Sunshine purify Corajar…. Apparently, those image songs play in those eps are used for advertisment…If they promote the image song like Moonlight image song, I don’t really mind. However, I mind they misuse the image song into the inappropriate scenes.

The toy promotion in this series is more serious than FPC and 5GG. In 5GG, we still know that they promote the toys, but they bend into the scene very well. FPC also has many toy promotion eps, like the eps for cure sticks, passion harp, and clover box. I still remember how they hard sell passion before her first appearance... They also promote the movie content, including cure angels to TV series and game…in order to be topical.

Those FPC style promotion also apply into HCPC series, but HCPC promotion is even more…besides tact, tambourine and heart pot promotion, heart seed promotion appear in the battle…Cure full mix appear sometimes…In ep 30, Tsubomi hand made dress become one of the datass card…Fairy Drop also do promotion, such as camera, notebook and the dress change item…and the image songs…it becomes commercial animation more than just precure animation.

I welcome promotion related to the story, but not too much, HCPC is way too far. They also produce 2 games instead of one. One of them is related to series, another one should be for fandom…because the player needs to know the plot well in order to play the game. He also needs to play attention to the seiyuu for imitation. I believe it is part of seiyuu promotion. In this series, I feel the staff pay attention to the name of the seiyuu. Except Marine, others are famous and experienced seiyuu. As I had mention in Precure pia section before, DPC exists due to seiyuu (they said). YPC5 and FPC we don’t care about the name THAT much, since some of them are new seiyuu. They become famous due to Precure series. It means that the series bring up the seiyuu, unlike HCPC, the seiyuus bring up the series. The influence of Mizuki Nana is obvious. She can sing HCPC op in NHK concert, which can further promote the series to the public. What I want to say is that a good anime doesn’t need the help of seiyuu’s/or any idol’s name. Once the staffs do that, the show will become commercial. In the past, when seiyuu is not idolized, we focus on the story, don’t we?

3. Theme
Because of Precure Pia, I confirm that the theme is heart and flower. The character change is just part of the theme, unlike Shugo Chara, character change is her main theme. Shugo Chara henshin phrase is “Chara Nari” (chara change), whereas HCPC is “open my heart”. In all HCPC characters, Tsubomi take part in the small theme change, whereas Itsuki and Yuri take part in open heart, Erika take part in both of them. Tsubomi tells us she wants to change, so she focus on “change” (since she doesn’t have any mental problem like other cures). Erika has conflict with her sister in the beginning, so her case is “open my heart”. Her Fashion Club is a place for “change” , you can be many different self using fashion. Itsuki and Yuri are apparently “open my heart”. I don’t need to say for Yuri…Itsuki case is “open my heart” because she originally is a girl, unlike Nagihiko, he wants to be girl…Itsuki just wants to live like normal girl, but she doesn't dare to voice out due to family business.

How about super silhouette? Isn't it the symbol of their new selves? Yes, but the process is "open my heart", not to throw away the past self. In pc5 movie, the enemy creates pc5 past shadow, did pc5 turn their back to dark pc5? No, isn't it? They try to persuade dark pc5, right? However, pc5 (some of them) have to defeat dark selves because they are created by villain, unlike hcpc shadow, which are created by heart tree. To get super silhouette, they need to accept their past. Without their past, they don't have present self. I agree with this, but since this plot(fighting against shadow) had been presented in pc5 movie, and the director is the same person...he make conflict to his own theory. If HCPC director is other person, it can say that HCPC is his/her point of view. In this case, this plot is like:if the shadows are created by villain, hcpc have to defeat, whereas if the shadows are created by protagaist, they just need to hug and accept the shadows.
4. Desertrian and Mascot system
Desertrian system, in my opinion, it has both good and bad points. Its advantage is that it is more convenient for the writer to portray a side story, the victim usually is the main character of that ep. Its concept is getting a victim flower, and combines it with any object. If HCPC can't defeat it before all flowers dry up, that victim will die, and more victims will be produced due to Desertrian destruction. Hence, there is a challenge for precure to achieve the goal.
One of thd disadvantage of this system is if the victim problem is not related to precure, precure can argue back to villain, esp. Kumojacky. Another cons is for villain, they need to find a target for creating Desertrian, so we will see some ep, which the victim are appeared just for desertrian, ep 45 is an example.
Next, mascot shitting seed system...I don't think this system is necessary, but Toei need to make a way for heart seed production. This system had been complaint in the beginning of the series; they delete the yellow substance in later eps. The seed can be produced directly from the victim’s flower, or any other method, but not shitting…then HCPC use it is like using….(please fill in by yourself)
5. Creativity
I had criticized so much in the previous sections. This section is going to praise the staffs’ creative ideas in this series.
These are the ideas I appreciate:

a. Blossom and Marine’s dual transformation-the good points of it had been written in my ep 4 review. It is the best dual transformation among all Precure series.

b. Senior Precure- although these Precure may affect the heroine’s spotlight, it is still a good idea that girls in any age can also be Precure.

c. Variation of Fortissimo- ff is not only for assigned pair (Blossom & Marine), as long as there are two Precure, they can cast the attack.

d. Flower Language- a good source for reflecting the story.

e. Idea of Snackies- they are not only for entertainment, but also to make the villains’ organization look huge.
f. Using school mates as victim-it makes the filler ep richer, and it can describe more details of precure school life.
g. Fashion show x k-on-a good combination, not only for the school event, but also become a mermorial scene to both characters and audience.
h. Using precure for cleaning the room and massage-it is not a good example as a precure, but it is a creative joke. However, in previous, even current cure SPC, their transformation tool have other functions. In MH and SS, the mascots change to communicator for contacting tothe fairies in their country (usually for eat). Pinky catcher can catch pinky(as the name told) and transfer to dream collet. Curemo can use as a real phone between cures, besides henshin and catch palmin. Milky note is a communicator as well(originally Nuts creates for that) Linkrun is a tool for chiffon...cure module can be organ... Perhaps, in the future, we may see such jokes: Cure fleur use for chopping vegetables...milky mirror use for wheel fortune...cure sticks use for hand washing etc..but Takeuchi junko had used rouge fire as lighting candles XD
I think I didn't leave out any of good idea...if you have any that I didn't mention, please tell me so.
6. About comic version
I had flipped over one of the suite precure book, which is provided by ichikyo. I would say the comic plot is what I expect for hcpc ending, such as sabaku doesn't die, Dune explains clearly why he attack the Earth and change it to desert etc...If you dissatisfy on the anime ending, I recommend to read the comic version.

Finally, I reach this section...it had been a long way as I write it over a month (because I only spend an hour the most for writing this everyday, nd sometimes I am busy on other personal affairs that I pause writing). Sorry for keeping you waiting so long...Since the article is too long, I may have spelling errors, repeating sentences or missing points, if you find any of them, please tell me so. Let me summarise this long-winded review:
After viewing the whole series, together with Precure Pia, I am sure that the staffs enjoy making this series, in playful and daring way. I appreciate their courage for trying new things. However, they put more effort in daily life than the main storyline. Daily life line is important, but main storyline is more important! Fpc main line is full of plotholes, whereas hcpc is full of breaking original rules, leading to more arguments in the story. I don't know if HCPC fans have this feeling, they may enjoy the series that they didn't notice...but it gives such feeling to me after watching the series.
This series is not totally bad, it has excellent individual fights and animation. The strength of this series is school events. It lacks of the organisation of the main storyline and its style. What do I mean style? As I mentioned about scene presentation, they take reference on other series, esp. PC5 and FPC too much, even the yukata...they don't willing to give a new ones to the heroine...Each series has its own style for ep/scene presentation, even SPC also develop its own style. You may say they just "copy" their own, but it is not acceptable since PC5, FPC and HCPC are created by different group of staffs. Taking reference is not wrong, but not too much...what I feel it is their style are ff, small attacks and cure flower attacks. Another problem for this series is heroine spotlight, which I had mentioned above.
Moreover, this series is seriously commercial and idolised. The use of famous seiyuu and occasional promotion of image song can prove this. I don't mind playing image songs in the show, if the character is idol or the scene is related to the character. PC5 also promote many image songs, but they promote in club coconuts, not in the show. For HCPC, since three of the Precure seiyuu are famous, the promotion is more to fandom more than the series.
The normal toy promotion is fair to me (I feel that this series has a lot), but ep 30 after Tsubomi make a new dress, it become a Datass card product…I think it goes too far…
I think that’s all for the review. Thank you for reading such a long review. Even I claim I am not picky, some readers still think I am …Anyway, I welcome for discussion/argument on my POV.

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