153 Pretty Cure Warriors with Fairies Wallpaper!! made by me

Updates: Added the Healing Good Precures and the Fairies!

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Note: If you find a Cure/Warrior that i forgot to put, tell me please
- The Cure statues in the Precure Palace of Heartcatch Precure
- The uncolored ancient Cures around Cure Ange in Heartcatch Precure movie
- Cure Gorilla in Smile Precure, only a transformation parody without Cure outfit design
- Shadows of Cure Magician and Cure Priestess, partners of Cure Empress in Doki Doki Precure
- International Cures inside tombs or far away pictures in Happiness Charge Precure
- The shadows of Cure Tomorrow partners in Huggto Precure
- Far away Cure citizens in HUGtto Precure