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Ayumi's kidnap review

This is FPC ep 40 review.

The title of this ep is "Setsuna & Love, Mother is in Danger", but its content is about Setsuna and Ayumi...then what's Love's role here? Victim. Yes, she is the victim in the story as well as the fight. The storyline is excellent as it interprets the relationship of Setsuna and Ayumi. Ayumi treats her as one of her daughter instead of just Love's friend. The idea of sneaking into Love's house is also well done, using Ayumi's body. I just know in this ep that Sorewatase can talk...if Wester or Soular know that Sorewatase can talk, will they use similar method in the future? The fighting part...er...only Sorewatase is interesting, it keeps changing form in the fight. However, FPC... only Precure punch and kick besides those special attacks. I feel after Infinity appears, their fight becomes worse.

Let's see what happens in this ep:

We can have a good look on Norza's office...Even Cline (as a high supervisor) doesn't have any office...Her office is a good example of green environment. Where is the entrance? She can create by herself.

Where she gets the photo? don't know...may be she watches them for a long time...? but even Love's mother is in the target list...because Ayumi is former Wedding Peach?
Getting to know Love's mother in this way is not very convincing to me...how she checks out Chiffon is in Love's house? In the whole ep, it never shows that how she get to know
Chiffon's location.

Movie op again:

Are these familiar? Yes, we had seen the similar scene in ep 35.

Only Setsuna doesn't look excited in Toy kingdom...

Remember this monkey director? We had seen him in ep 35 as well.

This op is Setsuna ver. She seems to be in Chess world, but she
goes to fight as Cure Passion straigthaway...

**This is promotion**
Are we in Nuts House? no, we are in Love's house. Why is accessory machine there?
It looks like Ayumi (Wedding Peach) is promoting PC5 product...but I don't think Toei won't promote past product in current series...This may be one of the FPC product...but why accessories? and the bracelet making process is alike PC5 one...

Ok, this is the red bracelet made by that PC5 like accessory machine. Don't underestimate it! It is the key items in this ep.

This title picture is odd to me (the whole composition), but the Sorewatase vine is nice.

About the last preview--Ayumi forces Love and Setsuna to eat carrot and green pepper, this Ayumi is real. She plans to make salad with carrot and green pepper for dinner.

So Love and Setsuna give us the same expressions.

Setsuna: I will try my best!
Ayumi: That's good.

Ayumi makes Setsuna's "Try my best" pose at the same time.

They go to Clover "Starbucks" (Clover Coffee in original)BTW, the banner is quite ugly (as a coffee shop)

Ayumi shows her old red dress to Love and Setsuna. Love doesn't know that Ayumi have this dress. Ayumi had this dress since she is in teenage. She found out one day and wear it in this ep.

Norza is ready to go.
FYI, her human name is Kita Nayuta (北 那由他)
but Norza, your lips is very thick.

Oh! It is ”Wedding Peach Vs Labyrinth”! 

She looks calm even she meet Norza (doesn’t have any shocking action)! Being Wedding Peach before is different! (don’t take this sentence seriously, it is just a seiyuu joke)

We can’t hear Ayumi’s scream doesn’t mean that she is not frightened, but she doesn’t know how to escape from Norza.

Yes, it looks like this Urara in the mirror from YPC5 ep 23!

After that, Devil Ayumi (WP) is born!

This devil Ayumi keeps asking where Chiffon is, what she is doing, this picture shows Chiffon's state.

Norza: Where is Infinity?
Another function for Sorewatase--communicate to other Sorewatase

Ayumi: Still finding...but don't worry, I will find it out!
Their conversation had been eavesdropped by Setsuna.

Setsuna has very good eye sight, she can see this Sorewatase mark on Ayumi's back.

This Ayumi is very creepy.

Keitarou: What happen? Why don't you on the light?
Keitarou, you "save" that devil Ayumi...

Setsuna cannot tell this to Keitarou...as Keitarou can't deal with this, also if she does, it will become a big family matter .

Devil Ayumi already know Setsuna eavesdrops her conversation, so she stares at Setsuna like this

Kids, please lock your bedroom before you go to bed, otherwise Sorewatase will find you.
Devil Ayumi begins to find Chiffon, she goes to Love and Setsuna room respectively.

This "pretend sleeping" scene, I think WP ep 39, Momoko also put the pillow for pretending asleep, when the devil visit her home, he can't find her because she goes out and meet Yousuke.
However, Setsuna pretends asleep for dealing with Sorewatase.

Setsuna: You are under arrest! Sorewatase!

Meanwhile, Love is awaken due to the fight between Setsuna and Devil Ayumi.

This scene is quite classical in many dramas:
When A (Setsuna) and B (Devil Ayumi) fight with each other, and provided that A hits B, C comes. B will pretend that she is hurt by A (psychologically), and C will be angry with A.

It is reasonable that Love is angry with Setsuna when Setsuna shouts at Ayumi, saying that Ayumi is not Setsuna's mother. In fact, Ayumi is not Setsuna's mother, but Love knows Ayumi treasure Setsuna as her own daugther. In addition, the person Setsuna shouts at is one of the person Love respects and loves. Although this scene is classical, it gives us a great impact to the story.

Love regrets of her attitude to Setsuna next morning, since she knows Setsuna well.

Setsuna is unlike Love, she takes action to solve the problem. Firstly, she calls Miki and Inori out to take care of Chiffon (Chiffon cannot be at home at this moment). After that, they go to supermarket and coffee shop (the places Love, Ayumi and Setsuna had been on the day happen).

Remember this picture in ep 25? When Setsuna is desperated at that time, Ayumi is the one who comfort her and give her a home. In Setsuna's heart, Ayumi is not just "Love's mother".

On the other hand, Love has to face this Devil Ayumi.

At last, they go to the right place--Coffee shop Ladies' toilet to search for Ayumi.

Setsuna can see Ayumi's dress stuck on a toilet door in the mirror, but they all can't see in the real world.

With Akarun's help, Setsuna saves Ayumi successfully.
Akarun becomes very convenient now...

Love: !? You are not my mother. My mother won't say that!
What happens here? As this Devil Ayumi doesn't know anything about Ayumi, like how she calls Setsuna(original is Se-chan, but she calls Setsuna-chan) and who this bracelet is for. When Love put it on and ask if it is suitable for her, this devil Ayumi says yes...
Since Love knows that this red bracelet is for Setsuna, she realises that she misunderstand Setsuna and this Ayumi is really not her mother.

???: The real one is here!
Don't suddenly come back, Setsuna....

I think this is the shortest Sorewatase in this series, it can fit into Love's house without breaking anything...or Love's house is well constructed that Sorewatase can't break?

The title is Setsuna and Love, they have to transform together.

See? Sorewatase can't destroy Love's house even it stands on the roof!
What is its weight by the way?

This is the time for Chiffon to be Infinity.

I don't know that Sorewatase can run! (seldom seeing it run) Also, it can't destory any house when it jumps on them...Clover town's house are very well-constructed....

Perhaps it knows how weak it is, so it keeps swallowing tree like Popeye eats Spinach

The Sorewatase design in this ep is not very interesting, just a tree like monster...

This scene....looks like just giving the attack chance to Passion on purpose, because Peach sees that vine comes, but she can't defend herself like Passion. When she becomes so weak?

There is a few eps not seeing individual attack...Happiness Hurricane....I miss Espoir shower Fresh and Healing Prayer Fresh more.

We all know that Sorewatase can't be defeated by this kind of attack. Hence, Miki and Inori have to transform and help Peach and Passion.

I think This Sorewatase attack is more impressive than those Precure punch and kick.

Again, this Sorewatase is too big for that Clover in LCGF...Can't the Clover enlarge for certain Sorewatase?

After the fight, Setsuna receives this key item.

Love also have one, in pink. Ayumi gives bracelets to both of them,not only as a present,but also to tell Setsuna that she treats Setsuna as her daughter like Love.

Setsuna is very happy indeed. To reply Ayumi, She calls Ayumi "mother" instead of "Auntie"(Ayumi-obasama)

Ayumi is glad also, and they hug together as happy ending.
I have another thought when hearing Setsuna becomes Ayumi's daughter...this thought is regarding to Wedding Peach, after Yousuke and Momoko are married, they would have two daughters in the future. (with the condition that Setsuna is originally from Labyrinth [devil], and Love becomes Cure Angel in the movie [angel])

Next ep:

!! Inori and Kento's love letter event!?

Inori will wear this gorgeous dress in the party...very cute dress for her.

Seeing Inori with another guy, Wester won't sit there and watch!

This scene make me think of Earl and Fairy ep 1 (but it happens at night)

Who wants to be Edgar J C Ashenbert?

and Inori will be LydiaXD

Whoes ship is bigger? we will know in next ep as well.
So the title is Who is the elegant villain...(the title adapted from Earl and fairy ep 1)
Original title: Inori & Kento's ship party

For those who don't know what Earl and Fairy, you can see this website:

It is an anime targeted for female (mainly), aired on October last year.
If you are male, please think over carefully before watching this anime, as there are many sweet phrases (from Edgar) that make you vomit (in male's POV). I had heard that there are some boys watching this anime.

Just a Extra:

I saw this in Kamen Rider W ep 8, I feel that Akiko making this pose like Peach, may be Fresh parody.

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