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Invitation Review(updated Track 11 lyrics)

This is FPC ep 42 review.

ラビリンスからの招待状がとどく~ Yes, we receive Labyrinth's Invitation letter in this ep. This is the beginning of the last part of the main storyline. What I see in this ep is the main character is Setsuna. There are pros and cons for setting Setsuna as main character in this ep.

The pros are:
- connection to Labyrinth: to destroy the FUKO gauge, FPC have to know where the gauge placed. Among all of them, only Setsuna (former Eas) know the place (including Labyrinth base)
- Norza's plan can be executed sucessfully: To carry out her plan, Setsuna is needed (being the hostage)
- Setsuna's feeling on returning to the base she is familiar with, and meeting her old "colleagues"
- Setsuna's intention of being Precure

The cons are:
- other FPC become sub-characters: In this important ep, all cures should be equally treated. However, in the ep, it looks like Passion is leading other FPC(in my view)
- The fight is not exciting enough as other FPC are waiting for her to defeat that Sorewatase
- From the memory of FPC to Setsuna/Passion, it obviously shows that Miki and Inori are too little and Love is too much
- Toei biased in favour of her a lot in this ep: Showing henshin and Happiness Hurricane twice

I think I had pointed out most of the good and bad points for this ep... Let's proceed to the picture review:
*About the movie OP (I thought it change back to normal this week, but it isn't...This op just show that Jeeg like robot [movie boss])
**The pictures in this review are from ichikyo, thanks for that (it saves my time^^)

This ep starts in Setsuna's room. She receives a "registered letter"

I had not seen you for a long time, Cline! He only appears in this small screen in the whole ep.
This "registered letter" is sent by Norza (written by Cline)

Although it is a good ep overall, I saw some bugs in it, this picture is one of them: the screen
Comparing to the last picture, the screen is supposed to be hanging in the high place...
How can I confirm the screen placed?
If the screen is placed like this picture, Cline's face should not be seen in the last picture;
If the screen is placed like last picture, Norza's face should not be seen in this picture.
Since the screen is drawn like that in the last picture, the staff can just draw the side view for avoiding this "bug".

What's this letter about?
"Come back to Labyrinth as Eas..."
It is the obvious trap, but Setsuna has to go there because:

Love: How about destroying the gauge?
Miki: It's a good idea!

I also have the same thought before this ep.

but if FPC do that...they will be died because of the Fuko juice.

Setsuna had the decision. Before she take the action, she want to say farewell to Ayumi...
Setsuna: Thanks for everything so far.
Ayumi notices Setsuna is something wrong, but Ayumi can't figure out what happen.
Another character who notice the same thing is Tart.

Love doesn't notice this--she just imitates Setsuna to get more pocket money...|||

After that, Setsuna uses Akarun to go out, starting her journey to Labyrinth...
Why doesn't she use to teleport her to the place near the Clover forest?
Oh yes, why this scene is feathered?

Norza: You are very early...
So Norza, you wake up early to wait for Setsuna?
Norza: What's your reply?
Setsuna: Can I trust you? going back to Labyrinth as Eas...
The condition is fighting against Precure, and Setsuna's reply is,
"Without any hesitation"

The base is in another dimension, without any Labyrinth member, we can't see the entrance of the house.

Setsuna: oh, the house is hiding here...
Norza: Of course, I don't want the FUKO gauge to destroy...

We didn't see the gauge for a long time..When does Norza plant the vines onto it?

Setusna: You're under arrest!!

!! Setsuna pretends to go back to Labyrinth, in order to find out the gauge and destroy it by herself, so that other FPC won't be involved.

Her first henshin is up to this scene, then she fight against Norza.

Passion: (In last ep, Pine can destroy Sorewatase alone, so I think I also can destroy the gauge alone)
Passion: Precure Happiness Hurricane!!

Norza: This kind of attack...

Passion has to take her attack--Unhappiness Hurricane!

Meanwhile, let see the banner of Setsuna's room.

After the Hurricane, Setsuna is kidnpped!

Setsuna: !!

Soular: Good morning, Princess Setsuna (original phrase: You seem to be awaken, don't you?)
I think of this one when I see this scene:

Coco: Good morning, Princess Nozomi.
(but it is different case, the only similar thing is that both Soular and Coco are watching the cure sleeping....)

Wester: Welcome back! Eas! Are you all right? Let three of us work together again like the past!
Wester, is it your confession that you like to work with Eas more than Norza?

Setsuna: (Wester, you are still silly as before...)

???: Three of us?
Wester: Yes! Three of us!!
Norza: (How dare you don't count me in.....!?)
Wester: eh? Ah----sorry, sorry, it should be four of us!!

I confirm that Wester dislike Norza very much.

Due to these multiscreen, Setsuna knows that FPC is finding her.

Norza: FPC is three people in the team, so do we.

Wester: So she just asks we two to fight against three Precure?
Soular: Well, with Sorewatase, we are three people too.


Therefore, today's Sorawatase is human (giant) like.

Without Passion, they can't fight against this Sorewatase.

On the other hand,
Norza: It's your fault...It's your fault to make FPC suffer...It's your fault to fill the gauge to full (yes, partially)...


Setsuna feels guilty again...as these are facts.

Come back to FPC, Wester and Sorewatase is doing synchronistical attack! (Wester just order Sorewatase)

and FPC are buried....

Norza: you don't need this, do you?
Norza, I advise you not to steal FPC Linkrun...if so, the result will be like Setsuna in ep 15:

Among all Precure series, I think that Pinky Catcher is the safest transformation tool because the Catcher had not been stolen throughout the series.

Wester & Soular: What happen!?

What had happened? FPC learn seven sense!!

Their power can deliver to Setsuna like FC Seiya game (I will explain in next picture)
Is this scene familiar?

This is PC5 ep 39. Similar situation: a cure is kidnapped, all the cures' catcher response, and the enemy will be injured by the catcher...


If you had played FC Seiya before, you would know a scene: when Saint knock out the first time, their family/friend/Athena will pray for them, like these scenes.
From these scenes, we can see how little memories Inori and Miki with Setsuna...Inori + Setsuna, as I said in a comment in previous post, only in ep 26, and Miki + Setsuna is in ep 33... How about Love? Love + Setsuna...too many (including this ep) so hers is just with pink background.


Owing to those praying scenes, Setsuna seems to know seven sense as wellXD...but her pose here look like:

Dream: Precure Metamorphsis!

...too bad she haven't change to Passion at this moment...perhaps Toei notice that if she did, she would be another Dream.

Furthermore, Norza is expectedly injured, but her hand does not look like this one:

Despariah's hand

Setsuna: You're under arrest!!

Yes, again...because her last henshin does not reach this final pose, Cure Passion!
In ep 38, Love's henshin is omitted. However, in this ep, Toei is afraid that we can't see completed Passion henshin, so they show us twice...

We haven't see FPC doing Fresh attack for a long time. Yes! we finally can see Espoir shower Fresh!

Since Healing Prayer Fresh can defeat Sorewatase in last ep, are they trying use the combined Fresh attack to defeat this Sorewatase? Well, it is possible...

Passion: Look like I can't destroy the *gauge at this moment, I have to go to help them (FPC)
* It should be destroyed in next ep.

Passion: Let's go, Akarun.
Up to here, I think you all notice that she talk to akarun a lot in the whole ep.

With Akarun, Passion doesn't need to run crazy like Coco and Syrup in PC5GG ep 24 (it saves the papers/trees as well)

She make the best appearance in front of FPC and Soular & Wester--grateful face with happiness hurricane

I think Wester and Soular are the first enemies watching the monster defeated by Precure attack closely. (They escape later, but even if they don't escape, these attack do not take any effect on them)
Oh, they can defeat Sorewatase without Lucky Clover Grand Finale! Also, by seeing next ep preview, I am quite sure that they are not going to use LCGF next ep. As their Fresh attack can power up like this, what does LCGF use for afterwards? to defeat Moebius?
In addition, Happiness Hurricane is so powerful that it destroys the base barrier

Another big bug in this ep: FPC jump out of the house. In the first and second pictures, Norza sees FPC in the house from the window, but FPC are outside the gate in the third picture...
It may be like this:
Norza: you go in too early!
then Norza chases them out of the house to end this ep.

Next ep:

According to the narration, they are fighting with one another, but it looks like a training to me (something like Kamen Rider 1&2 training)

Norza Vs Chiffon!? Chiffon finally involves in the fight!?

What are you doing? Wester! You wanna destroy the house?

The gauge destroy in this way?

Can you see? They are going to fight like this ep again...

There are a few Extra in this review, they are:
Extra 1: About Heartcatch Precure picture in last post
Extra 2: Lyrics translation of the songs rakuem gave me
Extra 3: My review of FPC Vocal Album 2 (only Setsuna's image song, track 2,6,11 & You make me happy English ver.)
Extra 4: Some songs to share
Extra 5: A promotion of mippa's activity

I had seen some fan pictures regarding to Heartcatch Precure (HCPC) recently. in the last post about ep 42, there is a picture post which is so-called the real design of HCPC:

Source from cure_shabon

I am very sure that it is not real because of this official flyer of HCPC toy:

Source from cure_shabon

That picture is not real because it does not meet the henshin items' condition (the ribbon & the arm band. According to the flyer, I predict one of them is pony tail and another one would be either short hair or long hair like Passion...The blue one may be possible but the twin tails one is impossible...Also, the main character usually is in 14 years old...the drawing style I don't think it will be like this even Toei change the staff for HCPC...

I am very lucky and happy that rakuem gave me some songs in Vocal Album vol 2^^(it is a very good Christmas gift). To reply him, as well as a present for all of you, I translate the songs in VA vol. 2 (2,6,9,11). Due to the promotion of mippa's activity, I post track 9 (Setsuna's song) first and other songs' lyrics later.
Note: The lyrics are based on my listening, please correct it if the lyrics is wrong. (translation as well)

ミライノキミヘ (To you in the future) sung by Setsuna

I こんなに愛しい気持ちが込み上げてる
I my feeling of love is growing so rapidly

溢れてるみんなへと こめんど泣く
it filled of love to everyone, with regret and cry

cry 涙の終わりは痛みじゃない
cry The end of tear is not the pain

傷たって いつの日が光り出す必ず きっと
The hurt will be revealed one day, definitely

bye bye goodbye yesterday

昨日私に Thank you
Say thank you to me in the past

だってやっとこそが 明日へのパワーになる
Because it is not easy to be the power for tomorrow

未来はその手の中なる この胸 がんばる私が人なの
The future is in that hand, I am very diligent (I am not sure about this sentence)

The road is originally formed by everyone

The source is the map in the heart

Think 安寧くる夜には隣で話に花探せたね
Think Searching the flower in the tale in the quiet night

Please give me a day with sunshine

Thank 例えば一番つらいのは無力だと思うことで
Thank for example, I think that the most painful thing is powerless

but I can believe myself

Hello hello tomorrow

I am happy tomorrow

だってイメージこそが 心の魔法になる
Because the image become the magic in the heart

未来はそのもの中なる あなたは可能性という人なの
The future is in that thing, you are the person with possibility

When we hear that there is possibility 
we always support one another only with that

未来はこの手の中なる この胸 がんばる私が人なの
The future is in this hand, I am very diligent (I am not sure about this sentence)

The road is originally formed by everyone

The source is the map in the heart

ハピネス☆Wonder land~笑顔のおくりもの~ (Happiness Wonderland~The gift of Smiling face~) by FPC and M*cube (op,ed singer and Kudo Mayu)

As this song involves in many singers, I distinguish them with the following symbols:
Op- Op singer, Moie Mizuki
ED- ED singer, Hayashi Momoko
KM- Kudo Mayu

Welcome to happiness, wonderland 君がここにいる幸せ
Welcome to happiness, wonderland I am happy you are here

Welcome to miracle wonderful world みんなここにいる幸せ
Welcome to miracle wonderful world I am happy everyone is here

Open the small hands

up to the sky
*If you don't understand, Please see the beginning of 5GG ED2, Nozomi raise up her hands to the sky

The clear sky at night

the star can be seen

It shines in every place

A small drop of rain becomes(forms) a dew

the sorrow tears

ED:明日は麗しい願い (I am not sure of this sentence)
The future/tomorrow is a beautiful wish

Welcome to happiness, wonderland 手を遠いなる曇の中
Welcome to happiness, wonderland the hands are faraway, in the fog

Welcome to miracle wonderful world この町中広がで行く
Welcome to miracle wonderful world This town will be broaden

OP:希望解いて喜びあえる (I am not sure, I think that the first word is not 希望)
It is pleased that the hope releases

The moment with everyone

is always the happiest

Believe in faith

Go with hope

I want to find the symbol of love

to tell the proof of happiness

Welcome to happiness, wonderland 巡り会えた今が大好き
Welcome to happiness, wonderland The encounter I have been liking it very much

Welcome to miracle wonderful world 夢溢れる今が大好き
Welcome to miracle wonderful world It's full of dream that I have been liking it very much

Your smiling face is the miracle of the world
It is Gospel to the Earth

Smile for tomorrow always happy
Smile for tomorrow we alive

Welcome to happiness, wonderland 手を遠いなる曇の中
(Smile for tomorrow always happy)
Welcome to happiness, wonderland the hands are faraway, in the fog

Welcome to miracle wonderful worldこの町中広がで行く
(Smile for tomorrow we alive)
Welcome to miracle wonderful world This town will be broaden

Welcome to happiness, wonderland 君がここにいる幸せ
(Smile for tomorrow always happy)
Welcome to happiness, wonderland I am happy you are here

Welcome to miracle wonderful world みんなここにいる幸せ
(Smile for tomorrow we alive)
Welcome to miracle wonderful world I am happy everyone is here 

Other songs will be released tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Since rakuem let me listen to these songs, I should write the reviews of the songs I have:
2. いつもココロにほほえみを
This is the song for OP, ED singers and Kudo Mayu. It is a nice song, better than vocal album ones.
I think the ed singer voice match with Kudo Mayu. Op singer....um...neither good nor bad.

5. You make me happy (Eng ver.)
I enjoy it very much. The arrangement is much better than Jap ver. and the song itself is quite American pop like, I think this is the reason I dislike ed1 at the beginning, the feeling just like Japanese singer singing Backstreet boy song Jap ver...(I remember that I had heard a Jap song which is Backstreet boy song originally a long time ago)

6. Dreaming Flowers
Quite a nice song, but I feel that Miyuki is the leading singer more than the cures.

9. ミライノキミへ (This songs is from spinflowers)
I think this is the best individual as well as the best song in this album. The song has Eas feel, which I expected for Setsuna song. Besides the melody, her singing technique is improved. Her voice is alto, and this song is not very high pitch overall, this song is perfectly suitable for her. The lyrics portrays Setsuna's feeling to FPC very well.

11.ハピネス☆Wonder land~笑顔のおくりもの~
This song I feel like Christmas song more than ending image song like PC5GG, but yes, it is a beautiful song. The lyrics is beautiful too.

These are the songs I am going to share:
OP (movie version)
ED (movie version)

The website is nicosound, you have to click パソコンへ転送 to download

This is a promotion for the Christmas activity by mippa--Pretty Cure Secret Santa Sign-Up!
put her post first:
I wonder why there is nobody sign up this activity, it ends on this Friday...I will sign up after posting this review.

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