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DX Review Part 1

This is the review of Precure All star DX Movie. For those who haven't watch it, pls don't click the following link if you don't want to be spoiled.

There are two parts for my review. Please read them accordingly.(the post is too large that I have to seperate part 1 and 2)

This Movie...TVT make me feel very excited. I hope that there will have Dx Movie 2 in 10th anniversary (if there is).
Overall I feel that this movie is nicely done, but I feel that it is too short. If they show 2 hours would be nice, however, they need more budget.

For storyline, there are a few, but most of the time are fighting scene, which I don't mind because I expect that (those many Kamen Riders Movies in the past are also like that). Those storylines are:
-Love meets Nozomi
-Chiffon lost
-Palmier Kingdom (the mascots) is being attacked by Fusion
-PC5 and PCMH are asked to find other Precure
-fight against Fusion, preventing him to absorb the whole world
-the dance contest

Uh? why there is no mention of PCSS in the storyline? It is because I think PCSS does not really affect the whole story (they only affect the fighting part of the story). Yes, there is a scene where PCSS meets Coco, Nuts and Syrup, but Coco does not ask them to find other cures, he just said, "we need Precure's power". I assume that Coco and others intend to find other cures by themselves. Due to this, PCSS part looks not as important as the other two link(PC5 and PCMH) to the main storyline. (yet PCSS part is cute)

As you see the main storyline falls to FPC and PC5, since they are the recent Precure. Chiffon does affect the story a lot, her lost makes FPC(Peach) weak in the fight, and she also brings the Rainbow Miracle Light to other mascots, even Fusion wants to attack her. She serves more than FPC in the story I think. In the Movie, it is quite obvious that FPC part was added when the movie is almost done, esp the last part, where other cures talks about the shops they go, Peach just mention their dance contest, which does not really link to the conversation. The contest part also, if FPC goes for dance contest, why Miyuki is not in the contest? (I think if Miyuki sees that kind of dance, she will train them more harshly)

For PC5, the phrase (by Nozomi) "We will meet one another, because we live under the same sky" serves a lot to the main story. This phrase is very encouraging, esp to Rurun and Love. While PCMH knows about Saki and Mai from Muupu and Fuupu, PC5 knows about Nagisa and Honoka from PCMH sub characters--Akane, Shino and Rina. In the fight, Dream encourages others in the fight, as if she is the leader of the whole Precure group. In addition, the mascots are gathered in Palmier Kingdom. In the last part, which samuelp said"Nozomi who claps like an idiot", to me I think Nozomi's clap is a kind of encouragement to Love and others. Hence, what PC5 (mainly Nozomi) do in the story is encouraging to others.

PCMH and PCSS are serves as if guest characters to the story. Their main task in the story are to save FPC and help PC5.

For the drawing, most of it are nicely drawn, esp the ending pictures!! I think the ending pictures are directed by PC5 character designer. It is because FPC hair hair highlights are suddenly become very nice in the ending pictures. (I feel Kawamura like to draw characters in details)Some of the characters had been specially beautified--Nagisa and Honoka, PC5. That kicking Zakenna scene is beautifully rendered. Pc5 fighting has some sparkling lights (with their represented colour) when they are fighting in the middle part of the movie (I will explain more in the picture viewer.) In PC5, Nozomi/Cure Dream had been beautified. Her hair had been drawn extremely nice, esp the part when she gets up..

Nevertheless, in those group scenes (like all 14 cures standing together in a scene, there are two scene like that), some of the characters are distortedly drawn. (perhaps they draw it in the last minute, the distortion is not too series)

For the character and the fighting, the fighting scenes are....really cool and exciting, PCMH fighting, especially, are animated quickly and smoothly. I impress the part where PC5 fight with other PC most. The interactions are excellent, esp the last part when they talk about the shops--Tako Cafe, PanPaka Pan(originally Spanish, which is bread) and Nuts House. For FPC, because they are lately added before air, their topic to other Precures is only the dance contest, which is a bit out of topic. If Toei has enough time to make, I think they may add Kaoru's Donut shop into the movie (I can see the Donut shop in the ending picture, so I think Toei want to add in but no time).

The following is my imagination if Kaoru's shop is added in:
From all the shops, only Tako Cafe and Kaoru's Donut shop can move, to make the FPC involve in those shops with their dance contest, this is the interaction I can think of:
FPC--Tako Cafe
PCMH--Kaoru's Donut
PC5--PanPaka Pan
PCSS--Nuts House

if there is no dance contest, the arrangement would be:
FPC--Nuts House
PCSS--Tako Cafe
PC5--PanPaka Pan
PCMH--Kaoru's Donut

Why do I put FPC to Nuts House if there is no dance contest? because out of four Precure, they don't have the strong love of food (at least we won't see them always eating like PC5), for the other three, obviously Nozomi, Nagisa and Saki loves to eat (that's why Dream and Bloom are so friendly in the fight?). In FPC, esp Miki, may like to see accessories thing (as she is part time model), so I think they may interest in Nuts House more than PCSS. Putting PC5 to PanPaka Pan because in the series, they always eat western dessert such as Chou la creme, crepe, hotcake (Mame Taifuku is the exception).

Don't misunderstand me. I am not saying the current arrangement is bad, it is fresh to us. Current arrangement is:
PCMH--PanPaka Pan
PC5-- Tako cafe
PCSS--Nuts house

As Akane said, Nagisa and Honoka + Hikaru go to PanPaka Pan for Chocolate Pan (which is Chocolate cornet). How they link to other cures (PCSS), by Minori's dialogue, asking if Nagisa is Saki's friend. PC5 link to PCMH by Nozomi's suggestion on adding chocolate to Takoyaki, then Akane said that she looks like Nagisa. Then how PCSS link to PC5...actually not much, they only mention the mascot in the shop. The mascot they refer to probably is Milk in YPC5 ep 22. She only disguise as a mascot doll for an ep, and it is so famous that even PCSS know about it? This one is a bit...not a good linkage to PC5 as Nuts house is not famous for mascot doll...besides accessories, the most famous thing should be Nuts, so-called handsome shopkeeper. However, that handsome shopkeeper closes Nuts house in the daytime, and Nuts doesn't change to human at that time. Hence, this topic can't talk.
Toei "places" them to Nuts House I think because Nuts House location is near to natural environment, which is matched to PCSS style...( that's the only thing I can think of for the linkage of PCSS to PC5 besides that mascot thing)

For fighting, I talk about mascot fight against Fusion(shadow) during the meeting first. In that fight, it is obviously seen which mascots are weak--
The mascot who can "fight":
(the so-called "fight" includes struggle with/attack to the enemy and dodging from the enemy)
-Chiffon (although she is not in the meeting, she can get rid of Fusion(shadow) using Miracle Light)
The mascot who can't "fight" (weak)
-Tart (Fusion is not interested on him at all)

This movie is clearly distributed the roles for the mascots. Those weak mascots are assigned to tell Precure about the Fusion. Others are assigned to help Precure (except Coco and Syrup). Mepple to Choppi are the henshin items for previous Precure, so they are particularly useful. Then what Coco, Nuts and Syrup do in the Movie? Coco and Nuts are assigned to explain their national item--Rainbow Miracle Light (probably Nuts makes it with the reference of Okashi and Mirror countries' Miracle Light)...Coco's another role is to tell Precure about the danger (Uh? It had been mentioned above that those strong one are assigned to help Precure, isn't it? but Coco is not henshin items, his position is like Rurun, Mupu, Fupu,[same as Nuts]so Coco take this roles with Nuts)Syrup...is totally become a transport in the movie...The only thing he does besides holding the Miracle Light is to help FPC to save Chiffon. (Syrup seems save mascots more than help Precure) Among all the mascots, I feel that Nuts and Tart are quite useless (besides the last part)

Now come to Precure. The fighting is quite PC5 main. PCMH (Black and White) are outstanding in the fight as well (esp the kicking appearance). PCSS looks like for defensing in the fight, they don't fight much, even in Nuts House (when I see this, just think: they give out twin stream so fast, without many punches and kicks like PCMH to Fusion (shadow)). Milky Rose has some defensing moves (the powerful punch). Luminous...as samuelp had said, is useless in the fight except the final attack. It is normal to me because in the TV, Luminous can't fight, she only can use heartiel action and support Precure for final attack. I use a list again to sum up how they fight in the Movie
-----Attack Group (exclude final attack)------
-----Defense Group-----
Milky Rose
Luminous (to protect Mupu, Fupu)

Where is FPC? I can't judge if they are in attack or defense group...they are supposed to be in attack group, but I can't see they make much damage to Fusion or relative monsters, and later they are trapped in Fusion's body...They are only useful in the final attack, and Peach shout so hard...
Also why Bloom, Egret, Bright, Windy are separately distributed in both attack and defense group. In the movie, I can see Bright and Windy are attacking, and Bloom and Egret don't really fight against Fusion(shadow). Although in PCSS TV, Bloom and Egret is in attack group, I think Toei treats in this way, in order to make balance to other Precure series:
-PCMH: Black and White (attack), Luminous (defense)
-PC5: Dream, Rouge, Lemonade, Aqua (attack), Mint & Rose (defense)
So for PCSS, there should have some for attack, and others for defense
By using the motif: flower, bird, wind and moon, flower and bird are protective things, whereas wind and Moon (light) can be aggressive, hence...
-PCSS: Bloom and Egret (defense), Bright and Windy (attack)
Then FPC? I think all for attacks. If Passion is in the Movie, perhaps Berry and Pine are used for defense.

Most of the time, they are fighting against their corresponding monsters. There are so many monsters coming out in the scene. Some of them are obviously destroyed, but some of them don't know their whereabouts, like the scene where Bloom and Egret defend Dream, Rouge and Lemonade, their attack only make the monsters bounce to somewhere, however, I can't see them anymore. They are destroyed? I don't think so, because those barriers can't destroy monster; if so, one of the monsters can't break the barrier when Egret protects Lemonade. PCMH usually destroy Zakenna, I can't see any scene that they destroy other monsters. PC5 has a scene destroying Uzaana (by Aqua's kick), and PCSS has a scene destroying Kowaina (Bloom and Dream). If this fighting scene can be longer, that will be great.

About the last attack, why the power up attack are just their finished attack (added together)? It's because when all the mascots are holding the Light, they are giving power to Precure in different way, unlike TV one. samuelp had said that "the rings for PCSS do not appear", but I think it does appear, since Toei is using animation bank for PCSS Spiral star attack. The following is to review the mascot relationship to the attack:
PCMH: Rurun--power up to Luminous
Porun--(originally) power up to Precure (Black and White)
Final attack--Extreme Luminario
Why not Extreme Luminario Max? Luminous needs to be awaken as the Queen to use this attack. With so many Precure here, she doesn't need to be the Queen.

PCSS: Mupu and Fupu: power up for Precure (all fours)
Final attack--Precure Spiral Star Splash
Why not Precure Spiral Heart Splash Star? Michiru and Kaoru is not in the fight. This attack requirement is that all four Precures (Bloom, Egret, Windy and Bright) appear simultaneously.

PC5: Coco--power up to Precure
Nuts--power up to Milky Rose
Final attacks--Precure Rainbow Rose Explosion and Milky Rose Metal Blizzard
Why not Precure Milky Rose Floral Explosion? The four kings and queens are not in the scene.

FPC: Chiffon--power up to Precure (but it happen actually after this movie)
Final attack: Triple Precure Fresh

From here, we can see FPC has the weakest attack and PC5 has the strongest final attack (of course, there are two final attack! it looks a bit unfair to other Precure series..). Among all the mascot, only Syrup and Tart are not the power up "item", they hold the Light for giving more powers to all Precures. (the only thing I can think of for these two)

For the animation in this Movie, quite a lot of animation banks reused, but they are applied nicely to the scene, so that's fine^^ The real time special attacks are very powerful which I like so much.

Ok, last but not least, I have to talk about the only enemy for this Movie--Fusion (so-called Silver Surfer). His intention is just like his name, want to fuse all the things to his body. Another intention would be...entertain us! His cycle of Zakenna, Uzaina, Kowaina and Hoshina is quite entertaining. How he get all these monsters' power? For Kowaina and Hoshina, perhaps he pick the mask and the ball from somewhere. No idea for Zakenna and Uzaina...The other entertaining thing is the phrases after invading in different Precure world. About this one, pls see the picture viewer. His appearance is well-designed to me...for the scary, he has the scary look actually, but it wouldn't scare me, of course. His voice is Scorp voice, so sometimes I think him as Scorp rebornXD

Before going to the end of this comment section (it is very long), I would like to say something about the ending credit that samuelp had mentioned, "Nozomi narrates directly to the audience thanking everyone for their support over the years, and asking for people to look forward to all the new Pretty Cure stories to come." Actually, the first sentence is from Nozomi, but the second sentence (the looking forward one) is from Love.

Finally, Conclusion!
This is a very excited Movie overall, it is quite pity that we can't see Saki and Mai reaction when they meet human Coco, Nuts and Syrup. Also, Syrup's human form is extremely less (only one scene...in ending credit we can't even find any for his human form, poor thing). In the fighting part, FPC and PCSS doesn't really fight much though, overall the fight is well performed. This movie is so interesting that I write such long essay (there are really plenty of thing to talk about for this movie). Thank you for patiently reading until here. There is another section after this --Deluxe Picture Viewer. Please continue to read and hope you all enjoy it.
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