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Grand Finale Review

This is FPC ep 37 review.

This ep can be watched in Megavideo.
Finally, we get a group attack ep. The new attack really can't expect too much, as I had said in the last review...but I can't believe that the new attack is so...um...can't say it is very awful...it is too awkward that I can't describe...this one I will talk in details later. This ep, in my opinion, it is Kamen Rider (Showa)+Mazinger (or other super robot anime) + Precure 5/Go Go! Why? I think it would be better to talk about it with pictures.

Dance beginning again?
Don't underestimate the dance in this ep, this is the key to FPC.

FPC know that they don't have enough power to protect Chiffon, so they decide to train themselves, but they don't have any idea how to train...
Miyuki: let me train you all!! I'm not only your dance coach, but also Precure coach!!
Miyuki, when did you become Tachibana Toubee (立花 藤兵衛)?
If you had not watched Showa Kamen Rider before, you may not know who Tachibana Toubee is. (I don't think Kamen Rider the First does introduce Tachibana Toubee)
Tachibana Toubee, he is the witness and trainer/coach of Kamen Rider, from the first series up to Kamen Rider Stronger. He did many things in the series, such as providing motorbike (Amazon), motorbike/physical training and back up (as Kamen Rider junior team leader). He is so "famous" that even enemy (mainly Shocker) knows him.
Miyuki's situation here is one of the thing alike Showa Kamen Rider...

There are changes for FPC op in this ep, these are the song and the op content.
I forgot to say about this in the last review. Actually, in the beginning of the ep, Toei post a billboard message, which asking the audience to pay attention to the op in next ep (i.e. this ep).
I wonder why they have to do this. I remember when Precure DX and PC5GG movie (PC5 they make the promotion in the ending card)are going to show in the cinema, they don't need to make this billboard message, are they being not confident for this coming FPC movie?
Ok, this picture is the background for the movie, it is just so so to me...

This is the boss in the movie, um...look strong...

I had seen ichikyo's video comment post, which comparing this to Wing Gundam Zero...It is really alike...please don't tell me that Cure Angel(don't really want to use this name but it is official) attack is Twin Buster Love SunshineXD

!!The ep is just started, you all henshin already!?

This is the training place Miyuki recommended. She said this place helps in Trinity training.
御子柴(Mikoshiba), a familiar surname, isn't it?

Yes, it is. The guy in the middle is the answer.
Wait, they are Clover School MM3! Why are they here?
The place FPC have their training is actually Kento's house. He is very rich...is he richer than Karen?

FPC knows these MM3, but they don't know FPC identity, so Miyuki introduce them to FPC as if FPC don't know them.
Up to here, I am thinking...is it good to let other people know FPC have training? Even how Showa Rider "like" training, they won't let other knows beside Toubee...This series is not only FPC appearence, but also their training become publicize...
In addition, FPC is very dependent...esp after Passion joined in, I had seen a few eps that they need the civilians' help...

Kamen Rider have Kamen Rider junior team, here we have FPC teenage team!
Daisuke like Cure Peach (expected, Peach=Love)
Yuuki like Berry (also expected, Berry=Miki, but he said he can't betray Miki)
Kento like Pine...Kento: but Passion is also nice....hey, Kento, which one you are going to choose?

Kento may not richer than Karen, but he is really rich that he has secret base like Mazinger/Super Robot...

This escalator looks odd...

This door...I thought they are in Labyrinth...

Note: This is Fresh Pretty Cure
This kind of training is Super Robot like...checking their strength and planning their training according to this.
I have a doubt here, is Precure power easily checked by computer?
In my understanding of training, the purpose is supposed to overcome their weakness, not their strength...anyway, let's see their training:

Berry's training: Kick
Training partner (the one who control the machine): Yuuki
Her training likes Pretty Cure Fire Strike, does she want to be Cure Rouge?

Pine's training: Stamina, durability
Training partner (the one who control the machine): Kento
Her training likes diet training...

Passion's training: Speed
Training partner (the one who control the machine): Miyuki
Her training...um...well, I think she is better than Berry and Pine...

Peach's training: Punch
Training partner (the one who control the machine): Daisuke
Her training...boxing?

Before going to Labyrinth part, let me summarize Pretty Cure strength.
Firstly, FPC:

Secondly, PC5 (from gogo guide):
Dream-Punch, Speed, Jump
Lemonade-I only know that she usually back up for the team...may be Jump
Mint-Stamina, Speed
Aqua-Kick (her kick is very powerful in DX movie), Intelligence

Thirdly, PCSS (from gogo guide):
Bloom/Bright-Jump, Punch
Egret/Windy-Speed, Stamina, Kick

Lastly, PC/PCMH (from gogo guide):
Luminous-Stamina, Defence

On the other hand, Wester also trains himself, his training I think is more appropriate than FPC because he is not like FPC, Labyrinth does not give him any physical power.

Norza:...physical training is not enough...
Wester: What!?

Norza gives Wester Sorewatase fruit....
Wester: you ask me to eat this?

FPC last training is dancing?
Why dance is the key to FPC?
Individual dance can't see anything...but Group Dance can see the cooperation between members.
Miyuki notice that FPC do not cooperate well...
The reason is Chiffon, FPC scare that they can't protect Chiffon like last ep.

About the reason of the quarrel in this ep, these dialogues explain this (these are the original dialogues)
Miyuki said that FPC should practice their dance as training.

Berry: Why the training is dance?
Passion: I thought we have trainings in order to strengthen our power...
Pine: it is no difference from normal dance practice...
Berry: I will try to ask for the former training (the kick training) tomorrow.
Passion: but she may have her thought about the training...
Berry: So what's her thought?
Pine: Don't say so harsh...
Berry: I don't understand, so I want to ask, can't I?
Passion: Then you can directly ask Miyuki, can't you?
Pine: but even we ask her directly...
Berry: then what should we do?
Pine: I also don't know...
Tart: Hey, you all...(I can't hear what he said properly)

Peach: Stop it! everybody!
Chiffon (cried): Don't quarrel~!
Peach: Sorry~! Chiffon~We are sorry for quarrelling...
Chiffon: not quarreling anymore?
Peach: Um!
Peach: Everyone, we should not pull long face at this moment...
Pine: Don't say like we all are wrong...
Peach: I...I am not supposed to say like this...
Berry: Originally, Chiffon's cry is because you shout so loud...
Peach: That one...I'm sorry...
Passion: Anyway, we should go back and think about the training for tomorrow individually.

this is quarrel? I think they are just too anxious...I feel that Toei want to produce a quarrel scene like PC5...In PC5, due to their quarrel, four of them are caught by Kawaino, become very serious matter. (the main culprit is Milk) This quarrel...I think it does not affect the storyline.

Today's Sorewatase-the combination of Norza and Wester power, a Powered plant Sorewatase

Tart can't open the box! I think this scene is odd...because he can open it immediately once Chiffon become Infinity in last ep...this scene is obiviously like: "Clover box won't open before FPC power up"

If Miyuki does not ask for taking care of Chiffon, I think Peach is unwilling to ask someone to protect it. I think when it comes to Chiffon, Peach/Love don't believe others that they can protect Chiffon. In PC5, they believe mascots very much that they always ask them to take care the important things.

FPC fail to attack as every cure want to protect Chiffon by oneself.
Not only Chiffon need music to wake up, but also FPC. They realise they lack of cooperation from this "P.R.E.C.U.R.E". Miyuki want them to recall the formation of Clover team in ep 26.

Now come to the group attack. The power source is from Chiffon (although she is in Infinity form) as usual.

Peach: Clover box! Please give me power!
hey, are you He-man?

This attack begins from this meaningless relay...starting from Passion
Passion: Set! Happiness Leaf!

Pine: Plus one! Prayer Leaf!

Berry: Plus one! Espoir Leaf!

Peach: Plus one! Lovely Leaf!

Are these name familiar? yes, they are resemble to PC5GG, "Crystal Fleur, the light of hope"...
The Leaves name:
Happiness Leaf-Happiness Hurricane
Prayer Leaf-Healing Prayer
Espoir Leaf- Espoir Shower
Lovely Leaf- Love Sunshine (Toei calls it Lovely due to the pronunciation)

What does this clover for? It uses for an "elevator" to lock Sorewatase action

This clover...I think of this:

Um~that's why FPC have to stand on the Clover stage in the ending credits.

Finally, they purify Sorewatase with the jewel from the Clover Box.
This attack...the good point is that it needs cooperation between members. This attack makes use of the items in the Clover box, but it's not appeal. This is one of the awkward thing in this attack.

Secondly, the relay thing (or american football passing)...I think it is wasting time. I think Toei intend to create "Kiai" from this relay...but I can't feel that...honestly, I don't understand why they have to run such a long way to Sorewatase...

Thirdly, the enlarged Clover, this is really resemble to PC5 explosion, the big weapon. PC5 big weapon is reasonable because the big weapon are from their individual weapon, and the shape is in butterfly. This one is just combining the leaves by FPC themselves, and the clover is nothing to do with their weapon (Cure sticks and passion harp)

Fourthly, their attack impact looks very weak. I compare it to other PC instead of PC5. The first PC, their attack is simple but the impact is there. Remember Fresh group attack in DX movie, I think that one is more appeal than this one. I think even the combine attack in last ep is better than this.

Fifthly,...I think I leave it to my Extra.

Due to such awkward attack, I have a special section for Magical girl (battle) group attack.
Before going to next ep preview, I would like to make a conclusion to this review:

This is an odd ep to me. I don't really like this ep. The final group attack is the worst attack I had ever seen in Precure series. The name Lucky Clover Grand Finale...This is the first group attack without the word "Pretty Cure", I think this attack...only the name has the impact. About this ep theme--the cooperation...I think from the costume and indivdual attack...FPC is not very united...do you agree? Last ep is much better than this, for storyline and the last attack. For the movie OP song, I feel the same as the 2nd FPC OP, it is fine. The FPC movie...um...the drawing looks worse than PCSS movie but the storyline may be better than PCSS movie.
Furthermore, I feel that I had been compared FPC a lot to previous precure in many reviews...I may try to do lesser such comparison in the future ep...(provided that I can't find any similarity to previous cure)

Next ep:

Soular: I have to eat this Sorewatase as well?

I am concerned on this scene, do Toei want to create another PC5 ep 34 (that Aqua sword)

It is quite surprised that next ep is about Miki. From the preview, Miki is the one who lost the box.
Next ep may be better than this ep.
The title: Find the Clover Box!

There are 2 Extra in this review, one of them is about Yes! Pretty Cure 5 gogo manga, and another one is the special introduction for group attacks in Sailor Moon, Wedding Peach and all Pretty Cure series (exclude Grand Finale).

I am very happy for getting Chapter 1, 3, 7, 8 from stupendous.
Just saying thank you to stupendous is not enough, so I open this Extra, writing the intro of other chapters (with some pictures) for thank her, as well as share to you all. I also have to confess that I have some pictures related to gogo manga. These pictures are found in a Jap blog (I had introduced before, if you remember) and Precure Love board.

Chapter 1 had been introduced by stupendous.
Chapter 2: It is from April issue. This is the similar storyline as Go go ep 2.
A funny thing here:

When Nozomi is upset about Coco's attitude, some couples appears make her more upset, Rin scolds themXD

The dialogues (start from the right)
couple A: I only think of you everyday.
couple B: I am with you always
couple C: I like you, I like you, I like very very much
Rin: Hey, couples! Behave yourselves!

We all know that Gogo ep 2 drawing is very bad, but it is very good in manga version.

esp this one, you can compare it to anime ep 2.

Chapter 3 had been introduced by stupendous.
Chapter 4: It is from June issue. The story is around Gogo ep 10-11 and 14. The enemy this time is Nebatakos. I had posted a scene with Coco x Nozomi before. I forgot if I had posted the following picture before, anyway I post it here:

It is very rare to see Coco get jealous of Nozomi with Syrup.

This chapter is the first appearance for Milky Rose, Kurumi and...Milk.
Her identity is revealed because Nozomi fall on to her. (Nozomi falls down easily in the manga ver.)

I forgot to tell the story...the story for this chapter goes like this: Nozomi doesn't know what Coco thinks of her>PC5 are caught by Nebatakos, many Coco x Nozomi scenes here>Milky Rose appears and defeat Nebatakos> Kurumi appears in front of PC5> change back to Milk due to Nozomi> introduce Milk.

Chapter 5: It is from July issue. The story is original. It is about Kurumi and Nozomi. In the beginning Kurumi requests Coco and Nuts to wear suit (do you remember that Bunbee Nuts?). Later, Kurumi asks for a contest with Nozomi (fighting with Nozomi become the main storyline in manga ver.). The contest has to be judged by Coco, its content is that Kurumi and Nozomi make their accessories and let Coco choose the one he likes the most.
The result...see below:

start from the right
Coco: It's nice, this one..
Kurumi: e? That accessory is... (Coco-sama...why..?)
Kurumi: Nozomi!!Let's have cooking contest! I will definitely win you!
Nozomi: just nice...it is my weakness...
Komachi: Kurumi-san looks more powerful...
Karen: If this rival relationship is in good direction, it is fine but...
Rin: many battle field may be formed...

Chapter 6: It is from August issue. The story is beach volleyball tournament. The prize is Coco. It is obviously held by Kurumi. This is the only picture I get:

It is read from left to right.

Chapter 7-8 had been introduced by stupendous.
Chapter 9: It is from November issue. Another Nozomi and Kurumi chapter, but this time is not about contest. Kurumi want to move out because of CocoNozo relationship...and Nozomi calls her back.

This picture interprets Nozomi and Kurumi's feeling with each other.

Chapter 10-11: From December and January issue. Chapter 10 is part 1 and 11 is part 2 of the same story. The enemy is Shibiretta. PC5 are sucked into Frog prince story. Therefore...

Coco, Nuts and Syrup become reptiles. Owing to this, two more couple are born:

In order to return their normal form, the girls (one of them) have to kiss them (mouth to mouth, by Shibiretta)

another nice scene is this one:

Dream and Rose combined attack! Yes! gogo! Here we go! XD

Christmas chapter, Coco x Nozo scene won't be omitted.

Last Chapter: Feb issue. The story is the memorial of PC5. This is a chapter after Eternal is defeated. Coco meet Nozomi again like anime ep 48, but in different way:

very romantic....later Coconozo date for a while^^

and the last scene:

Spring Special chapter: It is about Nozomi sees what other are doing in the Spring holiday, I think..only know the theme is "high tension can be obtained from special clothes". The picture....um I remember I had posted before....anyway, I think this is a special one in this chapter:

I think there should have summer special chapter like YPC5, but I can't find it.

Because of this awkward attack in this ep, I want to review what I had seen the Group attack in magical battle girl animes.

1. Sailor Moon--Sailor Planet attack:

Action: holding hand
Power source: Their own crystal powers
Name source: Planet, all soldiers' name are planet except Sailor Moon (moon is a satellite)

2. Wedding Peach--Jewel box (actually no name for this attack)

The attack is from WP ep 37, the ep where Salvia is willing to join the group.
Action: holding hand (facing backward to the box in later ep)
Power source: Something four (weapons)

Similar to Sailor Moon one? no doubt, because the staff for sailor moon and WP are similar (the director and character design are the same)

3. Pretty Cure series: 1st season, Pretty Cure Rainbow Storm

Actually in Pretty Cure 1st , MH and SS, all attacks are group attack, I just show the power-up attacks

Action: holding hand, with power up items charge (I don't know the items' name)
Power source: Porun
Name source: from the attack effect

4. Pretty Cure series: MH, Extreme Luminario

Action: Black and White are holding hand, with Luminous back up
Power source: Luminous
Name source: Luminous I think..
There is a final attack Extreme Luminario Max, but I can't find in You Tube.

5. Pretty Cure series: SS, Pretty Cure Spiral Heart/Star Splash
This one can be seen in DX movie clip.
Action: Pretty Cure turn the rings and hold hand.
Power source: Flappi, Choppi,Mupu, Fupu
Name source: attack effect + title (Splash star)
There is a final attack Pretty Cure Spiral Heart Splash Star, with Michiru and Kaoru, but I can't find in You Tube.

6. Pretty Cure series: YPC5, Pretty Cure 5 Explosion

Action:Combining the weapons to Dream Torch, putting it to Milk suitcase to enlarge and PC5 ride on it.
Power source: Milk's suitcase+ PC5 weapons
Name source: attack effect + title (PC5)
Pretty Cure 5 Explosion in TVB(Hong Kong) version- Pretty Cure Dream storm (The original name cannot directly translate to chinese, if so, that's awful)
In addition, TVB YPC5 now is in ep 26...so the name for Pretty Cure Crystal Shoot and Pretty Cure Mint Shield are revealed. They are translated in this way:
Pretty Cure Crystal Shoot>Cure Dream (so-called Angel Dream) Crystal Attack
Pretty Cure Mint Shield>Cure Mint (so-called Angel Ice) Snowy Shield
Next week I can know Rouge and Aqua new attack name...I don't know how Taiwan calls for these attack, but I think it is much better than before, at least there is no "Pretty girl of light" (chinese translation of Pretty Cure) in front of the attack name....

7. Pretty Cure series: YPC5GG, Pretty Cure Rainbow Rose Explosion
It can been seen in DX movie clip as well, here:

Action: Pretty Cure hold the fleuret, putting the fleurets together to form rainbow rose and shoot it out
Power source: Coco
Name source: attack effect

8. Pretty Cure series: YPC5GG, Pretty Cure Milky Rose Floral Explosion

Action: Pretty Cure and Milky rose hold the fleurets (Milky Rose fleuret is a variation of Milky Mirror), putting the fleurets together to form red and blue rose and shoot them out
Power source: Coco, Nuts and four Kings and Queen
Name source: attack effect + Pretty Cure + Milky Rose

It only appears in the last ep.

9. Pretty Cure series: FPC, Pretty Cure Triple Fresh
It can be seen in that Dx clip, but I find a clip with this attack only:

Action: Pretty Cure shoot their attack together
Power source: none
Name source: number of attacks + title

Can you see the similarities of these group attack? One of them is holding hands...it is a powerful sign for showing good cooperation/relationship . Another one is the combination of the weapon (WP, PCMH[Luminous needs to hold weapon for back up], PC5/5GG, FPC). Weapons/attacks are the representative of soldiers' powers. Putting them together shows the good relationship between powers (and the soldiers).The third one is that all these attacks are actually done in a few seconds in real time. Although there are many scenes in PC5 attack, they are actually do it simultaneously. I can't see these elements (one of them, no need to be all)in this Grand Finale, the is the fifth weak point.

P.S. A good news for you, I had translated some of the dialogues (the beginning, up to the first fight with Bunbee) for Gogo movie
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