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4th PreCure !!!!? ( prepare yourself for the shock )

At first I think it's only a joke......

May be someone here already know this news...

1st news came around 11st Oct

Damn you , Toei.

You dare to make PreCure into Sentai or Sailormoon T T , DAMN YOU !
キュアドリーム = Cure Dream
キュアルージ = Cure....ummm....may be not English...anyone know ?
キュアレモネード = Cure Lemonade ( damn again ! will they open fruit juice shop !!!? )
キュアアクア= Cure Aqua
キュアミント = Cure Mint

those names are unofficial at all

I wished these girls to be something like Inagami Akira's old portfolio or fan's illustration ( but it looks official and like Akira's illustration )...........

2nd news is from magazine scan ( I saw it yesterday )

Somebody please tell me it's a lie !!!! ToT

from this scan I can understand something

- my nightmare came true.

- match them to each color
pink = Dream
orange = ルージ
green = Mint
yellow = Lemonade ( I really hate this name ! )
blue = Aqua

- Cure Dream may be the main character

- Those accessory set contains 2 different kinds , from the top...Lemonade's (....) and Aqua's are seperated. May be these two are the supporters not the main PreCure.

so this means main PreCure are THREE !!!? ( I wish I misunderstood......)

- Next season will starts on 4th Feb 2007 ( this scan sucks , it said the 4 th season will warp to show before SS 1 day.......)

All remain is waiting for the official news from Toei or Asahi , perhaps this month.

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