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Fresh Christmas Review

This is FPC ep 45 review.

For a christmas ep, it is much better than 5GG, because it gives us a different Christmas. 5GG has enough Christmas mood, but the storyline is not very creative (as the plot had been used in a few anime...)...This ep does not have enough Christmas mood though (I only see the Christmas tree for symbolising Christmas), it is different from previous cure that it is a sad Christmas(Last Christmas? *the original song does not mean to be sad Christmas). Chiffon is kidnapped, Infinity had been setup in Labyrinth and Moebius begins his ambition...those are the cause to this sad Christmas. Is it a very good ep? Depending on how you see this ep... For the storyline, although FPC are main characters, but they don't do much things, the only things they do (as a group) are:
1. go to Sweets Kingdom
2. Show their transformation in front of Clover town people

This ep does not have any fight, the story is focusing on Labyrinth's process on conquering the world and how FPC farewell to their parents and friends. Those who want to see FPC fight in Christmas ep may feel bored on this storyline. About farewell, we have Ayumi's, Kazuki's and Daisuke's farewell. I would say Ayumi is the main character in the second part of the story, and she seems to be the leader of the parent group. Ayumi part is nice and touching; Kazuki...he doesn't talk much, but from his conversation to Miki, he knows Miki very well, and support her decision. Daisuke part...actually I am not very interested to this pair...even they stand under the Christmas tree like CocoNozo, they won't create any romance mood...comparing to Ayumi and Kazuki, his is so so.

The only plot I dislike is showing Precure henshin in front of other people. Yes, this is the first time among all series, but this act make us confused: why they keep it as sercet then? It does not mention in previous precure series, but somehow I can guess the reason: Doesn't want other people to involve in/worry about them. I watched magical girl anime so far, the heroine's identity is revealed usually due to this two proper reasons:
1. the person that heroine close with that she is that super heroine
Example: the junior in Minako's school volleyball team (Sailormoon S)
Ami's classmate who has esper power (Sailormoon first series)
Fuuma Yousuke (Wedding Peach, although he become devil at the end of the series, he know Momoko=Wedding Peach in ep 16)etc.
2. when the person is in danger/involve in(interact with enemy), he/she sees heroine transform
Example: Tamuken (YPC5GG), Aurdey (FPC)
Mamoru (Sailormoon first series, but he is one of the main character...)
Takurou (Wedding Peach)

but this one...transform to other people just for farewell!? I don't think it is necessary.

In my view, this ep is good in terms of the conquering process and Ayumi part. It is better than 5GG though, as I prefer happy Christmas, this ep is not my favourite.

Let's see what happen:

It starts in Labyrinth...in this ep, we know more about Labyrinth
Oh yes! Few eps no see, Cline.
He appear only for two reasons in the series:
1. contact in Moebius & Labyrinth members
2. sercetarial work (including management of Labyrinth system)

This is the main foyer of the Labyrinth headquarter.

I think it is kind of plot hole...I remember that Norza said Chiffon is unable to be normal form...but why Chiffon still can call Love?

and make Norza to blow the reed again..

Chiffon: I am Infinity...
Ok. It's ready. (so that normal Chiffon is NG?)

What happen!? All members are kneeling down (except Cline)

I see...the real face of Moebius, his shadow cover had been removed.
The first glance I think of a character in X-men (he is the leader of the
X-men group, but he can't walk)

Moebius appearance is like priest more than the big boss...I don't feel any fear from this character, comparing to Kanchou, Despairah or even the boss in even former series.

Why are you sniggering, Cline?

It is the wide shot of the whole Labyrinth.

Back to Clover Town Street, the people are decorating the Christmas tree
in the center of the town.

Without this scene, there is no Christmas mood in the whole ep.

Besides that scene, this title picture has Christmas mood too.
It is a very nice picture, but I think of this one:

Precure 5 title picture...
Why Miki is at the back ....


Same as ep 37, they are upset again...the reason are similar--Chiffon is not with them.

Chiffon is not there. It is Love's memory of Chiffon. She miss Chiffon very much.

On the other hand, Moebius starts to control all parallel world...

How the control system works? Just plug the Infinity in.

The system change Labyrinth into...

Metropolis? I think of an old anime called Metropolis when I see this.

This scene... I thought Moebius want to shoot scattered canon to the parallel world... but actually...

What? Getter line!? FYI, Getter line is a word from an old anime called Getter Robo, if you played SRW before, you will come across this word. Getter line is the energy for Getter Robo, but Getter line also can control the world if it is not used properly.

these are not in order... anyway, these picture shows the areas in Getter lines's control...
Am I watching Getter Robo OVA (actually I had never watched it before)?

Just to play with it:

**the pictures from YPC5GG ep 7

Coco and Nuts receives Milk's red letter again, it writes:
The whole country is under Labyrinth's control.

Therefore, Precure 5 & CocoNuts go back to Palmier Kingdom by Syrup.

Meanwhile, FPC decides to go to Sweets Kingdom...

Setsuna: Akarun...
I am thinking...if Akarun would get tired of multiple teleport

Sweets Kingdom is abnormal now, FPC can't recgonize if it is Sweets Kingdom.
Tart: Elder!
Tiramisu: I am...

Tiramisu: I am Tiramisu...the servant of Moebius...
Waffle: I am Waffle...the servant of Moebius

Tart: Elder! Father! Why you say like Eas!?
Obviously, Tiramisu and Waffle are brainstormed...

The only normal ferret(citizen) is Azukina. Why is she the only one not being brainstormed?

but firstly, FPC has to escape from these "Moebius' servant"!
Setsuna: Clover Twon Street...Love's room...

The reason is common in those RPG story (example: Wataru), she has to be fine to tell FPC the kingdom condition. Tiramisu become this due to protect this witness...
Another reason is that (may be) Toei don't want to hurt Azukina...
Someone had said that this scene like YPC5GG ep 24 Milky Rose protect Coco, but I think it is like YPC5 ep 31 Nuts protect Coco in the past...

Labyrinth Mame Knowledge time
Why Sweets kingdom become like this?
Setsuna: Finally, Infinity is setup in the main system...

I am quite appreciate that Love is not so depressed like ep 37, but now Setsuna is the one who is depressed, as she scares she will be Eas again...

Before they go to Labyrinth, they have to do this redundant act--showing transformation in front of the town street people. They reveal their identity on purpose to make other people worry. I don't mind their identity revealed. but not on purpose like this. Labyrinth is controlling the world, Toei can make use of this to make the town street people in danger, then FPC has to transform in front of them.

The audience are: MM3, FPC parents, Kazuki, Kaoru
Why we can't see Miki's father?

Ayumi is the first person who is shocked of their henshin..
Ayumi: [What? My daugther is using the same soldier name as me?] (former Wedding Peach, as the voice)

Another shocking person is Daisuke.
Daisuke:[then I confessed my feeling to Love already!?]

When seeing these scene, I think of 5GG ep 17:

These two guys enjoy watching Precure 5 henshin (well, 5GG henshin is beautiful)...They escape after seeing them transform.

FPC explain their fight with Labyrinth...in previous cure, even they explain their situation to others, no one believe...(they think that)
Ayumi: You suddenly say that...
Remi: We don't understand...
Ayumi, *are you thinking of your mother?XD
*In Wedding Peach, there is a ep her mother turn into angel in front of her.

Remi's reaction is expected.

While others are confused, Inori's father understand what they said! **shock!**
Inori's Father: so you are fighting against those monster since then? Why don't you tell us earlier?

Tart: It's my fault! I ask them to keep it as sercet, *according to Precure rule...
*this phrase does not exist in actual dialogue

Yuuki: Ferret is speaking!!
I think you would get more shocked if you saw previous cure mascots--those who can transform to mobile phone and human....
Daisuke is the only one not feeling shocked...Well, he know this shocking truth--Peach=Love, speaking ferret is just a small matter.

After FPC explain their situation, they have to go to Labyrinth. Knowing their children is going to be in danger, their parents usually won't let them go.
Ayumi: I won't release you hands!

Ayumi: I won't give up until the last minute!
but you can't transform to Wedding Peach...
Oh yes, her expression here is WP like...


Meanwhile, let's see the breaking new:
Getter line is going to USA, France, Egypt...will previous cure world be affected?

Ayumi feel upset that she can't protect her children in this situation..

There is climate summit recently, and now in FPC, there is FPC family "summit"

Ayumi is absent-minded in the meeting...What is she thinking about?
Letting FPC go or not...

Kazuki decides to support his sister's decision. You're a nice guy, Kazuki!

Love also want to have romance Christmas like Nozomi, purposely meeting Daisuke in front of the Christmas tree. However, don't expect any romance mood from Daisuke.
Daisuke: It's embarrassing...confessing in front of Peach, that's you...
Love: Sorry...my answer...
Daisuke: Don't tell me now! Tell me after you're back!
It is like those farewell scene in robot anime...
but I think even Love doesn't say anything, I know the answer. Meeting a guy in front of Christmas tree, if he is not special enough, she won't do that.
To review, let's see the most romance Christmas tree date among Precure series:

Is there any couple able to win them in the future?

The FPC family 'summit' seems to have the result...

They are upset for leaving their family and friends, but they have to go to Labyrinth...

Ayumi: how can you leave without saying anything!?
Love: Mother!

Clover Town Street people: Don't forget us! Byebye!
Their identity seems to be a big rumour in the Town street...

Love: Mother...Everyone...

Have a gentle hug....

Transform, and say goodbye to everyone...
Merry Christmas..

Then, let's go! Labyrinth!

I don't have next ep pics, but I know that Berry and Passion fight against Soular and Wester respectively. Among four of them, Berry's and Passion's are more powerful (kick and speed & power), and they have experience on fighting Soular and Wester. Peach and Pine faces Norza.

There is no Precure next week, but I have a special review among all cures. I will start writing after I finish secret Santa.

Lastly, have a merry christmas!
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