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Magical Style 47: 2017 Style

This is MGPC ep 47 review.

~Nashi Image World~

I have to say once more: Happy New Year! but our heroine is starting a dark new year now. I am very happy with everything in this ep. There is more physical fights in the battle part. (If there is still less physical fight at this moment, how can they oppose Deus Mast?) The drawing is beautiful. A good news I would like to tell you is Benigio is not defeated by MGPC's Extreme Rainbow because the 8 cadres have protected her and Deus Mast comes on time. For the story, I had said Mirai and Liko's development stops at ep 21 and  questioned about their dreams in my last review. This ep answers why the writers write the heroines as selfish, irresponsible (like ep 34 and 35)  girls without planning their future. By Liko's saying of not knowing her future after her graduation, I understand that the heroines are reflecting Z generation (the people who born after the year 1990). I have to claim that not all Z-generation teenagers are like the heroines, but there are many of them having such characters, esp no planning for their future. Although there are some people (regardless the generation) having similar characters, Z generation is more serious. I can say that because I had seen teenagers with such characters in the TV news and even my daily life. I don't know if Japan encounter this phenomenon, but Hong Kong has. Actually, this series reflect the current social phenomenon very closely, but it is too "boring" that not many people notice.  I should not go further to this topic as it will be out of the ep topic.

Let's go back to Mirai and Liko's dreams. Liko knows her ambition, but she doesn't know how to be. Kotoha also doesn't know her future, so does Mirai. According their conversation and the happening at the end of the ep, the series ending is proposing separation. Magical world merges with Nashi Magical World at the end, and MGPC are not happy about it. Even though the two worlds are one in the past, it is not a good idea to be together now. I think they had realised in the previous series, the heroines always proposes they want to be together, "together is good, separation is bad". This series is going to the opposition. The "together" here is the bad ending.

Another thing which I had noticed earlier but I didn't write in my last review because I can't make up the concept of the 12 cadres. I had thought of the 12 cadres is related to 12 Linkle stones as Orba said the source of dark power is Linkle stones. I had thought that Orba is Aqua Marine, Benigio is Ruby, Shakince is Emerald and Laboo is Garnet...but it doesn't make sense...Shakince is not as strong as Emerald...Laboo doesn't have Garnet feature...What Deus Mast magical circle means...we have to know next week...

About the calm before the disaster, I think it portrays very well. The beginning and ending is matched. Mirai still introduces Nashi magical world cultures (it is Asian culture actually)- hot pot and New Year Pray to Magical People (Liko and Kotoha). The Magical People annual meeting is a nice touch. We may not remember there are some Magical People staying in Nashi Magical World. Don't worry, they appear now! At the same time, they also tell us what the sub-characters are doing. Kana's line is finished last ep, and this ep is just a wrap for other sub-characters. Unlike GPPC which can spend a ep specially for all characters, they make use of festival ep to finish up them. They don't want to waste any ep at this moment.

Lastly, I would like to ask for MGPC Vocal Album 2, I can't find any youtube link about it...there are five short dramas in that CD...Drama CD had not published after YPC5...It had been a long time not having drama CD...If you know any information about MGPC Vocal Album 2, please tell me so.

~Image World~

Pictures are from 2ch.

#Principal Style#


Today Principal's Style...Principal, it is not the time to watch the snow...(and we can see the snowflake)
Principal: This is the start of the disaster...


Lian: It starts finally, the disaster, the new year and Precure...


Principal: It is coming today...Deus Mast...
What should you do?


Principal: Mirai-kun and others are not in...
You find Precure? I thought you dash to the sun with Cure Principal look...


Principal: Um....
What happen to your fringe?

#MGPC Style#


Mirai: Good Morning, Everyone! Happy New Year!


Liko: It's a nice day!
Kotoha: Ha---! Happy New Year!

While Nashi Magical World is sunny...


It is snowy in Magical World.
Currently, Deus Mast Effect doesn't affect Nashi Magical World yet.


Kotoha: Mirai, let's go out!
Mirai: I have to finish my homework.
Mofurun: Fight, mofu!
Why they particularly show Mirai doing Maths homework?


Mirai: Yeah! Finish!
The reason is showing Mirai's development-overcome her weak subject, Maths.


Mirai: Ok, let's go. Where are we going?
Liko: um... do something that only Nashi Magical World can do...


Mirai: Then we go out for a while.
Kyouko: Please come back before dinner.
Kanoko: Let's have hot pot as dinner!


Daikichi: This is the chance to try my company's new IH pot!
Kyouko: You secretly buy it again?
Daikichi: Ah...sorry...
Kyouko, you are scary...and Daikichi...you are really home appliance mania..
By the way, does Daikichi have any discount when buying this pot?


Kotoha: What is hot pot?
Mirai: We put vegetables, mushroom and meat to the pot and cook...when you eat it, you will feel very warm.
Kotoha: feel warm?
Liko: Really?


After knowing what is hot pot, their first station is watching magical immigrants meeting together...
Kotoha: Liko doesn't need to go back?
Liko: I can go to and fro many times in last few eps, so I prefer celebrating the new year here.
At least, Liko knows that she had gone back many times.


Kana: Cap Apapa!
Kana: I finally can meet the magician, why I can't remember the spell?
Mayumi: Whip Rarappu!

Mirai and Liko are shocked as Kana remembers their spell (not properly though)...but Kotoha looks happy because she thinks that she can share her magic to Kana.


Kotoha: It's Cure up...
Liko: AAA...nothing!!


Their next station is the school garden. Yuuta and Takagi are taking care of the flower garden.
After ep 35 up to now, we still can't see the flower buds yet.


Souta is practicing his soccer as usual.


Next, they go to the shrine to pray. Mirai teaches them Japanese new year culture.


Kotoha: What are you wishing? You wish so long.


Mirai: I wish everyone smile happily everyday.


Liko: I won't be hesitated. I want to be the best magician! I will study hard in both Worlds! After the graduation....


Liko: After the graduation...ah...what should I do after that? Can we be together in the future?
I think if you are still studying, you may have this problem. I had said about Z-generation in Nashi Magical World. Actually, this problem had happened a long time ago, not only Z-gen, Y-gen also have this problem. Due to the change of life, this problem become more and more serious. If you had watched Minky Momo, you realise this problem is also proposed in X-gen as well. At that time, the problem is "people don't have dreams", now is  "teenagers don't know what to do after graduation". The problem become more specific and it spreads to teenagers...

Another problem Liko proposes is the separation. Previously, we always heard "even we are separated, our heart are together". This series also propose this. However, in previous series, they didn't explore the separation problem because the past cures (those who have a firm ambition) usually know what they can do to get the goal after graduation. The example is GPPC.


Kotoha: I also don't know what to do next...
Even Kotoha doesn't know what to do...she feels that she doesn't have tomorrow as she doesn't know what she will be.


Mirai: Tomorrow we will be together!
Kotoha: E?

Can you see Kotoha's smile? She knows it is just Mirai's comfort. Although this phrase is not as irresponsible as ep 34, she still avoids from the reality problem. Alternatively, we can also say that Mirai avoids sadness. Comparing to Haruka, she can't even know how to cope with depression.


To keep them warm and comfortable (mentally), they do Oshikura Manju again. (The last one)


Next day...Good Morning, Mirai.
Mirai: Yes! Today is an exciting day too!


Liko: Mirai! Something is happened!
Kotoha: Look at the window!


Mirai: What the...?

#Benigio Style#


She doesn't do enough research on Felice last week, but she doesn't care.
Benigio: Lend me power to defeat Precure!


The 8 cadres are not completely revived, they are just like puppet-following Benigio to defeat Precure.


Benigio: I am coming...Precure!
Very big eyecatch!


Her eyecatch...no, the eclipse is so big that everyone in Tsanagi town is watching.

#Precure Style#


Benigio: Are you ready, Precure?

I should post this to reply you, Benigio.
Flora: Are you ready?


MGPC quickly transform to Sapphire for ready!


Unlike Orba who attacks so politely, Benigio catches Precure like catching insects. Owing to the director this ep, MGPC physical fight had been powered up.


You think she only can fight physically like Laboo and Shakince? No. She can shoot cannon.
By the way, how many people are died in this cannon?


Even Pink Tourmaline can reflect the cannon, Felice, you should care if the beam hits the birds or aeroplane...


This view can see her size to Precure size... she is not very big monster, but more fierce than Orba.


Don't smile, Benigio. Your opponent is MGPC, who barely fails their Linkle stone attack.


Near to the end of the series, MGPC should put more effort on physical fight...no matter multiple punches and kicks
Finally, Magical does something in the battle.


Lastly, Precure Extreme Rainbow as usual...


Oh...because of 8 cadres' power, Benigio can endure and try to defend from the attack.


MGPC: Ha---!
but Benigio can't win MGPC's Kiai.


Look, Extreme Rainbow only can separate her and the 8 cadres...


and what is this Eva Angel's hand?


MGPC: Ah---!
We should not happy for MGPC defeat, but they should defeat once, so that they can power up at the end.


Benigio: Deus Mast-sama...you finally comes...
8 cadres: %^&%%^%$^(we finally have our bodies..)


Don't ask me why the hands are displayed in M shape...


Principal: Is this Precure series that I know?
Lian: Probably not....


Magical: Ah!
Miracle: Why?


The why is this one- Laboo, Shakince and Orba are revived again!
Welcome back to MGPC, Deus Mast cadres.


However, the cadres recovers/revives for forming this Muhou circle (tentative name).
I think Deus Mast design should be awarded as the most scary last boss...nothing is more scary than Eva Angel...


About this Muhou circle, please see the pictures below (ep 4 pictures). The position is exactly the same in Principal original research on Linkle stone. So what does the carriage circle mean besides the sun magic? In this case, Linkle stones actually can supply both light and dark powers?


and Precure are sucked into Typhoon Deus Mast...

#Next Style#

Are you happy when you know you can ride the broom to school or work?


Title: The Endless Chaos! Deus Mast World!!


The end card is full of memories.


Laboo: Why we are revived again, Toei?
Are we going to beat KKPC up?

#KKPC Style#


KKPC style is animal desserts forming a star...


and Ichika is using pact like SmPC.


I think you had seen the trailer, then I just post what I get from 2ch.  If these are the final poses of all KKPC, I am worried of this series.
It is because the individual doesn't feel like they are going to fight.


Um...let's see how it goes in 5th Feb.

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I and many others are going to guess that the world that Mirai and the others are in now is either a perfect dream world or another dimension with a possible future. I guess next episode we will see Mirai and Riko seeing the world is too good to be true or maybe it is just too perfect that it becomes something imperfect later.

Also I think not planning for the future is a serious problem with today's youth, heck sometimes even adults have this problem too. So I am not too sure if MTPC can handle this issue in a right way. Considering GPP handles despair with a mature manner, but MTPC is not GPP, so I am not too sure of that.
I dont know MTPC first attention try to cope with no ambition in the future or staff just try to fix what they had done since I dont see them really wonder at the half of before nearly end of serie while GPPC use many episodes to cope with each character
There are not many ep left, they need to solve with each character dev, own problems, 2 world history, ending/ separation.

But I can see they intend to solve the separation at the end better than others.
GPPC characters are "trained" to be more mature, e.g. Towa and Kirara. They surely know what to do to get their goal. Even Minami has puzzled her dream, but as long as there is someone guiding her, she will be fine. So does Haruka(the mentor is Kanata). However, Liko still has her sister to guide, but not much. Mirai and Kotoha don't even have any mentor. (Although Principal looks like Mirai's mentor, he is not) I believe these coming eps they are trying to solve their development as well. MGPC, comparing to GPPC, they are actually immature. They only think of present time.
GPPC doesn't handle the despair problem very well, if comparing to YPC5. The theory doesn't completely make sense. I will quickly finish the character part and tell you why in GPPC final review(sorry, I am still writing character part up to Minami.)


January 12 2017, 02:12:54 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  January 12 2017, 02:14:50 UTC

I also worried about their final poses, it's too cute, I mean, I don't hate it but it's just too cute, even Macaron is smiling...
Concerning the KiraPre preview; I love it! The poses do look cutesy, but we'll have to wait for them to air to see if they are indeed their final poses (although I think they are). We can already clearly see that the transformations are still being worked on since the backgrounds contain no CGI movements (which all recent seasons do use).

Regarding the episode; despite the confusing moments, I REALLY like Deusmast's design! It's unique and actually menacing.

What I don't like? The ending. Why... How could the joining of the two worlds be... devastating to the PreCure? It honestly looks like what they want to be honest, so what's wrong with that? I mean, I KNOW something is off with it, but that needs to be resolved/explained tomorrow.

I hope for Deusmast to present a REAL threat and to do some damage. I do. I want this season to end well with a proper conclusion before they somehow manage to confuse us any more. Also, don't really see why Benigyo had to be the final villain to remain before Deusmast's revival. Why couldn't it be Shakince or Oruba? Benigyo just seemed unconcerned most of the time...


January 14 2017, 07:07:43 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  January 14 2017, 07:21:57 UTC

Thats the same thing I said, about the ending...it confused me as well. Why would Deusmast's presence as hes emerging start destroying the area around him just for him to merge both worlds technically giving the girls what they want? Which is why I originally thought that Deusmast had nothing to do with merging the 2 worlds together. If you noticed, the girls linkle stones lit up before that happened and we saw an image of Mother Rapapa. If Deusmast was indeed behind that, maybe the girls stones protected them against the trick...from the preview for tomorrow/today it seems like their the only ones who remember how the world used to be while everyone else is living like its been that way.

Could it be possible that Mother Rapapa's spirit or Felice's power transported everyone on earth to another dimension so that they would be safe against Deusmast attack? Or is this a clue as to how to defeat him, like maybe this dreamworld will help the girls figure out how to defeat Deusmast. Cant wait to find out tonight!

ETA: After watching it again, I noticed Felice's smartome lit up too, Im willing to bet that everyone was transfered inside her smartome, probably the same place she grew up at but it was changed to look like their town. While everyone is in there, Deusmast is destroying Earth while the generals are wondering where the precure aswell as everyone else is at...something like that, lol
You just imagine...if it happens to our world, what do you feel? Ideally, it looks like the people in both worlds can live together happily, but is it so in reality? Actually, merging two worlds together creates more chaos, and it is endless until they are separated. In the past, when the worlds are used to be together, separation was the endless chaos. However, after millions of years, people in both worlds are used to be separated, merging together become disadvantage. Shakince is died because he tested the power of Linkle stones. (and he regains all his power) Orba is died because of reviving the 8 cadres. Benigio needs the 8 cadres to power up herself, which means her power is not fully recovered, and the 8 cadres defend her from Extreme Rainbow, so she remains.
About the Drama & Character Song Album - it's been on YT for some time. Here are the links:
Track02 - 1st mini drama
Track04 - 2nd mini drama
Track06 - 3rd mini drama
Track08 - 4th mini drama
Track10 - 5th mini drama
Thanks a lot.