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Dance Training Review

This is FPC ep 44 Review

Before commenting this ep, please take note on the art director of this ep:

飯島秀一 (Iijima Shuuichi)
If you remember the drawing he takes part in previous cures and FPC ep 25, you can imagine how bad the drawing in this ep. Let's see some of the drawing he takes part:

In this ep, we can see this distorted Miyuki:

fpc44_0058_Layer 1

Well, comparing to that Passion above, this ep is not distorted too seriously (but it is still bad in drawing in my view). For the animation, the staff seems to avoid big action such as dance (I will elaborate), running, jumping etc. I saw many panning scenes in the first part. (That's why I didn't capture a lot of picture in the first part) Despite of the animation, there are some good plots in this ep, for example:

fpc44_0057_Layer 3fpc44_0056_Layer 4

The flashback of Eas--she destroyed the dance tournament before. It linked to the previous ep (around ep 21 if I'm right)very well.

fpc44_0055_Layer 5

Setsuna feels guilty about this, and Miki comforts her. That's bring us a nice Miki+Setsuna relationship (at least we don't need to see Love+Setsuna[this pair is too much])

fpc44_0054_Layer 6

On the other hand, homeless Soular and Wester are staying in Norza's room. (Where do they sleep?)

fpc44_0053_Layer 7

Remember this pure heart crystal? This is what Norza got from last ep.

fpc44_0052_Layer 8

Norza takes a leaf and kiss on it. This scene tells us that kissing with her is very dangerous. (You will be FUKO...)

fpc44_0051_Layer 9

She put the leaf to the bottle to absorb the crystal. So what is it actually?
According to Norza, when the leaf become black, it can call infinity. Chiffon can't change back to normal anymore, even she hear the Clover box lullaby.

The following passage is my theory of this crystal:
This crystal is originally stored in Chiffon's forehead mark. Before the gauge was destroyed, Chiffon changed to Infinity due to the crystal linking to the full gauge. She had to control the crystal all the time, otherwise the crystal will switch on and Chiffon becomes unconscious. In last ep, Chiffon purified the FUKO liquid, so the crystal can get out of Chiffon's forehead (considering that it is a FUKO piece). If this piece was purified, Chiffon won't change to Infinity anymore.
From the above theory (I don't know if you understand what I'm trying to say), this crystal is actually a Infinity switch. Norza use a leaf to transfer the Infinity switch data to the leaf, make it to a Infinity switch reed (so-called leaf flute, it is a better word)

fpc44_0050_Layer 10

What a lazy title picture...

fpc44_0049_Layer 11

We can see Miyuki's room in this ep. Everything is good in this room except the wardrobe door. It looks like the door in Nobita's room (and Doraemon sleeps inside the wardrobe...according to my knowledge, this wardrobe is usually stored think blanket)

fpc44_0048_Layer 12

Another good plot comes because of Miyuki! She asks Daisuke to participate the dance tournament
Miyuki: If you participate, Love can see how cool you are.
Daisuke: Love can see how cool I am...

fpc44_0047_Layer 13

To form a dance group, he has to ask other MM3 members for help. They are not willing to help at first.
Yuuki: Why do you want to dance suddenly? You are in baseball team, aren't you?
Kento: and we don't have any experience on dance...
Yes, they don't have any experience on dance, it is normal that they reject, but....

fpc44_0046_Layer 14

Daisuke: Ok, I go dancing with Love and others by myself.
Yuuki & Kento: Love and others!?
Love and others...including Miki and Inori. Hence, they decide to go with Daisuke...
These MM3 dance for the sake of FPC (just to let them see how cool they are...

fpc44_0045_Layer 15

New dance group is formed--3 dumpling!
My expression is the same as FPC... what an unpleasant name...

fpc44_0044_Layer 16

Among three of them, only Daisuke can dance. (well, he is Miyuki's brother after all.)
Also, Daisuke's dance is successfully drawn Love's attention.

fpc44_0043_Layer 17

Long time no see, Reika and Nana!

fpc44_0042_Layer 18

After a couple of panning scenes, FPC says their favourite phrases--
Miki: I'm perfect!

fpc44_0041_Layer 19

Inori: It'll be all right tomorrow, I believe...
Good night, Inori.

fpc44_0040_Layer 20

Setsuna: I'll try my best!

fpc44_0039_Layer 21

I am waiting for Love's "Get my happiness!", but she is insomnious...
Tart: that's your problem, don't disturb my sleep

fpc44_0038_Layer 22

Love, when are you so useless that you need Chiffon to cure your insomnia...
Chiffon becomes more independent in this ep..

fpc44_0037_Layer 23fpc44_0036_Layer 24

Coming back to Norza's room

Norza: You want to stay in my room until when?
Wester: Don't you remember our house had been collapsed last ep!? (What a forgetful woman...)
Soular: If you're unhappy, we will leave. (We also don't want stay in your room...)
Norza: Then I have some assignments for you two. (I don't want to see you two so free...)

fpc44_0035_Layer 25

Wester: According to Norza's information, FPC will have a dance contest here.
Soular: (How she find out?)

fpc44_0034_Layer 26

I would like to see how MM3 dance, but Toei only let us see them for 2 seconds! (just turn and this pose)Since all of them are wearing vest, plus Wester, they can form MM4/4 dumplingsXD

fpc44_0033_Layer 27fpc44_0032_Layer 28

These are their costumes for this dance contest. It is not new design...


The design is come from FPC DS game OP.

fpc44_0031_Layer 29fpc44_0030_Layer 30fpc44_0029_Layer 31fpc44_0028_Layer 32

The song they use is H@ppy together. I feel that Toei is quite lazy on this dance contest. Not only Daisuke's dance, but also FPC's...Toei has all the animation banks of Happy Together, why they just draw the close up shot...and poor Inori, I can only see her back view..Seeing the ED is better than the contest...

fpc44_0027_Layer 33

Is it okay that Trinity to be the only judges?

fpc44_0026_Layer 34fpc44_0025_Layer 35

Wester: They are really dancing!
Wester, don't you believe that FPC can dance?
These two guys seem to enjoy seeing FPC's dance, they even use the telescopes to see FPC (actually they just want to find Chiffon

fpc44_0024_Layer 36

It is the time for announcing the results. There are 9 groups participating.
Oh yes, I forgot to say about Daisuke's decision. He decides to make his confession to Love if he wins the contest.

fpc44_0023_Layer 37

Which group will go to final? It is easily understood...
Host: Aurora Wave, Spiritual, Metamorphosis...
Are these name familiar? Toei make a parody to previous cures again..
Aurora Wave-Dual Aurora Wave
Spiritual- Dual Spiritual Power
Metamorphosis- Precure Metamorphosis
These are previous cures' henshin phrase...probably there are groups called Shining Stream and Translate..
So the condition of going to the final is the group name. Those qualified groups are Precure henshin phrase...
Then, who are Aurora Wave? Aurora Wave is the two girls on the very right end of the stage (see the last picture)

fpc44_0022_Layer 38

Spiritual are these two happy girls in pink dresses.

fpc44_0021_Layer 39

Host:... and Clover Team!
Don't be shock, it is planned that you will be in final.
but I am quite surprise that MM3 is disqualified.

fpc44_0020_Layer 40

Long time no see, Nakewameke! but the design looks familiar...

Picture source: Toei official Fresh Precure Page

Is it Eas's Nakewameke's relative?

fpc44_0019_Layer 41

Wester, you are so cool & cold in this ep....

fpc44_0018_Layer 42

The only animation I can see in this fight is this quadruple Precure kick...Hey, this is one of the main storyline eps, why the fighting is so dull...?

fpc44_0017_Layer 43

Critical moment comes! Norza plays the reed. Why the reed's sound can change Chiffon to Infinity?
A formula here:
Reed (Infinity switch)+Norza's Kiss (can it say kiss? Anyway, her role here is the full FUKO gauge)= Infinity switch on!

fpc44_0016_Layer 44

Without FUKO gauge, Chiffon still can be Infinity by hearing that vicious sound.

fpc44_0014_Layer 46

Perhaps it is coincident...I had said Passion didn't say anything last ep, today she is the one who ask Tart to turn the Clover box.

fpc44_0015_Layer 45

Tart: Why is it useless to Chiffon!?

fpc44_0013_Layer 47

Sorewatase (small) appears! Sorewatase's task seems to kidnap someone more than fighting with FPC recently...

fpc44_0012_Layer 48

Tart is so brave..sometimes I feel that he is more reliable than FPC...

fpc44_0011_Layer 49

Hey, this is just Nakewameke...what are you doing, FPC!?

fpc44_0010_Layer 50

I don't know what happen to FPC this ep... They can defeat Sorewatase (biggest) in last ep,but they need Miyuki's help now!?

fpc44_0009_Layer 51

Girls, it is just Nakewameke, is it necessary to use LCGF?

fpc44_0008_Layer 52

Expectedly (as title said), Chiffon is kidnapped.

fpc44_0007_Layer 53

Others change back to civilian form except Peach. She is very desperate when it comes to Chiffon's matter.

fpc44_0006_Layer 54

Although Daisuke can't win the contest, he successfully confess to Peach(Love)

fpc44_0004_Layer 56

Tart: it's a wrong timing...
Yes, it is a wrong timing for confession...

fpc44_0005_Layer 55

but Peach is shocked when she hears that....will she reply Daisuke in next ep?

Next ep:
fpc44_0003_Layer 57

Why Nakewameke's mark sticks on Tiramisu's forehead?

fpc44_0002_Layer 58

jitch is right this time. Toei does design the queen as well...By the way, why the citizens in Sweets Kingdom are ferret? The soldiers in this picture looks like duplicated Tart to me...

fpc44_0001_Layer 59fpc44_0000_Layer 60

A hug with Ayumi...and these people...it looks like one of the Sailormoon ep (first series), the ep before Sailor soldiers went to North Pole...
Also, it seems these people knows FPC identity...

a P.S. for DX2 trailer, I heard the opening song...it seems that Toei use the same song with different lyrics (if I'm right)

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