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Maho Girls PreCure! [Episode Discussion]

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I'm so ready to see the first KiraKira PV after today's episode is over!
The livestream was too lagged so I can barely get the content of the episode.

Btw, KKPC transformation is very cute ^^
I don't have lag during the streaming. By the way, I saw it that cute.. and I thinking I will start to fanservice drawing is soon xD
If Kaman Rider Decade taught me anything, merging worlds together is a bad idea...

RE: Wow...


January 8 2017, 11:54:44 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  January 8 2017, 11:55:48 UTC

And that unfortunately destroys my hope for Mirai's late character development. I hoped that as per tradition of the series, Mirai will have to come to terms with the fact that both Riko and Haa will have to eventually return to Magical world and that Mofurun will revert to being ordinary stuffed bear. And that she can say "together forever" all she likes but her friends all have their own lives and they can't spend virtually all their time together. Even if Mirai was somehow allowed to visit magical world and Riko to visit human world (as opposed to standard "all bridges are closed and we won't see our mascots ever again"), she would still have to understand she has to let go of them. For a character that keeps talking about "being together with everyone forever", "never say goodbye" and such, it would be a character development Mirai's lacking so much.

But if the human and magical world really are going to merge, Mirai's (kinda selfish) wish will actually come true. She would be allowed to study both in regular and magical school, Riko and Haa would stay with her and Mofurun would never revert to being an ordinary bear (since no one would be surprised by magical stuffed toy anymore). And that would be the worst ending in precure series EVER.


January 8 2017, 00:14:05 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  January 8 2017, 00:15:45 UTC

Seems like Whip's VA can pull a nice pitch. And Gelato gets Shida treatment.
I do think she does have decent pitch but I feel like she is a little too low pitched and sounds a bit like Nozomi.
The pitch is probably like Nozomi's in 'honor'( I don't know how to say else) of Yes! Precure 5's 10th anniversary, I think...

And esides, a change of the lead Cure's voice pitch is sometimes good because most of the former leads (with a few exceptions) usually have high pitches.


5 months ago


5 months ago

Dress transformation again? I'm honestly getting really tired of that trope...
It's the best way to censored the nudity scene xD
I agree on voice like cure dream in serious / low pitch voice, feeling is somewhat mix season but not SmPC

I dont like the the introduction dialouge part of Macaron and Chocolat, the word is double.


5 months ago


5 months ago

Chocola sounds just like Uranus :)


January 8 2017, 08:32:13 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  January 8 2017, 08:43:11 UTC

I just noticed something, when all of Deusmasts generals went inside his body and it formed that red circle thing, didnt it remind you of the inside of the rainbow chariot? I mean, there are 12 generals and 12 linkle stones...what are the odds. I think that was done on purpose for some reason

Anyway, I really like Deusmast design...he looks scary which is good. I just wonder where the girls went. Is Mother Rapapa's spirit trying to tell them something, perhaps give them a clue how to defeat Deusmast? Obviously the worlds were joined and didnt Ian and the principal learn that both the magic world and non-magic world coming together might be the key to destroying Deusmast?

Or maybe Ha-chan unlocked some hidden power she didnt know about (she is Mother Rapapa reincarnated after all) in an effort to protect everyone but the girls would rather fight for the real world rather than live in a fantasy...I dunno, lol
He looks like a fusion of D-reaper and Kremhild Gretchen :)
WTH, Finisher came out of nowhere and can beat Beningo easily ????
I first think that 1st attack will fail like Washio era.
I can see they avoid some attack scene directly to precure except Beningo's tail

Mother Rapapa is everything the strongest at the beginning of the story. She just use too much power. By the time Deus Mast revive - she will be full recovered, just win everything and finish this season now.


January 8 2017, 10:11:50 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  January 8 2017, 12:24:22 UTC

Welcome back, Orba! <3 I missed you so much! <3 Though he looks kinda he, Shakince and Labu are just mindless puppets now.

So, the rest of the Generals just wore cloaks? LOL.. I bet we won't ever have a chance to saw them without cloaks, there's no time and no money (?) Also, what's the Witchy team's goal now? Reviving Rapapa? Rapapa seal away the Darkness, broke the Diamond Eternal, separate the worlds, become a baby again, for eternity??
Probably to revive Rapapa and defeat Deusmast. I suspect that Rapapa turned into Haa because she used up all her powers because she was fighting alone. This time there are three of them so it's possible Rapapa won't disappear and will again stay around to bless the land and such.


January 8 2017, 16:45:43 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  January 8 2017, 16:47:04 UTC

It's the beginning of the end I guess, some nice moments but meh overall, I don't know if I should be happy to see the previous generals getting revived.
Seems like english subs are out:

Another thing I noticed...there are 2 spirits left, right? Aint it ironic that the 2 thats left just happen to be Riko, Marai and Ha-chan's linkle stones? Dia and Emerald? Im very interested to see the last couple of episodes
Yep. Both the Imagination Station and anon subs are now on the listing.
Thanks, i was wondering how many stones we have left now. So it's only Dia and Emerald left? I suppose they won't enter the carriage next week (48) but episode after that (49). And here comes "miraculous magic" (goodness, Toei must have thought days before they came up with that name!) and goodbye Deusmast. The last one will probably an epilogue how two worlds lived happily ever after.