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Mugen Precure Review

This is HCPC ep 49 review.
My final HCPC review will be written during my Chinese New Year holiday.

Come to the last ep of HCPC.... Firstly, thank you for reading all my reviews during HCPC air. So...is this final ep better than FPC, YPC5 series or even the seniors? No. On the surface, it gives us a touching power up and purification, but they never explain anything. I will elaborate in Story-Catch.

The epilogue is good for DA trios, Itsuki and Erika. However, it is not so good for Tsubomi and Yuri... Yuri just said she haven't decide her dream...just come out for a while...Toei don't even bother to tell us her sorrow to DPC and Sabaku's death....at least she should builds graves for them. Tsubomi's dream is nothing to do with flower, that make me shock...Her dream is astronaut! but her aim is unrealistic...she want to plant flower in the whole universe....and meet Dune again...(Edgar and Lydia...)On the contrary, Itsuki and Erika's dream had been told in some eps , and based on their background and ability....their wrap up is way better than Tsubomi.

Besides Itsuki and Erika, DA trios has very nice and convincing end. The details are in story-catch.

The worst thing is the final battle, it is more like Ultraman than Precure. Dune grow bigger? so does Precure! Mugen Silhouette is just Blossom enlarge version. I am very very disappointed for Dune, even worse than the computer (Moebius) and CEOs (Despairah and Kanchou)...no fighting like ep 45 and 48.... you power up just for showing us few punches to the Earth? what is this?

What HCPC responds? it is like "you can enlarge, we also can enlarge", then become ultrawoman-Mugen Silhouette! The so-called strongest Precure is become giant Precure! This interpretation is really disappointed to many Precure fans, including me!

The love and hate theme? when the theme of this series change to this? I thought the theme is flower and heart? but they only explain the heart part (and just the favoritism)....and it is very unclear...

I had never seen such a bad final battle...even Fresh's story is not built very well, at least it ends better than this one, the theme happiness is still there, why Moebius want to control the world is clearly explained.
Another reason I said it is the worst ending is that HCPC use only half ep to finish the battle, comparing to YPC5 and FPC, the battle is not as desperate as them. Have you ever seen HCPC can't get up when they fight against Dune? No, isn't it? They don't have so-called danger/pinch before changing into Mugen Silhouette. They end the battle fast is not good for the ending, because it shows us the battle is not as difficult as Kaoruko or Moonlight describe before.

I have a high expectation on this series in the beginning, but it ends even worse than Fresh...it is a waste for the staff to put many delicious plot in the beginning. Although I quite enjoy the filler and Moonlight story...my ranking to HCPC is just slightly higher than FPC. I hope that Suite can overcome those problem happened in FPC and HCPC.

HCPC is ended. What is the theme by the way? Let's review the seniors' theme:
MH-life (i think)
PC5-hope and dream
5GG-value, everything become valuable if you keep it with care, like a plant, if you water and take care of it, it will become a valuable and beautiful flower.

FPC-the definition of happiness

What is HCPC theme? According to the title-heart catch and the flower language, the theme is supposed to be heart and flower. Why there is such thing called heart flower? It is because of flower language. Each flower represent an emotion, or multiple feelings. Whether it is positive or negative, they are a part in the human heart. A flower can live in a bad weather, but it also can dry up in a split second, it depends on the flower type , how you plant it and/or their will of living, just like human's heart, do you agree? Hence, I believe Dune dislike flowers, this is why he wants to make the world into a desert, doesn't he? However, I feel that what Kumojacky and Cobrajar pursue express the theme better than Dune. Kumojacky had told us he feels human's heart is weak; Cobrajar had commented that human's heart is ugly. Perhaps toei don't want Dune to repeat their statements, but Dune just say "my hate", what he hate? Precure? Cure Flower? the Earth? Before we know what he actually hate, Blossom said,"you have hate because we don't give enough love to you!" Hey! Don't give out love without any reason! You don't even try to understand him! Hate is born is partially because of false love and misunderstanding!

Ok, now it should talk about Infinite(mugen) silhouette, some of us said she is beautiful, but to me Mugen silhouette is just giant Blossom wearing plain white dress and glowing cape. The glowing effect make her look gorgeous only. Instead of combining into a giant cure, I prefer they do another group attack like the seniors. She use punch to deliver heart is like she agree with what Kumojacky said earlier! How can you use enemy theory to defeat enemy! And Dune is defeated just a punch...I understand what they are trying to do...they want to do something like PC5 ending...In YPC5 ending, Despairah is convinced by pc5, using detransformation and talk to her. At last she asks pc5 to purify her (with Nightmare building). Here they use the similiar way...but the problem is already stated above. It is very weird that Dune is so easily convinced and change back to teenage form...

After that ridiculous battle, we can't even see how the Earth, the city, the environment recover! Just a bomb and it takes us to a year later, which is very irrespondsible acting! Nevertheless, the epilogue does quite well. Itsuki finally can dress like girl, she is really changed. For Erika and Yuri, they stay the same. It is fine, but if they show Yuri's mother and Sabaku & DPC grave, it would be better. Tsubomi...I think only her state in the family has changed (she is not the only daughter in the family). Her character doesn't change much, but her sister will change couple years later. From her determination, I believe she may be stronger than Tsubomi...(younger sister is stronger elder sister=Doremi)
About her dream, toei's treatment is like how Nozomi, Rin and Karen, who don't have dream in the beginning, they find out their ambitions from encounter or incident. It is no problem for using the similar acting, as long as it makes sense. Nevertheless, the connection between her dream and the final battle is problematic...One of the reason I had been mentioned above...Another reason is...she wants to be astronant is not because she want to find out more about the space...also it is against her interest-flower. According to her knowledge of flower, and her anger when the flowers are destroyed...I don't think her interest won't change so easily...may be she want to challenge another subject, I don't know, but her determination is not as stronger as Erika, Itsuki, or even Nozomi. You may argue that Nozomi dislike study and her study is very bad, yet her dream is teacher. Nozomi's case is different, as Coco told her the joy of study, later she really can teach Rin's siblings. Her determination is firm...This one, I have no idea how shd can fulfil her dream.

Before ending this section, let's see DA trio's future:

Sasorina- Kindergarden teacher
Why she is Kindergarden teacher? Do you remember what she had argued to Blossom in the early eps? "Yes, my heart flower is black" that means in contrast, she is a person who is kind and heartful. Hence, her real identity is very convincing.

Kumojacky-Myodouin's Disciple
The person who brings out the future of DA trios, which is very nice, and it may be a fan service to fans who like KumoMarine (like me) or KumoItsu(there are quite many illustrations of them in pixiv). Also, Toei, you are very bias to Kumojacky, only reveal his real surname (Kumamoto)...What is his first name? and what are Cobrajar and Sasorina's name. For review, I had named their human name before:

Kumojacky-雲鵜矢樹(Kumou Yaki)/Cure Jacky
Cobrajar-後部蘭夜(Koubu Raya)/Cure Roger
Sasorina-佐倉莉奈(Sasou Rina)/Scorpion Rina

I believe Toei name them better than me.

I especially like his smile to Erika (and Tsubomi)^^

Cobrajar- tailor

He is a tailor for dresses (esp. elegant type), that's why he like beautiful things. So...when you design Precure costumes and form Sabacure? Actually, Erika can ask him to teach her...

------------------------------End of Story-Catch----------------------------


All pictures are from 2ch.

This ep starts from Dune's pinch! Yes, not Precure pinch, is Dune's pinch!

Such a handsome guy, because of that Goddess punch, his face is seriously distorted...Luckily, Kumojacky and Cobrajar are not ended with Goddess punch.

Dune: I won't be distorted so early!
Instead of defending from the Goddess punch like Kumojacky, he breaks the attack! Yes, that's what the final boss should do!

The exciting moment comes! Dune will transform into giant monster like the previous boss did.

Of course, his transformation will cause some disasters...I thought HCPC just fly to the safe place and watch his henshin...but Kaoruko come out and give them a better seat to watch! Actually, I don't agree with Kaoruko's help here because

1. it is dangerous for Kaoruko, even with Coupe.
2. Precure has less danger.

This seed is so familiar....it look like the one in ichikyo's ep 49 thread (I know that one is from the last scene of 5GG ep 48...

WakuWaku~ very huge... like Dark king in first PC...

He is so huge that the people in the Earth can see.

Just like that? No----! I don't want another EVA Ayanami! Where is Precure boss style monster we usually see!?

What he does to the Earth is just few punches...

make the earthquake and enhance Ban x Nanami pair.
Dune's punch become a scene for their date.

Marine, again, has the best performance in this ep.
I impress what she said,"We fight against Dune (the big boss) when we are 14!"
What she means is they are doing a marvelous thing in this young age.
Sunshine's respond is "but Yuri is 17..."
My respond is "but Lemonade fight against Despairah and Kanchou when she is 13" (although Erika is set as 13, Urara is younger than her due to the grade.)

Marine is very cool here...she is really strong.
but why she is the one who take the initiative? it even emphasis Blossom's weakness. (I think)

After Marine, Sunshine also takes her initiative, Marine and Sunshine become the best Precure partner!

Our heroine Blossom minds what she said last week, she apologizes to Moonlight...er...Can't you apologize later?

About Moonlight's answer, I feel that her dialogue is similar to what Aqua and Rouge said to Bitter in 5GG Movie.

The situation now is Precure vs *Zentradi Dune (Dune is originally alien, isn't he?)

* It is from Macross

Dune's face T^T....what is this eye...no forehead beam? Getter beam? When he gets Getter line?

I believe HCPC is the happiest Precure in final battle...they still can smile like playing around in this serious battle...

HC Mirage: (Heart combine ok...Heart combine ok...)

Kaoruko: The infinity is going to bloom...

What she said is originally from Syrup's phrase to Kanchou, about the infinity of a seed. Don't just imply previous theme to this series!

Ok, this is the blooming infinity...
Combined robot-Heart Catch Precure, Infinite Silhouette!
Members: HCPC4+ 3 mascots
Infinite Silhouette Lv 99
Arms- Sunshine
Legs- Moonlight
Cape-3 mascots

Weapon: Infinite Reflection (it doesn't have such name when Infinite Silhouette defend Dune's punch)

Heart Catch punch (see below)

Her phrase: The huge flower blooming in the universe! Possessing infinite power and love, the Precure who has glittering eyes, Heart Catch Precure, Infinite Silhouette!

Oh yes, about the creature on Dune's shoulder, it is just a power up item for him (like the evil flower for Fiore in Sailor Moon R movie.)

Infinite Silhouette...what you do is just carrying out what Kumojacky said earlier...

and Dune, what are you doing? Just being attracted by this glowing giant Precure?

After this scene, what will we see?

It changes to a scene where Erika is playing with Hanasaki Futaba, Tsubomi's sister! She looks like Hana-chan....(with red hair)

Opening scene...is Toei lazy..? I think they are, because they don't even need to draw for this scene...and they apply FPC acting in ep 43...(also using op scenes)

Itsuki has longer hair...she looks prettier...so after another year, she doesn't need to lengthen her hair for Sunshine transformation.

Take a look on the left corner, there is a person who looks familiar...

Both: Kumo...Jacky!!!

Kumojacky...a handsome guy in this series forever...even he ties his hair...
by the way, Kumojacky, are you smiling to Erika? (My KumoEri mind switch on)
However, there may be a possibility of KumoItsu...since Toei offers him to be Myodouin's Disciple...

Itsuki explains that Kumojacky & Cobrajar lost memory and sleep in the hospital for a long time...but the wake up scene is very hilarious, they wake up with the same timing...

Yes! Itsuki is in girl uniform...quite cute.

What does Erika mean by Saosorina like person...
Here it is, Saosorina-like to create mood...

How about Cobrajar like person?
He will be the person who like to make beautiful things, esp dresses..

Another reused scene...from end card..but they change some details, that's fine. (I don't have the end card, so I can't compare)

After that battle, they are very very proud of defeating Dune in the age of 14...so? Many magical girls had been done great thing in this age, Sakura is even younger (10)

Yuri: Indulging in the past is useless...
Erika: sorry.

How is Heart tree? just like Flora-plant again.

Erika: What's your dream?
Tsubomi: I want to go to space by myself.


Then it brings back to the battle scene...I know that they are reusing the acting in ep 38, it can apply to that ep, doesn't mean it can apply to this last ep as well...and they don't link...

This scene looks like they are dated...(well, Valentine's day is quite near...)

and Dune change back to teenage ver. What a Sailor Moon R Movie ending...almost the same...Axis is like the unknown aerolite in R Movie, Dune is like Fiore (voice are the same), Fiore also change back to young one after touching the silver crystal (flower ver.)

Actually, when I know Midorikawa voices the last boss, I am quite worried. Firstly, most likely he is Ikemen...from his previous villains' record, except the Powerpuff Jap ver., all are handsome guy, and usually die/purify in a beautiful way.

In addition, the love and hate + I.S. give love to him, is like Edgar and Lydia relationship in Earl and Fairy ep 2 (see my last review) and later...

The cheat code, HC Mirage, has to put back to the original place. (Don't take it out again!) Are these 4 statues going to guard this cheat code?

The only problem with this group photo is...why they take in the desert, neither the greenhouse nor flower land?

Futaba will hold Heart Perfume after couple years...i.e. she will be future Precure? Toei, since you are not planning to make 2nd season, don't throw another storyline!

but it is a good source for fanfic...

End of Heart Catch Precure.

Next Series-Suite Precure

Hibiki will be another Rin...confirmed!

Finally, we don't have handsome villains! Yes! What they wear is choir's clothes.

The first evil mascot in Precure series-Siren...

so Kanade is another Honoka? Her expression here looks like Honoka...
Is she at school canteen?

Other scenes can be seen here, including the ruler of Major and Minor land.
I am quite interested in their transformation....

Thank you for reading^^ the only nice end card in HCPC..

----------------------------End of Picture-Catch-----------------------------

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